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Buying a product or service that is not what it seems, with no possibility of having your money refunded would be a scam. I’ve had to personally get back in the field due to the hit my company took, and am practically starting over. You are responsible for using the information wisely. If you had 10 000 rubles, in the morning you had 100. You might think paid cheerleader or… I just can’t think of what that “OR” might be. REPLY silver prices are being manipulated! Although they did a spiel on investment advice, it was notclearutil after I had paid for book (thankfully with AXP) and received an email hat I was also signed up for a recurring $149 a year advisory service. Need to pay in dollars. REPLY Although he tends to lean on already manufactured idea from the right on what actually might be going on in the country. An easy read by a guy who is one of the most informed and accomplished investors in the world. Cannot continue down the path we are currently on–I wish I knew what the solution to the financial problems the U. REPLY I’m curious, since you have negatively responded to a number of these “favorable” posts as scams; and since I too am finding negative findings about Stansbury (not so much Eifreg) that cause me some concern–would you please consider elaborating more on your own personal experiences with their services? (2) Hide your money and assets in a safe or beyond borders. Within 5 minutes I got a confirmation e-mail from them saying that my refund would be charged back within 5-10 business days. We do not want to discuss credit card information via email, because it is not safe. They’re some pretty smart guys. I remember America as the land of the free and home of the brave. Stansberry is not a scammer just because he is anti-government. Stansberry has no criminal record. I don’t really see the difference, you can pay thousands of dollars a year to a broker for his sound investing picks; is it not the same to pay a few thousand dollars to get trading advise from guys like this? 14. S. You have got to be kidding me! Your statement about gold investment: are you stating to me that he doesn’t assist you as to when to act or what to do when a crisis does arise? A legitimate adviser would have gone on to list the intangibles that convinced him the publicist was right. S. Neither work for me. When you are made to feel like you need to consume something out of a feeling of fear…. That means you need to consider carefully whether to invest or not. US auto makers can build better quality but it costs more so they skimp on quality to keep pricing competitive. They talk about these trades that will make a lot of money for subscribers but he has not done it. For those of you who want to truly learn about investing, I suggest you read “Winning the Loser’s Game” by Charles D. He makes his apocalyptic claim in a low and confident tone that lulls the listener into a sort of rhythmic acquiescence to his claims (Yet, it can be used for good, as well – check out Paul McKenna, Britain’s leading hypnotist, who uses it to help people become more confident and empowered). REPLY At the very least, its a good presentation. Before BSX fiasco, he used to tout how his company has wall street and various senior level management insder tracks and he gets “tips” on great investment idea direct from them. REPLY I have received good service from S&A. Good people do bad things, it doesn’t make them bad people. Stansberry is an honorable and patriotic American. 00 per person would turn into a trillion dollar industry and he is a smart guy so he can do it and he knows he can that’s why in my opinion he is a scammer if you have to charge a lot of money and work very hard to convince people it’s not really going to work for you but if you charge very little money and your plans actually works those people that paid very little will do all the convincing for you to all of the other people Stansberry is on the money. They’re holding on to their money. The government was constantly having to buy up (take out of circulation or make unavailable) gold or selling some of it’s own gold on the world market to maintain just enough gold circulating in the world to keep the value at a specific dollar amount. Would owe! Except buy plenty of weapons, ammunition, and supplies. However, the problem is growing and the collapse will occur. Those who protected themselves and did some advanced planning will be laughing to the bank while others will be crying over spilled milk. I have always been happy with their services. Now what was supposed to be a year’s subscription I am reading 4-months in the confirmation of my subscription, and now you are saying you can’t even get the tips promised unless you pay for a more expensive subscription. How can I trust someone who intentionally leaves out information so critical to making a decision? Stansberry does a great job for providing awareness on how bad it is really going to be. One thing I can tell you for sure is, the US Dollar is only worth 0. If you ever need to cancel a paid subscription, you do have to call in for security purposes. I feel you need to really make this clear to new subscribers as this appears to be a gross misrepresentation and trick to obtain a more expensive product. With the internet available there is no excuse for not researching. Later, after seeing how some of the other newsletters in the “family” were doing, I took a “leap of faith” and sunk $1000 into a “Private Wealth Alliance” membership that entitles me to 6 different newsletters for life (I figured it would save me money in the long run). There just bad policy Stansberry is simply trying to scare people into subscribing for their newsletter for profit. S. BUT then again,does anything any more ? The authors predicted in 06 the meltdown that happened in 08. This is the first time I am reading about the newsletter and I don’t know it is a scam or not, but it doesn’t change the fact that the US is in debt. A blind man could do it. Will they be paid with Yen,euro,gold,silver, no it will be the good old fashion American dollar which is predicted to be worthless in the next 12 months. Projects are usually done alone, which means that you're not at the mercy of an under-contributing partner. So long and short- don’t look to the BBB to have data on every single company in the USA – isn’t going to happen, never has. Then I get a return of my comments saying that e-mail could not be processed. 14. Now, he did predict other stuff and predicting things like this are very tricky, but to me, that is one sure way to hose yourself – that is, by predicting stuff like this with dates. As for the other, they are just as good IF one is diligent to investigate their advice even further. Follow Americans, take note that each and every one of us has his or her opinions and preferences, that being said, let history be a guide to things to come. The recommendations are good values and generally have a good track research paper oninvestment advisors representatives record in past bear markets. We need to get money out of politics period and get things done with s centrist approach. It really makes one think deeply how our Government continues to print money that we don’t have. This is a scam. They are adamantly divisive, dismissive and will not work as a 435 member team in the House nor a 100 member team in the Senate!! Dont underestimate America even if a half black president is leading America to less unemployment cheaper gas and less foreign war while the stock market is 18000 and despite globalization cheapening American labor—America still continues to lead in innovation with everyone having an apple iPhone or smart phone—and more than one flat screen tv…. 50) to Stanberry’s investment info & are just running their mouths(or fingers as it were. Lets just start at the top and judge openly and independently the truth of so what you are stuck with it or scared to do anything about it. Guess Who is GUILTY and should be Criminally Charged for breaking the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS KNOWING WHAT IS GETTING SHOVED DOWN THE US CITIZENS THROAT! REPLY I agreed to a free trial period of the newsletter. The value of those assets is clear today, but China plays a very long game, in which stability is prized above almost all else. Stansberry likes to point to his conviction as “persecution by the federal government” who are denying him his First Amendment rights to free speech in order to stop him from revealing the evil truth about America. They are backed up with some simple explanations and go right down to the basics of economics. *China and Japan announced plans to bypass the dollar and use their own currencies in their trade relations. I came to this site and read the review, and many of the comments posted. This article spends a fair bit of time talking about the SEC prosecution. That is why Howard Hughes and Bill Gates created their charitable foundations. Of at least 140 to write these up just because you know how to write a program doesn’t mean you know how to write good luck people bad times are comming I’ve read a bunch of these reviews on this page and have to say that most of the folks posting here are a bunch of spoiled windbags. Just make sure you have a good reason for going. Start with Frank Curzio and Look up past episodes with Dr. Half of these “services” will almost certainly contradict the other half and only result in more wasted capital, (in terms of subscription fees and trading losses)…This is where he really makes his money…selling your information to Marketers. Leave, don’t buy anything from these thieves who REALLY ARE under investigation for fraud and SEC violations…. But I forced myself to the bitter end, when he come to the by now obvious — titles of reports on the types of investments that one would expect he’d push. ” The devil believes and trembles. 3). You guys…how’s the weather in Crazytown? Communism? Not only did I hear it specifically stated that by watching the video I was going to see the strategy in action and explained to me, I was led to believe that I was going to be able to use it myself after I had finished watching it. " Philosophers, academics of all kinds, and lots of extremely wise men have debated ethics for millennia, and in this writer's humble opinion, an absolute definition of ethics is not possible, just as there is no absolute definition of 'love'. And although I receive them all, I only follow 3 of them regularly because I have made money on their advise and I use them strategically. I am firm believer that one should believe nothing they hear and only half of what they see. Ed will continue his column independently, charging subscribers $150 a year. I find the advisories very useful in pointing out stocks for possible trades. Shame on you. REPLY I have not read a word from people who have experienced a long term, profitable relationship with Stansberry and Associates. These innovations give us a vital competitive edge, allowing our customers to improve the quality and sustainability of their products. So what’s his game? -5 p. Where is the safe haven?? K. This is best explained with an example. However, it’s quite obvious that you understand ignorance. A reasonably savvy investor should expect that and act with diligence. Folks, there is no free ride – get that thought your collective heads. ” REPLY If he was able to make ten factual concise statements, rather than numerous scenarios, I may have been interested to investigate furthur. But I am absolutely certain that it is not 100% accurate. Then the overall market will turn down, and his recommended short would go down a lot. I subscribe to a half dozen or so of their newsletters. However his invesment strategies are hardly worth the paper you use after taking a dump. REPLY Did I read someone saying to google the SEC case against Stansberry? I thank you for your comments regarding Stansberry, I have listened to many of his messages online, and I am inclined to agree with him concerning our current wicked, wayward, globalistic, anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Christ, Administration, and, sadly, liar in-Chief!! I don’t condone fraud like that even though there are thousands making money from it that rationalize it as “if they’re that stupid…”. Have made lots of money on some M-reits they suggested, I know their info on in-fostructure plays for oil, Nat. There are investments which we should carefully consider to protect ourselves from an upcoming economic fall. I am old enough to remember when the price of gold was supported at $32 an ounce. You have to listen to all opinions and make your own decisions. None of their analysts has a perfect track record but it appears their hedge fund analyst has the best track record and the gains on most of the trades make up for the 25% losses on the wrong calls. After all, we have been in “a state of emergency” for several years now provided very broad executive powers. Then, he compares the people who don’t believe that this will happen to the Jews in Germany when he says that just like them we don’t believe it’s gonna happen because it’s never happened. Ben is a sharp guy. At the end of the year, they “renewed” my subscription without my knowledge and when I noticed the credit card charge, I immediately called and they argreee to cancel for the following year — 2018 but said I was 2 days late to cancel for 2017 but happy to stop sending anything further — and thanks for my money! We are talking sound financial advice concerning shifting your assets from US dollars to other investments such as farmland, gold, silver etc. Therefore definitions of ethics tend to be rather vague and open, and tend to include and depend on words which have varying interpretations too, such as morality, and justice, duty, etc. (the latter whose audience is the most misinformed according to a recent U. He makes it seem as if we are living on multiple planets with separate economies. So, should I worry? Teach these kids how to tend that garden, you get quality time while teaching quality lessons. ) Stasberry does a tremendous amount of education. He has only been sued, and only once successfully, by the SEC. Just remember, if you get something for free, someone else is paying for it so it actually isn’t free (just to you). This reminds me, people on the cost are told to leave because a Hurricane was headed right for them. But it does show that the weak enslave themselves. I am old and handicapped. Before we lay the demise of America in Obama’s lap, let’s not forget the past, else we’re doomed to repeat it. I read through many pages on here and can’t believe how people give credit card numbers and other forms of payment and get fleeced as a result. So are other countries. In fact, the last time that I purchased from Stansberry, it was a small purchase (less than $10? It is reality, it is inevitable in this global world. In the current financial year, I expect it to be less than 3% of GDP, and it will likely be less than 2% of GDP in 2015. Naturally, online grad programs cannot be offered for all disciplines, but if you are an adult student with many demands on your time, a web-based degree might be worth considering. You actually started with a FACT (#1). Budget deficit is shrinking very rapidly. I don’t think so, and niether do many of his researchers and analysts. He’s definitely no schmuck to other successful and well regarded investors. If you want to invest in the market, you can try it on your own, hire a stockbroker who WILL charge you a percent commission on every single trade (can be in the $100s), win or lose, or you can subscribe to a newsletter such as this. Salibury for advice every day. Has been wrong yes few times. Stansberry says it will. Happily I didn’t fall for it. It is you that is the sucker who has been taken in by this charlatan we, regrettably and disastrously, call president. And, the more you learn, the better you will be at it. My credit card companies have been totally cooperative whenever I’ve contacted them about something I didn’t actually charge. There was no pretty recovery going to come from that mess. Me Klaire and Karen are going to a vacation on a Mr. The Oxford English Dictionary defines ethics as: ".. Each of them cost me $39 – a meal at a decent restaurant – and they have provided much more value than what I paid. I have seen them pick short and long term top and bottoms accurately a number of times. Maybe there’s some truth in what Stansberry’s got. Depends on how lazy you are. To cut to the chase, in my opinion they ripped me off, and I’m not happy about it. So take your prediction of an “unfettered tyrant” and cram it! But the only thing that should matter is whether he can, in a legally legitimate way, make his clients money. Worst case, I’ll call and get my 50 bucks back. In the thing he got popped for, he would have probably taken credit if the agreement had been signed a little nearer to the date he kept giving people. 18, 2012) they are calling for a short term pullback then a huge new bull market before the end of 2012. Ephesians 2:8-9 But God Commendedeth (Demenstrated) His Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ (Mashiach) died for us. You could have fooled me, but all I saw was a female talking and supposedly moving her fingers across the keyboard of a laptop computer which screen I wasn’t able to see. If you are looking for get rich quick, go somewhere else. Virtually every home I visit has been, and still is being affected negatively by the economy. I do think that the guy is right, there is a lot of info out there about how the governments of the world want one currency and it looks like they may get it. He has only refreshed it to make it seem current. 00 that much then I can only assume they are in dire straits. I once attended a conference in Delray given by their “Early to Rise” sub-group. Com. I vowed to myself that I would not overcharge and my consultation is always free for every client. This sounds like a scam, and something that is too good to be true. He is not good at helping you make money. This company is a newsletter service, they provide information. I’m worried. Also the failure to mention the amounts invested to generate the touted income streams. And no, I’m not a plant for the company, I’m currently watching the “Federal Investment Rights” webcast that is forecasting 1100% returns – how f-ing annoying that I have to pay to get pitched to buy further products. REPLY They’re playing on your legitimate fears, but you don’t need to pay someone else to tell you what you already know. If it’s collapses, it’s like snow ball. REPLY Having been a subscriber from the beginning of Pirate Investor, I have some experience with this company. It was a labor of love. I gotta laugh with the last reviewer i must admit they are spot on!!! He had kind of gotten my attention when he pontificated on being in denial, like the German Jews were when Hitler got started — I was there (and lucky to get out of of Germany before it was too late). Had. The lowest grade permitted by this site is a “1”. They almost always choose their preferred time period instead of doing the obvious year-over-year reporting. It makes me extremely cautious and be prepared for the worst and hope and pray for the best. Each year Porter comes out with his yearly report card which rates each of his analysts publications. I don’t need another answer to “The Secret. Stansberry’s newsletter I have made money on the recommendations he has made. But for the current administration, rule by law is a foreign concept and one might wonder what Obama’s A. REPLY I cannot comment on his strategy, but ultimately, every strategy involves making a call. Probably not, some are still listening to the updated “date of doom” as it continues to pass by and be changed. If people would just read the Bible and truly seek God for wisdom, we would be in a lot better shape. S. The signs are there and warnings are coming from many in the know. Sometimes it’s offered at $39, you could try asking. Never understood why it is so easy to sign up for lifetime charges and membership but cannot cancel with the same degree of ease. YOU are the filter to determine which ones are well thought through and reflect you needs. One of the biggest loop-holes is allowing wealthy individuals to use charitable foundations as tax shelters. That these countries that are pegged to the dollar want out. And it is only getting worse thanks to us voters letting them do it. Let’s see how they do. REPLY I listened intently to what Stansberry had to say. When you add up the ‘plus’, neutral & ‘negative’ words and subtract one from the other you get the actual value of the message. Al Gore did create the internet we use today, by sponsoring legislation that allowed the public to use it. I bought a book, nothing more. All I hear is ‘sour grapes’ Stansberry is not a broker, they sell information, not stocks – they ‘are’ however a library of stock investing instruction, market information, buying and selling technique, and the financial mess this country is facing, and what the future appears to be. It uses many tatics that a scam would use, such as the filibuster length of the video, the scare tactics, difficult to track sources, and the witholding of knowledge(hiding the “true” solutions with a purchase). How many people who were accused of fraud by the government were willing to spend several million dollars in legal fees and taking their case all the way to the supreme Court? I am not affiliated with any of the above named people or businesses. We can lower our military spending. Here I’m thinlng he’s here to help fellow Americans and as I read he asks for money! Would be particularly interested in, I would hope. For the very wealthy for the better, for the rest of the country not. Man is having a profound effect on his enviroment. REPLY I should have read this review first listening to the one hour mind f*ck on aol about the end of america. Math is numbers, and numbers are what they are. To my unsurprise the content posted here only further confirms original suspicions of intense financial motivation. Despite the hype and politicization of far too much of our current crisis, we are in trouble when we look at the actual history of the nations who have followed the course Obama has placed us on. REPLY that does not mean that Stansberry is some type of prophet or seer. The complaints I have seen 100 percent do not align with my experience. What he fails to recognize is that production in these wells falls off by over 90% after year one. I think all that i will do, until I get some hard answers on it, is stay in the rural area, get some self-defense, and put half of my savings into cash, and I’ll try to put as much of that into the purest gold currency I can find. Watch and learn about the four horsemen in endtime. They buy frivilous, luxury items like dresses that cost tens of thousands of dollars, diamonds, $20,000 watches, mansions, yachts, jets, homes, and high priced cooks that relatively speaking employ much fewer people. Is it good? Quite impressive when you sit back and think about it…Here’s a fellow that is over-simplifying quite possibly one of the most complex economic scenarios of modern times, and has a cute little “remedy package” all bundled up with a nice bow ready for any and all that are willing to shell out $50 to save their financial, emotional and physical lives…What a deal! Especially Jeff Clark’s options advice. I couldn’t understand why I was getting all of these e-mails and “snail mail information” from them. Don’t get on me too bad but I listened to the entire video pitch on the laptop while I worked on my desktop. Most people don’t in fact, so I agree with you there. REPLY I’ve discovered that most unsatisfied people are frauds in themselves. I will agree that the U. Is going to have one heck of a history in retrospect. They worked that part of the scam to perfection. I have been using newsletters (not just stansberry) for years as the beginning of my own research, not the end. In my personal opinion all of them are outright frauds…. Can a company that puts out blatantly misleading videos like this be trusted with anything else? 00 they are very straight that they are going to charge you $99. Who cares about the money system that is going to become worthless! So what you have is a profit of $250 a month for a commitment of $12,500. It is true that the world is in dire straits, however listening to people like this can only do more harm. It is called “The Insider Code” and it is pushed by the Agora Mafia. He was saying buy gold when it was not popular, he did predict many of the issues we have gone through. But if you want to get any advice you have to subscribe to another newsletter…” There is no phone number to call them to cancel. Not to mention 95% of my clients are referred because of my outcome of service. The only investment worth making that is mentioned in his article is the silver trade which will likely outperform gold in the years to come due to it being less expensive and more viable. But here’s the kicker… 25% of what? This is a totally a bad decision on my part to have initiated this from the out set. If I made a video and promised that I could make you millions would you really just give me money? From internet research I found out that they are counterfeit from China (great counterfeits have fooled expets), and not only did I buy US coins, I purchased coins from Cuba, Germany, France and Mexico, all between 1832 -1900 timeframe. Many of the recommended option trades, and most of the recommended small stock trades, are very difficult to put on because Stansberry is popular enough that the recommendations move the markets a lot. Stocks are already down. Let me give you all a summary of his video. We destroyed over 80% of forrests on American soil. And, of course, in times of peace and prosperity the price of gold went down just at the time you would like your personal money to buy as much as possible. My kids will generate a better return this summer operating a lemonade stand out front. 4) dollar could fail, and it has started to fail since some nations no longer use it for trades(this i only learned from the video). No one can make better decisions about trading your accounts than you can. And how much of that is interest; what per cent of our expenses? Man has fished many species of ocean fish to verge of extinction. I have used their techniques to go around wallstreet and make 5-10X the money. I call that being honest. I feel that our Nation is in real financial peril at this time and for the future if something is not turned around. NONE have any investment experience except working for Stansberry and they all tout whatever tip de jour his websites decide is going to be peddled. QE-1 and QE-2 were just what the doctored ordered, because recession-deflation are more a threat now than an overheated economy and inflation. Look at this system yourself, then tell me the chances of it not working? When the end of the world gets here, we’ll all know it without a doubt. What a scam. I just know I take his recommendations seriously. The government cannot touch insurance or Roths (for now). In my humble opinion (again), being very pragmatic about the future of the human race, then it is difficult to argue against the notion that the 'greater good' is ultimately the most significant and useful modern definition of ethics, subject to (again in my humble opinion) that 'greater good' decision-making critically includes necessary addititional considerations such as love, care, humanity, compassion, creativity, inclusiveness, transparency, research and testing, and any other relevant positive helpful aspects of relationships and communications, and implementation and follow-up. Iran has multiple international sanctions because of their nuclear program and most of their dollar holdings are getting frozen by the US government in connection with the United Nations therefore they are getting rid of most of their dollars before they get frozen and taken away! Hours are Monday – Friday, 9-5 EST. Much rather that than be filthy rich while everyone else is suffering. I truly feel sorry for people like that. Stansberry Investments is for people with a commitment to monitor and understand their investments and the underlying strategy, in other words, “active investors. If you just want to throw your money away, post here and you can throw it to me, I promise you nothing in return (which is exactly what you will get from Stansberry) I haven’t watched the video but the comments on here are great!! Technology and Innovation strives to be a main contributor to the company’s overall growth by improving manufacturing processes and creating new technologies. I joined a few days ago and had need to use the Stansberry customer service. How can you become an “authority” in a market, an information market. REPLY The Value of a dollar is relative. I m 65 yrs old . His newest venture is Credit Opportunities which takes advantage of corporate debt. Out of all of them only Donald Trump brags about his wealth. For example, maybe the subscribers are bombarded with other offers because it was Stansberry was funded by them? I googled “EIA rotary rig count” and found this page on the US energy administration website. REPLY Cranberry and Associates are absolutely real. TI — of course people paid and got swindled — then there are those of us who investigate and study shyster gimmicks so we know how it goes and are too smart to get reeled in — some people make about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine — READ FOR YOURSELF but don’t believe the shills of which there are some on here Absolutely right! You take charge of your own trading accounts, and use the advisories for what they were intended for–to help you make trading decisions yourself. Stansberry is all Hokus Pokus Bull Manure. Especially these days. Ive learned that if you want to be in the top 2% in happiness first and wealth second. It vehemently tells you not to cancel. It doesn’t make them criminals or scammers. REPLY Listen to James. This also is not true as anyone who has filled out a 1040 IRS form has to state that they do not have any bank accounts outside the U. If that’s not enough the advise you receive if followed will send you to the poor house. I, like many others (Stansberry included), will continue to accumulate gold and other tangible stores of wealth – to the benefit of ourselves and our families. Dollar to collapse as of 1 July 2014 is another example financial scarelore put out in conjunction with an investment come-on, in this case an ominous sales pitch put out by the folks at Stansberry & Associates Investment Research LLC. MAybe not for everyone, but certainly alright by me! Click “Cancel” to stay on the page. One of the primary reasons in it’s demise was that the people no longer had faith in the government and with it, faith in it’s currency. Hopefully, I was wise in sending in a $5 check and not giving the company my email or a credit card number. The real question, the only one that should concern you, was Orwell a prophet? Most creative people, innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors are not wealthy. However as far as Stansberry is concerned we have a chance to survive from investing in the stock market ? I have been subscribing to various Stansberry & Associates newsletters for about 7 years. The USA is screwed financially. It’s sad, but I know that our country is in financial ruin. If there was a sure way to make money, people who have