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Category: Essay on The Crucible; Title: Themes of Arthur Millers The CrucibleThe Crucible Themes 2 Pages. Do you understand that? There is much to the assertion by Nachman Syrkin that the Jews have persisted in history because the performed a socio-economic function that other peoples did not want to do or could not do. Even Miller was questioned by the House of Representatives' Committee on what can be labeled as "Un-American Activities" during the late 1950's and was convicted in 1956 of contempt of Congress for the refusal of identification of others that were present during the meetings Miller had attended. Allowing passion to rule what should be societal decisions is Othello's barbarism cracking through the veneer of his civility. The town breaks out in hysteria because a group of young girls spread a lie to get out of trouble. Hale begins the play as the most idealistic character, but ends the play telling Proctor to lie under oath and confess to being a witch, after Proctor is accused by Abigail. " (Miller 92). The play itself is based on the Salem witch trials that took place during that time. U. QUESTION #5: My reaction: The beginning of the film when the girls are doing their dancing in the forest, deviates very dramatically from the original play, and was apparently designed for filmgoers who did not see the original play. S Senator, took advantage of the mounting fear and started accusing government officials with the act of Subversion – the act or an instance of overthrowing a legally constituted government. Nations are only steps away from totalitarian systems and families from authoritarian parents when individual freedoms are restricted. Two of the themes presented throughout The Crucible are Witchcraft and Personal Integrity. In particular, the capacity to mine knowledge from such challenging and difficult experiences is what differentiates and tells apart successful leaders from their counterparts (Bennis and Thomas, 2002). Off with their heads! Anthony, Julia Ward Howe, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Ellen Watkins, and many others worked against the enslavement of other human beings. They are so wrapped up in their day-to-day difficulties, that the rest of the family becomes secondary. This is seen where Danforth says to Proctor, "You must understand, sir, that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between" (Miller 94). (Major Schools of Economic Thought) This theory was born from the crucible of a Great Depression and a World War. According to Bennis and Thomas (2002), a crucible is delineated as a changing experience through which a person ends up having a new sense of self and character. America’s government and citizens had become increasingly concerned about the spread of communism due to the cold war. Chicago theorists vehemently disagreed. Gore sees a parallel between the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, after the attack upon Pearl Harbor and the treatment of Arab-Americans in the wake of the Bush Administration's fear-mongering and validation of public prejudices against Muslims. “Because it is my name! Individuals who named names were cleared by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) while those who did not name names were often blacklisted and lost their livelihoods. This fear of communists was mainly psychological and brought on by the over-excitement of the public and McCarthy’s attempt to gain power in the government system. Parris’s lust for power and fear of losing his position and reputation can relate to McCarthy’s own fear of not being re-elected. Individual freedom is a critical issue for all persons. Movies have a perfect right to deviate from the original books or plays they were derived from, but in this case it seems the film has taken liberties with the story that stretch credulity. In 1895, eight years later, Hearst purchased the New York Morning Journal and entered into a fierce competition for circulation dominance with Joseph Pulitzer, who owned the New York World newspaper. Moreover, the lack of support from the American public brings to fore an issue raised by Grover (3) with the deployment of U. In addition, many other characters in the play experience trials of one kind or another, such as being tested by the circumstances surrounding the practicing of witchcraft by the young girls or by simply being a member of the larger Puritan community. By 1787, in fact, the United States became one of the first countries to place a freedom of religion code into law, even if it was only at the Federal level (Gaustad). She is thrown to the wolves and accused by many of the villagers; yes, she has weaknesses, but she is really only a pawn in the game that is being played. Arthur Miller, notable playwright, wrote the 1953 play, The Crucible that focused on the partially fictionalized and dramatized story of the Salem witch trials that occurred between 1692 and 1693 in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. In order to make their stories more sensational and therefore increase readership and circulation numbers, both newspapers greatly exaggerated and distorted their reporting. The successful preservation of freedom starts with individual freedom. (Proctor, 1898) Proctor came back to the United States convinced that, more so than the destruction of the Maine, the barbarities inflicted by the Spanish forces cry out for United States intervention. Arthur Millers ‘The Crucible’ is an extended metaphor representing the parallels between the Salem witch-hunts and accusations of communism during the McCarthyism era. People start to suspect others and the citizens