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09272. Following a brief history of online dating and a discussion of its current status, the paper discusses why people use online dating services as well as the opportunities and pitfalls associated with the experience. COMMUNICATION THEORY ANALYSIS OF MODEL TRANSACTIONS BETWEEN A BANK TELLER, MANAGER, AND CUSTOMER. phd thesis conflict resolution CONFLICT IN THE COCKPIT. Argues that the ads use a strong emotional hook which appeals to male gift buyers, modern women who identify with the models, and even traditional women who are offended by the models. This term paper examines the empirical evidence in recent psychological literature concerning the variables and factors of accuracy in children's eyewitness testimony. KEYWORDS: human factor analysis aviation accidents pilot conflict pilots co-pilots behavior personality. 1,257 words. Drawing on both empirical research and anecdotal evidence from organizations, the analysis takes a close focus on how the team or group approach can provide the foundation for the new organizational paradigm based on innovation, risk-taking, and flexibility. Also considers the view of alcoholism as a "sickness" rather than a "sin," and discusses the importance of people making a voluntary commitment to the program in order for it to work. 1,949 words. 12370. TAGS: somatic psychology bodywork Reich development self. 09400. This paper also considers the advantages and disadvantages of the theory in terms of crime control and prevention. KEYWORDS: aids epidemic book review community disaster response. 09132A. MLA Style. By contrast, the research indicates that later-born children tend to be submissive in some cases, but in other cases they may become competitive or even rebellious. 9 pages, 15 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources. 10 pages, 27 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources. 3,743 words. BIRTH ORDER AND PERSONALITY. KEYWORDS: child abuse neglect MLA Style. An analysis and investigation of team cohesion in sports teams. SHOPLIFTING AND SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY. Begins with detailed analysis of census data to show that 70% of America's 32 million households with children are "non-traditional," with exact stats on the various categories, including post-1945 histories of women's labor force participation, divorce and remarriage, and births to single mothers of various races. KEYWORDS: organizational leadership visionary leadership effective leaders. It is concluded that there is a need for more research on this subject. 17237. 12 pages; 22 footnotes; 11 bibliographic sources. CROWDING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS. 09802. 10p. Presents a research design for an investigation of the effect of students' physical attractiveness on teacher evaluations of student essays. KEYWORDS: online dating cyber relationships internet romance. Very good use of statistics from limited data. Summary and critique of 1965 article on relative performance of boys and girls in programmed and classroom instruction in beginning reading. 7 pages, 13 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. THE SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF PARTICIPATION IN THE UNIFICATION CHURCH: THE BRAINWASHING CONTROVERSY. 18721. This paper presents a case study on how crewmember personalities were major contributing causal factors in a human error-caused commercial aviation accident. 17640. Discusses possible applications of Jung’s theories of the anima and animus, dreams, psychological types, and the collective unconscious have application to leisure theory. Adolescent shoplifters learn their behaviors by communicating with and observing peers who shoplift. Original research study of demographic characteristics of those attending a human growth workshop in San Francisco, from organization records. 12 pages, 18 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources. RESEARCH DESIGN: FACTORS CONTIBUTING TO JOB SATISFACTION. Defines child abuse and outlines the scope of the problem in the US today, explores some of known correlates and suspected underlying causes of child abuse, and considers some of the steps that professionals (physicians, social workers, etc. G. Concludes that the social cognitive theory provides the best and the most thorough explanation of how gender role and identity arise in childhood. Through a review of current literature on the topic, the analysis seeks to identify what is distinctive about feminist social research and to illustrate these distinctive elements with examples drawn from feminist social research studies. 12 pages, 32 footnotes, 28 bibliographic sources. 10110. DEATH OF A SPOUSE. CIGARETTE ADVERTISING AND THE SOCIAL ACCEPTABILITY OF SMOKING: THE EXAMPLE OF PHILIP MORRIS. 5 pages; 6 footnotes; 5 bibliographic sources. 10 pages, 8 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources. The research paper considers the issues of suggestibility, interview settings and techniques, and the mitigating role of social support and stress-reducing procedural modifications related to eyewitness identification and testimony in general, and children's eyewitness identification and testimony in particular. 2,406 words. MLA Style. 22 pages, 80 footnotes, 35 bibliographic references. 10 pages, 27 footnotes, 21 bibliographic sources. TEAM COHESION: IS IT NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS. APA Style. CHILD ABUSE. 8 pages, 10 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. An objective look at the evidence suggesting causal links between television violence and aggressive behavior in viewers. The final section looks at the main theories of etiology in SAD, considering the role of photoperiod, melatonin, and circadian rhythms and the validity of each theory. 6 pages; 8 footnotes; 4 bibliographic sources. The concept of feminist social research is defined, and its central elements contrasted with those of traditionally-defined male-centered “scientific” research. This paper critically reviews the book Results-Based Leadership, which argues that leadership is not simply about "attributes" but also about attaining measurable, desired results. Society dictates what is the norms of caring a child. The term paper includes a general overview of disability in America; a review of the literature on the psychology of disability, considering the "stages of acceptance" through which the disabled person is said to progress and considering factors involved in the disabled person's adjustment to disability; and a review of the major theories which seek to explain the psychology of people with disability. 3,495 words. 13200. KEYWORDS: Olympics management scandal ico ethics sports. Based on a review of the psychological literature on the attractiveness stereotype, it is hypothesized that student teachers will be more likely to rate "average" and "below average" essays as "above average" when such essays are accompanied by an "attractive" photograph. Considers the meaning and functions of effective leadership, contrasting the new paradigm of "visionary" leadership with traditional leadership models. THE PROBLEM OF OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY. Kepner, and Ron Kurtz (inventor of the research paper on frankenstein Hakomi method). 12 pages, 36 footnotes, 17 bibliographic sources. KEYWORDS: feminism feminist research methods methodology social research postmodern lived experience qualitative. 1b tables and graphs. 09693. THE TSUNAMI GENERATION: PSYCHO-SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES OF THE 2004 TSUNAMI. 12 pages, 16 footnotes in text, 14 bibliographic sources. Following a review of the literature on the relationship between seasonality and psychiatric disorders which helped to spur the initial clinical research on the problem of SAD, the main part of the paper provides a thorough overview of SAD, including its clinical features and major symptoms, the natural course of the illness, its distinction from other affective disorders, its epidemiology, and a discussion of treatment options with special attention to light therapy. APA Style. The methodology for the two approaches is demonstrated; the empirical and experimental. This paper presents a research design for investigating the use and effectiveness of role-playing in management training and development, conflict resolution, case problem resolution, intragroup relations training, and as an adjunct to employee selection. 9 pages, 5 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources. 17177. Presents two brief exchanges in a bank setting. If you wish to take one side of the argument, then yes it is an excellent topic. 17703. Discusses the variables influencing survivor grief resolution, focusing on variable related to the death circumstances (traumatic versus non-traumatic), personal factors (age, gender, personality, illness), and the quality of marital relationship. Another section presents a rebuttal to the common notions of the psychological difficulties of disability. 13089. 1,671 words. EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION. Includes a review of the early theories of crowding and behavior as formulated by Hall (proxemics), Stokols ("spatial density") and others. This paper discusses the practices of somatic psychology, with an emphasis on how the practices are applied to the development and evolution of the self. The Influence of Physical Environment on Human Psychology. Proposal and research design for a study which investigates whether or not selected job characteristics, job context factors and worker perceptions of equitable compensation contribution to the job satisfaction of two groups of public administrators. The interview questions and an edited summary of the subject’s responses are included. Review and analysis of the impact of interpersonal distance on human psychology according to the models provided by proxemics (the study of man's transactions as he perceives and uses intimate, personal, social and public space in various settings). Men outnumber women two to one. The concluding section provides a summary analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of research in psychology. Concludes that gender difference in empathic capacity is probably less significant behaviorally than sex-role expectations in determining empathic responsiveness. So if choose this argument you would be in defensive side. KEYWORDS: spouse abuse interpersonal partner violence battered women psychological effects depression ptsd trauma behavior. You can talk about it ... An evaluation of the theoretical basis, advantages and disadvantages of two contrasting approaches to employee motivation: 1) Material rewards and the term paper on child abuse threat of their removal; and 2) opportunities to engage in activities promising self-development and growth. 5 pages; 7 footnotes; 5 bibliographic sources. 17280. KEYWORDS: leadership leaders book review. Keywords: crime theory biology anatomy personality heredity. 11924. THE EFFECT OF PROXIMITY ON COMMUNICATION IN SMALL GROUPS: INSIGNIFICANT FACTOR OR NEGLECTED SUBJECT. ), racial differences in single parent family composition, and the differential impact (if any) of single father versus single mother family structures. Following a detailed examination of the basic psychology of human spacing behavior, considers the closely related fields of territorality and crowding and discusses the application of proxemics to social problems (e. Child abuse is any action by another person – adult or child – that causes significant harm to a child. 08657. In addition, the values that relate to meaning and identity in fashion tend to change over the course of time. Somatic psychology is based on the principle that working with the body helps clients relieve their stress and increase their awareness so they can attain personal and spiritual growth. The importance of a support group and spiritual values in recovery. Defines and explicates models of the grief process and grief reactions in spouses, considering cognitive, affective, behavioral and physiological manifestations. A paper on Child abuse.. MLA Style. This paper provides an overview and analysis of research methods in psychology. 13558. APA Style. Included is a look at the changing structure of the single parent family itself (e. 17483. Examines the relationship between leadership and organizational outcomes for the organizations. Finds two major sub-populations among workshop participants: twentyish males beginning white collar careers, and 30-40 age males in the middle of management and professional careers. 18541. The evidence on sex differences in empathy from this meta-analysis is supplemented with the results of two more recent studies. In order to meet the needs of diverse cultural groups in society, it is argued that multicultural psychology should be established as a subspecialty of psychology. It can be physical, sexual or emotional, but can just as often be about a lack of love, care and attention. 11267. The basic similarities between the social bond and self-control theories of crime are described. You you aren't trying to prove your point with anything... This paper provides a profile of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), focusing on the corruption scandals and the efforts to reform the committee. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DISABILITY. A study of the mechanisms of group pressure, individual dissent, and self and other-oriented behavior in productivity, personal responsibility and the reaching of a common consensus. 6 pages, 20 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. PROFILE OF AN AVERAGE PARTICIPANT IN A HUMAN GROWTH WORKSHOP: RESEARCH STUDY. Presents a research design for empirical investigation of role-play effectiveness. The paper includes a discussion of “biological harms,” twin and adoption studies, and studies on the personality traits and body types of delinquents. WOMEN & LEADERSHIP. 07589. Concludes that while differences in fashion are found around the world in terms of such things as gender, social class, and age, there are also cultural variations. 17457. G. Appendix lists raw data. 12p. Very good model of how to organize psychological research study; includes review of literature, methodology, and analysis of data including statistical tests of significance. THE IMPACT OF CROWDING ON AGGRESSION. The paper discusses the biological influences on gender development and compares the major social and cognitive theories on gender development. 9 pages, 24 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources. A concluding section takes a personal viewpoint on how an individual might improve his or her own listening style. ADVERTISING AND EMOTIONS. We know that neglect, whatever form it takes, can be just as damaging to a child as physical abuse. KEYWORDS: disability disabled persons psychological factors term paper. 2,674 words. 13165. 15 pages, 44 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources. The analysis considers whether or not it is possible to assume that the display of a certain emotional expression corresponds to experiencing that particular emotion. 1,654 words. Thoughtful analysis of recruitment practices in the Unification Church (Moonies) which offers a deprivation-ideological and social reactivity model as an alternative to the brainwashing theory. Research studies have shown that men tend to be more aggressive and controlling as leaders while women tend to be more focused on personal relationships. 3,032 words. Brief discussion and analysis of three concepts from social psychology. And then in the last paragraph you would give your opinion on the issue. Defines the concept and its components, suggests ways to maximize the cohesive factor, and delineates the ways in which the importance of cohesion differs in different types of sports. 15224. The strengths and weaknesses of the theory are considered, as well as its usefulness in community-based “restorative justice”. 09319. This paper discusses how biological factors, personality traits, and social (or environmental) factors interact to contribute to crime. This paper discusses Hirschi’s view that the four elements of ‘social bonds’ play a role in preventing crime. 6 pages, 19 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. Also concludes that while sex role expectations defined empathic response in test settings, there is probably no significant relationship between empathy and the capacity for moral reasoning and moral behavior. 15 pages, 21 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, STEREOTYPES AND GROUP ROLES. AN INTERVIEW ON MOTIVATION. Draws on perceptual theories to explain why people are more likely to pay attention to some types of alarms and not others. 1,890 words. APA Style. 5,293 words. 3,919 words. 15 pages; 39 footnotes; 17 bibliographic sources. EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION: MATERIAL REWARDS VERSUS EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the online dating industry. Discusses topics and themes in this book about the study of group types and group interaction processes and applies them to two real world group examples - Alcoholic Anonymous groups and local branches of anti-abortion groups. , through environmental psychology). 22 pages, 40 footnotes, 29 bibliographic sources. The subject for the interview was a forty-three-year old man named Danny. 11316. AND THE BAND PLAYED ON: THE AIDS EPIDEMIC AND A COMMUNITY IN DISASTER. This paper looks at disability from a psycho-social context, examining in particular the psychology of people with disabilities. Drawing on established theory and recent research, the essay examines the components of individual disability and the interaction between the individual's psychology of disability and social and environmental mediators. This paper discusses how the social cognitive theory of child development can be applied to classroom settings for the purpose of motivating students and improving their behavior and self-efficacy. 13131. 5 pages, 1 footnote, 1 bibliographic source. THE REINTEGRATIVE SHAMING THEORY OF JOHN BRAITHWAITE. 4 pages, 18 footnotes, 2 bibliographic sources. The questions for the interview were designed to uncover (without being too intrusive) the physiological and psychological factors that influence Danny’s sense of motivation. 14 pages, 25 footnotes, 12 bibliographic references. GENDER AND EMPATHY. This paper explores and discusses the question of whether there are leaders and followers in fish shoals. KEYWORDS: Bandura self-efficacy education teaching social cognitive theory modeling. EFFECTIVE LISTENING STRATEGIES. 5 pages, 3 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources. The impact and responses of the AIDS disaster is compared with three other disasters in Barton's (1969) book: the 1952 Arkansas tornado, the Irish Famine, and the bombing of Hiroshima. 6 pages, 10 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. This paper provides an overview and analysis of gender development in childhood. Author claims differences are due to differential treatment of boys and girls by female teachers. This paper describes Maslow's theory and discusses how advertisers apply it to the motivation of consumers. Based on a review of recent scholarly literature on family structure, this report examines how the recent changes in family structure and the evolution of "alternative" family structures has affected children. 17297. The paper includes references to the views of Christine Caldwell, Wilhelm Reich, James I. MULTICULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY. Experimental design, procedures, variables and experimental results are reported. 6 pages, 4 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources. Reviews essay you can buy literature on the relationship between language and cognition, with particular attention devoted to the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis that language affects cognition. 10 pages, 14 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources. JAMES MESSERSCHMIDT'S THEORY OF "DOING GENDER". 5 graphs. 1,178 words. I myself I always like to be on the defensive side though which you are going to be if chose this argument of child abuse. 16 pages, 32 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources. Analyzes elements of communication, determining factors, two-party versus small group communication, and predetermined versus emergent communication. This paper presents a critical review of the methodology and related issues in Lawes' (1999) social psychological investigation of a group of British "Generation Xer's" construction of marriage as reported in her article, Marriage: An Analysis of Discourse. 10 pages, 15 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources. The methodology used in this study is a fairly new approach called "discourse analysis. 05477. 13326. LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL OUTCOMES. KEYWORDS: entrepreneurial process innovation risk taking organization group dynamics. Results are interpreted in light of current social facilitation theory, and the suggestion is made that social values and the social acceptability of the tasks may play a role in social facilitation. 17312. 17591. And you state both reason why immigration could be good and bad.. Following an overview of the scientific method and its application within psychological research, the processes of creating and testing hypotheses, evaluating a study, and creating a reliable and valid experiment are considered. 7 pages, 23 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. 9 pages, 27 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources. LANGUAGE AND COGNITION. THE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (IOC). “Listening” is defined and distinguished from mere “hearing” and key concepts in effective listening such as “dialogue”, “empathizing” and the use of open-ended questions are defined and discussed. 28 pages, 61 footnotes, 11 bibliographic sources. 1,385 words. 1,352 words. 18884. 15682. 17728. Theories considered included the psychoanalytic perspective, social role theory, cognitive development theory, gender schema theory, and the social cognitive theory. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the concept and application of feminist social research. BIOSOCIAL THEORIES OF CRIME. There is a great deal of research on violence having negative effects on children, let alone child abuse. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the psychological effects of spouse abuse, considering in particular the contextual factors which may serve to exacerbate, mitigate or protect against psychological harm. The concluding section considers the overall affect of family structure on children. Keywords: crime theory child development parental attachment. 8 pages, 17 footnotes, 6 bibliographic sources. ) and discusses ways to cope with and reduce stress. The analysis considers the consequences both in terms of the children survivors and in terms of the impact of a disaster which killed such a large number of children. MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS IN ADVERTISING. Describes aggression as a learned behavior, and looks at the theoretical views and research studies pertaining to the effects of crowding on aggression. Keywords: psychology research methodology experiments design. 5 pages, 12 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. Explores Chomsky's views in detail. 09709. KEYWORDS: interpersonal communications listening carl rogers. THE PROGRAM AND PHILOSOPHY OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. TEST OF HYPOTHESIS: IF THE FREQUENCY OF INTERACTIONS BETWEEN TWO OR MORE PERSONS INCREASES, THE DEGREE OF THEIR LIKING FOR ONE ANOTHER WILL INCREASE. Argue like a lawyer not that you agree with child abuse. The first section begins with an overview of the impact of divorce, re-marriage, and step-family arrangements on children. 1,363 words. This paper examines the role of women as managerial leaders and the differences between male and female styles of leadership. APA Style. The study treats carefully through studies on causation of the evidence that children in single-parent families perform worse than children of two-parent families, showing that family income and histories of family disruption account term paper on child abuse for most of the differences observed, and also considers the evidence technical writing companies that both the rich and the poor suffer from America's child care situation, while the best child care actually improves children's performance compared to the average family. 15974. 14089. Presents purposes, rationale, and specific examples of multicultural learning activities for early childhood education. 15 pages, 39 footnotes, 12 bibliographic sources. 18037. ONLINE DATING. 15 pages, 29 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources. 17 pages, 43 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources. 13806. Immigration... A great topic to discuss both sides. Though it may be but for arguments sake make it as if it the right thing to do. 3,207 words. 10 pages, 9 footnotes, 4 bibliographic sources. GENDER DEVELOPMENT. In many cases, fashion is used to express an “alternative” sense of identity (among feminists and counterculture youth, for example). The empirical research would make an excellent paper and you could note the other side of the argument, stating that observing violence, as in television programs, does not have a negative effect on children. PROXEMICS: THE ANALYSIS OF HUMAN SPACING BEHAVIOR. Child abuse could any of the following, verbal, sexual, mental, abandonment, physical, among other things. Following a presentation of the accident scenario and a discussion of the personality factors in the accident, the analysis places the problem within the context of human factor-caused aviation accidents and considers ways to present such conflicts, asking specifically if the personalities of the pilot and other cockpit crew members should be pre-screened as a way to limit conflict. This paper discusses the importance of effective listening strategies in the improvement of interpersonal communications. 2,374 words. 21 pages, 93 footnotes, 35 bibliographic sources. Considers whether or not humans are 'genetically engineered' to form heterosexual bonds based on the evidence of chimpanzees. APA Style. RESEARCH METHODS IN PSYCHOLOGY. “RESULTS-BASED LEADERSHIP” BY DAVE ULRICH, JACK ZENGER, AND NORM SMALLWOOD. 17243. This paper provides an overview and analysis of effective listening strategies, a vital element of interpersonal communication. 1,320 words. Implications for personnel managers in terms of leader development and training are considered. Background theory on consumer learning and decision-making is provided. 8b. APA Style. SOCIAL FACILITATION AS A FACTOR IN A SMALL COIN RETRIEVAL TASK EXPERIMENT. Notes in text. If you go out of the norms, it's child abuse. MLA Style. EFFECTIVE LISTENING STRATEGIES IN INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION. APA Style. 21 pages; 42 footnotes; 11 bibliographic sources. THE BODY LANGUAGE OF NETWORK NEWS. Provides specific examples from network newscasts. Although there is currently an absence of Jung’s ideas in the leisure theory field, this paper argues that Jung’s ideas are, in actuality, quite applicable to the study of leisure in the contemporary age. Data analysis confirmed the hypothesis. An argumentative paper.. Careful, statistically-based survey of the emotional question of whether children in dual-worker, divorced, and single-parent families are "worse off" than children in "traditional" families where Mom is a full-time homemaker. AMERICA'S NEW NON-TRADITIONAL FAMILIES: THE IMPACT ON CHILDREN. Drawing on the environmental psychology literature, this report presents an overview and analysis of the effects of crowding on the human psychological stress and behavior. SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD). KEYWORDS: jungian psychology Carl Jung leisure resume writing services york pa studies. An analysis which shows three of the major ways in which advertisers use effective appeals to manipulate consumers' emotions: 1) creating positive feelings associated with the brand; 2) using emotions to increase communication impact; and 3) presenting emotions as a benefit of consumption. The research paper covers the definition of key concepts, theories, the value of using listening strategies, and the steps to effective listening. 10 pages; 23 footnotes; 19 bibliographic references. FEMINIST SOCIAL RESEARCH. This paper considers the longer-term psycho-social consequences of the 2004 tsunami on the communities most devastated by the event. 10b. That may even be a better topic. Presents a review of prior research, an overview of the research problem, hypotheses, variables (independent, dependent and intervening), measurement parameters, and sampling procedures. Like any argument there are two sides, the PROS AND CONS. A review of recent studies term paper on child abuse provides support for the working hypotheses that the chronic nature and severity of abuse is associated with more extensive psychological impact and that a variety of contextual factors influence victims’ psychological responses to spouse abuse. Only that it is definitely BAD... For example, the theory provides guidelines for the use of modeling and for the development of effective reward systems. 13666. Considers the meaning of facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, posture and use of personal space. 1,317 words. 12568. 17241. GROUP ODINION AND INDIVIDUALISM IN THE CREATION OF GROUP CONSENSUS. STRESS AND THE AVIATOR. 13 pages, 32 footnotes, 15 bibliographic sources. Although certain flaws are found in the book, it is concluded that the book provides useful information on how leadership can be effectively attained in organizations. Drawing on the sociobiological and primatology literature, argues that despite genetic influences, heterosexual bonding is primarily a process of enculturation. KEYWORDS: individual motivation motivational theory interview. 8 pages, 10 footnotes, 14 bibliographic sources. An insightful analysis of nonverbal communication among TV news anchors, reporters, sportscasters and weathermen. 6 pages, 5 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources. That is more of a Informative paper... 4,083 words. Critique says that this is not proven because McNeil failed to isolate other variables affecting reading performance, did not directly observe classroom treatment, and relied on highly suggestive interviews of children themselves to document different treatment of boys and girls by teachers. The next section focuses on the single parent family structure and its impact on children. Give information.. 34 pages, 107 footnotes, 33 bibliographic sources. 15681. Think of the pros and cons of this argument. TELEVISION VIOLENCE AND VIEWER AGGRESSION. KEYWORDS: research design role playing management training development. A third section looks closely at the affect of gay and lesbian parental structures on children. 06729. This paper presents an overview of the role of fashion in the construction of identity. Discusses the hypothesis of the universality of expressed emotions, the facial feedback hypothesis, and the coherence of expressive modalities. , impact on air safety, decision-making, relations with colleagues, etc. SOCIAL COGNITIVE THEORY IN THE CLASSROOM. 17391. After a brief overview of the scope of the problem of shoplifting by adolescents, this paper analyzes social learning with the view that it provides the most appropriate means for explaining the crime of adolescent shoplifting. Following a discussion of theories of listening (particularly those related to psychologist Carl Rogers), the paper discusses the elements of effective listening, providing specific examples. 07183. 17616. 9 pages, 18 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources. Possible future scenarios considered include adjustment difficulties and widespread post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among child survivors, victimization of child survivors, change in how society views children, PTSD and survivor guilt among parents who lost children, and the broader future social consequences. By contrast, they fail to form the types of social attachments that would be helpful in reducing shoplifting and other criminal behaviors. 12 pages, 45 footnotes, 18 bibliographic sources. 17745. You are just informing the audience. ” This paper presents a summary analysis of a case study (found in a consumer psychology text) about why people routinely ignore car alarms. A concluding section examines recent studies of the effects of crowding on people in heavily populated developing nations. 18 pages + Appendix, 41 footnotes, 23 bibliographic sources. 11983. Concludes that current research cannot yet state with certainty the exact relationship between language and cognition. 2,237 words. 13 pages, 46 footnotes, 32 bibliographic sources. This paper discusses Messerschmidt’s theory on why men tend to commit more crimes than women, and why each gender tends to commit different types of crime. Would be on lets say.. There is widespread agreement among social theorists that fashion is a primary factor in how individuals define and express themselves. Defines cognitive dissonance and discusses its role in aggression; defines stereotypes and considers whether or not they are evil; and discusses the concept of roles in the standing group and their influence on interactions in term paper on child abuse the acting group. Men, for example, are constantly seeking ways to express their masculinity, and this need is influenced by factors of age, class, and race. KEYWORDS: death spouse grief bereavement survivors widows. TAGS: social learning theory shoplifting juvenile crime and delinquency theory. RESEARCH DESIGN: THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ROLE-PLAYING TECHNIQUES IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. 2,767 words. THE (UN) RELIABILITY OF EYEWITNESS IDENTIFICATION. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the problem of child abuse. Noting an absence of literature on the effects of proximity on small group communication, the study investigates evidence of such effect as noted in literature on proxemics, social psychology, and intragroup behavior. G. 09519. 6 pages, 21 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. Well-argued essay on the pros and cons of obeying authority in all circumstances, with examples from My Lai, the Milgram experiments, military codes, and fiction. ARE THERE LEADERS AND FOLLOWERS IN FISH SHOALS? Child abuse does not offer arguments for and against. 17131. KEYWORDS: interpersonal communications listening strategies. 3,473 words. " The paper first provides an overview of this methodology, and then a step-by-step critique of Lawes' study, examining her research questions, sampling, data collection, data organization, interpretation and analysis, and conclusions. The paper concludes with an evaluation of the effectiveness of the online dating experience, arguing that while online dating can be successful in terms of forming long-term relationships, as a general rule, a great deal of trial-and-error is also involved in the entire online dating experience. A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE METHODOLOGY IN LAWES' (1999) MARRIAGE: AN ANALYSIS OF DISCOURSE. WILHELM REICH, CALDWELL AND KEPNER ON SOMATIC PSYCHOLOGY. 6 pages, 10 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. 14 pages, 37 footnotes, 10 bibliographic sources. 22f. 18058. Traces the history and background of the IOC, discusses the Salt Lake City corruption scandal and recent failed efforts to reform the Committee, and outlines the steps that need to be taken to address the ethical problems in the IOC. 29p. 15629. 07705. 13940. 7 pages, 9 footnotes, 5 bibliographic sources. GROUP DYNAMICS & ENTREPRENEURISM IN LARGE ORGANIZATIONS. Argues that corruption within the IOC did not begin with the Salt Lake City Olympic bid, but has instead steadily increased since the IOC’s founding in 1894. 15 pages, 14 footnotes, 17 bibliographic sources. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF SPOUSE ABUSE: CONTEXTUAL FACTORS IN THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SUFFERING OF VICTIMS. 11 pages, 17 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources. 17242. The effects on children of viewing, witnessing, violence. EMOTIONAL COERCION IN ADVERTISING. CASE STUDY ANALYSIS: “THE CALL OF THE WILD CAR ALARM. 09397. 3,144 words. Reviews the literature on physical attractiveness, persuasion and life success and then presents a study which tests the hypothesis that an attractive person exercises a significantly higher degree of social persuasiveness in a non-romantic setting than an unattractive person. This paper discusses the findings from a 50 minute interview regarding a particular person’s motivation. Following a review of animal research, the study reviews the empirical and survey literature focusing on human subjects in prison, clinical and field settings. APA Style. 12728. Hirschi’s social bond theory of crime is compared with the view of Gottfredson and Hirschi regarding the role of ‘self-control’ in crime reduction. Specifically, within the fish shoal, leadership occurs in the relative absence of organizational hierarchy and outside of the framework of leadership as social dominance. MLA Style. This paper reviews the scholarly literature on developmental research of expressed emotion. 1,287 words. Yes, if you want to be in the negative side. Using Randy Shilts' (1987) And The Band Played On as the primary source, this paper examines the early years of the AIDS epidemic as a disaster affecting the gay community within the broader context of collective stress situations, as depicted in Barton's (1969) Communities in Disaster. 12 pages, 21 footnotes, 16 term paper on child abuse bibliographic sources. KEYWORDS: case study car alarm human perception psychology. GROUPS: INTERACTION AND PERFORMANCE BY JOSEPH MCGRATH. Presents the results of two social facilitation experiments involving super-gluing a quarter to the sidewalk in a high-traffic and a low-traffic area. This research paper is concerned with multicultural psychology, an area of study and practice that has grown in importance in recent decades and is expected to continue to grow. MULTICULTURAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. 2 tables. This paper provides an overview and analysis of the impact of the death of a spouse on the surviving marriage partner. 25 pages, 48 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources. This paper looks at the importance of group process and group dynamics when applying the entrepreneurial process to large organizations. 17325. A test of this hypothesis using sorority in a college. An analysis of 20 Philip Morris (Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Merit, Cambridge, Parliament) cigarette ads in light of regulatory and social movements against smoking. Present your argument like lawyer, defending a criminal caught with the "smoking gun" (evidence). 4,006 words. 5 pages, 7 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS AND SOCIAL PERSUASION. 17476. APA Style. 6 pages, 8 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source. It is argued that there are indeed, leaders and followers within some fish shoals, although it is also argued that ‘leaders’ and ‘leadership’ must be differentially defined for fish shoals versus the paradigm of leadership evident in the human military organization or the wild wolf pack. Following a definition and overview of stress and its varieties in the aviation environment, the analysis identifies common sources of stress among aviators and in the flight environment, describes the potential negative consequences of the stress (e. ), the government, helping agencies, schools, and the community in general can take to address this problem. 13706. 12565. JUNG AND LEISURE THEORY. The paper argues for a new paradigm of leadership that incorporates the styles associated with both genders. TAGS: multicultural psychology, culture, counseling, ethnic differences, multiculturalism, diversity, promoting diversity counselors, term paper, essay. KEYWORDS: psychological stress stressors aviation pilots cockpit management. After reviewing the basic characteristics of fish shoals and schooling behavior and summarizing do heroes exist essay the traditional view that fish shoals or schools are self-organized, leaderless systems, the paper consider the possibility of leaders and leadership roles (and by implication, followers) within organized fish aggregations. This paper explores the physical environment-human psychology relationship through an examination of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). phd thesis anthropology The primary source is a 1983 meta-analysis empirical studies on the topic. The analysis includes a summary of the subject’s current motivational state and recommendations on life changes. The analysis focuses in particular on the potential future consequences of a disaster which had such a major impact on the children of the region. SEX DIFFERENCES IN READING BY MCNEIL (ARTICLE CRITIQUE). 2,325 words. NON TRADITIONAL FAMILIES: IMPACT ON CHILDREN. 1,353 words. KEYWORDS: gender development gender identity gender role child development. 3,192 words. This paper argues that Braithwaite’s “reintegrative” approach to reducing recidivism among delinquents is more effective than approaches that use “disintegrative shaming” techniques. APA Style. THE SOCIOLOGY OF AN ORGANIZATION: ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. 10 pages, 37 footnotes, 7 bibliographic sources. 13 pages, 24 footnotes, 8 bibliographic sources. Includes background analysis of the Unification Church's history, ideology and practices. 11522. 11189. Concludes that type of family structure is one of the most important influences on outcomes of individuals, but that individual cases must still be considered individually with a myriad of variables. 14 pages, 32 footnotes, 26 bibliographic sources. The statistical analysis of results and the application of descriptive and inferential statistics are also discussed. TEACHER EVALUATIONS OF STUDENT ESSAYS: DO LOOKS COUNT? FASHION AND IDENTITY. Traces the sociology of AA, according to Kanter's model of the six mechanisms of control over group commitment and cohesion (sacrifice, investment, renunciation, communion, mortification, and transcendence). It is noted that some people are more prone to psychological stress when crowded, and that people of different cultures tend to react differently to conditions of crowding. , the rapid increase in the proportion of "never married" richard rodriguez essays single parent, the growing proportion of single father families, etc. It concludes with a personal viewpoint on what can be done to improve one's own listening skills. It is easy for the well-meaning civilian to say disobey illegal orders, but very few of will have the conviction to disobey an order against our conscience when the alternative is immediate death at the hands of righteous authority. KEYWORDS: Asian tsunami post-traumatic stress disorder children social psychological impact disasters. APA Style. KEYWORDS: leadership management women gender differences female leaders. KEYWORDS: fashion clothing symbolic representation identity. CHILDREN'S EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY. An analysis of two perfume advertisements which depict nearly nude women in sexually suggestive contexts. APA Style. This paper considers the ways that the views of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) can be applied to the field of leisure theory. 18039. This paper provides an overview and analysis of stress and the aviator, focusing on pilots but also considering stress and the flight crew in general. Not really... 09494. 4,394 words. You cannot have a good argument with sexual and mental. You can't really argue anything on it... Find any subjective argument that will destroy the norms of the society. 13 pages, 19 footnotes, 12 bibliographic references. Keywords: crime theory gender differences. Although the male style has been traditionally associated with success, there is evidence that the female style is more appreciated by followers. Analyzes AA principles, norms, nomenclature, and ritual, assessing how these mechanisms maintain group unity. 10 pages, 19 footnotes, 3 bibliographic sources. Concludes that the evidence is at best equivocal, although concedes that a large body of research linking TV viewing with other adverse modeling behaviors merits greater attention to this issue. 15450. In addition, the use of the theory in market segmentation is discussed, as well as the view that "fun" (not explicitly addressed by Maslow) is also an important consumer motivator. Both the major epistemological perspectives and the central methodologies of feminist social research are discussed. IS HETEROSEXUALITY GENETICALLY ENGINEERED. This term paper reviews the major factors which tend to decrease reliability of eyewitness identifications and considers some of the steps which can be taken to increase the reliability of eyewitness identification, including efforts to limit police-based suggestion and misinformation efforts, term paper on child abuse and efforts to improve witnesses recall. Based on a transitional-cultural differences model of multicultural education, suggests literature, language, team games, and ethnic food activities for children aged 3-5. 5 pages; 7 footnotes; 5 bibliographic sources. A survey of recent research on sex differences in empathy and related capacities for emotional responsiveness. The analysis also considers ethical issues in research, including the appropriate and inappropriate use of risk and deception. 09088. A discussion of the extensive research which shows that first-borns tend to be more assertive as well as conservative. Type of abuse, history of abuse, social support, socioeconomic factors, gender, and coping skills are among the factors influencing the psychological impact of spouse abuse. 09919. THE SOCIAL BOND THEORY AND THE SELF-CONTROL THEORY. 17 pages, 47 footnotes, 16 bibliographic sources.