multi million dollar budgets to try to get 1 extra percent on their portfolio would be using it. I have a market-index neutral, stock-trading system that should double money every year. Realistically, the people who would suffer would be the ones who bought, waited for the day, and then sold at a small loss or broke even (counting fees) before the actual signing but paid him $1000 for nothing. It’s available to read. Other great nations have staggered, fallen. Scam from the first to the last. I’m simply only buying what I can pay cash for and trying to educate myself on what to do financially, going forward. If they were that good Everybody would subscribe. I make money with advice from his firm. I do not see how the economy is better; the unemployment is realistically worse than the published rate. Most people spend more than they make and very few people want to save. I subscribe and I am very happy. Peter is write on the money, research paper oninvestment advisors representatives through all the teabaggers out with all the rest of these greedy backward thinking Republicans and lets do some real legislating to get people back to work and back to paying taxes. As a side note, to help you out in the future for arguments sake. In the very near future). He bought in. Grow vegetable gardens and get out of debt. He is simply anti-government and is trying to scam gullible listeners into helping him out. Savings from work. It should be insurance to care for people who are too old to work, who do not have savings to care for themselves to live a decent life. REPLY Origins: This item about the passage of H. About 10 to 15 minutes into his info video Red Flags start to pop up and you have to start questioning what he is saying and the more he talks the deeper the Red Flags and S**T gets. ” What he’s doing is going as far as suggesting that if we don’t give HIM $ and buy HIS information-whatever it is, (as he won’t even come out and tell us! Another hook on how to increase my government pension has not appeared- fat chance probably. Let me start by saying that i agree with this guy from stansberry about the colapse of the dollar you ask why let me explain when a country is in debt and it make a vase amount of money it does not fix the problem it makes it a lot worst it may look like it’s fixed but no it’s getting shot and putting a band aid on the hole and that’s all you do it will get infected the infection will spread might even lead to your death — however i do not believe that this guy from stansberry knows anything about helping the american poeople why because if he did why would he chrage so much money to help them if he actually knew how to help why not just charge $5. While I agree, even without regressing into a primitive lifestyle we could make huge leaps in several areas by doing so. I would like to know how to unsubscribe to the 12% Letter and get a refund. Some of these require a short-term residency on campus (or nearby), during which time you either write exams in person or present your thesis (Masters or Doctoral). He can’t seem to stop bragging about how much money he made and jumps on anyone who dares to say anything against Stansberry. You work hard for your money, you should do everything in your ability to avoid losing it. I’ve been subcriber to Stanberry Research since 2006 and still a happy subscriber. I think that every one of you nay-sayers are a flat out joke! But Stansberry but did not change its name, so I will avoid the new Casey Research (CR). I called on phone and they confirmed that they canceled the subscription. The stock tanked immediately to 8, 7, 6 then 5 and is still at $5 range. It’s the lies and fraud that you’re fed on FOX and CNN that is the problem. Ask Karen and Klaire. Com; by Weiss Research. Casey and D. OMG, I ordered a 5. Agreed, their marketing is heavy handed but they are upfront in stating they are in business to sell subscriptions. Let’s all just think positive – because that is all it takes. Which are producing revenue that is taxable! Then the stock will keep going up and the subscribers will be stopped out with a big loss. REPLY Over the years, I have subscribed to some of the firm’s newsletters-SIA, True Wealth and Resource Reporter, and as with any investment letter, they tout their successes and ignore the disasters. I enjoyed the format and found the conclusions correlated to the data but probably no real solid causation. S. I invite you to be extremely skeptical, cynical, suspicious, and cautious. I have been a subscriber for about 8 months and am doing quite well on his recommendations. But here’s the kicker… 25% of what? Bottom line is i would not pay to know inside secrets. All I’ve heard is polar shift. Fro the weak minded people ,it’s so depressing ,that some people might commit suicide . The video is enough to go on. 8. REPLY 2. They are so desperate for ad revenue that they accept $ from a number of disreputable companies & people. We have to compete internationally on making stuff not just consume Until then check out Texaslcc. Your garden gets tended easily with the extra help, everbody wins. Interesting ….. Don’t be so naive – while at the same time, I must not be gullible. 00 per person after helping 1000 people and there stories get out how much his plan worked he would be helping every single american and probably millions of other people from other countries that $5. That won’t happen to the USA, but it will no longer be the worlds Reserve Currency. Most of what this guy says is crazy. He is no different than Harold camping. Do what seems wise to do to protect yourself and yours and walk past their tent with a smile on your face… still holding your money (all-be-it less valuable)in your pocket and not in theirs. If only food for thought can be had out of his fantasy, it’s worth his asking price. In the year to July, the U. They are now talking about the price our country will pay for it’s financial behavior the last 5 years. We also recognize that our response to these megatrends must be integrated into the fabric of our business’s processes, tools, and priorities Entering a graduate program is an important decision that will affect your life for 2-3 years and should not be taken lightly. Bull . This was about the end of the U. Is like lampooning wasting money on auto insurance, homeowners insurance or any other kind of personal insurance. If you are determined to go to grad school, consider spending a few years getting relevant work experience first. If enough people get hooked, THEN they will create a “product” to sell to the rubes. I agree with “Goog News Bad News” but with exception. Get ready because here it comes! 2847: the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act” is the official name of the bill and that’s it’s purpose, but Title V is something that was sneaked in there. It’s really comical how gullible folk can be as they proclaim they are following the dictates of their particular religions. EST. Also, notice that Stansberry provides an actual product, stays in business, states his many past successes, and gives graphs and charts with relevant history to back it up. If you don’t like what you find, the only investment you’ve lost is your own time. The facts are here – this is a scam, Bubba and K&K work for him and are here to give the appearance of support to him. This would require a constitutional amendment…. The End of Barack Obama? When you contact them to ask for a refund, they would say it’s outside of their 30-day refund period if you called 30 days later, or they would say the charge was non-refundable if you called sooner than 30 days. Can you people stop doubting him??? HE IS A LEGIT SCAMMER! REPLY Way to get off point…assuming you even understand what the subject is. Or could he speak any slower and pause any more dramatically? Their styles are as varied as the instruments they recommend, and I have profited mightily in my education, my experience and my investments. I have been a subscriber to many of the Stansberry & Associates Investment Research newsletters(currently 13)for quite a few years and have made a substantial amount of money from those subscriptions. BTW, Steve is currently bullish, and openly debates with Porter Stansberry, who in a certain way, is his boss. All I really seek, in any of their products, is some basic principle that I can apply my own brain to and prosper according to my own choices. Scary stuff!!!! I am especially pleased with Doc Efring’s newsletters. That was just last week, so I don’t know yet if all will work out well. This guy might have a crystal ball but I’m not buying it. For investment purposes. Have you ever wondered when our Government is going to stop printing money we can’t repay? I don’t remember the “psychology term” he used while trying to up the fear-ante by comparing our situation to one of the biggest tragedies in world history, but I do know a term that we can all relate to, “MANIPULATION!! Food you freaks abounds and grows wild even in a Trump slum, nation wide you can live homeless hunting and fishing and want for nothing, but your trouble is you covet everything, and imprisoned by all you get. LET THEM PAY FOR THEM. Had this for 1 year. I guess that everyone has to read the FINE PRINT when ordering ANYTHING. As I recall he was a crook. Thank you, Dave! You are good at historic facts, but like everyone else, is only on a soap box, with nothing but hot air that we have already heard. Looks like I am right in my fisrt commentary. Find teaching opportunities. People have allowed people that have came into our America and change the way we pray at school. One, he is a true believer. Learn how to use it as effectively as you can. As soon as I subscribed for a YEAR I then see a pop up type statement that they will automatically renew this subscription every year, which I neither like nor want. The opposite is true too with some long stocks. By the left-wing, liberal biased-media kept the truth a secret from the US public. Therefore when stopping out of a position, that loss will never be more than 1% of your portfolio. 00 charge on my debit card. I see several of the same names over and over. REPLY I will have to agree with JB123! Then it asked for my password. IMO, that’s how you can get started. Don’t waste your money, or your time. I do know our country has changed drastically during my lifetime. Investment advice? STAY AWAY REPLY Tales of income streams of XX dollars per week are meaningless when there is no indication of how much the people had to invest to earn that income. The previous reviewers that say you are continually bombarded to purchase other newsletter subscriptions are absolutely correct. I’ll care where you live if your among that one percent. REPLY This is NOTHING but a MARKETING GROUP trying to sell you additional “so called advice” every day of the week through wordy, long winded videos. How ironic that a company designed to help people make money, in reality steals their money. Like you, I believe the demise of the America and the serious debt our country has gotten itself into. Keeping other people informed, based on research paper oninvestment advisors representatives the experience of their contributors. I subscribed to the this 12% Letter back on June 9,2011. Stansberry claims a weak dollar is a bad thing that will destroy the US. I would rather buy some seeds and turn my grass yard into a vegetable garden before I would buy gold and silver. ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! No one here is talking about how the housing market crashed and how it will again, simply because the system is set up to make it happen. I don’t just subscribe for hot stock tips and investments – I subscribe for their wisdom on investing techniques that can keep you from being a bad trader and losing a lot of money. We work very hard to develop a deep understanding of our customers commercial ambitions so that we can engineer the right product at the right time. What Stansberry is good for is making money for himself. For those of us who DO understand the laws of thermodynamics, we also know enough to throw cold water on anything that comes out of Mr. If they hadn’t totally messed things up, there is no way a Black man with a Muslim name would have gotten elected in this country. Three (which follows two), he is not honest – it does appear that Stansberry was successfully sued in the past by the FTC for misrepresenting facts and defrauding investors. The further you went, you more delusional you got. That is the common denominator that you need to pay attention to on this thread. I am a Civil Engineer and deal in reality. Not the results that most of our “advanced” societies might have guessed… I still save my pennies in a jar. I know not if they are guilty or not but I do know that there are many that are not guilty and that are guilty only to be the exact opposite of the verdict. I have tried to get it refunded to no avail. Many of my trades are on the short side. Stansberry scares people so he can sell information to them, and I despise that. S. Dollar is doomed why are we paying in U. Many of the trends that Stansberry cites are indeed true and there are enough of them selectively presented to create a convincing scare tactic (a convincing lie should be made up of 40% truth). For all have sinned, and come short of the Glory of God. That way if you stop out at -25%, you don’t lose more than 1% of your portfolio. I don’t know if the advise you describe would be for you, it’s probably Porter’s letter. They are going down at some point. Much better than average in most cases and many ideas i would have never even thought of on my own. You know it’s a scam when you start seeing copycats who attempt to use the same highly questionable and unethical tactics to relieve you of your hard earned dollars. SO MANY PERKS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, IT SHOULD BE AN HONOR TO SERVE NOT A WAY TO GET RICH. The sec association had no right to say he was a liar. We do like to confirm credit card information with a subscriber when we issue a refund. Let’s see how they do. These letters loose money consistently simply because 10,000 Alliance idiots buy the same option within the same time frame, how unprofessional must you be to offer this type of service without revealing how many members receive this info? Then, many years back I heard this statement first time in my life,” every nations has a government which it deserves”, and this is definitely true. It’s really happened over night and if you had something in your saving account, you waked up completely poor person. Don’t send this moron a penny. They may not be technically responsible, but it’s like giving someone a gun and then they use it to rob you. AGW is a hoax, and Al Gore was a snake oil salesman getting rich off his bogus claims. I simply replied to an ad to order a book for $19. The bad news is that the message is true but the cures he suggests aren’t. You have those that pack up and leave, to get their family completely out of danger. , “Big Gold” and “International Speculator”)cost to subscribe. I am willing to listen if you are willing to share. I paper-traded for a year after the 2008 debacle, and wish I had used real dollars. For security reasons and to prevent banking errors you must contact us by phone to cancel a paid subscription. They are terribly behind this age of information so don’t look at them as some kind of police dog for you. Usually if it smells bad (like this guy does), it is bad, if not very bad, and others will have already been pinched or will tell their tale on the internet. S. Example just this week the Web SITE Wikileaks is offering $100,000 for a copy of the UNITED STATES TRADE AGREEMENT when that should be free and it is already law but you can’t see it. The only item I believe in his discourse “is that Congress is not doing a decent job of writing and passing bills. This is why, very sadly I do believe now that it may happen here, I have seen this happening once in my life. I’ve blocked them from sending me any further info. , etc. The dollar is finished. Stansberry’s mouth. Oh, because the Constitution and Bill of Rights was no longer there to protect the people because the Government that is sworn to uphold it was ignoring it and making their own laws to get rich. One is too high and skews the average. Conversely, the trades you DO manage to get into at decent prices frequently turn out to suffer from “adverse selection”: the very fact that you can put them on means they were bad trades to begin with, or are turning bad when you get into them. Porter comes across as very arrogant and has now become wealthy selling information. I would have made fewer mistakes chasing “secrets” and searching for “hot stocks. He claims to have received death threats? At least the “Money for Nothing” guy on late night TV has soft bound books with a ‘technique’ (god, I hate that word) for his ‘system'(another of my hated late-night TV words). (What's more, having some work experience on your resume when you do complete your grad degree makes you more marketable than the person who jumped right into a grad program after college. Stealing money from the people that are hurting the most. To those of you. Any other source of this information would have lead you to the same conclusion. As in all walks of life, the educated and informed make more than those who are not. Several times an attempt on my part has been made to “get connected” with some financial information that I may be able to act upon with no success. My shields stand at the ready. We are just in toooooo much debt and we have no possible way to ever pay back the debt we owe. The wages are too high – the work is too little in availability and hours, too far (per the loss of vehicle, I now get to walk to everything) and they are NOT developing new employment. OUR ADVICE IS FACT. You must know this site is here because now you tell us how you got sucked in. I just watched his hour long pitch and am curious. Lastly, the pay part has to drop – that’s right, drop. Do research,,,,,and get peace, life, hope,,,,and eternal life. He speaks the truth about our countries indebtedness, and the demise of America. There are also natural resources that are very scarce that are needed for military and high tech applications like platinum, titanium, tungsten, rare earth metals, and others. Stores will be definitely closed for a few days until they will figure out new price tags and will be able to reopen. Yeah, that old man raked in hundreds of millions and spent maybe a few million. NICE VIDEO!! I am happy with the advice I have received. I signed up for their newsletter 3 years ago. Or your supervisor doesn't like your research. Then you have those that would rather stay home and watch their valuables or they just cant afford to run. I suspect that Stansberry took advantage of good hearted Ron Paul. Richard speaks in the language of a plant. Am I missing something? Ron Paul is a credible and honest man and we are definitely on the abyss of currency collapse, however anything you can get from Porter Stansbury that is of value can be obtained for free. I have been a long time subscriber and never had a problem getting my money back if I canceled a particular newsletter. I have not ordered the book. If you have the necessary education to qualify for a high-ranking position in your chosen industry, it means that you often have the option of not sitting behind a desk all day. ) that took place over 2 years ago! District Court to pay $1. If he has, the Government should require him to include his history of scams in his advertisments. The Presidents are usually the most criminal surrounded by the criminals they select in their cabinets and supported by their criminal enablers, the House, Senate and Supreme Court. I would suspect the average subscriber probably gets 3 or so letters which would total to over 75 recommendations. Don’t be an idiot. OR is it to grossly scare people in a message it doesn’t fully believe in scamming a profit? He told me himself he wasn’t a liar so I believed as you guys should too. Is in debt to the tune of $15 trillion (yes, that is trillion with a “T”–more money that anyone research paper oninvestment advisors representatives could ever imagine the U. I would love to say it worked, but then again I am 21 years old, full-time college student paying everything besides rent and my dad says I’m lucky I am not paying that too. Its beautifully made and I give props. The Cuban Embargo is a federal law that forbids Cuba from using US dollars. I suppose you know about as much as this Jim guy about facts. The 2008 collapse is proof of it. Most of the posters here couldn’t rub two wooden nickles together and are complete amateurs when it comes to investing. So I called 1-888-261-2693 and got a hold of Dave. Unless I had a brain cramp from hell I did not see any response from you. I contacted my credit card, regarding their $99 charged. – A lot…but our government never uses them and always tells us the truth – NOT!!! And yes walking through the analysis takes time but that’s what you pay for, why would you ever want to shorten it by cutting out the reason and just listing results? Amazon. ) Doctoral programs nearly always come under option #3. If this was truly to help people, the “valuable newsletters” would be posted online, or available for free (the real free, not the investor’s “free”). I had no idea though that I could run into the road block at their call center that you’ve mentioned. American companies, for the most part, have to pay for their Chinese imports in Chinese currency, just as Chinese companies buying from the U. What happens after they get the info to recieve your payment? He onces touted Boston Scientific (BSX) when it was trading at 10. This company is obviously a SCAM and using fraudulent practices. Pray for wisdom. The US dollar had no value in cuba between 2004 and 2011 because Fidel Castro decreed so by law. They start their businesses with borrowed money. Evidently the owner of this business has been in trouble with the Federal Government for his business practices. I can comment on the latter, so I’ll add my two cents: For the last couple of years I’ve been experimenting with a number of newsletters to see if any of them is worth the time spent in reading them or the money spent to subscribe … 2011 was my year to try Stansberry’s “Alliance” which gives the subscriber access to almost all the Stansberry newsletters. First of all, his prediction that Obama may serve a third term is absurd. Worse, there’s no succinct description of these info products… until you pay (again), I suppose. Basically it was about buying gold & silver and some guaranteed commodity that will keep you safe during the decline of america. Only when the problem has occured do we do anything – and then it is just a band aid. Try to send a stop sending email they keep coming, charge them right back penalties and interest and take all your written documsnts to court and see if their we want you to call to get your money back ploy. Yes it is time to do that, also set term limits for congress and eliminate their pensions, hell they get enough in bribes to live in comfort. E. – YES, Truth? If my personal investing results were better I would rate the company higher. REPLY Thank you VERY MUCH DianeC, you took the words right outta my mouth, I was wondering the same thing, can somebody PULL-EASE reduce the Stansberry inflated hype of 50,000 words down to something more manageable like the 3-line recipe she just outlined above. REPLY If you pick apart the video and get rid of all the psychological repetitiveness and research some of the searchable quotes it is an eyeopener. I ordered something for $5 from Stansberry Research, almost daily receive a rash of unrequested e-mails, and the worst is that they recently charged me $99 for something I didn’t authorize. You know the saying, “You get out, what you put in,” and I am talking about your own diligent hard work. Made my money honestly, never went bankrupt. So for 12 of 14 recent trades are playing out as planned. Or do they just give us advice and we buy stock elsewhere? After reading so many comments about how this guy is a scammer, it was refreshing to see that someone understands some of what’s really going on here. Save and spend wisely. YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE AND ASK FOR. Blessings to you… I think Porter is a real reliable guy and has very good information for us and to help us through the future that Obama has laid out for us,Obama has his plans for us about the New World Order,He is now planning to run for a third term which is outside the laws of the US,he has never been honest to the citizens of the US,he wants to bring in the muslums and nato to herd us into his fema camps he has laid out for us,its good to have someone with some good insite to inform us,Porter,Thanks REPLY This site make money- for the programmer. What I like most is that they’re not just about the stock picks. It’s an interesting theory, but last time I looked over the SEC’s case against Stansberry, the federal government received no injury from Stansberry’s actions. If we had proper justice in this country, they would never have been left out and they should have no computer access to set up and run a scam from prison. If I were reading this, I would not believe this claim. Such as… Dozens of countries trying to move quickly but quietly to find a way of getting off the US $ standard. I read the first page of what you all had to say. You know the Titanic was indestructible too, right? Com or NewAmerica4. S. Every other research firm may do it this way. But now that Stansberry owns CR, I will avoid CR. John,,,,,,don’t let the devil have you join him in the end. My entire focus shifted to the turmoil I always knew I would end-up facing. That’s all I can say about this whole debate about his topic. It manages to target almost all audiences in some way. A fool has said in his heart, “There is no God. I signed up for $49. If Mr Paul and the partnered Good Buddy network of Mr Stansberry turly wanted to help fellow Americans, it could easily and simply be forthright & forthcoming. Massive quantitative easing over and over, even after promising not to in the first place. The PBOC is not in the business of throwing money away. If one is 20%, the ohter has to be 80%, if one is 35%, the other has to be 65%. This looks like a good route. HOWEVER, I did not like the fact he was trying to sell something. Show me GAAP audited results. I never could understand the case against them. Loads and loads of junk. The question is, does he refund your money or not if you are not happy with the product. 8. Overall, a several of their picks have made me a lot of money and have covered the cost of the subscription. Let me guess, you will only accept this currency until it depreciates, then collapses, then only precious metal payments. Selling puts is a one-trick pony. After a long time on hold I finally talked to a rep who told me it would be Mon. It doesn’t matter one iota to me if people think that is ridiculous, because I am not an idiot and I have already observed what has been done, so I know we can expect worse. We must just get along the best that we can, work hard, and hope for the best. But I have learned from him. REPLY This is a fraudulent business made up with crooked people. I’m not worried about our country collapsing financially I’m more worried about 2012 disaster in December. ). That part is true. It didn’t bother me at all that he was convicted of fraud. People have been misled for so long that they are looking for someone to help them. Might take 2–7 years of your life. I have no idea if the newsletter is valid or not and I doubt I’ll try it, but reading some of these biased comments sure is comical. However, the main reason I subscribed with Stansberry is to know how to deal with what has happened to our economy, and what we face in the future. I consider myself a risk taker anyway. Will I subscribe…I am not sure. If collapse will happen here, we have current leadership which we voted for, we elected them so we deserve what we currently have. Not necessarily bad trading or investment ideas if executed carefully, but definitely not new revelations. WAS ILLUSTRATED NICELY. After getting the details, I find it to be nothing more than a way to sell an option trading service. 3) I got to go into publishing after a three and one half year long resume (that is res-u-may) based employment search, exclusively at the Department of Labor job listings due to lack of otherwise available ads. How much do we we really owe — the National Debt, not just the deficit? I think that he is telling the truth. Should we be so bold as to think we’re completely safe, needing no protection, from the government’s continued reckless spending and appropriation of our wealth through currency debasement, inflation, and taxation? Not just ours. If you are an investor researching whether to pay Stansberry for his “knowledge”, I would recommend against it. I’ve been a subscriber of Stansberry’s since 2005 and have only good things to say about them. Ignore the haters. However, I have read Stansberry’s stuff for years and his outfit is without peer as independent securities analysts. God never needed money so he has no good understanding of it much less listens to your needs for it. By the way, I do not personally know any person at Stansberry, et al and am not receiving any recognition or compensation for these remarks, but I can guess that Reviewopedia gets paid somehow, right or wrong. Also, I just read “Street Smarts” by Jim Rogers. Printing money and monetizing a debt can lead to inflation, if not hyper-inflation. I believe the US will pay, very negatively, for the debt we’ve accumulated since then. This other idiot sjugarud must be his flagship asshole, I havent seen any recommendation that hasnt claimed 1000% gains…he should be working for NASA, recommended italian stocks in the middle of the euro crisis when the italian market plunged a further 30% and is still far from bottom 3…Most importantly, BEING PATIENT (let time do it’s work for you)and don’t buy and sell too much. As you read the comments below, just take them ALL with a grain of salt and do your own research. Stansberry did. They did so to avoid paying taxes, not because they are such caring individuals. What about the weather? There are hundreds of better, and unbiased research avenues available on the internet – and most cost absolutely nothing. Would like to read the survival one. I can’t help but wonder what fools he thinks us to be to listen to that entire message. Ten minutes went by turning into twenty minutes I was transfixed until the narrator kept mentioning his secrets and how they would help save you from the economic end of America. Your points: limit your position size, use trailing stop-losses, these are the essentials. Wow, maybe it should be Mr Intelligent!!! Oh, because the Constitution and Bill of Rights was no longer there to protect the people because the Government that is sworn to uphold it was ignoring it and making their own laws to get rich. I read all the stuff they sent and canceled within the time limit, because I learned nothing. I couldn’t complain since my late husband probably ordered the book! The market is very efficient and information spreads very quickly. I’ve enjoyed reading what all of these guys have to say; they don’t always agree with each other, so I’ve learned a lot by getting the different perspectives. Ridiculous. Just the fact that this company or any company is given a guilty sign and than they fight again and loose is not a coincidence for marketing! And every single e-mail leads to (ends with) an urgency to buy another info product OR a link to buy another info product. Do they just keep renewing your subscription and you can’t do anything to stop them? I can certainly understand Stansberry’ s thinking! Use the video as an eye opener and make smart investment decisions. Common sense. If it goes sour we who operate as a business will go bankrupt and then begin business as usual. They then “check their metrics” and see how many are interested in the lies they just told. Nowadays, I just keep my mouth shut and prepare the best I can. I have never, ever had difficulty getting a refund when I have decided to cancel a particular subscription. But the end of Stansberry’s long filibuster did raise some flags on me. To get out of town. You’re a skeptic – suit yourself. This action would represent foreign exchange intervention on a massive scale, and the result would be huge drop in the value of the dollar. That’s right there all fake. Stansberry, and no I am not paid by him or any one else as I am just a subscriber who has read his letters and used his info for 8 years and made a very sizable return on his advice, gives top notch information for those who have the wherewithal to use it, which most of you on here do not. If you want your situation to change, you and your habits must change. 00 poorer than you are now. G. Certain gases like CO2 have the same effect as glass. Long story, short: If the world’s economic powers, other than the US, decided to act rashly, they would be killing themselves. Now take this into consideration Stansberry says within the next 12 months we will be under Marshall Law due to the “Dollar Collapse” now if this is so how are the Men and Women in the military going to be paid to maintain marshall law in the United States. REPLY The sky is falling by your estimation—-profit from the fear —–only conservative GOPers will pay for the Stansberry scam—while the market is 18000 unemployment is falling and American business is starting to thrive again….. ). She could have said “I just made $50,000” and there still wouldn’t have been anything to see let alone prove. Anyway, good God what is $39. So he’ll recommend short. I may be a bit slow when it comes on to working with them as i don’t know them like i said and also am not interested to make someone else profit unnecessarily from rewards of my hard labor so i didn’t get in touch with them at all and wouldn’t mind if they didn’t get in touch with me either. DO NOT TRUST S&A. I have been subscribed for 2 or 3 years. You would have thought with that kind of money you would be as well known as Apple, whereas you don’t have a website. REPLY Perhaps he and the people who believe him would read a little history of the Great Depression, perhaps then he would understand the ups and downs of economy and how fluctuations occur. The truth is that the problems are much more serious and deep rooted than we know. It wasn’t great, but better than the previous newsletters I’d subscribed to. We all need to have enough common sense to realize such flagrant policies cannot and will not continue forever. Rather, the people who were hurt were the clients who paid a subscription to his newsletter and then had their money taken by Stansberry and Pirate Investment. Apparently, you didn’t look into it far enough. The problem is, most of the ignorant hordes will not have the patience, persitude, or prescience to listen to the whole video, and get to the enlightening facts – the USD has zero value in Cuba, and Iran is dumping the dollar. I always get a person when I call. Absolutely! Ethics is a challenging concept to define because interpretations depend on philosophical perspective, and one's particular situation in the world. Al Gore is perhaps the biggest idiot to ever serve an office as high as VP. Their whole gig is to get people to sign on to their newsletters and take your 39 bucks or whatever they can scam you into and then no way can you ever get a hold of anyone to get off there list. People like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Naomi Wolfe have been preaching doomsday for a long time but they aren’t experts. Quickly and graciously cancelled my subscriptions. If you are a smart investor like myself you will stay as far away from this guy and his associates as you can. Regarding the investment publications, they are all well researched with all the pros and cons listed out. Without question the Fed is printing fiat money at an exhaustive rate. And being of a conservative bent and not convinced our current government has our; the middle class’s; best interests at heart, I find his commentary delightfully irreverent and very much on point. What a moron. I actually was going to sign up for his newsletter, but when I was filling out the information sheet to sign up, I was asked for my email address, which was fine. Their phone repeats the same message over and over and connects you to NO ONE! J. It is obvious that some people are opining or complaining without adequate knowledge, including Reviewopedia, who started this blog. It’s very clear that they will charge 99$ for this membership, and if you didn’t pay attention to that, who’s fault is that? S. So someone tell me how to get my money back? Take for instance Mr X and Mr Y. Where is the scam? Make sure that you choose an accredited program. So maybe you missed the point slightly – by your own judgments you have actually proved him to be correct. At that time, the script will appear on your screen. REPLY So, we are losing our ability to trade with other countries, because we do not pay our bills? I graphed the data, and while it was not exactly as in his graph, the trend he is looking for, gas rigs declining and oil rigs increasing is just like what he is showing. REPLY I have listened to a couple of his audio promotions, and most everything he says has merit. I bought gold and silver back in 2010 before it started to go even higher. Execution must be perfect. This is the key thing to remember when trying to plan for your future in this country. He makes Dan Quayle look like an Einstein. Anyone familiar with top colleges or accustomed to working with clients or colleagues who went to top colleges would know that. America is going to soon be a very poor, garbage ridden, third world country & the Chinese will be laughing all the way to their bank full of real money and gold. REPLY Biblically Speaking… you are a simple pagan worshiping the false church of Christianity, of which btw I was never part of. REPLY Has anyone ever used a stockbroker to manage your money and make trades based on his advice? I’ve made my $1000 back many times over with advice from these newsletters; so much that I recently upgraded my membership again to gain access to some of their pricier newsletters, another “leap of faith” that is well on its way to paying for itself. I am not a subscriber yet. Frank Curzio is interesting and Porter episode 155 with Dr. Be smart and stay away REPLY Of course his rants about big government are meant to incite reactionaries and get them riled up enough to buy his “product. I don’t really need this stress. We can close many loopholes, and stop giving so many tax credits. Or, as one wry commentator put it: Newsletters publisher Stansberry bought newsletter publisher Casey Research in May 2015. I don’t have time to track them all down. J. I keep a little on the side to fund a promising long shot when I see one. Obama had done enough damage. Their investment view that incredible amounts of debt both public and private, the lack of much real wealth creation and an increasingly meddlesome public sector undergirds most of what they offer. Your true Rush-quoting right winger suffers from a brain condition where they are more fearful and ignorant (the two go together) than the average person. I recently joined and bought option contract on two of his recommendations that he made sound like winners. Apparently, when he doesn’t have time to write a new report he just grabs a good one from a previous year and publishes it again. There are much fewer fish in the ocean. If things are going to be so bad, I think i’d rather be just well off. Waste of time. Don’t forget we do have Congress in t here babysitting THUG BO! I am up over 50% with their gold picks but that has only been in the last 3 months and I don’t consider those to be solid until they have been sold and the gains booked. Really simple, basic advertising strategy, IMHO, not something the A. Stansberry is not a prophet, even though he is acting like one. I believe in us more that Stansberry, and I believe in the resilience of the human spirit. They make the businesses join first and then they track responses or problems with them. ) Are there any here that have subscribed and used the info? Mr. Not all of their analysts agree on what the market is going to do. And that is The Palm Beach Letter (Google it). Gimme a break. It sounds more like some disgruntled subscriber is fabricating all of these negative comments. I am not new to trading in securities and have done due diligence sugggested by S&A in their disclaimer on the bottom of each advisory. Also the failure to mention failures and risks. THAT my friends is a full service brokerage. Goes after people that have money concerns like me. They carry low risk high return to a very high level. I have been using their OPTIONS strategies since July 2012 and at this point (January 2013), my options transactions have generated over $50,000 in net income. Instead, go to schwab, ameritrade, or even etrade and hook up with an entry level clerck who just got his securities license and I bet you would do better than what this clown advocates. Dollar and, instead, the dollar has surged. 50). Canada starting to look inviting. Those who put their complete Faith in Jesus’s Sacrificial death on the Cross as the Full-Payment for all their sin, ask for His Forgiveness for all their sin and shame, and,,invite Him into their heart, and into their lives, to show them how to live for Him: We feed on His Word, leaning on the Power of His Holy Spirit to lead, guide, direct, comfort, heal, correct us when we go astray, to love us as only God can, and give us true and lasting peace and joy!!!! We don’t need more big government. For an excruciating hour, they touted the coming revolution in communications and how this seemingly science-fiction tool would change the world forever, while making its first investors millionaires virtually overnight. , pay off credit card debt, work on variable expenses, and live within their means) they’d be better off. Hey, Porter — evidently you forgot to read the Constitution that you pretend to tout. I believe what he says about our economy, about where this country is heading, and about what will be done to destroy our economy and our lives. REPLY First off the expression you were trying to communicate is “correlation does not equal causation,” not the other way around. No, they are somewhere trying to earn back all that money that “means nothing now”. It takes leadership in our nation, something presently in short supply, to make things work. Not sure if they have charged the $99 to my card yet or not. ELIMINATE ALL LOBBISTS AS WELL. If you had a way to make all this money, would you tell someone else? 6) Stats on gold and silver are right on target. I read my purchases very carefully before I buy anything online for this very reason! This is a huge development as China, Japan and South Korea are the dominant economic powers in that Asian region. “SEC law suit? I knew when I ordered yesterday that the $99 was going to be charged and considered it just a nuisance and that I’d write myself a reminder to cancel it forthwith. They do have that kind of information readily available. After receiving the order confirm I immediately tried to call and have the subscription cancelled. At the margin, China’s sovereign wealth fund can buy equities and real assets like property, but the bulk of the overall portfolio has to be held in liquid securities. In my case, I’m looking for a buy in for Exxon – so, this is helpful to me. It leads to diseases and heart problems. One thing my dad always taught me as a youth is that “history repeats itself”. Most people are where thay want to be. If the U. And in what we do or manufacture where I work we had to move our manufacturing overseas to stay competitive in the world market. Folks with that kind of chicanery in their back grounds raise a red flag flag for me. 2) I too publish as I can afford – I would like to SELL what I publish but am encountering many of the same problems Stansberry & Associates outline. I’m still working to make ends meet. My system needs very litttle capital to work, the margins are very large, and there is no need for split-second timing or well-excuted trades. This doesn't even factor in the costs and how long it might take to pay back loans. Read the story. I have never had a problem reaching them by phone and the staff is always efficient and responsive. I bought a prescription yesterday and now I have 25,ooo dollars. 27 here in Kuwait. It would be an easy declaration of martial law once unrest starts. Using ridiculous misinformation only works when the audience is too stupid to realize the information is wrong. They say this offer is good only for this week, so poor idiot thinks “OMG I will be rich in the long run getting all these expensive pro letters for only 10 grand my entire life” until you sign up and you find out that all the expensive letters are just written by monkeys, not real analysts. When I do cancel, I’ll keep your experience in mind and give them one chance. Virtually zilch. The job of the Fed is partly to prevent inflation, and to avoid deflation. I left messages and emailed them with my phone number, advising that I needed to cancel, they called me back the next day to handle the issue. I mean, hey… if it works for them it’s got to work for me, right? I know the government and the state of the dollar are on the decline fast. They spent every extra dollar Reaganomics brought in and still more. Which I, lazy person after seeing my 17 year old cat develop mysterious wounds in a double locked apartment of a suspicious nature, am experiencing difficulty doing. Com. Sounds like you would be happier with Dr. It is a gift….. REPLY Porter Stansberry is right at some ideas but in terms of investment advice, he is really bad in timing. Most of them DO. He has already been charged for fraud. In the 3 months I have been receiving Mr. This site makes me sad. Using the Normalcy Bias he is telling you predators are less likely to eat prey that isn’t struggling. It’s called Karma. Maybe there should be yet another choice: LOWER THAN SLIME? During the 49er Gold Rush, the miners didn’t get rich. I subscribe to 4 of his writers and like them for ideas that I need to check out. There are other prominent people speaking to the currency problem, China, and the middle east. He just wants to make (I mean steal) some coin on his porn (I mean investment)subscription sales. You are right, what will a coin do for you at the worst moment. Also the one mentioning the conflicting recommendations. Not all but some. But I did finish the whole hour long video. If we all contributed more to it’s function, we wouldn’t hate it. Let’s see if I have any luck canceling! I have not had any issue with customer service over the years or cancelling subscriptions. Eifrig. LOL on the review that says you can cure insomnia by listening to this guy. Unfortunately that is not the case. Read for yourself D. E. Many of these offer more time leeway for completing the program. I think anyone literate in English can learn more than the narrator has to offer by reading a book or two on options and tootling around the Internet for a week or so. I called them to complain and ask for my money back and they told me that by purchasing the book I had agreed to a 30-day free trial of their newsletter which would then be billed at $99 a year after the free trial ended. REPLY It is imperative for term limits (6 years, period) but…. Also, Stansberry is himself an excellent financial analyst and honest publisher. The lucidity with which you state things seems to make a pretty good case and almost for a moment that case seems to straddle the rail of ‘neutrality’ but I can read between the lines and especially like your final assessment “they suck pretty bad overall”. I put my future into something far more reliable than anything they could ever imagine, GOD. R. Get outta here! And then you end with your pants at your ankles, praising Al Gore and Global Warming. Most things in life are a waste of money, or in other words, simply for our entertainment and comfort. Almost impossible until us citizens are so fed-up, in order to implement change. Do you sleep well at night? These are times when you are not to be disturbed unless there's an absolute emergency. With a history of perpatrating fraud and preying on the emotional impulses of fear and greed, I would RUN not walk, away from anything this man is involved with. And a see possiblies of the same for the negatives. S&A’s advice is factually based. Eifrig s letter which they currently have for $39. R. Think I have been scammed too America 2020 never came… and this is scary for a senior who thought Ron Pauls statements were true and on the up and up – this company needs to be sued for its outright lies and use of people who I think should be OUTRAGED that this company is using such a deceptive selling tactic! I found the information not valuable so waited out my time and then cancelled it. Studies have shown that more than 70% of people check with others before deciding to act. A commerce grad fresh out of college could have given us these sermons about hedging investment risks. Seems there is an Contradiction here from Stansberry, All the scare tactic’s about July 1 , and the Collapse of the dollar ? If you are afraid your words of wisdom can’t generate a meager 2% return, then your “plan” is worthless. The pending financial crisis here has the potential to split our county, literally. 3) history does reflect what he is speaking of as having happened in the past. Nigerians in sheep’s clothing!!!! To think he almost became President is truly frightening. Lol feel free to contact me and ask me questions, I’m more than willing to provide you with the truth about how to make some serious money through interpreting what he is telling you to do in his video. Thats it so we can do without that question again. I personally interviewed one of their principals. Anytime somebody threatens you into giving them money, it’s a scam so DO NOT BUY INTO THIS! My guess is they are trying to stock up on gullible people’s money so they can have some commissary funds for prison, and pay off their staggering fines. If that means less dependance on foreign oil then so be it. More tax is just more cost. 10. China runs a huge trade surplus against the Eurozone too—$117B in the year to August—so it already has an big pile of euro assets. He misunderstands and underestimates people, or at least that is what he wants us to do. I can make 80% OK…but what is it worth if the stock suddenly becomes worthless on panic and fears he starts out with on his video. Some, but marketing to take your last dollar comes first to them, and if you subscribed to several investment letters, you’ll be bombarded with the identical crap from each one for many days on end. They refused to refund my money. I have not spent a dime on the report but even the Whitehouse did not celebrate the recent unemployment figures as they calculated at least 300,000 people are no longer eligible for benefits just this month. To find out if Clark is going to put something up on the website about these trades and he hasn’t. REPLY He likes to throw in all these “Psychology” terms, like when he brought up how while 100,000 people fled Nazi Germany, 450,000 stayed because so many believed things wouldn’t “get any worse. All Stansberry is doing is looking at the government’s own economic data and using common sense to project the sure eventual collapse of the American financial system and the dollar. I suggest you listen to their free podcasts at stansberryradio. Right now (Feb. I think there’ll be a major revolt if Congress tries to take control of our 401K funds as Stansberry believes. 20. Not ordering it and not expecting it, if they did send it, I probably deleted it thinking it was spam. Then when I started looking at the “Special Reports” from previous years on my member website I found he has presented a few of the same reports (word for word) several years in a row. If you want to know where we’re headed you should start by looking at where we’ve been, not listen to some guy with “all the answers”. An online degree often has as much credibility to an employer as many bricks-and-mortar degrees—often without the huge cost, time commitment, and stress. Just pointing it out. They only live to cater to the rich and are angry because they can’t get away with it at this time. The reason Washington wasnt taken and the war ended then is simple. PS does not write all of them you know. Jim Rogers has been a trustworthy source of information, which Stansberry references. My friends, Stansberry has forgotten to mention an extremely important point; when the US Dollar devalues, all other major currencies either pegged to the dollar or not will subsequently devaluate as well. But they say they will not do that for 30 days. Instead of trying to sound intelligent, try sitting back and just reading what others say that dont know what they’re talking about. Just apply the principles given. Too many of us are looking for the get rich scheme, and have forgotten what it means to truly be an American. Instead these two Option recommendations by Jeff Clark are totally phony. Is it bad? You can not buy bread and milk using gold, you need real money for buying food but there is no way you can get it. Let thou be done. REPLY Judging a book by its cover is never a good thing imho. Couple weeks later they zapped my card for $3,000! REPLY I liked the video. How does that sound, like it means something or like a rules that is not broken yet. Hopefully, the legal authorities will convict these scoundrels again just like they did before. I agree with half of the replies posted on this blog. If you have any more questions about our cancellation policies, we would be happy to answer them. In their tribal units, to an extent, they shared amongst them selves. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH Y2K here we go again. I don’t need to spend $49 to understand this. I really believe that weather you are republican or Democrat or independent makes no difference its knowing right from wrong and the fundamentals of right and wrong that will make us as a country strong again. Bush claimed which now, 9 years later has set the people back another 800 Billion (yes – close to a TRILLION fake dollars). ” Nice job trying to appear as a supporter of this publication. I purchased the book America 2020 from them about a year ago. So much for your “scam. And 2. If so… Speak! As for Stansbury … round-off error. Must be thousands of us fools buying or selling at the same time bottom line: stay away from his expensive crap or the lifetime memberships, they are USELESS. Dont waste your money on this guys news letter there is no magic wand you can wave that will save you from the crisis. REPLY We have got to start holding congress accountable. You should have read this first and took the good advice that many of us try to give people like you. It drew me in because I like to know things, and it offered fresh information. I am taking matters into my own hands, educating myself, using Stansberry as ONE of my sources, and investing causiously and with knowledge. If US stocks fail the global markets will fail as well. Typical who you know or who you pay and don’t know there are so many angles without ant angle’s. Freedoms were being taken, and it was becoming well what we have today in a nutshell. I have been subscribing to a half dozen or so of their newsletters for several years now and I do profit, though not 100% of the time. Personally, I believe that it is quite possible that the crisis will happen. REPLY “cashed in”. Aside from the occasional bigotry (I’m Canadian, all American’s sound Bigoted to us but Porter especially) and anti-gov’t freakouts the financial information and the analysis is great. They secretly steal your money under the guise of ‘offered’ services and BS products that are billed as a ‘trial’ offer only to have hidden recurring and UNAUTHORIZED chargers to follow. Millionaires already rich, making more millions off the poor people who are just trying to get ahead…. So let’s not be to quick to settle for their version of the truth. I have read it, and I find some very useful information contained in it. I dont see the currency going that direction, however I would keep my eye on the possibility that we will be approached with a one world currency in the future. See the entire mail below. , John Lott,the purveyor of cherrypicked and unsound gun statistics, Stansberry uses pseudonyms and cut-outs to reinforce his claims. Well we don’t; its like a box of assorted chocolate you never know what you get till you bite into one. My guess there is that the address used corresponds to the website locations where he’s running the ads, which tells him which locations get the most hits. Be very careful when evaluating performance numbers, especially in Porter’s “report cards”. Somebody needs to go curb stomp this MFER!!! So If I thought I was going to lose millions and my in home chef I’d be panic. I know that he invested with them. If there is any useful info it was worth it. Human nature will continue to bury their heads in the sand till it is too late. I own a private company…and I love to help every taxpayer in America. We can make changes that will turn things around but we lack the resolve and there are those with political agendas on both sides that will not allow the change. How hard is it to just ignore the ads? S. But wait … all one needs in order to avoid suffering from this devastating national calamity, one that will collapse our entire monetary system and spell doom for the American way of life, is a little information. 18, 2012) they are calling for a short term pullback then a huge new bull market before the end of 2012. I’m currently reading ‘Aftershock’ in order to possibly understand what to do next in preparation for the future. And oh by the way – virtually ANYBODY in the stock market has made up to 20% this year just by following an index fund so even your statement is irrelevant and misleading. S. I guess that the lure of easy money causes people’s brains to short-circuit! REPLY I’ve read several pages of these reviews, and many of the anti-Stansberry comments sound the same. REPLY China runs a huge trade surplus with the United States. Just as with insurance policies, it seems like a waste as long as nothing happens. I remember starting every school day with the pledge of allegiance and prayer and there were some who didn’t parcitipate, I never thought to say anything to them because I was taught in America we were free to choose. I guess that would be a definition of integrity in our current political culture then huh? S. They are investigating, but told me not to worry. I guess some people were never taught and become victims to people who gain profit off of them. Yes most of the time. The Republicans were given the White House with a surplus. I have been tracking the success. I have since lost all of those due to some type of criminal action(s) on a local level (the village I am stuck in decided my landlord owned my vehicle, and I am saving what he allows to repair the vandalism and put back on the road and move to a safer area, when the village appropriated it and has it someplace unknown to me), except for some clothing and bedding, two small jewelry pieces, my (music) recorder (a flute type thing) and I have RECOVERED from second hand sales type things the following of my possessions: two coffee mugs, a frying pan, a bread plate, four paperback books, one hardcover and two identical other possessions that were not mine but I have handled and seen before. 5) writing IS on the wall, and has been, about the reserve currency and the games Treasury and the paper games the Fed play to prop it up. ALL ADDITIONAL MONEY MADE WHILE SERVING THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES SHOULD GO TOWARD THE NATIONAL DEBT. At the risk of being redundant, I suggest that anyone considering buying this or any other newsletter, first spend $25 to buy “Winning the Loser’s Game” by Charles D. Very interesting nonetheless. His retirement letter is ok and cheap and made by a more serious medical guy who throws in some good longevity advice along with well thought out stock advice. Also, several of the letters focus on volatile small stocks which should use a small-stock index as a benchmark, but often the broad market is used as a benchmark … this comparison makes them look great when stocks are going up; when stocks are going down they will use other common tricks to whitewash their returns. So to try to keep the countries money stable, the federal government had to support the price of gold by buying up surplus and releasing more to the market. Your target audience are mostly people that do some bit of research; these people are not mid-middle class portfolios that don’t watch the news because it is “boring and depressing. 7 Trillion dollar deal of spending cuts and increasing taxes on the uber wealthy we would have been on the right road but the GOP has done nothing but block everything Obama has tried to do to get things moving and reduce our debt. I presume Mr. It doesn’t work that way. He continued to work hard to make money. Just sitting back and complaining about the problems wont fix it. Anyways, then he goes on to talk about how the dollar will die and how this will cause the end of America. Bonds of course soared and TLT trades at over 120 now. No, as you all strongly suspect there is no point in getting suckered into Porter’s promises that there are fabulous, little-known money-making concepts waiting for you if you will just pay the toll … for example, the “greatest money-making system ever devised” is just old-fashioned put selling … the “second-greatest money-making system ever devised” is just buying very junky junk bonds … and so on. That is true! I see his post all over here like a Stansberry cheer leader or… or something? Hah ? A pop-up will appear on your screen, giving the option to stay or exit the page. They told me they will refund my money within 5-7 days. What he says is al too uncommon common sense, makes sense, and probably will happen but not to the gloom and doom extent he predicts. As far as these Scare tactic’s from Stansberry , yes I think he’s taking advantage of our situation to also make money by programing people scared to death . Are you a flex subscriber? Is stansberry asking for payment in yen or euro? Which was actually signed for the simple reason that the Federals were in fact losing the war, with the Confederate army only 20 miles from the capital. So did every other entrepreneur. This reminds me of a ‘whole life’ insurance person sitting in someone’s living room until he convinces the people to buy. However, I really don’t have much confidence in Mr. They are just too dependent on us to pull a trigger and do it all at once. PLEASE people, wake up and start educating yourself on the REAL issues at hand. The damage was done before Obama stepped foot into office. M. Another thing he does – and I have a little understanding of this as well – is that he uses a tone that is sort hypnotic. Look it up for yourself. ” Angela – you must get your head out of the sand. Only after I threaten to write everywhere about them and call my credit card company they agreed to refund part of my money. REPLY Having just read this long-winded self endorsing bit of inflammatory raving, I can only conclude that HR bill 2847 was NOT written by the House of Representatives, but by President Obama. THE KEY TO SURVIVAL IN THE TURMOIL THAT IS OUR FUTURE IS TO BE READING THE RIGHT NEWSLETTERS!! I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t now and never will have enough time to listen to a full sales pitch. You don’t get something for nothing. Options are a way to leverage or to hedge. Buy his mixtape for 50 dollars and you wont regret it. He did reassure me the charge would be refunded and made a note of my complaint. You will be doing yourself a favor by not even taking the time to watch the video. There’s a lot of survivorship bias going on in Porter’s world … he’s quick to kill the poorly-performing letters, so in general he’s able to crow about the relatively high-performing lot that has managed to survive … but “relatively” is the key word here – frankly, this reviewer didn’t see anything really interesting or exciting either when studying and reviewing the pre-2011 performance, or while trading the 2011 recommendations. A weak dollar would be good for the American worker. Also somewhat fraudulent. Hey, don’t take my word for it, here are the current BUY recommendations: BDX below $77, SYY below $33, MSFT below $30, WPZ below $55, ECA below $25, and ETP below $54. It was COMPLETELY fabricated by Jim Sheridan. The customer service number is 1-888-261-2693. You’re exactly the kind of person this scam artist loves to get a hold of because you are looking for a miracle, rather than taking some time to figure out why you got laid off, what to do next, and be about doing it. The SEC has overlooked more cases of obvious fraud in the last 5 years than I have time to make a list of here, but think of AIG and Leaman Brothers since their stories did make it into the mainstream press, and ask yourself who was prosecuted for these frauds against investors? Scammed buy the urgent dollar collapse report. A few of our largest trading partners are continuing trading amongst themselves but, are bypassing the reserve currency of the U. I am giving a fair rating because I believe Stansberry has it nailed as far as the economy is concerned. Perhaps this has distorted his lens and perspective. However, it is painfully obvious that you are a member of the organization profiting from half full information that you use to further deface capitalistic America and profit on the less knowledgeable. You’ll thank yourself later They seem to use their website to allow various “investment analysts” to profess the lastest and greatest stock offering. Talk about the Glenn Becksonian theory of death and destruction. That does not mean you should dive right in immediately after completing your undergrad degree. When finally I called them they claimed “The default in the page is that they will continue to bill me until I cancelled”. Badly rehearsed actors were placed in an elaborate but hokey studio set. The results from the service do not seem to support this claim REPLY Porter Stansberry is one of the few newsletter writers that actually try and make you a better investor. Com, Google, Microsoft, Apple all started with borrowed money. A neighborhood starting a community garden would make a world of difference for instance. I think this is an excellent video. Remember weapons of mass destruction which Mr. A publicist is a public person. REPLY I am writing to warn people to stay away from anything this company offers. I wish my subscription only introduced me to ideas that are included in my subscription, I don’t need to wade through adverts just to see what I paid for. I don’t like auto-renew, it always seems like a scam to me and I run for the hills when someone threatens to hold my credit card hostage in this way. I know he was stating some facts but if he was truly concerned about this country’s future, he would have given the “secret” information on the video instead of trying to scare us into giving him $49 for it. That is where many will fall victim, because they are ill informed to begin with. They offered no safe haven or nething they promised, they were simply a weapon of war to save them. Its all a scam. Discussions involving a partnership between South Korea and China to exchange their currencies also have taken place. Dont waste your time. So will everyone else. The storekeepers selling picks, pans, shovels and provisions did. S. But, if trend continues causation is obvious…. Our customer service team is available Monday – Friday, 9-5 EST. They asked me to call on phone. No one has a crystal ball about when our dollar will collapse, the wildcard is American Hegemony and our ability to strike any nation with military impunity should they damage the US Dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. For heaven’s SAKE this country is ruined, and still spiraling downward. I sort of got that impression when the word “TRY” was boldly emphasized before the ordering process ! When wealthy people get more money, they save it, not spend it. Its the Tax’s both coming going that make it impossible or at the very least cost prohibitive to manufacturer in the USA. If this is not fraudulent I am unsure what is! I remember people were going and trying to sell some weddings rings or ear rings or other gold or silver goods but no one will be buying. But i don’t believe that Stansberry has the purest of intentions. REAL USABLE information is withheld, scare tactic frequented, Dragged out “wait for it” moments. American farmland that produces wheat and corn (animal feed and ethanol) is especially valuable, and will continue to increase in value. Top 2% net worth in US. After watching the entire video (well over an hour of redundant hysteria and scare tactics) I actually feel like I wasted my time and I wish someone had told me about it before I wasted well over an hour watching it. You can use Wall Street analysis and you become the “mark” at the poker table. , “Gold and Silver Daily,” by Ed Steer) could be received FREE by e-mail or read FREE on the CR website. REPLY I watched the whole video. REPLY Then they start bombarding you with professionally made teasers of people making millions in a year and quitting their jobs, all that just by reading their expensive crap, 2-5 grand a year. At the risk of repeating myself, I’ve made a lot of money listening to Stansberry’s writers but only because I did more research — his tips gave me a running head start on some big money makers and for that he has been worth all the small amounts of money his letters have cost me. Means-testing would save the system a lot of money. The only thing that makes sense is , Prayer , and faith in Jesus Christ, Amen Amen Amen.. It’s no accident that all of the learning I’ve received has made me a true investor and not just throwing my money at the market hoping that it goes up. Have also varied my 401k mix, not based on his recommendations…they’re stocks only, but because of his…and his other associates, overall take regarding the trends of the markets…and have had results I’m well pleased with. If you fall for this, you no doubt vote Republican. Personally I have not benefited very much from trying to follow the advice of their editors which has been particularly disappointing considering the current 6 year bull market. Uhh, Lady in Florida, the graphs HAVE to be equal and oposite, it is a based on a percentage. I am disappointed in D. The most interesting lecture was by a copywriter named Sheridan. The money became worthless. I heard about this guy on a commercial that kept bleeping up on my tv so I went to his website the so called endofamerca4. We learn lessons from it. A legitimate adviser would have given his source – it was scarcely secret. When one percent of the population defecates on the other ninety nine percent all at once in stead of this isolated trickle effect the world will see a change and when that happens I wont care how much anything is worth. Dollars in order to subscribe to his doomsday messages which of course will be automatically be renewed for 99 bucks every year. After you subscribe it is easy to tell when you are getting more advertisement fluff, just tune it out – not that hard. It will implode eventually depending on credit limits. What are your investments going to be worth then? 5 million in restitution and civil penalties, the court stating “Stansberry’s conduct undoubtedly involved deliberate fraud, making statements that he knew to be false. Securities, government and private. If you actually pay for anything from this company then you are a retard and I have a bridge to nowhere I’d like to sell you. And NO, I do not work for them. If he were a scammer, he would be charged criminally. I also enjoy the thesis presented by Porter and his team of professionals. We could be looking at another Great Depression and that should scare us. I do not act blindly on all of their recommendations, but do my own research as well. For example, during 2011 they mostly used the period starting at the 2009 market bottom … then in Porter’s most recent “report cards” he chose the period starting from March 2010 … obviously a red flag here. If the call is right, you make money. You could actually trade in your paper money for gold (if the bank had any), and the amount you would get depended on the market value of gold. Stop trying to live for riches and give God (Jesus Christ) first place in your life. Are you moving it into gold? Regarding the write up here – it is quite pathetic and without basis. 22 2011 and I have the Stansberry Report for two years. Thats part of the problem…too many people are sitting back wanting something handed to them. It says that these foreign banks not only have to be taxed 30% for people who have USD, but have to offer the personal info like name, account number, etc to the secretary of the u. Look at all sources and make your own opinions. Has any one a better scenario? From where I stand, it is obvious that the two of them are in bed together. The thought of Obama hanging around for a 3rd term is INSANE. I consider that a pretty good return on my initial payment outlays. If he wanted to, once he had your dollars, he could easily do a foreign exchange transaction and convert them into the currency of his choice! Wade thru it and stop whining. One very good thing about his informercial is that it is EYE OPENING and if your eyes aren’t open then you obviously are a fool or ignorant, not stupid…er…now that you have been told and your eyes aren’t open…well then.. War to end slavery? I live in Baltimore where Stansberry is based and have met a few of the “experts” who work for him. So I as an American am still free to make my own choice as you are still free to make yours. Big shots(Soros) & major Countries buying tons of Gold & other precious metals for insulation. As a PROUD AMERICAN I stand by the Constitution and to me I interept it being less government , therefore , I have to prepare myself and my family as best I can and not be blindsided in any direction and hope and pray everyone will do the same. The rich do not create wealth. Such tales are rampant on Stansberry’s advertisements for new subscriptions. REPLY And I will add this…. I ordered a $5 book and said ‘NO’ to the monthly report offer but have been charged $99 anyway. He also predicted a collapse a while ago, never happened. 00 but cannot cancel. Stansberry’s currency analysis in 2014, for instance, was dismal. If so I assume he made you money at times, but you probably also lost money. Not one of his proponents here says what he recommends when there is rioting the government defaults, the currency is in shambles and markets are collapsing. 98% of the people dont have a clue as to what you are doing. Nobody is accountable for their actions, not on Wall Street and not in Washington. Secondly, good statement 2Bleu. As of yet I have only received another pitch to subscribe to the Daily Wealth Premium, which I do not wish to have. What he is definitely right, you never believe it will happen to you if you never seen it before. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. You need to call them during their hours, I believe they’re open till 7:00 pm Eastern time. They got us into a ridiculous war and ran up the deficit. Wake up people, WAKE UP. I ignored it. The “bad guys” were simply saying we want what our country was founded upon without the rich tyrants trying to own it all. Stansberry, after buying CR, immediately dropped Ed Steer’s column, I suppose because Ed is honest and an outspoken foe of manipulators. So, I looked up “Stansberry Review” and sure enough it was just another bunch of crap to denigrate the President of the U. I am a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner. If you invest with Stansberry, at least you’re following the ideas and recommendations of someone whose head is not in the sand about the way thing really are in this country. They report all their results to subscribers annually. It is sad and scary out here. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? Guess what? Because thats what you have in your bank accounts stupid! Ethics - 1. Waaay back in the 60’s Isaac Asimov wrote about word loading – how every word has a positive, negative or neutral value based on where it’s located, how it’s used etc. I am no economist, but I do think we are stronger economically than Stansberry says, and I believe we have the ability to face and creatively transcend even a severe depression, if by some chance that happens. I do my own thinking and research but I never reject opportunities that are fact based. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore. If you get upset enough you will act. History repeats itself! Very rude in their response. Porter Stansberry has always touted this “end of america” thesis. S. Why? When he lost you money did you walk away saying he scammed you? You’re entitled to an opinion until Homeland Security finds out … if you’re smart you’ll align yourself with Fox “News” for safety despite their spin on rational issues that favor a particular political party in keeping with the lobbyists instructions. Also, the option trading newsletters pull the common trick of reporting either the raw returns without considering margin, or the returns relative to minimum margin requirements … then they can talk about “100% annualized returns” and so on without ever pointing out that no sane person could possibly trade these recommendations with any significant capital – so the newsletter returns relative to a sane investor protecting his capital are very small in terms of the overall portfolio. From what I remember, you definitely must have a cash at home, and come cane foods, just in case. ) What we are going to do about this unfortunate and scary problem is a situation that none of the current Republican candidates have a clue about how to deal with! I guess we will all find out soon. While some of the points that are made in Stansberry’s video are credible, as one reader suggested, do your own research. The money i have earned in less than a year is going to pay for my lifetime membership, so In a matter of time this service will have cost me zero! Unless the wealthy can increase their wealth with publicity it is smarter to stay hidden for many reasons. How about some real advice then on where to go 4 credable investment firms & info? So far, I am very happy with the results. They could watch as the system was paper-traded for as long they like to convince themselves that it really works. I have never purchased the newsletter and may not. Will we have electricity? This was NON-productive for my employment level of clerical or store based employ. He was sued civilly by the SEC. REPLY I really appreciate “Extra Chunky’s” comments and, I think, fair approach to this book. You’d make a better investment with MegaMillions and Powerball than this Stansberry trash. Do you believe that if this country gets knocked to its knees that the other countries will come to our aid to get us back to where we were? G. The downside is limited to 25%. The future of the monetary system is all clearly written and America is going down. So theoretically if they can just drum up more winning recommendations than losing ones, you have to realize an overall gain in your portfolio when using proper position sizing and stop-loss techniques they describe. With the population of the Earth increasing geometrically and more of this population being able to afford basic consumer goods, there is a very good chance consumable natural resources will increase in value: oil, coal, natural gas, cooper, aluminum. REPLY i have subscribed her’s the thing i did say his on the money about the goverment spanding the collapse of the dollar the inflation but the plan it’s self is not going help in the long run it might help short term but there’s got to be a better way and i am going to find it he might have been right when he was taken to court and everyone just messed up and they took him to court based on there losses i really don’t know my suggestion is everyone do your own investigation all information is out there no information can be hidden anymore what i do is i take all the information complaints opinions put it all together and come up with a solution an opinion or a plan of my own and usaually i’m right on the money good luck everyone bad times are comming I am not sure that name calling and berating people who offered opinions and shared experiences is helpful for those trying to make an informed decision. It’s about how the people who really run this world (like the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Goldman-Sachs, and all of the other families who stemmed from the Rothschilds…have a stranglehold on everything that happens in this world. This may be signalling the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and may open the door to a One World or New World currency. Ultimately though, the red flags that everyone should have developed by now from living in a commercial environment should have gone up at some point, especially when he said the word “free” and there was no download button. Because he suggests some strategies to protect your selves cannot ’cause’ the dollar to lose it world standard as currency. He told me to save my money, buy gold and Silver, and to follow the 100 percent secret. He makes it sound like we are on the brink of the end of the world. Dingleberrie’s boat and we are going to eat caviar and drink Champagne. I don’t think they are a scam, but Porter suffers from extreme hubris (who actually listens to his ranting, excesive videos? Is offered in a Stansberry & Associates presentation featuring a number of scary-sounding statements about how we in the U. That was pretty boring, my mother slept for a minute; that’s how boring it was. THE ONLY ONE FOR THOSE WHO OCCASIONALLY WRITE ABOUT THE MONEY THEY’RE MAKING AND GIVE 4 OR 5 STAR RATINGS, I HOPE YOU’RE NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE STOOGES FROM THE COMPANY TRYING TO FOOL YOU INTO BELIEVING THIS IS ON THE UP AND UP. JR> “The reason for succession you may ask, since you obviously don’t know? As to the comments about the length of Porter’s oratory, I think it is mostly fact based and his predictions have generally been good to excellent. Why is Stansberry (James Ott, Lewis & tassaro) even offering a comment? But, you can be sure they’ll unload theirs before they crash the market. Show me SEC approved results. They encourage stop losses, position sizing, timing, you name it. My favorite is the 12% Letter, written by Dan Ferris. No audit performance results provided so its like the kid selling magazines at your door to so he can go to college. They WANT it to go into default. I can help you invest in farmland. LearnVest. I sadly & sincerely expect our once great country to fail like the others in history; we are now in the twilight of decline. But other steps need to be taken also. Perhaps the complainers did not follow advice, such as price to buy at, position sizing and stop loss process, for example. Use him as idea source unferstanding that their is no one source that is always right or uses the evaluation methodology you may prefer for your situation. No pressure, just great customer service. REPLY Be very careful when ordering a book from them. I feel sorry for you, especially since the sky is not falling, and not the cause of your problems. History is a great teacher Frank. My dad tried this guys, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book or audio tapes I can’t remember which one. Very eye opening and tells the truth the media and government is too scared to tell us. I know these people have no monopoly on knowledge, but neither do I. I can also tell you that I thought I hit the jackpot when I purchased 30 “silver” coins minted in the US from 1849-1911. Have you seen anything closely related or pertaining to this subject that he speaks of? The black swan being the many financial crashes of the entire hello history of man all of which we have survived. Don’t negate any negative things you may have to say about Jim by making yourself sound irrevocably ignorant to anyone that may read what you have left steaming on the web. I lost enough to get out thankfully tasting the waters with small amounts. Who had established secret bank accounts in Switzerland. THEN, they LIE to the homeowner about giving them a loan mod, which is worthless anyway because they can AND DO take it right away. It’s the big bankers that play us all like fools. I honestly just know one thing for sure, and that is to plan for this so called “up coming event”, in case this Porter Stransberry can be right after all. HOW CAN THE DOLLAR COLLAPSE WHEN THE COUNTRY WILL SOON HAVE THE BIGGEST TRADE SURPLUS? This service is for serious, investors who actually want to succeed. The steps that Stansberry associates tell you to take could help a little like buying silver. I don’t know about S&A, but as for the long-winded explanations, I’m reminded of a seemingly endless series of TV informercials during the early 80’s. They are knowledgeable and professional. Some grad programs require writing a thesis on a topic that your degree supervisor picks out for you. My main concern is that they might have charged more on my credit card for the subscription than what they said it was. Nothing… Gold will be exchanged again, better than currency. Oh, and by the way, we have no contact with the accounting department and we can’t tell you haw to contact them. His comments about politics and national wealth shouldn’t be questioned. I never fix a water pipe until it breaks and when it does break people usually make their way through it. America has good fertile land, we should not need guns but rather everyone help each other sharing the food, or at least offering a bowl of soup to a homeless guy or family when you can. I subscribe for their wisdom on investing techniques that can keep you from being a bad trader and losing a lot of money. So… I guess one must decide – am I the shill or the complainers. S. The only folks making money off these “GREAT DEALS” is Stansberry who sold your information to the idiots sending the “GREAT DEAL” audio to your email. The German mark although no longer in circulation since Germany joined the euro zone was for many years one of the top global reserve currency as well as the euro which is currently a top valued global reserve currency. ” They fight the government rather than make it what it should be. They continually remind investors of how to invest wisely, prudently and conservatively – they publish their recommendations with each newsletter, and by the way, they give you access to ALL their past newsletters. When “Amber” makes the “trade” using the “strategy” that she never reveals in the entire video, she claims to just have made $250 and that I as a viewer was just witness to it. Their’s is not a guessing game as born out by independent research on all securities I purchase with ideas from S&A analyst. Our dollars are being printed faster than lets say canada right now because we get our oil from canada. He advocates illegal moves? NO CAN HELP THEIR RICH FRIENDS SO, THEIR RICH FRIENDS WON’T GIVE THEM KICKBACKS. Need I say more. Merely my opinion as the result of much reading of investment advice and observation over the years. Due diligence is the key! Yes it is written mostly by an ex-Stansberry writer of the 12% Letter (Tom Dyson) but he has now teamed up with Mark Ford, a real life self-made millionaire with some good ideas and investing techniques if you listen to them. We keep voting these self-serving bureaucrats into office because of their tantalizing promises which never seem to be realized – always promises for the future but never any follow through. Social Security can easily be fixed by raising the age of retirement, and means-testing those who get benefits. If you stop the payments by shutting down the account for payment, they got your address and can sue you for payment and cost you thousands in legal problems and fees. However, I’m not going to pay him for any further information. 11. But his logic in the assessment of opportunities is spot on. If you do not have the skill set to do your own investing, you shouldn’t be buying advice on how to do it. I called them to cancel at a deadline for a subscription and I couldn’t get any body on the phone. Me I only stand to lose a few hundred I have in savings, I eat ramen and lunch meat most days and I’m concerned. Porter doesn’t want your money (business) if you don’t want his service. We must trust god and work hard. Rasberry told me so. There is going to have to be some very tough “give-backs” from both the rich and the middle class. Why would you ever pay for that? In 2007, he and his investment firm, then called “Pirate Investor,” now known as “Stansberry & Associates,” were ordered by a U. But what you are saying is what I was questioning – all of these people gaining all of this money but in short will be worth $0. S. Stay away! Wow with all the scare talk of the American dollar, you will gladly accept U. The love for my wife, kids,parents,brothers, sisters and close family members and friends and the beauty of it is the more involved the persons you love and yourself gets with the methods the more you all benefit. He designed our Kingless country to sell her debt for a protective balance of power. Same outrageous drivel. Now, if your a soldier and your family(women and children) are at home watching the place that has 60 slaves that were just ordered to kill said family where would you go? Anyway, trading these newsletters on a purely experimental basis during 2011 (“experimental” means very small size trades, and try to follow the advice without second-guessing), I bought (and mostly sold) about $500,000 worth of stocks and options, and I lost about $20,000 – $30,000 … a very small disaster relative to the flat performance of the broad market in 2011. 9. I have a fair amount of money sitting at Fidelity and none of the advisors I have used have done anything positive or negative with it. Like some other guy later down said, it’s a one-nite family picnic at Micky Ds. This is were the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” portion comes in. I have read it and wish I had done so earlier in my life. I don’t know what else to say. 25% of the position… They also say that no position should ever be more than 4% of your entire portfolio. Jeff Clark is full of it. I recommend for people to read or not too read when you have a stack of pages of garbage on your agreement :you have to agree with and you don’t read because you trust the company who are already millionaires. He’s had a chance and he keeps making it worse. Subscribers will be exposed to some interesting ideas, some of which will fail and others may do fine. YOU keep track of the charts and the companies discussed. They have many of these small projects going at the same time. They are knowledgeable and diligent in their work. What are you bitching about? Greed comes in all manner of people. Keep in mind that there will always be people that discourage you and try to bring you down. It’s the same good old boy bull. Or, if you must invest in individual stocks, you’d be better off going with Cramer on CNBC than going with Stansberry. REPLY I just bought a subscription to his magazine not because I’m interested in any investment ideas but to learn more about what is going on in the global market. The dollar will, and that matters. So why would Stansberry make such a powerful and impressive effort to convince listeners that the world as we know it is going to turn into hell? Stansberry’s ability to be an accurate forward thinker. REPLY I listened & waited for the big secret. Some of your professors might recommend it to you and offer to supervise—with tuition waived and a research assistant position to cover expenses. Which of their many publications do you subscribe to? Some people don’t believe that Stansberry is honest or real but he is taking action and obviously he is making money because many people have subscribed. Yet, his “charitable” company will probably make millions of dollars. Called each day for 4 days and was put on hold for over an hour. Ben Bernacke is a pretty smart guy. We have paid to support and keep it live as believe in message Problem is those who call it a scam get their undies in a bundle because they believe they were “duped”. They are taking money out of their big fat mouths. Once you accept the idea that China’s dollar earnings mostly have to stay as dollars, it is clear that there are no alternatives to owning U. ) it just devastating to think that we don’t have any control any more . Everyone keeps wondering why he is asking for money but everyone knows that NOTHING is free! REPLY I admit, it was the Ron Paul name that enticed me to sign up. I wonder if he is collecting any pensions from the government? Wonder just home many people have gotten their $50 back? For the sake of all will you imbeciles quit asking why hes write essays for you asking for us dollars! REPLY Like, e. That changed over time, and was set by the Federal Government based on economic factors in the U. Yes he sends out other emails for more expensive and advanced letters and many who subscribe and I say many, to these, have made small and possibly large fortunes using the advice so grow up and stop expecting a $49 investment advice to make you an instant millionaire. I remain skeptical as there are fewer and fewer places to “hide your money from the government”- scary thought in and of itself. 2847 is the “Hire Act”. Nor would he take offense at what I just said. Can you give less than 1 star in any ratings. The only way out is to pull together as a global economy and become more ingenuous in everything we do as citizens of the world. Q. I read the newsletters and traded on their advice fairly actively for the first half of 2011 … during the second half of 2011 the number of new recommendations dried up as world markets deteriorated, and many if not most of the earlier recommendations got stopped out with 25% – 33% losses … my impression was that Stansberry’s boys got rather cold feet in the second half, which isn’t surprising considering that almost all of them seemed to be lagging their benchmarks for 2011. Probably far wealthier than he would ever have been as an investor. As a result of that experience, I am canceling my subscription to the website obtained though David Eifrig. We need to hear how to save what we have from the government takeover, to utilize investments that are stable, and to stay safe. Submitted email to cancel a subscription will not be processed. Send him a bill for wasting 45 minutes of your time. Best $49 you’ll spend. I contacted the company multiple times during business hours but have received the same automated response saying that a meeting is currently in progress and no representatives are available. TV has got nothing on it. If I could, I would grade them with a minus 2! Big ethical questions of the modern age - that illustrate this challenge include subjects such: as euthanasia, abortion, globalization, climate-change, technology, human rights, and the basis for wars and armed interventions. Anything associated with Casey, Bonner, Shefran, Michael Masterson, Palm Beach Group, Early to Rise, etc, etc is part of their group. That marked the beginning of a non-stop daily barrage from finance-related companies (they obviously sold my email address) by email and by snail mail. In the end, mutual funds are usually the house. …Smells like an agenda to me… Stansberry is right about the collapse. But then after repeating their info like a parrot, I only clowned myself and came off to others as an idiot despite the root of what is being said as being correct. While I laughed, a friend urged me to take it seriously, and I laughed more. All we can do is pray… REPLY This man is a genius and everyone should act in accordance with his sage advice. In bad economic times, no one has money, and credit is hard to get. I’ve shared them with multiple friends and family, and they’ve experienced similar results. The branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles... –Michael REPLY I almost subscribed to Stansberry’s newsletter but decided to research first. THEY MADE THE BILLS. Nothing to get excited about and certainly nothing to be sending him money for. (Interesting how he’s after the same US dollars that he claims will be worthless! This is all about the banks. It is selling puts. Basically he sounds like the fraud monger that the SEC sued, and yet he continues to urge readers to follow his advice. You will be so confused and bored. These guys are not trying to sell me anything but good ideas. We just watch a woman talking and interviewing a male. If he new he couldn’t do any good, then why did it take him so long to realize that? But he ain’t the only SMART guy in the USA. Stansberry also pans hydroelectric power from Hoover Dam because it doesn’t bring Lake Mead to a boil, or wind turbine power, because it doesn’t blow hot air — like Mr. There no other safe, liquid investments available in the necessary quantities. If you do not want to watch the whole video, there is a way to turn it into script form. The stock went up for good reasons, the SEC had no case that I could tell. I agree; don’t subscribe to any of their publication. He was convicted by a judge of defrauding people a few years back…. I know this to be a fact, I have tried some of the products and on those that I didn’t like I got refunded just as promised. I do follow all of them on eTrade with fictious trades so I can gauge their advise on my own. As usual, fraud always contains some amount of truth to sound believable. Sounds like you have issues with a lot of things in your life – best be about fixing those because no one else will. The FED has powerful weapons in its aresonal to curtail inflation. And we’ll end up the same way. In other words, I have anticipated Stansberry’s words in the pamphlet I received in June and the “End of America”, which I viewed a week or two ago. What I don’t like is the constant leads to purchase other subscriptions. I subscribed to their newsletter thinking it would be useful investing advice and then received countless emails with “teaser copy” about the end of the world as we know it…find out for $50 in our special report. With this latest scam he will find protection under the First ammendment. Each one of the above definitions contains at least one subjective reference point by which to determine whether something is ethical or not. Heck no! Do you really think that they have reported anything truthfully for the last decade (at least- maybe ever)? SABIC knows that its success is dictated by our customer’s success. It’s a get rich slowly service. China, has their own “baby boomer” and extended elderly crisis and will probably also implode so it’s unlikely to become the reserve currency. I have to agree with that. Bankers did not like the restrictions placed on their manipulations then, so they bribed their way out of them. Peter Courtenay Stephens. REPLY Stansberry was telling this same story back in 2011. I hope everyone knows that the federal government has recently enacted law that gives them the right to detain indefinitely any individual, citizen or not, without cause. If that’s not a failed currency, perhaps you can enlighten us with a better example. REPLY I have seen the video and read the comments here and have one question. That did not disincentivize him. My father was in the 90% tax bracket. REPLY I find the information about the dollar to be mostly true (not all). Porter and his analysts’ predictions are mostly spot on, and I bought gold and silver on S&A’s – I’m glad I did. 13. All their opinions are well researched and the analysis is easy to understand. However there are too many very rich people to stand to lose the millions or billions they have acquired. Don’t trust me. So I am hoping the stock market hangs on. E. I don’t wish to be harsh but, these replies are meant to be frank and to the point. Gas, etc are sound and I was investor in pipeline MLPS before I ever heard of Stansberry. REPLY I have contacted Stanberry this week to cancel my subscription. You could take the time to save the money for tuition and expenses, which would allow you to devote dedicated time to a degree. S. They hide behind a self-imposed “company policy” stating, “there is nothing we can or will do” I’ve been a subscriber for 10+ years. I am an American citizen and I do not subscribe to the notion that it will take the entire world pulling together. Do you honestly think people are this stupid? I then stopped the video and decided to do a little research on the topic. Slavery was already being questioned by the new Confederate government, it just wasnt practical to free the majority of the work force during an already financially trying war. They don’t let the peasants invest to make money, they just rope the peasants in and then, when the time is right, they take it to ’em. We knew there was no way our industry could sustain the growth at the rate it was going. I think so. It makes me feel there is no hope for any life here at all, especially if you can’t afford to invest in a program that you have no idea if it will work , plus it keeps bleeding you as so you can’t even survive any way …It don’t make sense . 3) “The fewer people know, the better”… right… that’s why you you’re selling a cyber newsletter for $50 that costs you nothing to write other than time, imagination and ‘poetic license’ reinforced under the Constitution. 15 Reasons Not to Go to Graduate School 6. So I am going back out on “welfare, food benefits (which ought to be cash based after all this stuff) and medical assistance, just so I can pay the roof over my head. SEC law suit? In the video it lists Dr Ehrig (or whatever his name) as having a phenomenal “win” record. Then soldiers were deserting left and right to protect their families. I am holding them because the companies have excellent prospects and I expect them to do well over the medium term. REPLY LOL! The point is you pick and choose and you may do better that the report card states or you may do worse. The US has one of the lowest tax rates of any country in the world, not one of the highest. I have the utmost respect for someone who chooses public office but they need to have the same respect for us… I fear that most don’t its just a power thrill for them or the hunt for the proverbial gold ring. I too have definitely experienced the same things as the other reviewers but then i must add that in general all of them out there seem to use the same script. And that we need to focus on our own people more than international concerns. But it was obvious soon into the video that the end game was to sell you a subscription by trying to scare the hell out of you. Your subscription is paying HIM for itself, not you. It can happen here too. OK so I was foolish and subscribed ONCE! Oh – there is a noise outside the house – gotta go – maybe the riots have broken out ! Even worse, there so many idiots like me following his crap that the options spiked the same day he put it out. The video isn’t a waste of time, by far. This is totally false! I realized at the end of the video that this video was just a scam with all those booklets and subscriptions. First of all, I didn’t subscribe to any newsletter. Their timing is accurate most of the time and all portfolios are updated routinely. In early 90’s we went through currency collapse and it was really disaster. It’s an old advertising gimmick that says I gotta BIG secret you’ll pay me $20 for, and I betcha another $20 whatever you learn could be reduce to a box-top cereal contests of 25-words or less “why I like Cheerios” or DianeC’s reduction to (1) Buy gold and silver instead of investing in stocks and funds. It was impossible for me to speak to someone or get any one to cancel my renuel. ” But he forgets to mention is that theoretically WE are the government (if we have the guts), and part of the reason people grasp at these kinds of scams is that they are, and have always been, the “have nots. Mankind did create an observable hole in the ozone. Worth $50? From the complaints listed above I have no evidence to support a contrary point of view, though my feeling is that many of you have taken a few controversial aspects of Porter himself and decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This newsletters is a collections of stories about their past success. P. Attempt to exit the page, only the page that contains the video- not your whole web browser. The Radio? This advise is for everyone that already got envolved with the company if you are not completely satisfied and you want to cancel but you cant get anyone from the company to help you call your bank tell them to problem tell them that you do not want these funds taken out of your account when the bank tells you but you made an agreement with the company yoiu tell them yes i made this agreement with the option to opt out whenever i wanted and they are refusing and don’t let the bank tell you that this can not be done because it can it has been done for me on more then one occation thank everyone please people be aware thiongs are going to get very bad protect your self’s and you families god be with you all Nobody’s perfect but Porter Stansberry and his team of letter writers have made me a lot of money, not because I bought everything they said but because they alerted me to possible opportunities. It took two days, multiple unanswered phone calls, three emails to get it cancelled by them. On email there is NO place to enter a cancel…they just keep showing more and more subscriptions to purchase. Nobody knows how much time they have, and because of this it is best to learn to use it (and everything else) wisely. As I watch him savor his prize I can remember how much better candy used to taste to me when I was a child simply because I had to earn it. Additionally, the pro-formas show that it is unlikely that this technology will ever be cost effective. I think precious metals will be as worthless as currency if this happens. REPLY That said, they often miss the mark in their analysis. By #13 your liberal bias is in full bloom. The entire Progressive Liberal Movement has been waiting and working for these things to come to fruition; They are beginning to literally water at their mouths with glee, as they are seeing the destruction of America happening before their own eyes; But, in the End, God’s Plan will prevail, and ultimately the anti-Christ and the false prophet will be cast into the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; and Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit for 1,000 Reign of Christ: along with His Saints that Received His Gift of Grace through Faith: for it was not of ourselves; it was the Gift of God; Not of (our) works, lest anyone should boast. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful night. Gonna buy him that he doesn’t have already? I’m talking to William and Herb. I am not allowed to sue, I am not allowed to recover anything so far and I AM expected to work and make money. When I watched the video it froze up and I was unaware he asked for $$$. That’s why we should all have a small victory garden like we did years ago (if possible). (3) Realize that America’s currency will eventually crash because it’s no longer backed by gold. If I waste what I DO have I have to spend more time away from the simple moments and I prefer a walk to the corner store with my kid over a shift at my minimum wage job any day! Yes, and lets all sing and hold hands while we continue to ignore the problem. I suggest that those on the fence about Porter have a listen to his radio network. Porter is a character and I appreciate his boldness. In other words, he couldn’t run again in 2016 — much less get re-elected — even if he wanted research paper oninvestment advisors representatives to, no matter whether this supposed “miracle” happens in 2015 or not. HELP, how do you stop getting this stuff !! They take no responsibility for their life. Give America a chance by getting rid of the long term congressmen and women and long term senators and especially this president. His investments may be in accurate but the price of gold and silver are factual.. My crystal ball tells me that his crystal ball is no better than mine. Generally anyway. At this point we are definitely going to be on the hook to pay for the debt and misakes of the government. It’s better for people to help each other, as native Americans (the original Americans) did before we robbed them of their country. Some renegade congressman just wanted to stick some of his stupidness into a bill. I haven’t read anything of his. Just send me three easy payments of $11. REPLY I’ve been with Stansberry & Associates for over 3 years now. I agree with Porter’s anti-government stance and love their “national Scumbag Registry”. Sure, they’re in the business to make money, they are a for-profit enterprise. I just discovered that my credit card was billed $99, for something that I DID NOT order. Understanding that and also realizing that you are only going to get so much worthwhile info for $69 or $99, you glean what you can— like when the resource guy recommended Chenier Energy (LNG) at under $10 REPLY Full disclosure, I subscribe to several Stansberry publication. E. The tendency is an example of 'heuristic' thinking (specifically 'following the herd'), where decisions are made instinctively and emotionally, rather than logically and rationally, and relates strongly to Nudge theory and the heuristics within it. If he were right, these would be the last people to tell you… Don’t have so much blind faith in government agencies. No wonder these scams survive. 00 if the dollar collapse. Live simply and honestly and be generous to the poor. As for being bombarded with advertisements, it is very easy to tell the advertisements from their useful free publications. REPLY And, they’ve helped me spot trends on which I’ve made market beating results. Hiding behind cloud servers and anonymous registrations, these crooks have a field day with the outraged right. And the average time people hold on to stocks are less and less, because people are impatient, greedy, and buy into scams like the one above (selling sound investments for get rich quick scheme advice). A day ago. You are the victim and we eat up victims every day. Perhaps Alaska or other states may vote for succession. You just try to sucker every little penny you can out of people who are already going crazy cause the THUG won 2012. Like an idiot I subscribed to several, the most expensive, by far, being Phase 1 Investor for $3,000 annually. The same goes for Gerald Celente. Up until this point I knew nothing about this video, who had made it, or any basis for its creation other than that to inform, and I still got the feeling that I was being sold. Porter is without a doubt controversial, and he openly admits to being a little nutty. You should also read his defense of the SEC case , for what it is worth. Between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, you have the thoughts and feelings of the human race at your disposal. MAYBE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SCAMS AVAILABLE ON THE COMPUTER SHOULD GO TO PRISON, TOO! Fore $99 a year I receive the following ones: True Wealth, Investment Advisory, Resource Report, 12% Letter, Retirement Millionaire, and Small-Stock Specialist. The data is referenced on the chart as from EIA. My church (LDS) has informed us for decades to keep a year’s supply of food for an economic collapse that seems now to finally be real. S. Interestingly, I’d never known this strategy in 20 years and I learned it here. REPLY I called to demand a refund; the guy that answered insisted that I would have gotten an e-mail stating that I would automatically be signed up for a 1 year subscription to their newsletter. We can’t just continue to print money without repercussions. Only what you own, your gardens, your guns and amo, will all be worth more than any gold or precious metals or bank accounts will be. I used to listen to him, Tarpley, etc. There is no way to terminate your account with them online. S. It clearly shows exactly what Stanberry is talking about. They not only provide recommendations through many different newsletters, but also awesome tutorials on how to research a company, manage stop losses, etc. To date, not one of these drilling operations has turned a profit and with the dramitc decline in production of these wells over time it is unlikely that any ever will. In some disciplines, having a graduate degree is a necessity for getting a "career" job. If they don’t take care of the cancellation then I’ll do as you have done along with writing a scathing review. My friend, the fiat system is no disillusion. I look on here and see a few positive reviews, but nothing really to back those views up. Social Security should be a safety net, it should pay benefits on a sliding scale, giving more to those who need it most. Did you know that Champagne is from champagne france? I have read many reports from his staff such as Amber Lee Mason, Jeff Clark,and “Doc” Eifrig, and found their advice and opinions to be diverse, educated and openly divergent from each other’s in many cases. On the other hand, I do subscribe to several of their products. Good luck to all, but be very wary…. REPLY What also comes along with the subscription that he doesn’t tell you about will be the predictable constant and never-ending bombardment of “additional” paid subscription services, (most of which at much higher costs) that will continuously be thrown at the “initial subscribers”. Homees and real estate losing value, and a falling stock market are recessionary-deflationary. I don’t think they will allow it go that far. Those who did profited from his advice. Time is the real commodity we should all strive to appreciate because not a single one of us can truly lay claim to it. 25% of the position… They also say that no position should ever be more than 4% of your entire portfolio. DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM! Additionally, Stansberry (Jay McDaniel) makes the assertion that the unemployment rate is determined by using the statistics from Unemployment Insurance (UI). These guys refused to take my email for subscription cancellation (for banking errors they claim ! REPLY Did you all get together to take the wheels off your new house yet? I believe they will return your money with out hassle, I’ve never tried. And why is this guy so interested so much in my $39. Since the stock price was only rising due to the purchases of his earlier clients, who were purchasing based on the fraudulent information given to them, Stansberry was additionally found guilty of price manipulation. I would have given them 0 stars if it was an option REPLY I just had Stansberry Research hit my checking account for $99 that I did not authorize. Then, I notice that some replies have already disappeared. In addition, Stansberry used the rising price of the stock he was promoting as proof of his knowledge and reliability to convince further clients to purchase the stock. Personally I am not impressed and I don’t trust the group. I currently subscribe to three of them (12% Letter, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, and Retirement Millionaire) just to get different perspectives on what’s happening in our messed up world, and I learn A LOT from these letters. Programs that prepare you for teaching typically lean toward option #3, and there's no guarantee that your thesis presentation will succeed the first time. I am actually writing this review to praise Stansberry’s customer service. I do not see gold coins coming in handy unless I can turn them into throwing stars for protection. 2) I had a business and can relate to an anti-business and anti-job creation policies. Owning gold, offshore investments, etc). Once we are financially unstable ANYTHING is possible. The big problem was that if the price of gold went down, so did the buying power of your money. Just document what you wrote them send it to the FBI and the states Attorney general, I pose that all the applause is the brokers that write the letters or family members. What is actually happening is a shift in worldwide spiritual consciousness to heights whereby the old world as we know it now is going through growing pains and will come out of it as great civilizations as we had on earth 40,000 years ago. While interviewing a former trader who Amber claims is going to show the actual strategy so that I, the viewer can apply it, the presenter clearly appears to state that she is going to show the viewer a trade right then and there on her laptop computer. Stansberry is fraud, and no one should invest or be involved in such scandals. I made the mistake of watching the End of America video, then subscribing to Stansberry’s service “at half price! I have specific recommendations here. If you are losing money in the stock market or any place else it’s your own damn fault, no one else’s. Even if China were willing to take a loss on its dollar holdings, would it really want to hold more euros? In addition to his erroneous comment about how the unemployment rate is calculated, I couldn’t get past this other error: it’s “JOHNS Hopkins University” with an “s”, not “John Hopkins”. I have always gotten more than what I paid for which is beneficial investment advice that when used as directed provides far better average returns on my investment than any mutual fund out there. The govt is underwater as am I with no hope of bailing out short of a “blood bath” end of resources. REPLY You could put this on when you can’t sleep and then you will be in good shape sleep will come on you fast. They still took things, by force, from their neighboring tribes. To disagree, but again, his research group is quite good. Dollar. Conspiracy theory some would say. And voila, they have continued to charge me for a year! REPLY Dupree – In case you haven’t noticed, the USD has lost in excess of 98% of its purchasing power since 1913. The judge found Stansberry guilty of intentionally defrauding his clients by falsely claiming to have the ‘inside track’ on government deals and charging his clients $1,000 each for access to this ‘inside’ information. But China will be there anyway. That means these pirates need a constant supply of new blood for their scams. Can you? This is a fallacy. It is about what happens when the world abandons the U. I think the video is true. I believe the editors that I read (4 in total) from this company are sincere and genuine. Any request for a refund was granted immediately. The whole operations model is way too much on top of not enough… writing strictly for me. It will go up initially if the market is trending up overall and due to the fact that his subcribers all are buying it. There are always suckers out there to be taken. You are so full of crap. The budget is in shambles, and you are feeding us the exactly same poison that got us here. That is why when they get your email address, you get so much spam. By following their recommendations, I have consistently enjoyed 5-10% greater than average gains per year, and safely minimized risks. Non of his recommendations have been successful. We should live in a society where we all help each other out without demanding something in return. " The OED additionally summarises three main branches of ethical theory: firstly, a) Drawing on the principles of Aristotle, this notion asserts that ethics are underpinned by virtues such as justice, charity, and generosity, which act in ways that benefit the person progressing them, and the person's society. Our technical expertise combined with our ability to adapt to our customer’s business needs allows us to tailor material solutions that maximize that customer’s market advantage over the long term. The brain-dead critics who take an all or nothing position about any financial letter writer are missing the point — Stansberry’s advice is for critical thinkers ONLY and he says as much when you buy his advice letters. REPLY James, I just subscribed to this today. Hustlers will use every means available to fatten their wallets i. How can JP MORGAN and the other big banks short 50% of the silver in the world? So what is this? At this point I am beginning to worry about the banks collapsing and our money with them. REPLY Stansberry Advisory Newsletters are EXACTLY that–advisories. ” I have been with porter and his advisory services since 2005 and been pretty happy with it. I love my counrty, saying it will collapse is not un-patriotic or believing it has lost it’s way is not a slap at those that came before. People don’t pull together until it’s too late. He’s done nothing but run and hike from his phony recommendations. The problem however is the approach is a textbook example of “Fear Mongering” which ultimately leads one to question if the set remedies are in fact all that appropriate or even worse…perhaps leading people down a path of even worse destruction than the actual “problem” that’s been presented. Dollar…. Free Mr. , don’t buy them, sell them). I responded to the Senator Ron Paul offer ($49. They read teleprompted lines that were trite and cliche’ enough to make Pauly Shore seem like an oracle. Its very informative, based a lot in common sense and insight. We the people have no more voice in what our government does, it is the special interest groups, the corporations and personal political agenda’s that seem to dictate how our country will be run. Call, write, or personally see and communicate with every elected officials, local, state and national, make your concerns and demands heard, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, as they say. I don’t know how much investment he considers enough, because I am not a high level investor, as I have many costly responsibilities. It is not cost effective to buy far-out monthes because there is no liquidity in those markets, and traders will rip you off when you try to purchase a small contract that is many years out. Ellis currently in its 6th edition. It just text with a voice over. ” Everyone SHOULD know this! And, the economy will never improve until the fools stop putting Republican thieves in office. It is a true statement that the us dollar is very quickly losing its value, cause its just based on “air”… nothing but credit… no longer based on gold. He described the entire workflow of how they took a 2nd rate Forex trading system (there are many of these and most are worthless) and by the magic of lies and fabrications, they created a “story” to sell the systems to the victims. How many “happy subscribers” were mentioned… over 100,000 at $50 bucks a pop… ahhh ok. You can give a try to his $50 letters and cancel them if you dont like them, he’s got some smart views on his PSIA that I am sure he is stealing from other letters. So 15 years ago Stansberry Research is found to be a promoter of news letters and not fully up front as a publishing company promoter how they intend to make a profit. G. So, this will be a slow process where each of them egresses away from the dollar slowly, allowing the American economy to “sustain”. REPLY Thanks Davd B for the heads up. Anyone impressed with such statements should read “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis. 2847 causing the U. I comment no more. At this time we seem to be much more divided than united. What has the overall market done over the last 10 or 12 years? Neither Agora nor Stansberry are BBB Accredited, but the BBB does show a long list of the “Alternate Business Names” each uses. The federal Executive also continued, as before, to not enforce the federal immigration laws it is sworn to uphold. I am curious as to what Stansberry says is the one thing you must invest in, even to protect your life. SABIC recognizes that in order to succeed in today’s global marketplace, sustainability must be embedded in the way we do business. Much of what was written is correct, however the only thing that can happen here is that peter gets rich based on the very facts he describes. I cannot thank them enough for their services and my only fear in life is that they close their service or the govt shuts them down. Example: bought First Solar (a 5 star Morningstar recommendation) at $123, sold at $23. Never got one piece of usable advice and wasted a lot of times looking at basic commercials that go on and on with the next best thing only to find out you have to spend more money. Giving these guys your credit card number is risk. My credit care was billed within a half day, though. ’s monetary system. Do not expect too much – be realistic and take position sizes as suggested by the editors. REPLY I would understand a scam to mean defrauding people. Not being stuck behind a desk. For the most part – you sound like a depressed sorry ass individual who blames his life’s problems on someone else, and never himself. However, this company preys on the part of society that falls victim to “get rich” schemes of all flavors. Completely a scam.. You can go black, or you can go different variations all the way to a single number. Yes, there are some suggestions that have been winners but there have been plenty of losers as well. The goal, in this case, was to scare people into grabbing their credit cards and handing them over to this renowned scammer without a moment’s rational thought. Sounds like someone else we all know. I’ll leave it to your discretion whether to consider my review just another rant, but I have decided not to give Stansberry the benefit of the doubt. If doing so opens up greater opportunities in a few years, then it might just be worth it. Dictatorship? Anyone who knows Mr. If you think they are otherwise, I have a bridge in Arizona I want to sell you. I think that a change for the worst is in the makings. There is no real argument amoung climatologists that global warming is taking place. Furthermore, based on Obama’a reported sayings over the last 5 to 7 years, Obama has plotted the destruction of the United States as so bequeathed to us and his plot is succeeding. Second, he is referring to the practice of horizontal drilling as the basis for his prediction for newfound oil riches in the US. He is referring to a section, Title V (Title 5 in english terms). REPLY While I don’t know enough to comment on the SEC’s case against Stansberry (I am a retired securities lawyer), I am heartily in agreement with Stansberry’s prognostications on the destruction of the dollar and the end of the exceptional country the founders of our nation bequeathed to us. I’ve subscribed to S&A for several years. All this allows you some peace of mind, which might be what you need to succeed in grad school. I greatly appreciate the educated advice he provides. REPLY I have just read this entire thread. R. For those interested in the nuts and bolts of creating a winning portfolio, and learning in short order some great techniques for genterating income I would suggest doing what works best for you! The marketing mystique, though, amuses me the most… even more than the feigned urgency. We are “lucky”, that Euro also has very serious problems, otherwise dollar would be thrown even a few years back. I won’t vilify him for that and he has worked for a long time now to build his business. Start reading some alternative and investigative journalism. H. But the video isn’t for those people, it is for people who don’t even know what “monetary policy” and anything of the like. Also, why I purchased his research was to gain some sort of direction to help my family if this crisis were to happen. IN a way you could say it is like betting in roulette. It was replaced “free of charge” by International Speculator which, to my knowledge, never made a dime. He states that the government can’t take what they dnt know you have…. If they could detach themselves from politics entirely, that would be best. I know Karen and Klaire personally and they would not lie. But this is not the end, half their letters contradict seriously their other half letters. Cuba has been consistently using Swiss banks to do transactions using the US dollar. When dealing with my investment dollars, I consider that the cost of the publication is considerably less than the market movement in any given hour of the day. I don’t care how good their products are, charging someone’s credit card without their authorization is fraudulent. Such an outrageous amount for a subscripton. Something do my admission essay reddit like 75% of all stocks purchased are sold within 1 year. I’m a simple Cop with limited funds, but send me some real advice if you can? As for specifics with this research group, I agree that Dr. He was never charged criminally, because he never violated any criminal law. We are following in the footsteps of the Euro countries. REPLY Well, Oct 20th has come and gone. I did not expect a company that pretends to be as sophisticated as their own advertising to result in what I would call a SCAM. We don’t have much, but WE DO have each other and it’s my “real” job to teach him that if you apply this principal to all that you do then you can be happy more of the time with less effort. But once you do invest in a pick, follow the emails and Newsletters regularly. Hell what happened to all the money the Iraq Gov. They are crooked. Rioting HAS broken out all over the world…including the US. Several points I do agree with. I don’t hear any of you actually talking about what they really do! Stop the law makers from breaking the law.. REPLY People need to pay attention to what they are ordering and what the costs are associated with it. Justified, perhaps, but still presented in a way to reinforce impending doom and gloom. They put on auto renew even though it was requested to be turned off from the beginning. Unsolicited, self promoting, bloated advertisement fluff? Our currency and economy are illusions controlled by an incredibly elite handful of people. REPLY What he says is true: 1) One cannot spend beyond their means, period. I think people, rich, poor or in between are credulous and gullible and guys this Stansberry know it and exploit it. Unfortunately didn’t think it through and had no idea it would be as devastating as it was. I’m more worried about how medication will be manufactured, food will be shipped, if cars will run, what will happen after and during the alignment period. What B. Now you also have to realize that the upside on their recommendations is virtually unlimited until they call a top and issue a sell or you hit the protective stop. I just busted 1 hour listening to all that non-sense. They refuse to work for the benefit of all Americans!! It’s O. And still not get to the bottom line “what should be done”? All of it has worked well, except that some of the stocks selected by Byron King in the last couple of years have gone down. It is impossible to come up with an answer as to how to protect ourselves from my perspective having lived through Germany devaluation – once the $ starts its devaluation process there is no halting it and printing more paper has run its course here in the USA. Caryn Johnson is an actress…many, many actors and actresses use stage names. NEVER just buy because one person or company suggests it. 50) stated that delivery is “7-10 days. There was nothing in the video about selling covered calls, calendar spreads, etc. But, the 1 of 3 emails talks about a good report – they are usually links to other stories or industry experts – about the price of oil, gold, financials, etc. I would suppose many of the most successful traders use this system, but there is of course no way for me to know. Check out this site: crisis3. I asked to have the service cancelled but instead was charged for a renewal recently which I DID NOT authorize. The way to protect your assets and make smart decisions is to educate yourself. Then market condition changes and they’ll be stopped out with a loss. But if all my eggs are in stocks how are they safe when our economy comes tumbling down and our neighborhoods are under attack by criminal element who can’t get their SS checks any longer? I wont try to convince anyone further i myself am benefiting enough and the longer i get to do this the more my family gets to spend quality time together and that is what motivates me to advise others to try. It will be a time of skills and food that will get you through and yes guns and amo. Be careful. They do have that kind of information readily available. The evidence for global warming is overwhelming. Give me simple facts without surrounding it with possible scenarios. But it I feel it encompasses more than just oil. I heard about this Stansberry character a few years ago. If they truly believed in what they say, and especially about the value of the dollar dropping to nothing, why would they work so hard for one’s money? Some facts are most likely true…. ). ” Surely, it’s business days, but I’m in a third week now. There must be another way to stop the insanity in our Government and take this country back. Make sure to define, especially to children, what an emergency entails. No… they are too smart for that. You are too dumb to know there are many provisions in each bill that is passed. If you do, you cannot get out despite their promise to be able to cancel anytime. What planet are you on? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through MERS is the kind of scamming people should be talking about. But it wouldn’t hurt to be on the safe side and prepare just in case. How much else do they remove from your account over time because they do not honor your cancellation? Anybody who says they are frauds has not done his or her homework. If you don’t want to spend a few thousand for some of the letters then make use of their money back policy – there is absolutely no reason to complain about spending too much for a newsletter. REPLY Some of the people are older. I really thought he was going to offer a safe haven for the impending dooms day scenario. There’s a scam artist lurking in every product or service offering known to man. That’s the bottom line for this reviewer, but many, many comments can be added … I’ll just make a few: Stansberry’s boys are no better than anyone else at their game, and not a whole lot worse … but knowledgeable readers don’t need me to tell them that because it’s the nature of the financial markets: it’s very hard to outperform, but conversely it’s very hard to underperform consistently and by a wide margin – if the latter were possible then it would be easy to beat the markets by shorting the underperformer all the time, but we know that such consistent outperformance is not possible. Stansberry seems to have a point. I made it through the end just wondering “what are you trying to say that we don’t already know”. Makes me think it’s the same person making comments under different names….. ) The concerning part about this is the basis of this information is generally speaking quite plausible, (perhaps even a highly probable scenario for that matter). Well 8 years later we have 200 billion surplus? I can not say enough bad things about them…. I look forward to working with these guys into the future. “Retirement Millionaire” has a whole centerfold section with advice for retirees that has nothing to do with investing! He did his PhD on the 1929 depression. I wrote in response to the confirmation e-mail saying I did not want the automatic renewal nor did I want my credit card used to renew without my permission. I never would have approved a $599. Wall Street will not profit from these guys independent non biased recommendations. Stansberry research has done more for me than any other investment advisory that i have found. When I called to cancel they said one can only cancel over the phone, however, at three different phone numbers belonging to the company, I either heard a messsage and then was disconnected or heard music and was disconnected. They don’t understand how green houses trap heat. Quit giving people money who stress you out over something that may never come to pass. The comments from former subscribers citing difficulties with cancellation and the barrage of daily emails they received pitching other products also speak volumes. Do we ever learn? This might be the funniest comment on here! Including investment strategies that may or may not pan out! Otherwise, feel free to continue to believe that “all is well” and this is simply another “Y2K” event. ” We have at our disposable a paradise Gekko’s character couldn’t even conceive of: social media. What has the overall market done over the last 10 or 12 years? Beatrice Schretzmann REPLY I’m always a skeptic. ” If you are not good with any of that, buy a mutual fund or an index fund and become a “passive investor. Now how do I contact them? The key is that this should not be the only source used for investment and you shouldn’t invest in every single stock recommendation given but rather the ones you have personally done research on and you feel comfortable with. STAY AWAY!!! You disgust me with your sick predictions! I know and have known many very wealthy people and have met many more. Virtually zilch. I don’t have them and you don’t have them. At this point, I am not selling anything. So now that I’m 25,000 dollars richer. The fact that I saw the ad for it on TV also blurs its legitimacy. He went through an “authentically” staged trade that involved selling Apple puts for $450 two months out. I can see why they are getting heat from brokers, money managers, and managers of the SEC. I finally blocked all emails. The 2012 scare- the world is coming to an end! Tim G. (there’s not even a progress bar on the video, so you don’t even know how much longer it’s going to last) You are a liar. ” Beware Consumers! Not everyone finds they can complete a grad degree in the typical 1 or 2 years. Pass a budget by Oct 1st or they are all gone. The deficit is the baby of the US Congress (you know, the guys who actually write and pass budgets) and even though federal tax revenue shot through the roof due to Reaganomics, the Congress still could not get enough. The government is out of control. , etc. The rest are advertisements to try and get you to sign up for his other letters. Porter Stansberry predicted the collapse of the U. Our customer service center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a. Government control over health care and the cost will be one more huge push on the slide downward. Are we the only country that can keep printing money when we want more? Charitable foundations do not have to spend much money on charitable causes. Position size management, and risk protection are cornerstones of investing. It is true that some of the analysts seemingly have divergent opinions, but a close reading of those opinions always reveals reasons for the apparent differences, such as timing and degree of risk, more or less, that is an element in the respective letters or other factors which the particular newsletter is constructed to reflect. And Stansberry knows what he is doing in using the venue that he does – creating a sort of personal, internet infomercial, which gives him a very persuasive means to create the impression that he is talking directly to you, and that goes a long ways toward making one feel that they can trust this guy. I also review what other investment sites are recommending and compare. I would like to show the system to potential investors for criticism and reivew, without them having to invest a penny. Innovation is the driving force in everything we do. You cant make money out of thin air. Ben follows US inflation closer than any other American. If non-survival consumption is limited to the rich and the American consumer is eliminated from the world stage, ALL of the world’s economies would fail. And this is where Stansberry makes the biggest mistake, I believe. That is: a service to the country. They wish for someone to do all the work for them, even the trades. This simply means that you don't have to quit work nor ignore family and friends as much as you might have to otherwise. If you don’t like it, get your money back! Porter Stansberry has little or nothing to do with their reasoning or their picks. Right now (Feb. They would improve the quality of their research if they were more objective and less anti-Obama, anti-democratic. WRONG! 00 for that trial subscription. Didn’t buy the Lifetime bit- 500 bucks is a little pricey, but I’ll read it for a couple of weeks, look at the “Special Reports” and see what they say. A weak dollar would attract tourists from S. Very little if anything is functioning normally. There are many ways the average person can invest in farmland. And if you find out that you are just not good at this investing thing on your own and just want to follow some investment advice offered by someone once a month, you’re better off putting your money in the market index, bonds, gold, and silver. Eifrigs newsletters are by far the most reliable upon face value. No one here talks about how the banks are forcing families out of their homes and onto the streets because it’s much more profitable for them to do so, because of the multiple insurance policies they have taken out on each mortgage. One must actually take responsibility and research the authors of the different letters and then decide. REPLY The Stansberry video is pursuave for many reasons. I think Jim Rogers appears to be a more trustworthy source- maybe I’ll see what he recommends. It a life! If that was true why would China and every other country fight to keep their currencies artificially low? I immediately called and cancelled. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! More often than not the ideas played out. I do not work for them but started reading their info about one year ago. Record debt, borrowing, spending, food stamps, etc. Stansberry is a fraud. He spends a great deal of time sharing the problems and being very detailed. I’m not saying he doesn’t know his stuff as a researcher. The fear is not because I would’ve lost what I paid them 3 years ago (as I’ve made many tens of fold that amount) but because I’ll lose access to the best investment research advise that is available out there. I saw the commercial with senator Ron Paul, It scared me to the point that I bought the book for $49. Before I could get the order cancelled and would have to call back then. Think for yourself. Either way, they would say it’s their company’s policy and you have agreed to when you made your first purchase. The American Way, profits over people. You ARE stupid. Rush and Fox 5 are nothing but big corporate mouth pieces that have brainwashed half of the American People. Well some are, and that’s a shame that you prey upon them with this Stanis sucker. This Executive branch has no interest in the basic precept of freedom, Rule by Law, Not by Men. It seems to me that sophisticated investors would not be looking at a newsletter for serious research and more common investors should not be thinking about “stop losses” and “timing. To inform people of the coming storm and give them possible solutions, BUT making a profit on the side? We have bigger problems from this planetary alignment. Yes, this guy is a scammer that much is obvious. There’s a lot of general investing advice included, like position sizing, using stop-loss discipline, and how to use options the “right way” to make money (i. If anyone knows or has a link I can go to please share with me. Do your own research and make your own decisions about it. That was the most manipulative thing ive watched in my entire life. They literally adopted our nations Constitution and Bill of Rights with the additions that would make it nearly impossible for this new government to be corrupted the way our government already had been research paper on social psychology in less than a century. Not Madoff or any of the crooks in Congress or the White House. ) What About Web-Based Graduate Programs? My beef is whether the elderly who order one product, then get solicited by many, many of the subsidiaries, understand they are giving money to the same parent company soliciting them under several subordinate company names. I think RV has the best advice. Charitable foundations can invest their capital. 00 one time and done — once these kind of scammers get your financial payment info, look out for the automatic renewals — shut off the payments? His observations are 100% correct and factual. Ellis’s classic book, “Winning the Loser’s Game” which anyone can get on Amazon for less than $25. 1 year later my credit card was hit with the annual fee. Poor position sizing, lack of proper asset allocation, no due diligence and ignoring any type of stop loss does not make Porter Stansberry a scammer. Listen in the bronze age it was most lucrative to sell bronze, in the industrial age you made money by either owning or working in a factory. S. The terrific storms, earthquakes, political disheavals we are experiencing are all part of the planetary shift for a better world. You might go meet colleagues or clients, travel, or even play golf in the afternoon on a nice day. You love fear and we use your fear every day, I got a lot out of this video because, suckers exist to be used, that’s just the way the world works like it or not. ” I listened to the whole video, and I must say that he is very convincing, and I do believe in a lot of what he says. I am gathering from what people are saying that you don’t really get what you subscribed for unless you pay more money for various reports. Types of Graduate Programs Grad programs that are designed to put you into the workforce tend to lean toward options #1 or #2. Have you seen these people since? Lincoln was a racist along with his entire staff, which is why after the war they didnt want the freed slaves up there. Thirdly, c) 'Utilitarianism' asserts that the guiding principle of Ethical dnb thesis protocol conduct should be the greatest happiness or benefit of the greatest number of people (which is often referred to as 'the greater good')... It is hard for me to believe that trading houses don’t know about its existence. But the content is excellent and I have been very pleased with everything so far, and he has certainly helped aid my development as an investment professional. He touted how this stock would make you a ton of money. Wonder who paid this “Carney” to continue to defame a President? Stansberry has skillfully side stepped the injunction imposed upon him. Lincoln signed a bill freeing all slaves, and ordered these slaves to pretty much take that pitch fork and kill the people that owned them. The hardest thing is that we are just poor schmucks who just try to come close to breaking even for those we love. What to do? Don’t even get me started on the comment about them not answering phones to cancel services… REPLY Fear tactics? ALWAYS dig deeper and check info out and get other thoughts. Anyone who would give their password to an on-line solicitor has to be foolish. So we just go about our daily lives thinking everything is hunky dory. Do you really think that his information comes without a price? REPLY Great post. Has–but one thing I can say, Stansberry’s solutions are not going to fix what is wrong with the country’s problems! His scare tactics closely mimic those of a small town evangelist promoting his books sales which contain the key to personal salvation from eternal damnation through his words guided by the heavenly father AMEN, and who can say no to that? Remember the only 2 ways anyone sells anything is to appeal to fear or greed. REPLY Last night I decided to listen to Stansberry’s presentation. REPLY Stansberry’s latest warning that First Solar will go bankrupt is premised on his claim that solar electric cells violate the second law of thermodynamics, because they “don’t generate heat” and thus cannot be viable. The guy is an obvious douche preying on the stupidity and gullibility of the masses. If he spent some more time on why his reports are so good and some of the specifics I might be inclined in finding out some more. His premise is a simple one- there are a lot of idiots, a disproportionate number are conservative, and NONE of them have even as much impulse control as a typical five year old. Investing takes time, patience and hard work. It is less than you will be giving to him! What good is a currency you cant even spend in your own country? Congress can do many things to raise revenue. Stay away from 401Ks and anything that is tied into taxes. I tried to cancel it over email, computer. I have subscribed to PSIA and several other of his newsletters and have made tens of thousands from his and their advice. Our economic decline is directly connected with our moral decline… corrupt politicians, corrupt media, corrupt outcome. You are a human being or you are of the outside, and these are the people you want us to emulate? End times are here people – WAKE UP! Sorry but I know its true; history supports that statement. These people are interested in nothing but selling more to you once they get your hands on you. Currency was fully controlled by central bank, but even they were unable to stabilize it or to fix something. My email address is advanpropcons at aol dot com. Open your eyes and the truth shall set you free. Well buster, I’m stupid and I really appreciate all the knowledge i get from this organization – they are giving me a pretty complete course of instruction on investing in stock, bonds and commodities, and it’s costing me only my time and very little money for a very good financial education. Annual report cards are prepared for each publication ranking their performance which provides some insight but there are so many recommendations in the portfolios for each letter that it is not practical to buy everything that is suggested. Anyhow, I too must wonder what all of the haters are about. I think it is our responsibility as the people to hold our government accountable and demand a moral change… lies beget more lies and eventually lead to dire consequences. Venus is an example of a planet suffering from the “green house” effect. Better yet i know just from the hardship that the united states has had in the past 5 or so years. REPLY I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now. No boneheads need apply. You can go all the way back to Plato, etc. If a firm wants to earn my confidence as an investor, they might want to start the relationship differently. I was ecstatic, thinking I’ll cash them in and make a bundle. And ours will not last long either as much debt as we are in. Our government has failed us since its inception, we just cant admit it to ourselves. He focuses on the “great” profit, but doesn’t explain that the trade involved tying up $12,500 (to cover the possibility of being assigned the shares) for two months. Its time to rid ourselves of these money hungry scheming politicians and economist, like stansberry, who are using our country’s downfall to their advantage. I bet 99% of the people here, including me, have not subscribed($49. There are no secrets. Based on facts is what I say. I just kept deleting the e-mails and throwing away the package info. REPLY You subscribe because you’re an idiot or a plant from them. You pay them something like 10 grand and you get all the crap they publish for life. “Fifty bucks and you’ll give me all the answers? You must tell them in person on the phone, that you want to cancel. : I had a credit card check stolen from my mailbox, my business insurance company billed us twice for the same month and didn’t correct the billing before it would have been due, a motel charged for two nights when I was 500 miles away by the second night. IT’S TIME OUR POOR EXCUSE OF A GOVERNMENT STOPS THIS. These 3 have “Watch List” have all been making money, the 12% Letter account that I setup in 2009 is up by over 70%. Several (e. Get over it already. REPLY Jake – you don’t understand the BBB. I can google or bing you the exact same information if you want to give money away…. Just doen’t work for me. There are a lot of those virtual companies out there and what about Martha, she went to jail for taking inside advice. Republicans, along with Democrats, have been dismal government administrators and are awful in their own right. Today’s email about oil is a list of a study that shows that inventories are backed up and a “potential” fall in oil prices if the Iran situation cools off. It’s all inter related. REPLY I have read and read, comment after comment, A never ending tale. The more power they get, the more criminal they become. Also, of course his revenues are in US dollars… if he were to charge in other currencies, how would you & the other subscribers pay him, do you have Yen or even know how to get some? If he gets people to buy into it then they deserve it. What will happen other then power loss? We will see if that actually happens. Douche Bag !! The old uniquely “American” paradigms don’t apply anymore. They did not try to hide this. REPLY hopefully i hope you don’t think it’s $50. My late husband must have done that. REPLY this is so right there are no secret’s all information is always revealed (if you can see it it is there but when you cant see it it’s still there)but i will tell you this in a crisis everyone and i do mean everyone does look for 2 things and that is what you should have plenty of food and water money will be totaly useless good luck everyone bad times are comming There is an incredible amount of valuable information in Charles D. What happens when we have no one to buy our bonds. Yes, they do tend to run on and on when they advertise their products, but I have learned how to just fast forward to the bottom line and then they do allow you to try most products for 30-90 days first before making a decision and some products give you back from 80-100% of your purchase price after the trial. You gave this rating about three stars too many. I told them I had no need for the service anymore. Nancy, you are RIGHT ON. I’ve traded options 20 years and I’ve never sold puts because I thought they were “dangerous” with unlimited liability. REPLY With all the negative comments, replies and warnings about scams and how they suck you in with shills and such, it’s amazing that you, Doug, fell for this. When I ask to speak to a supervisor their response was that I would have to wait 3 hrs. They measure happiness very simply by using the word “subsistence” which just means how much time and effort it takes you working each week to provide the basic needs of yourself and family. It is based on arbitrage. I started with the “flagship” Stansberry Investment Advisory for $50. It would be hotter than earth even if its orbit was further from the sun because its atomosphere traps the suns energy. Get used to walking and start learning how to use a map…you know one of those things you used to buy at a gas station. 3:10,23; As it is Written, there is none righteous, no, not one. I would never invest one dollar with Stansberry who has already been convicted of investment fraud and stock manipulation. This country only takes action when it is too late. The old CR paid all research and publishing costs so that we could read Ed’s column free. This guy is a world class scam artist who has been convicted and had that conviction upheld by the courts. I’m currently in the process of canceling my credit card so they can’t charge it again! Good luck. They can do this at any time. Idiots, dont be one if possible its no fun I assume. When someone tells the truth in America, they’re silenced. I’m pretty pissed about the whole situation really,didn’t know about the $99 charge until I already placed $5 book order and haven’t been able to get it cancelled. Have you taken the time to hear Stansberry’s side of the story? You shouldn’t listen to anything this man says. This type of thing makes me angry in that the type of people who are likely to buy into this are the ones who can least afford too. Needless to say, nothing technical, trading related was shown. For many years, Ed worked 12 hours a day to produce the column but received no pay. America, Europe and Asia, which would bring influx of foreign capital. And although I didn’t invest in all 12 picks, these 5: KEYUF, WTSHF, PEYUF, EPD, A, have made me over $135% of my initial investment. S currency and in the predictions of rioting, street marches and so forth. Government is in agreement with this because if gold is $3000 an ounce and silver hits $150 an ounce…the world will truly know how useless the US dollar really is! Iran is dumping the dollar not because is loosing value is because they are getting into a situation similar to cuba. They will be your best research paper oninvestment advisors representatives friend if you pay them money but once you try to cancel, forget it! REPLY Stansberry Investments and Stansberry Research is a scam. You could be stuck paying them thousands of dollars over your lifetime because you can’t afford tens of thousands to take legal action to stop them. But the masses usually scoff at the geniuses until it is too late. I do not invest in all of his recommendations, only the ones I have an interest in. The point is the guy sold my dad the scam in becoming a millionaire in the allotted time period he gave. REPLY think very hard about what your saying; your right about one thing yes he is on the money about the goverment spending and the colapse of the dollar and inflation reaching it’s all time high but his plan will not work at least not in the long run unless it’s illegal maybe you made a little money here and there and maybe you work for them the fact that you said that they gave you a refund immediately shows that they did something wrong or that you work for them and they need you to get that out there to the people you know that they would give a refund if something went wrong hen you want to dupe people you got to get someone with an i. There are so many answers to be found in our communities without federal assistance……if we put more effort and resources into what make our communities strong, then it would lend a strong arm into our collective American economy. IF YOU PEOPLE WANT TO BE SWINDLED, GOOD FOR YOU. They recommended a stock and explained their reasons, the stock went crazy and I made great returns, when I had more than doubled my money (staying in longer than recommended) I got out. Not bad, but you have to question how you’re going to make enough to justify a $1,500 year payout, despite some very dicey numbers of profits thrown out by the narrator. Eg. He is not someone I would want to give my money to even for a newsletter. If you buy a recommendation for the same price they do, you are going to make the same gains as they show in their results. 95. THAT IS HOW THE PRESIDENT RUNS HIS MONOPOLY. And I dont’ think the rest of the world is ignorant to the idea of a war economy can only have so many friends over time. He used this fraudulent claim on BSX. You are too naive in your assessment of the “native” (no one on this continent is a true native) American. Probably most investors kept it and made money, as Stansberry claims. Stansberry. They all seem sincere. 00 book as well and had no idea I was going get an additional 99. (Which is why it's always worth trying to get your thesis done as soon as possible, leaving time for revisions and presenting again. One’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure (speaking of trite cliche’s). Gee, what a surprise! I receive almost all of their newsletters and can say that I have made a tremendous amount of money using their research. Overall, their research is by far the best that can be obtained from any one firm. S&A is, in my opinion, maybe better, but certainly no worse than most other news letters. What we need is answers, which we don’t have. Using the muscle of the large number of tax dollars the federal govt had extracted from the American people, the federal Executive forced the state govt(s) to not enforce the law its lawmakers had duly passed. Enter the battle of Ghettysburg, which they lost. I better subscribe to Stansberry & Associates so he can direct me where to stand so it won’t fall on me! I find it sad how none of these reviews talk about the book of Revelation. Furthermore, you can also be the house. They are not perfect and will not beat the market indexes by a wide margin so do not expect that. ,and this will only hurt the dollar more. Then you have the Special people that throws Hurricane Parties and party til the storm hits putting end to all those parties. Finally the question; Why are you not defending yourself? However, some of the points he makes are based on real data, although his presentation methods reminded me of those guys at the carnival that would entice you out of 4 bits to see the amazing two-headed, three-legged, whatever. REPLY Those of you who fell for this drivel need to a much keener web scam radar! As far as following recommendations that I paid a hefty subscription price for…. So I went to his website and they showed me a 90 minute video of how the American currency is going to lose it’s place as the world exchange currency and how you can protect your money or something like that. It isn’t like trying to cancel that monthly repeated(From TV Item you bought)and want to stop. SPOILER ALERT: For all you nay speakers out there I am probably one of the few that can speak almost positively about a few of the Newsletters. REPLY I think the evidence he suggest is compelling. I recommend you go to stansberryradio. However, the scares are, well, scary, and realistic. I do my homework before I invest and if all the wisecracks did their homework before investing then they would only have themselves to blame. It is not defamation as it is the truth. I say good for him but I don’t see him playing cheerleader for companies investigated for fraud. REPLY The President and Nancy Pelosi has been in it for a long time got a copy of obama’s 1040 for 2011 his salarly was $394,821-his mainz income was & 441,369,now you tell me why we are paying for their vacation’s and all the families and friends they take or when they go somewhere we shouldn’t pay for any else only the four that belong in the White House and the few Secret Service not 68 like she has had her trips have to stop and so does his coning the people again to let more people into America and take more of our systems from our old and children wake up . All his “revelations” can be found daily on FOX Business & News. I don’t need to know what the “single best asset” is. We ask subscribers to call in to cancel because of security purposes. I’m not so sure he is preying on peoples fears as much as their laziness. We are in for some tough times (worse than what we are seeing now. Probably gold as well. I received my renewal notice for year 2, that said they were going to hit my American Express. Apparently not. This is a huge difference! How much are you getting paid to post here? You say it upsets you that they sell people information which could be easily gained on their own if they would take the time to learn. I bet almost no one who has bad results used the recommended position size of no more than 4% in any one recommendation. Finally called my credit card security and disputed the purchase and blocked any further charges from them. 95. Might be considering. They will use it as they please. You should trust me. Anyone who tries to scare me is off my radar screen. In fact, it was my favorite publication. A weak dollar would revitalize American industry, and improve our trade imbalance. They want the government to take care of them. Some do not know where to start because of the smokescreen that the government has placed over our eyes from the beginning. phd thesis components A friend just posted a link to their “End of America” video. It’s ok–just tax yourself by putting it on business, it’s all the same to me. REPLY There are rules that are broken because they are meant to be. Not even freedom itself is free. Well boo hoo you stupid scamming jerk. Many more examples being right on the mark. Have you taken the time to hear Stansberry’s side of the story? REPLY I am with you. REPLY 2) I was mainly interested in the expensive option letter by a guy Jeff Clark which is a plain scam. Therefore when stopping out of a position, that loss will never be more than 1% of your portfolio. If history tells us anything is that people can and will survive any catastrophe. If you know of crimes that he has committed, you should contact the FBI. Keep in mind that since Nixon opening the door to Communist China, and removed us off the Gold Standard, our elected officials have sold our country out from under us year after year. Not stupid . The reason for succession you may ask, since you obviously dont know? This will allow you to read the video content in a printed form. Last word: DIVERSIFY As an investment advisor who manages money for others for a living, I can tell you firsthand that the newsletters produced by Stansberry and Associates are anything but a fraud. I think all information that stansberry points out is very legitimate, but his motives are all wrong. I just stumbled onto this site and couldn’t help but read some reviews, and then many more, with amusement and disbelief. You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting here. The hardest question to answer I think is: What is the true intent of this? Get rich? Just need 8% of actual voters and congress could be turned around ‘Power of 8′! But that could have greater consequences for the rulers then anyone. Then earnings announcement and the conference call came and the CEO was very negative about the medicare reform, etc. The banks are bankrupting America, and the system gave them the pass to do it. While everyone is being distracted by so many different causes and the division of the American people, I can only think of the words divide and conquer and united we stand. Anyone who buys this program needs to be taken!!! I don’t know if this a scam but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…. Hence the 100% investment. 6. This is why American government is running the country into the ground. Stansberry emailed that if, basically, they hit on this one, the next hot tip he could charge many times more for than the $1000 it cost. Thak about the kettle calling the pot black. And has. Perhaps any of the above. If you study the languages of the various American Tribes, in every case the name the tribe calls it’s self by means “the people”. Until then, live peacefully. Our debt is what makes us solid, Hamilton was a genius. This was my experience from my interaction with their customer service rep, a young female named Ashley, who was well trained to make sure you are departed from your money permanently. I still did not receive the book (America 2020). That is the definition of the scam. Search: 3 critical items that are not in your home today. There was nothing to indicate this was the case. He’s retired at 55. It’s people and programs like this that drive complacency, ignorance and what I call “paralyzing fear” among the masses that for the most part will lead to no action taken at all…which brings most people back to square one but with more panic and anxiety as a part of their daily lives than what they had before the “pitch”…More and more, everything that is happening in terms of the headlines, the “problems” and the “solutions”…it’s all starting to appear as mass behavioral manipulation…leading folks towards solutions that probably are the wrong ones or worse paralyzed to the point where they do nothing and concede to a battle that has yet to even take place! SEC case forced him to do it anyway. He said when I clicked on YES for another FREE report it signed me up for the Lifetime Subscription. You’d make all that money for yourself. But really, the reason it works is quite simple. For example, he’ll go over a company’s financials and say there is no way this company can make it in the long run. I paid for something twice and they automatically gave me a refund because the information was already offered in my subscription. REPLY SABIC is a global leader in diversified chemicals headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. You should completely rethink your strategy! I subscribe to Stansberry. Less than 50 claim man is not the cause. If he is so good, he would never tell us his “awesome” secret. The slightly amusing oversight comes at the end of the video when “Amber” states that we just watched her make “$500” using the strategy (not the $250 she claimed to have made earlier in other words). Depending on the specific area of study that you choose, getting a grad degree does not guarantee that you'll financially recover shortly after graduation. There was nothing about an annual subscription mentioned when I purchased that book! He is very educated and charismatic. Therefor, no scam. That being said, gold, and especially silver, will “soon” be the investment of choice for many people, the middle class to the ultra-rich. S. Yeah, I can tell you don’t like Stansberry. To go with this, he had touted shorting treasury bonds back when TLT was trading at under 90. You will be surprised by the people he attracts. I am proof that he is good analyst. Don’t let dips scare you into selling (see #2). My guess is that they are haters all the way around. Has a very serious problem with our debt–there is no denying that the U. It is the spending of the lower and middle classes that drive the economy of any nation, not the spending of the upper class. The problem is, the guy on the video wants you to pay $3,000 for two years of advice. If you want some good advice, take your $49 and subscribe to a much small (so far) newsletter which has the advantage or recommending smaller, but very stable companies, alternative investments, etc. Unless we start electing fiscal conservatives who stop the massive government spending and start paying down our debt, our nation is doomed! — Our advice doesn’t cost you anything and our advice is no scam. Man your watches. As they are both used in electronics, industry, medical applications, etc. They are information brokers. research paper oninvestment advisors representatives Simply put, you cannot assess the value of getting a grad degree on a short-term basis. Knowingly putting your trust in a company run by a man who has already been convicted of fraud, who is known to write newsletters under false names, and has already been found guilty of stock price manipulation just doesn’t seem the smartest thing to do with your money. A standard of living that exceeds most of the world==== I have been a subscriber to Stansberry Research for over a year and have been more intrigued by the various Stansberry research analysts reports than the views of Porter per-se. And diversify. I hope and pray he doesn’t start trying to withhold advice unless I pay more, as some have insinuated he does. Information that can be yours if you’ll just shell out $149 for a one-year subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory newsletter. REPLY I am not a conspiracy nut job but there are several scenarios out there which he would use to stay in office. People have taken GOD out of so many things in America one thing we can not survive without is our Jesus Christ. I can’t speak for the other Newsletters and emails that are discussed above but these 3 have been very nice to me. Inevitably, you will be more wrong than right. Your beloved entitlement programs will be few once Obama and his backer with an agenda, George Soros, bring this country’s financial system and ultimately this country to its knees, just as Soros did in Europe. S&A guys knows that true economics is personal freedom and freedom from government, true Libertarians. 00 charge and feel your techs have done Stansberry a disservice to their reputation. You can print money and monetize a debt during a recession, because recessions are deflationary. Been around the track many times in bussiness forty years. Lets get America back on course Whether or not he’s a fraud is irrelevant, as anyone who is considering investing their money should do the appropriate research before committing their money. I am a very smart human being and google will let me do all the research that i will need to do to prepare myself so i will not subscribe to whatever he is selling. -The commodity portion of both Gold and Silver would be reduced. I am more suspicious that there are so many negative opinions floating around out there. REPLY I’m curious, since you have negatively responded to a number of these “favorable” posts as scams; and since I too am finding negative findings about Stansbury (not so much Eifreg) that cause me some concern–would you please consider elaborating more on your own personal experiences with their services? Show me an independant auditors confirmation of results or even FINRA should take a stab at verifying this guys pontifications. S. The US Constitution is very anti-government, providing for a very limited government only, and I hope you see the Constitution as a good thing. At least I’ll keep a few marchers away from my family. Bush becomes president and the same people singing happy days here again…well 8 years later the worst reccession in 70 yrs…hey im just saying much excellent content here. There’s also the fact that they “don’t want to let the secret get out”, yet I watched this video on youtube. It manufactures on a global scale in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, making distinctly different kinds of products: chemicals, commodity and high performance plastics, agri-nutrients and metals. Each semester you delay might mean a "penalty" fee in the form of extra tuition that has to be paid. Ignore, ignore, ignore, at the expense of the masses. By dealing with Stansberry do we invest in things that protect our money? It’s your soul that is worth a fortune! Investing takes time and thought and good ideas come from being exposed to them. Yes, the marketing tactics can be too much and the doomsday calls seem alarmist in the current market environment (eventually things will go south and he will crow about it then) but it has been a successful strategy to garner attention. I’m being generous by the way because it’s sooo obvious what’s really going on here. Called customer service and talked to a person in Member Services named Dave King, what a joke – no help whatsoever. I also LOST everything I owned except for my then seventeen year old essay on animal abuse vehicle, my dog, cat and what possessions we had in the vehicle. It’s hard for me to believe that the people in charge of running this country are printing money to get out of debt. S. My only concern is my country, my home can be re-built, my cars can be replaced, my job can be replaced, but my country is non-negotiable. See the copy. You are either of “the people” or you are not. CO2 allows sunlight to pass through, but blocks dissertation consulting services infrared energy. Galland for selling CR to Stansberry. (the most believable cons are going to be based on fact, correct? Like the first amendment says, Stansberry is free to speak his mind, as are the rest of us. I won’t recommend it to anyone else, but I am extremely satisfied. And then ask yourself RU missing anything? When my 4 year old son gets a penny he gets excited because he knows that if he saves enough of them he can buy a piece of candy from our corner store. Should inflation really become an issue, he can stop it in a millisecond. The narrator says he has a strategy developed from years of insider views. The writers are skilled analysts. If you take any research at face value without any digging of your own, then you are a naïve, lazy, fool who will always call others fraudulent. Someone write me a report on this and please quit wasting my time with crap about how democrats can do it better that is just utter B. Seems like the good old USA is the only country where deniers prevail (good work you oil producers and Fox News! I’ve been a subscriber to Stansberry and several of his newsletters since 2004 and have made some dog-gone good money because of it. Seriously though this guy is taking all of these peoples money. But the easy money is in the 30% willing to act without thought. The renminbi value of the PBOC’s dollar assets would therefore plunge, imposing a gigantic capital loss. Food producing farmland is a good investment as there will never be more of it, and there will be more mouths to feed. I’m getting all my money back. I also recently subscribed too their ALPHA product for $1,200 and after applying the ALPHA principles, find that it does not work for me but will probably produce great returns for most average investors. It’s Fox’s whole business plan- exploit stupid fearful people. What is also true 1) a “2012 Mayan Doomsday” type presentation instilling fear. If i had a nickle for everyone who said the sky is falling id have alot of nickles i recal when clinton was president from day 1 they were saying he would ruin americas economy .. I’d rather spend the $50 on a box of ammo for my 40 cal. It may take time and you may come across so much b——-t!!! I am not sure, but my intuition leads me to a few reasons. What you describe is probably Porter’s letter. Say what you will about his past, Stansberry uses history and those are facts we can learn from. Are soon to experience a “near-complete shutdown of the American economy,” will see “the savings of millions wiped out,” will be living under the imposition of martial law by the federal government, and will be struggling in the aftermath of a number of other apocalyptic financial scenarios. OH MY GOD…talk about no conscience or scruples, this is such a crock of s**t. I mean if it was that much to produce he shoulda spent a few extra bucks on a pause button, lol. You can put the savings into safer investments, such as a CD (Certificate of Deposit) or an online savings account. Trailing stops not entered in the market, buy-up-to prices, position sizing, etc. I have tried to cancel via email and phone SEVERAL times. I subscribed to their PSV gold profits as advertised trial for 90 days but when i called to cancel within 32 days, the refused to refund my credit card. They don’t all agree. After all that has happened in the past four years, when I hear people saying to trust the president and the democrats I feel as though we are living in a wilderness of idiots. Likely they lost money because they didn’t follow the guidelines of how to use the newsletters properly (i. P. I called prior to sending the check and was told that I certainly could order in that manner. Second, if he really wanted to save the US dollar and economy you think he’d offer this “life-saving” advice for free, rather than try and collect more of what is “soon to be worth nothing. They are my friends now and we call Mr. Look at the Auto industry over the last 50 years and that is a good example of the world economy. Raul Castro restored the use of US dollars in Cuba in 2011. REPLY Look at the bill. We need to elect politicians that have long term goals not just their term in office in mind. Great job making folks aware Mr Stansberry but your investment ideas can be done by a good financial advisor….. The evidence man is causing global warming is overwhelming. He didn’t take it. If you buy the book I can guarantee you of one thing, you will be $104. He then would tout how “brilliant” he was that he recommended short on the stock, not mentioning that his subscribers were long stopped out with 25% or more losses. And if the stock is above the price you picked, you keep the full 100%. Stansberry is living evidence that the people most stringently against government oversight are the ones who want to cut the most ethical corners getting rich – the public be damned as their role model Vanderbilt said. They are such scamsters that the only way to “unsubscribe” other than calling them is to use a link at the bottom of the email: it is a dead link, and purposefully so. X, above, has got it right “If you had a way to make all this money, would you tell someone else? That’s one way they are protecting themselves. REPLY Mark, allow me to suggest that you are perhaps not as smart as you state that you are: it is “martial law”! That’s what makes it different from sparkling wine. Finally, here comes the back hand slap I knew was coming. The 22nd Amendment specifically limits President Obama (and all elected presidents) to two terms, and two terms only. Prior to today, I had been under the impression that this company was at least an honest one, if not an effective one. Whether you believe there is a crash coming or not, there’s still no there there at Stansberry or anywhere else that makes a business out of burying small speculative truths under bottomless verbiage. Mr. Don’t lay all of your eggs in one basket. Well they’ve paid for my subscription. ” It is well established that low costs to invest, asset allocation and consistent investing(dollar cost averaging) lead to better results than futile attempts to time the market. 2 party system is way old and very outdated, time to move on. All I know is that a collapse is coming, just won’t be to the magnitude of this mans predictions. The advice they preach is solid financial management. Every President has done wrong even before they got in office,so wake up e-mail and find out how many of our so called protectors are making so much money and we have to pay for rental cars or rentals to stay in or dinners no it’s got to stop and No more paying for those that have left office they pay for all the things they need to have we are being stabbed in the back once again. 4. Before the colonists came the US, the US was almost completely forrested. Ask family and friends to respect a schedule that you post — say on the kitchen fridge. QUIT FREAKING PEOPLE! Finally, he wants 49 US DOLLARS – the same currency he wants all of us to bail out of !! Follow these stocks in a Watch List and see how they perform, granted you won’t know when to sell but you’ll be able to judge on your own over time (these are long term retirement picks). In fact, a few months ago, a bank in Switzerland gave the IRS a substantial number of account numbers and names of individuals in the U. It was worth the $120 to me (net after 90% refund) to personally analyze and make a determination for my particular set of circumstances The BASIC PRINCIPLE is very sound in my opinion. I just hope in these last days people remember that worldly knowledge and what we think we know, appears like a fool in Gods eyes. I’m sure as many copies as they send out, the paper, printing, shipping and labor must be paid for people! However, I cannot describe these folks as scam artists and there has never been any type of problem with payments or refunds. Blueberry and friends. Laziness develops whiners, complainers, and just plain out idiots. These are foreign exchange reserves, remember, not some pot of spare money to be gambled away. Helipcopter Ben has come to our rescue pulling us out of a downward spiraling vortex with his helicopter, with his printing money and easing credit in a time where money is a scarce commodity. 7. If you have money to waste they’ll take it from you. I know of no legitimate person who does that. PUT THAT IN THE CHICAGO LIBRARY! Certainly, I have made some money with their recommendations and lost money. This character opted to use a specific type presentation where one is locked into his VERY slow VERY long cartoon-style ‘kiddeo’ which warns of impending disaster lurking around the corner. ” Again, typical scam language. You have to accept some blame, espeecially if you continue to allow this type of BS to continue. Mostly in our lives, fortunately, ethics are common sense, because mostly people understand what is right and wrong. If all you care about is your BMW and penthouse apt. If I remember correctly, actual winners were people who had foreign currency ( in that days who has dollars at home, in mattress). If you had followed his advice and go short on TLT, you would have lost a third of your money. RAISE YOUR VOICE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. I like “Retirement Millionaire” and “12% Letter” better than the Stansberry newsletter I started with. Anyone looking to invest should subscribe to one of their letters and give it a chance, rather than expect to get rich in a month from one stock pick, then bitch about them later because they lost money on a recommendation that they didn’t bother to research themselves. S. REPLY There were legitimate comments: the one who failed to connect with the financial information that was provided. Prior to Al Gore, the internet was just a tool of the US military and US universities. S. So often the best trades are either missed completely, or alternatively you have to pay up a lot to get into them, which lowers the returns very significantly. Sounds like a very spiteful and depressed person who will never find happiness. Your rep agreed when I told him that I bet I was not he first to have this happen and that I probably would not be the last,.. What sane country wants to hold a weak useless currency if the US dollar and economy further tanks? Therefore the end result was A) no one would rent housing to me unless I had a full time job or Department of Social Services funding (which if they had paid attention to their rules, could have happened and I would have had those assets to fall back on – now they are depleted – B) I got to spend everything I saved, inherited, invested and recovered from the sale of my house. We need to make some serious decisions in the future, and your rhetoric is not leading us in a prolific manner. Any who, I just want to say that this man is clearly trying to help the society with its financial future events or just basically trying to find some attention for his lonely white ass. He had me interested untilled I read that! If you know people who live out in the countryside get to know them better…your lives may depend on them. And four, he is not well. Decisions often produce unhelpful or poor quality outcomes. Creative people, innovators, entreprenerus and inventors create wealth. So theoretically if they can just drum up more winning recommendations than losing ones, you have to realize an overall gain in your portfolio when using proper position sizing and stop-loss techniques they describe. 1) Our nation’s debt is not sustainable, not just base on what he said. The logic why this system must make money is irrefutable. However I have no doubt that our currency is depleting and is miss used by our so called officials in Washington and > ( Obama the worlds SPENDING KING ) and abuser of the entire system . For those who can’t spell business model or believe that trend analysis is a remote concept,the world as we know it actually HAS changed. Won’t need China. Renewing subscription automatically and have to cancel on the phone after long hold. Com has a more accurate payback calculator, which might show you that it could take years to pay off grad school. I agree totally. The SEC, like all government bureaucracy, is above the law themselves so they can make up their own rules and bully individuals into seeing it their way. He uses statements that are documented. Dollar is in such peril and another currency is waiting to take the place of the dollar as the world reserve standard; then why is he asking for 49 U. Over and over and over, the same message reverberated for the full hour. Yes, it is promoted as a short video and it discloses nothing but fear and drags on and on… When you order the book for $5. You people need to consider this: Ridiculing Stansberry for his EndofAmerica Video, newsletters, etc. Don’t know where you guys got the part about wounded warriors but you have to remember that these laws are always large pieces of legislation containing many parts. I will stop the credit card to stop their fraud debits. Cant make money out of thin air without consequences. The arguements in the video are simplistic to anyone who knows about how the economy works. Their information if very informative and I have the option to buy or not so I don’t really see where there is a “scam” in that. If you subscribe and don’t get rich quick, don’t blame them – blame your own stupid, ignorant, greedy self. My guess is, to get additional ad coverage. All he is doing is selling you what you can get for free, and as someone stated before if the U. 14. The source of the problem was the same. Depression is on the horizon. Well, I am not sure just how many people were hurt and how much money was lost as that seems should have been the foundation of a complaint being filed that ended up in the courts. But not Mr. Stansberry is always preaching that. A bit like a Tom Clancy “Fiction” novel. Web-based grad programs, where most of your coursework can be done remotely via the Internet, do exist. Newspaper? I haven’t read all of this lengthy list of complaints about being charged for things not ordered, but I haven’t seen anyone mention initiating a dispute with his credit card company. At the beginning of the video, which is about 20 minutes long, the female presenter they call Amber, clearly and unambiguously states that she is going to show a particular strategy. (ALL my investment $$$ are in IRA’s and thusly have a 100% margin requirement as opposed to non-IRA investors that only have a 20% margin requirement). As I recall, at least one state was sued for legally passing state laws that mimicked the federal immigration laws and then trying to enforce those laws to stop illegal immigration across their sovereign state border. If something is causing something else to happen then they’re obviously correlated in some way, but when two things seem to be related because they are happening at the same time does not necessarily mean that one is causing the other. 10. REPLY Holy Crap ! So I buy a hyped up product ( yes, they are definitely hyped up ) and I decide that I don’t like it, they give me my money back. The others (e. It is based on a sound, common sense princple, not silly ideas like Elliot Waves which make no sense. We could’ve taken the route Obama took, or we could’ve taken a much more painful route. It’s about people who have off shore accounts. Also, I don’t even know what I get for my subscription. REPLY Paul, thank you for encouraging me by saying Stansberry operates in a reliable and trustworthy manner. He has every valid reason to believe our government has aligned itself with Satan!! I beleave the favorable comments were probably sent buy him ore someone in his firm. I subscribe to Stansberry. All you so called conservatives need to look at who and where your getting your info from. It can’t keep going the way it been going, that’s for sure. They put out all the cheap offers (used to be $17, now I have seen them for $5) just to find someone that will actually buy something from the net using their credit card. It’s unsustainable what we are doing and the world is watching and waiting. THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME IF HE GETS A COPY AND COLLECTS THE $100,000 HIMSELF, HE IS THE REASON WHY YOU CAN NOT SEE WHAT YOU SHOULD BY LAW BE ABLE TO SEE. We should all do whatever it takes to save our families. Golleedamn. All of which that are based on consumption. Most bad reviews essays on breast cancer seem to be from people unhappy with the SEC scandal. By deforesting the Earth to make room for civilization, and by burning fossil fuels we create CO2. I wish you luck with the cancellation bit but, there’s a better chance of a three legged horse winning next year’s Kentucky Derby than you getting your money back. I notice he’s not trying to save the USA from the coming financial disaster (I think he’s right about the value of the dollar), instead he wants to pretend YOU will survive while the rest of us are enslaved by the Chinese. My rating is for the people rating this!!! As much as it may surprise you, I’m in business for the profit opportunity. They charged me $1795. Cut spending but tax the shit out of the Billionaires and the Corporations. I would venture to guess that is the same for most if not all companies manufacturing and selling goods internationally. Not all trades work, but they preach the value of stop losses and risk reward setups. The only product they have to sell is fear, in which they say that one must prepare for what’s to happen, even if anything they do say is near to the truth, there’s nothing one can do about it. I love their podcast, especially the listener rants. Their marketing tactics are successful but overbearing. Seems to me it’s in-line with a “make $100,000 working at home” based scam. I just want to hear at least a little bit of those reports! A few things: I am not a fan of the “End of America” theme. Nothing more that simple scams and fear tactics. I’m just a little guy that has handily beaten the market for 3 years running. REPLY Sure… we’d all like to get something for nothing, or in this case, let’s invest $500 – $1000 now and in a years time we’ll all make an enormous profit (over $100K for some according to the article). The richest people in the US compromise under 10% of the population; our schools do not receive enough support to prepare students for the global economy; and for many years in world history, China did lead the world’s economy. I was a little disappointed to find out all this gentleman is offering is stock opinions. I offered him $100 bucks if I used his plan and cleared 2%. REPLY The same thing just happened to me. REPLY Well I just signed up for Stansberry. 87 dollars richer now because of him. Why would I call a company who lies in an advertisement, has a lure false information. Just like the video, he uses (and ill give him credit here) incredibly clever and illusive mental tactics to make you believe he is trying to help. When it happened in Mexico the US bailed them out and there is no one to do the same for us. I got out of the stock market after way too many loses. Equally funny is his smug in your face telling you, that he knows how stupid you are. The best “advice” anyone can give is to teach your children to value the time and energy they put research paper oninvestment advisors representatives into getting what they want. The info on the video is correct, we are in dire trouble, there is no reason for stocks to be as high as they are, nothing has changed since 2008, Obama is printing money that has no value, our national debt has doubled, China has removed the US dollar from the international trade process and is buying our food producing companies, things are about to change. I’m not paying them one red cent, but I did heard a few things that interested me & I know to be true. S. I have subscribed to MANY newsletters, and have continued with True Wealth because it has been consistently better than the other newsletters. (The following are not necessarily real numbers. You can by futures contracts for some of these commodities, and keep rolling them over every four months. The whole purpose for the firm is to try to seduce you into buying more product. Learn to survive on the least expensive methods and learn to communicate without all the fancy electronic communications devices. The Ron Paul offer ($49. You will always remain broke. This part of the law is what Stanberry is referring to. In fact, I don’t believe for one second that you’re anything more than an employee of theirs or a paid poster. What is it really – are you all just pissed that they often promote opportunities the the amateur investor never hears about, and that they sell information for a profit…how freaking righteous of you. I’ve been trading stock options for years, but an item on selling puts might be interesting for people who are not familiar with options. What – you never received unsolicited advertisement in the mail? They provide NO basis of communication, they force renewal of the subscription without permission, and I have no confidence in the fact that they waited until my information and credit card were processed before saying they intend to automatically renew the subscription. But in a recession or a depression “cash is king,” money goes up in value, commodities and real estate go down in a value. I have subscribed to many investment letters, and all of them give winning picks, and all of them have losers. I strongly believe the financial bubble in this country has to burst. WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG THERE OR IS IT WHO IS THE SCAM OR NOT THE SCAM, I CHANGE MY 4 TO A 5 FOR STANSBERRY TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING TWICE AND NOT HAVING THE POWER OF A DICTATOR. Either throw all your chips in with “The Man”, or hold them all tightly in a place not easily discovered by him. There you go now that sounds like a good idea however you still have weigh out the good and the bad also if your spending a lot of money for a plan most likely it doesn’t work here is why if you charge a lot most people will not go for only some people if you charge very little you generate more people to buy your plan or newsletter or whatever it may when those people do very well those people are the ones you use to convince many others the difference is a lot you see is you get 50,000 on you side and then get 1 here 1 there you not really helping a lot of people now if if you charging a small amount of money and your making the same promises your going to get a lot of people on your side think of it 600,000 people are now on you side those people are telling other people how they did pretty soon your plan is the talk of the world As they will not cancel my subscription through email, I contacted them by phone but have not been able to reach a human operator. Com or NewAmerica20. I’ll be the first to admit that good things are never free. I am not sure that his strategies will work though. Buying Gold, Silver and growing foods is definitely wise. Great comment, I don’t buy into this guy but have studied whats going on and he’s partially right only in the sense that other countries are abandoning the dollar, Europe is almost bankrupt and what are country is doing “the ultra elites” aka politicians are going to destroy are way of life. Then market turns up again and that stock may go up too. Listen to the prompts to get the right department, and if that doesn’t work, push an extension for a different department, till you get someone and tell them your problem that you want to cancel. We never see a chart, numbers, graphs, anything related to trading. ” I fear most people spend a lifetime jumping from one form of ineffective advice to another instead of having a well thought out investment plan. Even though our current administration and ones before have told us otherwise. There’s something inherently wrong with an investment company that wants to help average people. I subscribed, drawn in by a hook for cheap silver coins which could be bought at banks for pennies on the dollar- no info yet, just an seemingly endless stream of stuff I already knew or could access for free. It’s a scam and you know it…you haven’t been a long time subscriber of anything, liar. I see NO ONE here talking about the real issues. I assumed that when one subscribed to “TRY” it out…one wasn’t going to get any solid investment information except perhaps, to purchase another report for a much larger SUM of money. Of Maryland study)! ” Nothing is secret or sacred for that matter these days. The guy makes some valid points you must admit? Today, Social Security pays wealthy people money who do not need benefits. The problem is it difficult if not impossible to call a major market down turn without crying wolf numerous times. Oh well!!!!! No big revelation. Moreover, most major industries and societal organizations, have established their own ethical codes, which to varying degrees around the world - for example religion, medicine, corporate governance and banking, education, international finance, armaments, climate change, resources and food, national and local government, charity and the arts - commonly conflict with and contradict each other, often to an alarmingly different and confusing extent. I doubt any of you really read, day in and day out, any of the multitude of newsletters available. E. I’m glad I didn’t follow my impulse. That is where his value ends. Is there no way to protect ourselves. Communities work if it were not for the GREED of the NEW Americans (us). Then I went & did the laundry, returned to my computer, & Porter was still talking. How do you? Ya but isnt’ that what he’s saying. That seems wrong and unacceptable. Fifty bucks is not a major investment- spent that much going to McD twice last week. My guess is that some of the negative reviewers subscribed to a service and then loaded the boat on one or two recommendations, lost some money ( or maybe a lot of money ) and turn around and call the service a scam. P. You will take a shot with one letter, usually the expensive ones that I am certain are only meant to be the bait for the Alliance victims. So Lee decided the only chance we had was to defeat the army and then take the capitol. REPLY I just watched their lengthy “End of America” video and their pitch for the $50 newsletter and 4 must-have reports to protect yourself from the coming “catastrophic financial crisis” which they claim will be caused by the collapse of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency within the next one or two years. I have been taught to sell covered calls, buy and sell puts, buy on dips and hold World Dominator stocks for their increasing dividends. When something like this happens, chaos continues for many months, and you will need to feed your family all this time. The virtual companies will fail eventual because it is only hot air and laundered money that hold that syndicate together. It will be my only hope when I get to get off PA and food benefits. Luckily, my credit card expired on which they auto-billed renewals, but I continue to receive their ridiculous newsletters. Now you also have to realize that the upside on their recommendations is virtually unlimited until they call a top and issue a sell or you hit the protective stop. Then you “will be required to purchase the unlerdying stock, at a price less favorable(read: higher) than its current market value (read: price). And how he knew the CEO, how he had a direct phone line with the CEO, and how the CEO thinks the company is completely under valued, etc. I GIVE UP. REPLY He is 100% correct in what he is saying. Summary – this is a legitimate company with some sincere and capable editors for their publications. Stop the using of Social Security to fund anything but Social Security, it is not to fund wars or pay contractors to rebuild things we blow up. Two, Stansberry knows what he is doing – distorting – in order to sell his services, and understanding that fear sells, he is creatively using it to his advantage. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and very little lost worse case. Since Obama took office to the highest level of national debt ever from “conservative” Bush, he has nearly doubled the already record national debt and increased the number of food stamp recipients to over double what it was when he took office. A recovering economy being distorted by “the Party Of No” adherents. Granted they do send a lot of emails. But, this time, they’ll be put in prison to stay. I almost took the bait though. Because of the language used. :( Having read dozens of these posts, your’s makes the most sense. The downside is limited to 25%. And only you can accept it. Then it was cancelled presumably because the types of investment were becoming just too risky. Romans 5:8 ; Rom. Right and wrong is basically at the heart of ethics, but of course when people are in conflict, one person's right may be another person's wrong, and 'right' and 'wrong' are themselves just as difficult to define scientifically. I think that the part about a disaster coming is valid. Economic trends and cycles are inevitable. Not everyone realizes during undergraduate studies that they are suited for grad studies. BY THE WAY, WHY IS THIS CRAP ALLOWED ON THE COMPUTER? Secret way to buy silver cheap: buy old coins minted in silver; secret to avoiding taxes, contribute to your employer’s 401K; earn 500% on your investment, buy a house (huh? Posting the same comment at just about the same time. That says enough, in itself. His recommendation to sell them led me to research some puts on some stocks I was considering buying and I found that I could profit 12-15% on the upside – while limiting downside risk in case of mass financial collapse (buying a lower priced “insurance” put). Why doesn’t someone report on this subject? Do we pass up her products because of her mistake or do we look at the value of her products today and what they offer us? This was signed into law to supposedly promote job growth. They would charge your credit card for $99 as auto-renewal without your permission or knowledge. REPLY I am a subscriber, and have called them to cancel in the past. Dollar, and we are forced to purchase foreign currency to buy oil, minerals, and the other goods we import. Ah I guess that my research must continue. He taught us how to sell short failing companies like GM and First Solar with great results. That is how the gold standard worked. Here’s some real insight for you – you could have done this well, and had NO EXPENSE to this system at all. Freedoms were being taken, and it was becoming well what we have today in a nutshell. 50 dollars you can trade it for a better currency immediately. They’re all a basically bunch of criminals in suits. And…everything is a trial and you can get your money back. He constantly advises all the ways people can protect themselves (i. REPLY I am a new subscriber. It reminds me of the fall of the Roman Empire. But what service you subscribe to doesn’t? The Watcher. Also the failure to cancel and refund. They are the best in their business and have taught me how to become a successful investor and trader. Basically the government can’t give back what they can’t track that he took from you. Retirement Millionaire might be more for you, I don’t know. To the chump who thought the bill was not about what Stansberry says, you probably are one of the uninformed voters who gave us the dipstick we have in office now. 10. I hope this helps. I do remember my parents literally sitting and crying in our small kitchen table, we lost everything we had, all savings made over life of hard work. ) it kind of puts me off also this guy claims to have spent tons of his own money on his video. My spelling is terrible but I would never do what you do. Understand the pros and cons, how you'll pay for tuition fees, whether you have the stamina and discipline to get through, whether you have the emotional and financial support, and what your prospects are post-graduation when tuition loan interest is mounting. Im 27,656. I cancelled my subscription the SAME DAY they charged my credit card and they are refusing to give me back my money. It would make US products more attractive. Hello…Martha Stewart spent time for her mistake – do we ban all of her products now for it? Dollars? From that one experience as a 24-year old, I’ve learned to listen and investigate, even when it seems abusurd. Eifrig. NOOOP! When you even try and navigate away from the page a pop up comes up and gives you the same pitch I unfortunately listened to for an hour. Was a net importer of goods worth $319B from China; the deficit has tripled over the past decade. 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; (separation from God in eternal torment and everlasting darkness) but the (Free) Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) our Lord. All fake as well(did the magnet test). THEN, let’s talk about “fractional reserve banking” and how that has spiraled out of control in the past 10 years. But everything else we need to drop like a hot potato and move on. Some of the reasons below are more valid than others, but they are all common reasons for which people attend grad schools. Been trying for days to get ahold of someone by phone but they are having trouble with the phone lines this whole time (I call bullshit). I also subscribe for their take on the economic backdrop of the markets which affects the potential direction of the markets. Instead of getting hung up on the infomercial about the …”End of America,” and it’s merits, I chose to buy several of the newsletters published by the Stansberry organization. So. She is probably a better person today for it and we benefit from that. Lets face it if all goes the way this Stansberry guy says it will then all the billionaires will just be millionaires. When Hussein attempted to dethrone the US dollar as the Petrodollar, by accepting payment for oil via currency that was not the US dollar, we invaded his nation and overthrew his government. Real Subscriber – Thanks, I was about to pull the trigger on a forty nine dollar offer for one year subscription blah blah blah and I decided to do a little ‘due diligence’ which lo and behold brought me to this site. A handful of subscribers to Stansberry & Associates Investment Research do say good things about one or two of the newsletters published there, but in general I would recommend looking elsewhere for investment advice. That I believe. They all seem sincere. REPLY It boils down to Food, Water, Shelter, and Protection. – No, not physically. I called Stansberry’s 1-888-261-2693 customer service number this morning, and Dave K. There is a liquidity crisis. It seems The common denominator is, Every Comment is bad,to ugly. “H. It was a big tease leading up to buying a subscription to his newsletter about how to survive the end of the american way of financial life. After all he did serve 22 years representing the people. Porter may be a scam artist but the case he makes is rather plausible. I see tons of YOU writing about how you R saving others from heartache with your tremendous advice, but I only hear how not to get sucked in by this & nothing else? Wow what a bunch of blind people. A weak dollar would attract foreign investment in American companies and real estate. Moral principles that govern a person's behaviour (US behavior), or the conducting of an activity. The GOP of Lincoln has the value set of the modern day Democrats. Rom. REPLY While I may not choose to spend the money for the subscription, I agree with him, and have long thought that unfortunately the future of our dollar is very gloom, and I will not be surprised if it ceases to be the world currency. I don’t know him at all but he sure convinced me. We need to focus on products and services that help make us less reliant of foreign resources to survive. And he must be making money to afford all of those mid afternoon commercials on MSNBC and other news stations. A bit off topic, but I like to cure my own ignorance in any way I can so I dont make irrational statements. In fact, most indicators have no predictive value, and if you combine many indicators with no predictive value together, you still have a system with no predictive value. Sorry Stansberry, didn’t mean to embarrass you but people have to understand the truth. Getting more and more government control. Org as knowledgebase for US manufacturers to restructure their operations to compete globally ? He is also a follower of Saul Allinsky, not someone any red-blooded American should desire to esteem so highly as their role model! Customer scamming, not customer service. 000 newsletter and A $50 NEWSLETTER can have the same results and stansberry has good rules for investing here arev his main rules #1 never put more than 4% of your assets or money set aside for investment into 1 stock #2 always sell the stock when it falls 25% from the highest price after you bought I think using these rules make it difficult to lose money this is decent advice huh? ” The irony is, he even goes as far as using that example in his “speech,” all the while using tactics that actually mirror one of the biggest villains there ever was! REPLY I have been with Stansberry Research for over 8 years. In their lectures, they admitted that they sometimes mail 3 or more times a day to one person. Ben correctly believes the greater danger now is recession-deflation, not inflation. ” Consider what his company is doing. I will shortly apply for their promised 90% refund. I don’t subscribe just for hot stock tips and other such fast money ideas – that’s not what it’s about. I thought one day I was going to read all of it but its just too much information especially for someone that doesn’t have a brokerage account—yet. They haven’t, on the other hand, ever failed themselves. SABIC strives to be among the world’s most innovative organizations. What a scam… I learned my lesson.. You are too dumb to know there are many provisions in each bill that is passed. REPLY It’s not just about the budget being in shambles. So what are the all the wealthy folks doing right now? Diversify and choose your spots to go for the big one with small percentages of your portfolio. REPLY If you’re considering Stansberry & Associates do yourself a favor and reconsider. For us, passionate innovation is the transformation of ideas into real-world solutions. Com. They can arrange for any thing to be worth whatever they want it to be. 2) if the dollar fails, we better be prepared. Honestly, I made good money by following recommendations made there. I have seen them pick short and long term top and bottoms accurately a number of times. To the chump who thought the bill was not about what Stansberry says, you probably are one of the uninformed voters who gave us the dipstick we have in office now. It has zero truth to it and is a complete fraud. Com The only one you need to think about is you and your loved ones. Could this guy REPEAT himself one more time? Cayce believed that people could ultimately change their destiny, even in the face of a prophecy that seemed destined. For my retirement IRA accounts I use the 12% Letter and True Wealth, and for day to day trading I look at the Small Stocks newsletter. Let us see how soon Mr. If you take the time to read all of the reviews, everyone that has gotten this product whether good or bad review when they have tried to cancel their subscription they are having tremendous problems just in doing that. Considering all the reasons not to go to grad school, you might think about spending a few years working after getting an undergraduate degree and entering a grad program. Others are cynical about the subscription prices, but I’m not cynical about my returns. Do they all feel stupid? Use your own judgement, but study history and then you will be well positioned. Silver does perform better than gold f0r the reasons he has stated. REPLY Also was scammed with the book for $20 and got charged a year later for $99 on my credit card. If so, please contact me and we should set up a meeting! His “End of America” video was quite interesting, besides the facts of repeating and repeating over and over again his thesis. This will wipe out current trade deficit. That’s all I have to say!!!! If you ask why? If there is knowlage out there, at least in this country you can have it for free if you just go to the library or read a book or even do some web searching. But he wasn’t about to get to the point, and every time I thought that was — finally — dispensing some usable facts, he went into another iteration of repetition and regurgitation. However, the warnings about our out-of-control Federal Reserve printing trillions of new dollars and leading us to financial disaster are very timely. REPLY Oh, you mean like the rest of the politicians are more honest and full of integrity? By the way, he didn’t just recommended BSX to his subcribers, he wrote up a big “report” and used it mainly to bait new subcribers. The end of the world? I subscribe to all but one of the Stansberry publications. REPLY The sky is falling, the sky is falling! What’s worse is I keep calling Stansberry and Assoc. Most of the time, they don’t have anything to do with the main subject of the bill. I have found several scams in my life, but I have also found that those who don’t have the where with all, the energy or the drive to make use of the information properly and thus decide that it is a scam and feeling embarrassed then do all they can to give a good thing a bad name. This is demonstrated by the continuous use of the word “free” which is followed up by a request for “only” $49. Stansberry’s “side of the story” is never mentioned at all, you’re just told to go check it out for yourself (something you know they’ll never do) which is designed to make it look more legit. They are definately not a scam. You are making the same mistake a lot of congress members make which is you’re not reading all of it. What can we do to protect our selves that is the question I had when looking at this and I still don’t have an answer to that question that I would say I am 100% positive that I can properly protect myself and my family in the future. It would lead to Americans throwing away less food, and throwing away less money on goods they really don’t need. 80% gain on something now worth a dollar isn’t an 80% gain. 10 Tips for Balancing Work, Family, Studies 8. I subscribe to a half dozen or so of their newsletters (as a Private Wealth Alliance member it costs me $149 a year, $500 up front). If you plan to enter a career where a grad degree is a necessity, then it's also worth it, long term. I get multiple “GREAT DEAL” commercials sent to my email weekly. It is a wonderful history book…. I’ll pass on Stansberry and hope it wasn’t a mistake. And is alive and powerful. $17 Trillion and counting. How Much Is Graduate School Really Costing You? On TV? S. We aren’t all being taken here, I’m sorry. Again, blame yourself. Please watch “The Privileged Planet” (from Netflix), and “2012 – A Message of Hope” on YouTube. Everyone wants to win big every time. This guy is as bad as Madoff. They are good company. One rich guy doing a huge remodeling job on his home, or 10,000 middle-class home owners remodeling their homes? Every Friday, he authors the S&A Digest and covers many topics like: how to use trailing stops, position sizing, how to learn about a company by its balance sheet and SEC filings as well as safeguarding your families financial health. (Pronounced eye-frig) It should be You-Frig because you are the one that will be frigged. Anyone who tries to say this is legit is a paid poster or an employee…PERIOD. Most people making sensationalized claims offer all kinds of striking bells and whistles, disturbing visual images, etc. At least this is what I think.. 12. I subscribed today after listening to the selling dialogue forever. Most people who don’t believe in global warming, do not understand the principle of a green house. Why aren’t scientists reporting on their theories for what will be the outcome? First of all it’s about an hour long. The US credit rating being on the verge of dropping once again forcing our US borrowing interest rates up even higher! In any case, I did not subscribe, and I’m glad I did not, REPLY I watched the video and found it interesting. Realization of interest. Not everything is what it seems. I have subscribed to several of the publications for over 6 years and am extremely pleased with my performance over the years. Just call them, they are really easy to work with. Or if you've built up trust in your employer, they might foot part of the tuition and give you time off each day to attend to studies. Al Gore never said he invented the internet. Although, when it comes to paying for the “secret”; I thought to myself something smells “fishy”. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Sadly he oversells himself and his “firm. In fact, most married women adopt their husband’s name while their older friends know them; refer to them by their maiden name or else … REPLY Samuel Clemens and Eric Arthur Blair were writers primarily of fictional works…they were not presenting their works as fact that people should base their lives upon. As for “predictions”- even a broken clock is right 2 times a day. I certainly would not want him or anyone else to have access to my email. The US printing money is a fact. