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Review of Literature In the United States alone, more than one million teens become pregnant each year. The most effective persuasive essay on teenage pregnancy is one that is written using the direct approach. Because teenagers often exhibit a tendency of instantaneously dismissing arguments that do not favor them, a direct approach will suppress this urge. S. Overall, the accumulation of research evidence suggests that teen childbearing does not have the substantial, deleterious consequences for mothers and their children that it was once thought to have. Teen pregnancy rates have historically been higher than those for other developed countries. 49. Just as there are many physical changes during pregnancy, there are also many psychological changes as well. Com offers reliable custom essay writing services that can help you to receive high grades and impress your professors with the quality of each essay or research paper you hand in. Panic and desperation can become all-consuming at this point and some teens may try to terminate their own pregnancy or even to inflict harm on themselves. As a result, it was not clear whether poor outcomes in adulthood among teen mothers stemmed from prior disadvantages, or whether they were, at least in part, a result of the childbearing itself. Supporting this is a statement from Jennifer Manlove and associates (2004), which states that the probability of teenagers having sex increases with the amount of their unsupervised hours. Half of teenage pregnancy essays these teenagers ... For example, in 1990, the pregnancy rate for non-Hispanic white teens was 86. Even when the rate of teen births declined, the proportion of all teen births that occurred to unmarried teens increased significantly. These after-school programs will reduce dissertation consultation service customer the number of such unsupervised hours while at the same time inculcate good decision-making patterns and skills, encourage friendly bonds, and foster independence, dignity and responsibility which will all help in deviating a teenager from disadvantageous vices such as pre-marital sex. Birth rates of the United States. It is important to understand the psychological effects of becoming pregnant at such a young age. However, including several statistical examples to highlight the dangers of teenage pregnancy enhances the persuasive effect. Early research on the consequences of teen childbearing suggested that adolescents who gave birth were less likely to graduate from high school, more teenage pregnancy essays likely to have low earnings as an adult, and less likely to marry than do my excel assignment women who delayed childbearing. Apart from employing directness in writing, the persuasive essay needs to incorporate recent statistics about teenage pregnancy. Over and above this, there are teenage pregnancy essays contraceptive advertisements all over that encourage young people to interact freely, knowing that they can always protect themselves when sexual urges emerge. Lastly, it was also said that teenage girls who were occupied with miscellaneous activities were more likely to delay sexual intercourse, less probable to become pregnant, and have fewer partners. Teenage pregnancy is the occurrence wherein adolescents undergo pre-marital sex and thus begin to bear offspring at their age. This example Teenage Pregnancy Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. There are thousands of pregnant teens who commit, ... For example, according to NCHS statistics, in 1960 the percentage of teen births that were nonmarital was 14. Also, although a high proportion of teen births are nonmarital, teens do not account for teenage pregnancy essays the majority of all births to unmarried women. 2 and 28. For instance, young people nowadays engage in casual sex with little knowledge about the repercussions. 4 percent by 2006. 6 percent in 2002. Negative peer pressure and inappropriate media content are to blame for this trend. This means that, in 1990, 11. S. According to NARAL Pro-Choice America’s statistics, America is currently facing an adolescent reproductive health crisis in which one out of three teenagers is revealed to be pregnant before the borderline adult age. Usually, essays written in a direct format are attractive because the main argument catches the reader’s eye instantly. Therefore, with the intention of preventing further teenage pregnancies in the Philippines, both teenagers and parents alike must work together to instil proper education, right guidance and appropriate programs for the betterment of all the Philippine youth. 5 times as high for non-Hispanic blacks (at 232. Parents have a duty to monitor their children’s’ behavior, but adequate information through persuasive essays can be helpful. 7 percent of U. In addition, as some sociologists argue, the continued preoccupation of Americans with teenage pregnancy and parenting might also be explained by American adults’ attitudes toward, and discomfort with, teenage and premarital sexual activity and contraceptive use. However, later research, which more thoroughly controlled for the background disadvantages of teen mothers, showed that these background factors explained the lower cognitive and socioemotional scores, at least among children through the pre-and early teen years. More recent research shows that when the disadvantaged backgrounds of adolescent mothers are more fully accounted for, the negative effects of early child-bearing are substantially smaller and in some cases erased. The written content of the essay will persuade the readers to change their view of early sexual activity. 0); and the rate for Hispanics, which has not declined as quickly, is similarly high (135. Depression and denial are the first emotional state that most pregnant girls experience. Persuasive essays are mostly written when the issue being discussed has a likelihood of being highly resisted. Since that time, rates of out-of-wedlock childbearing have increased for all groups, and it is likely that religious and moral opposition to nonmarital childbearing—as well as entrenched beliefs regarding the primacy of the two-parent household for the well-being of children— will continue to fuel public concern about, and efforts to reduce, teen (now largely nonmarital) childbearing. 3 percent in 1976 and to 84. Thus, poor outcomes in adulthood appear to be more the result of the social and economic disadvantages of teen mothers than the result of the early childbearing. In 1976, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reported that the rate of pregnancy for 15- to 19-year-olds was 101. However, researchers have not yet fully investigated whether family income levels moderate the long-term impacts of teen births. Equally, writing a persuasive essay is the way to go when you are targeting a group of readers who have little or no awareness about the topic. The last solution would be to implement extra-curricular tasks for teenagers, so as to keep them occupied, and also to help develop their sense of independence and responsibility. 7) and nearly twice as high for Hispanics (at 167. In contrast, the rate for the United States was 54. It is important to examine the causes of this problem, the effects the problem has on our society and the individual, and some of the possible ways of combating this problem. 4 per 1,000 adolescents. While teenage pregnancy rates persist to increase even in countries like the Philippines, concrete preventive measures must be undertaken so as to protect the adolescents of today. U. The implication of this is that the essay will begin with a summary of the dangers of teenage pregnancy. Overall, about three-quarters of a million teens become pregnant over a one-year period, and approximately 8 in 10 of these pregnancies are unintended. However, these studies did not fully account for the fact that young women who bore children early were more likely to be disadvantaged to begin with than those who did not. Since rob dekkers phd thesis 1990, rates have fallen for all teenage pregnancy essays groups; however, the rate for non-Hispanic blacks is still more than 2. What about the children of teen mothers? Forty years ago, concerns about teen pregnancy first arose in concert with concern over the increasing proportion of children born teenage pregnancy essays out of wedlock, particularly among poor African Americans. The emotional devastation on these young people can lead to life-long scars. do homework twice as fast This rate peaked in 1990, at 116. 2). Despite this, many continue to view teen motherhood as a significant social problem. Teenagers, because of their innate curiosity and incomplete development in terms of cognitive, mental, psychosocial, and emotional capabilities, often forget the consequences of being pregnant at their tender state. If they chose to accept the responsibility of their actions and not opt for either abortion or adoption, they have to grow up quickly in order to face many harsh realities--these can include early marriage, health risks, interrupted education, lack of employment skills, and, usually, inevitable poverty. 8 per 1,000 adolescents. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. H3: Parents who do not educate their children about sex and it's dangers are more likely to have teens who give birth before marriage. Also, Canada and England and Wales had rates in the range of 45 per 1,000 adolescents. In addition, rates of teen pregnancy and births have fallen significantly in the past three decades. Many initially refuse to accept the reality of the situation, or are overwhelmed by the enormous decision of whether to terminate the pregnancy, keep the child, or give it up for adoption after it is born. While some research shows that children do my admission essay room of teen mothers may be less likely to graduate from high school, or more likely to be incarcerated, it is not yet clear whether these differences remain when fully accounting for the background characteristics of teen mothers. Teen birth rate is high compared to those of other phd thesis acknowledgement parents developed countries. Finally, similar to pregnancy rates, research conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute shows that the U. 5 times higher than for whites (138. Teenage pregnancy is a social problem that affects the entire community. Part of the reason for higher pregnancy rates in the United States is thought to be lower levels of contraceptive use among teenagers in the United States, perhaps due to cultural norms and greater restrictions on access. Indeed, early research showed that, on average, children of teen mothers score lower on measures of cognitive and socioemotional development, and are at higher risk of poor school achievement, than the children of older mothers. EssayEmpire. Pregnancy rates have historically been higher among racial and ethnic minority teens than among white teens. This leads him or her to desire to know the reasons why the writer has made the conclusion presented. Teenage parents are very likely to become dependent on either their families for financial help or the welfare system, and to remain dependent for many years. The teenage years are acknowledged to already produce emotional turmoil in adolescents; it is therefore difficult to imagine the added stress of an unplanned and often unwanted pregnancy. This trend is due to a drop in the likelihood that young women marry during their teens (in connection with a pregnancy or not), as well as a drop in the birth rate for married teenagers. In contrast, it was more than 2. 4). Consequences of Teen Motherhood To what extent should we be concerned about the relatively high rates of teen childbearing in the United States? S. Teenagers were pregnant, compared to 7. Put another way, the new research implies that delaying childbearing among these young women would not result in increased educational attainment or adult earnings or a higher likelihood of marrying. In every city in the United States teenage girls and boys face premature parenthood. 9 vs. 8; this increased to 40. In spite of all this, it is the responsibility of the society to shun premature sex. Such extra-curricular activities may range from sports to simple community service. 4. 5, respectively. For example, the writer can utilize the Internet to obtain statistics about the number of teenage deaths that were caused by unsafe abortions. See also:. In 2000, 72 percent of nonmarital births occurred to women ages 20 and older. For example, research conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute shows that, in the mid-1990s, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden had teen pregnancy rates in the range of 20-25 per 1,000 adolescents. Between 5 and 6 out of 10 of these pregnancies end in birth, while about 3 in 10 end in abortion, and the rest end in spontaneous miscarriage. 8 pregnancies per 1,000 adolescents. In the mid-1990s, Japan, Sweden, and Switzerland had rates of under 10 per 1,000 adolescents, while Canada and England and Wales had rates of 24. Fewer studies have been conducted on the outcomes of older children of teen mothers. Some have speculated that teen mothers may lack parenting skills and provide less than adequate home environments for their children, resulting in lower cognitive skills and more behavioral problems for their children when compared to those of older mothers. Extra-curricular activities or after-school programs reduce risky behaviour by providing teens with safe settings and positive models (NARAL Pro-Choice America, 2014).