become increasingly concerned with the spread of Witchcraft and consequently increasingly scared and suspicious. This, however, did not stop anti-communist parties from ensuing severe investigations. Search for The Crucible Theme Essay. " There is no other U. This defense of his name enables him to muster the courage to die, heroically, with his goodness intact. Lastly, the title could refer to a severe test the crucible theme essay or trial. If you were part of the accused it was likely you would be ordered to court and if you didn’t sign a confession and name other ‘communists’ it was likely you would be convicted and blacklisted. Trust as the catalyst of change and the ability to internalize change is crucial. The Korean War, characterized by the initial invasion of South Korea by North Korean troops and the subsequent implication of American and Chinese troops, was a direct consequence of the post-WWII conditions when each superpower attempted to promote and spread its own military and ideological system. Write a script for your address to the shareholders after 18 months in the position. Moreover, these experiences provide the crucible in which the protagonist's character is forged and he is able to rise above the meanness and pettiness that exemplify his peers. From his personal experience and disgust at the treatment of minority groups he wrote The Crucible. Look Up Quick Answers Now! Like Proctor, he is also described upon his first appearance, with Miller commenting that he was of "some humor and sophistication that does not, however, interfere with an exact loyalty to his position and his cause" (Miller 73). Some of the characters must battle there own desires and morals to stay alive or to do whats right. The solidification of that identity, however, would not have been possible without the "evil other. 783). Leadership is a practice that is learnt from the experiences of the leaders. This phenomenon became so well-publicized that its story has been immortalized in film and literature. Witchcraft and communism are shadowy forces in the public imagination because neither is fully understood. When events and personalities challenge the status quo, however, secular laws may not be enough to silence them. According to Elwell this group of fourteen works, all of which have been translated into many languages including English form "the most monumental evangelical theological project of this century. Throughout the book there is also the common thread of how chaotic change can be over time and how transformational leaders need to create a resiliency and trust to be effective. ' " Rather than endlessly musing upon his father's death, like a drumbeat Thomas simply repeats that his father must not "go gentle into that good night. Parris and Judge Danforth, McCarthy accused potential deviants, prompted by rumours rather than logical evidence. The Crucible takes two of the worst moments in American history and uses them to demonstrate the pressure on people from society to conform. Although this policy was often defended by the notion that the U. The play was written as an allegory of McCarthyism due to the American government blacklisting of accused communists. The French and Indian War is considered to be part of Seven Years War that took place from 1756 till 1763. If they do not accept the will of the leaders completely, they are considered as being against them. Both Proctor and Miller refused to confess to their apparent wrongdoings and both stood up for what they believed in. Such is the case in Arthur Miller's 1952 play The Crucible and Irwin Winkler's 1991 film Guilty by Suspicion. Miller's drama was then translated into his play through themes of intolerance, hysteria, and reputation. Africa finally stopped the practice of slavery by the first quarter of the 20th century. Moreover, with confessions from people it just made the public even more frightened and upset about the whole dispute. They were also interesting to see how Dr. He was defeated, a victim of a different kind of witch-hunt. E. People who defended the accused were called witches themselves. Spending would unnaturally change the prices of these goods, thus changing the reaction of the market to the goods, causing a misallocation of wealth or goods. Thus, if the reader places himself or herself in the 17th century, the verdicts against the accused might make more sense, but they still indicate a lack of justice and reliance on the law. Parris can, to some extent, be a representation of Joseph McCarthy. David McClelland's contributions of individual's propensities for motivation to change. The Burke-Litwin Model for organizational change is also analyzed from the standpoint of Dr. This leaves no room for anyone to question anything. The moral question of the play is whether Shylock and Antonio -- and by extension those who close ranks around Antonio -- are truly different. , 1994). S. President who has been demonized because of his war policy as former President George W. It also shows that worst practices in organizational change happen when plans are too dogmatically adhered to. A. With little supporting evidence, but with mass hysteria ensued and the ‘scare factor’ of the time, it was not surprising that magistrates alike were convicting people on a whim. Ann Yearsley, Hannah More, Susan B. the crucible theme essay A consideration of the first 20 pages of the play will show that Arthur Miller creates dramatic tension in the first scene and establishes the themes, setting, and plots that will continue throughout the play. At the same time, it shows that the leaders of the town are intently focused on maintaining complete power. Othello, though a great soldier, is no Caesar nor even a Roman at all. The Crucible Theme Essay Essays: Over 180,000 The Crucible Theme Essay Essays, The Crucible Theme Essay Term Papers, The Crucible Theme Essay Research Paper, …The Crucible Theme Essay Courage Truly courage played an important role in the Salem Witch Trials, and it may have been one of the key reasons theStruggling with the themes of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible? It is as if he needs to find victims, needs to identify guilty members of the community - even if there are none - in order to keep his job with the government. Doing so seems seamless, as the audience perceives three main themes that remain salient in American culture. Proctor refused to sign a false confession and Miller openly criticised the Government and McCarthy by producing The Crucible. 180 Wh kg? In this way he communicates that for lasting change to occur in any organization that has got to be an internalization of the goals and objectives they are based on. Essays about The Crucible may focus on content found within the play, but may also require the writer to go beyond the source material and investigate history to support his or her points. In his 1898 "The Jewish Problem and the Socialist Jewish State, " Syrkin lays out these ideas. The old virtues, virtues that sustained the business community and that made America great in the past, are no longer in force. Bush. Those three themes include that of social conformity; sexual repression; and religious rigidity. Witchcraft in The Crucible can be interpreted as a parallel of the paranoia about communism that was prevalent during the 1950s. The Crucible study guide contains a biography of Arthur Miller, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. She is a scapegoat, but she also is an accuser, and so her frailty and lack of backbone actually become endearing qualities, compared with the hate and rage. He tells the judge, "I have this morning signed away the soul of Rebecca Nurse, Your Honor. Burke analyses the phases of organizational change an how the practical lessons learned made the process more challenging and daunting that it is often made out to be. Arthur Miller used a historical American event to parody the actions of McCarthy and the uproar he created. It may have just been a psychosomatically induced illness brought on by the belief in witchcraft, but is never fully explained. " Oftentimes, when spouses begin to have difficulties with their marriage, they lose track of the impact that their arguments have on the children. " (151) Finally according to Elwell and despite Berkouwer's shift in theology regarding human dealings, i. Was making the world safe for democracy, self-interest rather than idealism was usually the real motivating force. The United Kenya Club was founded in 1946 and was the first multi-racial social organization in Kenya; the organization sponsored concerts and cultural events open to all ethnicities (if you could afford a ticket price). Secular laws, of course, are made by men of power. " The yellow dye stained the pages, and the stain as well as the stain of fabricated journalism became known as "yellow journalism. Usually, these laws are enacted under the perception of the public good, or at least what those in power perceive as a way to retain power and engender the status quo. The playwright, Arthur Miller, was born on October 17, 1915 (Hinman et al. Now look you, child dissertation defence powerpoint – if you trafficked with spirits in the forest, I must know it, for surely my enemies will, and they’ll ruin me with it… Abigail, do you understand that I have many enemies? When the unexplainable event of Bettys illness arises the people of Salem start to think it is witchcraft, and with this presumption it is unsurprising that the whole town falls into mass hysteria. This shows how a corrupt system can corrupt even decent people. More importantly, it illustrates his obsession with his good name and Reputation, which is tremendously important in Salem, because public and private moralities are the same. Antonio and his friends are just as capable of the same "evil" which Shylock attempts to perpetrate -- just as Christians were the original antagonists of the story, before the roles were reversed -- yet the protagonists are greater in having a solidified group identity. " With every tercet, the repeated lines take on a different nuance. There were many however, who could see through McCarthy’s façade and did not comply with the H. He knows he would not be able to live with himself while other innocent people were hanged. Prior to this the action builds as several girls in the play get caught up in the witch hysteria. The other major theme in prevalent in The Crucible is Personal Integrity. These chapters define transformational leadership in those contexts and also provide insights into real-world examples of how the authors' process-centricism has made a different. People who lived during that time period were very religious, and also very superstitious. Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! In both McCarthyism-inspired stories, there is a degree of similarities within their thematic showcases of intolerance, hysteria, and reputation. He uses real life events from the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 to show that fear and suspicion are infectious and can produce a mass hysteria that destroys public order and rationality . The energy it stores (? PARRIS: Child. Napier & Whitaker (1978) are family systems theorists, and they openly divulge their appreciation for an approach to individual psychology that takes into account family systems. The discussion surrounding the issue as it relates to gays and children raised in gay homes, or the sanctity of marriage, mask what is truly at stake for all of us in this country. The way the movie portrays the girls, as silly frivolous teens sneaking out of the house to play pseudo-wicked games, in a way takes the gloss off of Arthur Miller's play. " Early on in American history, President George Washington advised Americans not be become embroiled in foreign conflicts. He shows his true character at the end of act three when he is fighting with his conscience over whether to confess to witchcraft or to save his ‘good name’ and his reputation. Joseph McCarthy, U. Just as McCarthy considered everything that was un-American to be communist, the Puritan society believed everything that didn’t conform to their religion to be the work of the devil. The Crucible Theme Essay the crucible theme essayCan you improve the answer? ("March 17, 1898: Senator Proctor's Visit to Cuba," 1999, Crucible of Empire: PBS Online) In his words, "if our people could see a small fraction of the need, they would pour more 'freely from their liberal store' than ever before for any cause. Arthur Millers play, The Crucible is a story of the with hunt in Salem Ma. This shows the complete lack of choice that the people of the society have. Dagny wants to know why the capable people are disappearing, and she has to find the answer to this question in order to understand what is happening throughout society. The author brings a message of organizational agility and the need to listen and respond to the complexities of change, not try to overcome it with an engineered response. The system also uses Hale's idealism for its own ends, as pro-democracy, pro-American people were used in subservience of McCarthyism. The consequences are all around as things keep breaking down -- systems, machinery, people. Proctor does not merely repeat of make empty allegations that horrific violations are occurring in Cuba upon the natives at the hands of the Spaniards. It is necessary to identify the origins of the systems approach in order to fully appreciate its value in the context of family therapy. The loss of rights for one group, however small, is a loss of rights for all. His nature is of the wild, and -- like many tamed, wild beasts -- he retains the inner potential to one day bite the hand that feeds him. Napier and Whitaker exemplify systems therapy with their presentation of the Brice family case. Regarding this, Syrkin argued that a classless society and national sovereignty were the only means of solving the Jewish question completely. Several of the original 13 Colonies were established by English, Irish, and Scottish settlers who were fleeing religious persecution. In fact, those same notables are those that appealed to Othello on Iago's behalf in the question of the promotion. They acted in these ways because they valued their personal integrity and morals over their reputations. Those who refused to turn others in were the true Americans, protecting freedom, just like John is the truest Christian of the play, even though he dies and does not profess a formal belief in the Christianity of the Puritans. I'll not conceal it, my hand shakes yet as with a wound! " So, is the process of othering moral? In the book The Family Crucible, family therapists Carl Whitaker and Gus Napier (1978) team up to help a family with dangerous levels of discontent and animosity towards one another. As critic Bloom maintains, "Today's audience cannot take the possibility of witchcraft seriously; the implication for us is that no enlightened citizen of any age would be able to take it seriously" (Bloom 45). By focusing on one case study, Napier & Whitaker (1978) show how family systems theory works, and what clients can expect from the process. He asks this because in the Puritan society witchcraft is not just a sin; it is a threat against their way of life and God. The Crucible is a fictional retelling of events in American history surrounding the Salem witch trials in the year 1692. In terms of religion, American culture emulated Britain less than many of the early settler were reactionary against British conservatism. This essay will examine the parenting dynamics uncovered by Whitaker and Napier during their family therapy sessions, including the parenting styles used and attachment matrix that exist in the Brice family. The American Heritage Dictionary defines McCarthyism as “The political practise of publicizing accusations of disloyalty or subversion with insignificant regard to evidence. Former Senator Tom Daschle was hounded by attack ads that questioned his patriotism; Daschle had questioned some of the spending and the strategies of the Bush Administration, and the Republican Party spend millions on attack ads in his home state when he was running for re-election. This can be seen when Proctor and Mary Warren are both, at different times and for different reasons called witches. How can the answer be improved ? How may I live without my name? As with the Salem witch trials, suspected Communists were encouraged to confess and name other supporters during highly controversial investigations. With this in mind, he argued that the Jew must therefore join the proletariat as the only way to end class struggle and redistribute power justly. These the crucible theme essay examples show how the lay of the land influences history. QUESTION #4: Contemporary issues that are like a witch-hunt. It approaches the family unit as a system and therefore borrows heavily from systems theory. For instance, when the girls are placed on trial before their Puritan elders, they experience much trauma and tribulation; also, the character of John Proctor is placed on trial which tests his moral convictions and principles as a dedicated and devout Puritan. The Seven Years War saw Britain established as the crucible theme essay the greatest colonial power, with control over India and North America seemingly secured, while Prussia emerged as the greatest power on the Continent, and the dominant force inside Germany, reducing still further the power of the Holy Roman Empire and Habsburg Austria. In this regard, Butler reports that, "He is careful to reject the self-defeating strategies used by his co-workers in dealing with the hospital such as the 'sullen silence' (193) adopted by Bill and the pointless violence employed by Brand and Cooke" (155). She is like the innocent teen who gets in with the wrong crowd, but she can't extract herself from the terrible situation she has found herself in. From Millers deliberate actions we get the impression that he has based the character of John Proctor off himself. Napier & Whitaker's (1978) classic The Family Crucible is the benchmark book related to family therapy. I have given you my soul; leave me my name” It is his unwillingness to wriring service sign the confession that reflects his desire not to dishonor his fellow prisoners. Proctor is a plainspoken, honest farmer who refuses to condone the hysteria of the town, which he knows is at least partially stirred up by his former lover Abigail to enhance her social status and to separate him from his wife. This plan was so Athenian to the core that even (as Plutarch mentions) the animals seemed to throw their very being into the operation. In Salem, the judges coerced witnesses into implicating others, similar to the technique used in the 1950s. Frederick II of Prussia (the Great) emerges as the most remarkable leader of the war. The court case scene also shows how focused the leaders are on maintaining their power. However, during the first meeting with the entire family present, it quickly becomes clear that problems with the marriage may be to blame. Mary Warren, Proctor's new servant, enjoys the sense of community she feels with the other girls, and fears breaking from their ranks. ” Arthur Millers ‘The Crucible’ is an extended metaphor representing the parallels between the Salem witch-hunts and accusations of communism during the McCarthyism era. This book provides a solid foundation that shows just how chaotic change can be and that situational leadership that can transform and reward is crucial. This may seem poor in the light of Moore's law in electronics (according to which memory capacity doubles every 18 months), but it still took a revolution in materials science to achieve it. Simultaneously, he forces a man long upheld as honest in the highest Venetian circles into scheming and manipulations; these are roles which Iago takes on too readily, suggesting a certain familiarity, but it must be preserved that no earlier instance is ever presented to suggest that the notables of Venice were in any way wrong to uphold Iago as honest and true. In political campaigns, such as were witnessed in America in 2004, those candidates who did not support the executive branch's administering of the "war on terrorism" had the crucible theme essay their patriotism challenged. This makes him a pariah in a society where open professions of religion are required to be deemed 'normal. The Crucible is a play by Arthur Miller. Proctor's arrest at the hands of his servant Mary marks the downfall of his pride and his reputation. 427). Witchcraft is the most important theme in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, for it is from the belief in witchcraft that the action of the story is fully displayed. Moreover, the liberal paternalists (Kennedy 248) wished to "instill Western principles of hygiene and child care" among African women and their daughters. Burn them up! The play revolves around power, jealousy, and superstition, all of which were very common during the Salem witch trials and the years surrounding them. Similar events occurred during the McCarthyism era. We must, and we will root out the evil doers by any means necessary... Billions of lithium-ion cells are produced for portable electronics, but this is not sustainable as cobalt must be obtained from natural resources (it makes up 20 parts per million of Earth's crust). He believes that the members of his congregation have formed a faction and are trying to get rid of him. While the white women used their status, money and freedom to work against slavery and help the black women to "find their voices," the black women could tell eye-opening stories of their own experiences to elicit sympathy and support. 1) at an average voltage of 3. In the Family Crucible by Napier and Whitaker, the daughter becomes so depressed that psychological help is required. Participants of the war included French, Indians and British. Pay attention to the appropriate use of metaphors in your change conversation to this group. They were accused as they were seen by the anti-communist extremists to be a threat to the government and the democracy lifestyle. Shortly after being expelled from Harvard, William Hearst acquired his first newspaper, the San Francisco Examiner, from his father. Rev. Judge Danforth's court is simply not believable, since his court is interrupted so many times and drifts from one scene to another, from one new charge to another. The first issue emerging from this policy was the Korean War. The Crucible is a 1950s play that used the context of the Salem Witch trials to highlight the hysteria surrounding Senator McCarthy’s communist hunts during the Red Scare. I select Abigail, an orphan, one of the accused, who was only doing the provocative things a youthful person would do. The period from 1890-1930 was characterized by a far more expansionist American foreign policy than had been the case before. India was sheltered from invasion by the Tibetan barrier (until a way to go around it was found). We are at a critical point in the history of our great nation -- and our very existence is threatened by the Godless in our midst! It is believed that the war was fought in order to gain control over North America and clash over colonies between France and England over power and wealth. Among those suspected was Arthur Miller, who had been accused of associating with communists. In other words, no individual can be understood or helped without paying attention to the family situation, its dynamics, and its role in identity formation and coping. Like Rev. " (Proctor, 1998) It also sought to stop the Atlantic slave trade between those three continents. The limitations of the steppe people -- for example, the Mongols -- was running into geographical conditions that they were not used to. However, Rebecca is convicted of witchcraft by the court, and Hale begins to see the hysteria at work in the community, and begins to feel he is responsible. It is then that the family as a whole has to determine how to rebuild itself, if possible. Hale comes to see the judicial system as bankrupt. This transformation relates to the manner in which the story's protagonist manages to learn from his series of menial jobs and use this newfound knowledge to his advantage. The liberal paternalists pressed for programs that would introduce "profit-making crafts to landless laborers," would "encourage the growth of a prosperous rural elite" and also would encourage progressive agricultural practices among poor peasants. Fortunately for Miller and American literature, the theatre scene in New York City was relatively immune to efforts to persecute leftists. As age replaces age with new speculations, scholars reappraise this epic piece of architecture, for "speculations of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are already mostly out of date, and original source materials are rare" (Bruno xiv). Yes, people! Miller's mission was to draw a direct analogy between the social and political themes of the 20th century with those of pre-Revolutionary America. He felt that this social revolution would be the key to the normalization of the Jewish condition. One of the reasons that The Crucible is such a successful play is that the drama is established early. Accusations were mainly directed at government officials and famous actors and artists. But there is so much chaos, and so many people charge each other in search for a scapegoat. " (151) What makes the Man Who essay on abortion Went to Chicago an especially effective culminating story for Eight Men is the way in which it transforms these motifs to generate new and strikingly affirmative meanings" (155). It is not entirely clear to the audience at this stage whether Betty is feigning her illness or if she is genuinely sick, perhaps not from witchcraft itself but from the excitement of the events that she has participated in. The fear of communism ran rampant amongst the United States during the late 1940s to 1950s; throughout the nation, the fear of communist spies infiltrating the country caused the Second Red Scare, which was spearheaded by Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy. The purpose of this essay is to ascertain, define and justify a crucible experience that one can have in life and delineate how that experience can have an effect on the personal style of leadership, behaviors, outlooks and viewpoint and shed light on how it will impact one as a leader in the organization. The tragedies of Miller's "The Crucible" and the McCarthy hearings are that good men and women, as well as fearful and ignorant people were silenced by the witch hunts. To save his reputation and his job, he confronts Abigail about the forbidden activities she participated in the previous night and whether she conjured spirits. 8 V is only a factor of 5 higher than that stored by the much older lead -- acid batteries. The quote shows Parris to be a paranoid individual, afraid of losing his reputation within the community. Organizational change is never a one-and-done proposition, and to make change effective and last, there are more complexities than many theorists and managers list in their advice. Certainly not, answers Shakespeare, but highly useful. PARRIS: There is a faction that is sworn to drive me from my pulpit. Any attempt to abrogate the rights of selected individuals, in the pursuit of some elusive moral dream, harms all of us. Setting the play in Puritan New England, in the town of Salem, allows the playwright to explore the thematic connections between the witch trials and McCarthyism. Arabs). You are trying to rebuild the company's corporate reputation. Subpoenaed to appear before HUAC, Miller refused to name names. At the center of the rift are the adolescent daughter Claudia and the mother Carolyn. , the finding last year at Athens of the hand of Zeus of the east pediment)" the Parthenon continues to yield intellectual fruit through archeological excavation and discovery (Bruno xiv). On the surface, it is Claudia's behavior problems that are blamed by both parents for the family's woes. In Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the existence of outsiders in the tight-knit, homogeneous society of Salem, Massachusetts gives rise to a witch hunt that eventually results in the death of the protagonist John Proctor. The people who are most capable seem to be disappearing, while the least capable are left in charge. For Apple, this strategy has translated into market dominance in the smartphone and tablet PC markets. " (151) Elwell goes on to describe the works as, "written in an almost conversational style, these volumes deal with topics of theological concern, such as divine election, faith and sanctification, Holy Scripture, and the church, rather than presenting a tightly argued the crucible theme essay system of thought. In the play, The Crucible, the playwright Arthur Miller portrayed many different themes. It is one of the most fierce and bloodiest battles that ever took place and in which thousands of people were killed. S. These last chapters also form an excellent capstone series that tie together the best and worst practices of organizational change, the core concepts and frameworks and models, and the strategies for overcoming resistance to change. In order to keep control, propaganda and paranoia are often used to "bring events under control. The Crucible explores the themes of Witchcraft and Personal integrity and how these can affect a person’s views and actions. The Court believed this was a declaration of being guilty and many were hung on this basis. The success of that company continues to underscore the inherent value in synchronizing these three elements of an HRM framework, transformational leadership, and a continual supply of disruptive innovation for heavy investment in R&D. At the periphery are the 6-year-old daughter Laura, an 11-year-old son Don, and the father David. These points together then form an excellent foundation for the last chapters of the book that center on transformational leadership. And when I say any means necessary, I call upon the good citizens of this land to be vigilant -- to keep their eyes on anyone who might seem suspicious, for they hide amongst us, friends and neighbors -- yes they do. Proctor is a ‘good’ character, though he does have a few flaws, which adds to Millers perception that no person can be wholly good and therefore neither wholly evil. When they defy Abigail's desires, their nonconformity makes them vulnerable to being accused. Early in the play, Proctor’s desire to preserve his good name keeps him from testifying against Abigail. She has passion for a man who once loved her, and who can blame her for that? As many of these deployments have "the potential for violent conflict," this calls for "the need to respond quickly and decisively," which is hinged on the "unambiguous support of the American people. This led to the ever-accumulating threat of communism and the fear it held over people. Systems theory is a general theory applies across many disciplines and looks at systems that have the ability to self-regulate. Now, however, he has come to a true understanding of what a good reputation means and what course of action it necessitates. We’ve got the quick and easy lowdown on them here. The author navigates the next few chapters well, mixing the theoretical models as a means to show the process-based approaches to making organizational change with the pragmatic lessons learned of a practitioner. S. People once took pride in their work and in the act of earning their own way. Since the bourgeoisie betrayed the principles of liberalism, then Jews must be the torchbearers of Socialism. What historians do, as a rule, have to go on are the stories preserved by Plutarch, who reflects a "spirit that undoubtedly prevailed at Athens as a plan took shape to reconstruct the sanctuary which had been left in ruins by the Persians" (Bruno xiv). These things seem to have disappeared just as have the capable workers. Prussia was the smallest of the main combatants, and yet Frederick survived year after year of campaigning, and despite coming near to defeat he emerged triumphant (Richard). He begins to see how his own actions helped create more hysteria and confusion, and he questions his faith and his conviction that the Devil exists. A hunt for those who aren't patriotic enough to support the president no matter what. (Armand & Tarascon, 2008, p. The film, as well as the play on which it is based, is however in no way an accurate description of history and takes considerable liberties with the actual events that took place during the trial. A real stand-out character that shows immense amounts of personal integrity is the character of John Proctor. Interrogating was a popular method of trialing a suspect with results sometimes ending in a confession, to save themselves. Proctor also does not go to church on Sundays, out of guilt for his sin against Abigail. It follows that America, then, is a democracy, which would make communism the modern devil and communists enemies of America. This type of certainty only signifies authority, but it shows Danforth to write for me be truly powerless over his convictions or any sort of lasting truth. They made the argument that the wealth of nation's increase when the market is allowed to naturally price goods and services. He has witnessed these abuses with is own eyes on an observational visit, where he went as a skeptic, with, in his own words, "a strong conviction that the picture had been overdrawn," regarding the terrible conditions of the Cuban populace. Without this there is no lasting change, he seems to be implying through the framework and model analysis completed. What sort of world does this lead to? When the truth and all things eternal cease to matter, all power is gone, and though John Proctor and many others meet death essentially at Danforth's hands, they retain power over themselves in their refusal to give in to Danforth's authority. The film is set in the Puritan era in a small town (Salem) in colonial Massachusetts when twenty innocent men and women were accused of witchcraft and put to death and hundreds more suffered. It is all too easy for a free verse poem to say the same thing in different ways: Thomas uses the same words again and again to convey different shades of emotion: good men, wild men, grave men, all for different reasons, he states, have not borne the inevitability of death with meekness. The book is thorough, and divided into twenty chapters that cover the gamut of family therapy theory and especially practice. Military personnel in various parts of the world. Reading the poem is like hearing a favorite song sung in a different way, again and again -- every time, a different shade of meaning is brought forth in the refrain of the poem. At approximately this same time, Hearst began using color in a comics series called "The Yellow Kid. He completes this analysis with an assessment of how the individual attributes of each model matter far more than the far-reaching, ore environmentally based ones. Act 1 of The Crucible commences with Reverend Parris, praying and weeping over his daughter, Betty, who has taken sick. Americans believe in individual freedom, not just for some Americans but for all. G. As a result of the abolitionist movement, slavery was abolished in Europe and America by the last half of the 19th century. Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible" is set in Salem, Massachusetts in the last part of the 17th century. The climax of The Crucible occurs toward the end of the play when Mary accuses Proctor of being a witch and he is summarily arrested. Because I cannot have another in my life! Today, most people do not consider witchcraft a reality, and so, basing a court decision on the confession of bewitched young women seems almost ludicrous. The use of hybrid models of transformational and transactional leadership also is useful for seeing how rewards are defined and fulfilled. Imagine that you were CEO of Tyco when the former CEO was still on trial for fraud. Sit you down. Proctor eventually offers a full confession but he honorably refuses to falsely label anyone as a witch. It has also been referred to as the anti-slavery movement. (This attitude conveyed from the top also fostered prejudice amongst ordinary citizens: A commonly-cited complaint of some airplane passengers is that too many 'non obvious' suspects are subject to routine frisks, while 'obvious' suspects pass, effective code words for non-Arabs vs. Many of the accused were hung because they chose their personal integrity and their reputation over their lives and would not be able to live knowing they traded their morals for their faith in God. While studying journalism at the University of Michigan he began to write plays and win awards. Parris is a grim, stern man suffering from paranoia. 491 Words. Just as dangerous as idealists like Hale are weak people, looking for a sense of belonging. C (House Un-American Activities Committee) investigations. From this the audience watches as the whole town is caught up in paranoia and witchcraft hysteria is ensued. Regret for spreading lack of tolerance for human differences of opinion Berkouwer, "never wavered from his commitment to the principles of Scripture, faith and grace alone. However, at the end of the 19th century, it became increasingly difficult for America to remain isolated from the issues affecting its neighbors abroad. From the first act, it is prevalent that witchcraft is a major theme. Miller explores social conformity, sexual repression, and religious rigidity throughout The Crucible, to warn of the cyclical nature of history and the resistance to change that permeates American society. Miller sets up the parallel between The Crucible and McCarthyism by presenting Salem to be a puritan society and a theocracy, which would make the devil and those communing with him enemies of the town. 653). Crucible is a play by Arthur Miller with layers of meaning and subtext. The theory applies to biological systems, climate, environment, and the family unit. Individuals should have the freedom to pursue a course of action, even when that course of action is incongruous with the majority desire. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in response to the unwarranted persecution of many Americans, who were accused of communist ties or associating with Communist governments. The crucible theme essay A crucible essay is an essay that draws on Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. The authors discuss dysfunctional family systems via a case study. With a strong interest in the plight of common man, it was inevitable that Miller, writing plays with a current of leftist ideology flowing through them, would capture the attention of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Though Danforth has authority over life and death in Salem, he has no real power because he has already completely given himself over to his position as a Judge and his cause of seeking out witches. These chapters were the most prescriptive in how to transform management into leadership in the context of organizational change. In this way, the leaders dominate completely, while the people are meant to be submissive to the point that they do not question any aspect of the leader's decisions. The Crucible Theme Essay. However, using today's less rigid religious standards make the outcome of the trials seem ridiculous and completely unjust. We need to cleanse our community of good people from the malevolent designs of the wicked! There was usually little or no evidence to support someone’s guiltiness. QUESTION #3: Select another character in the film.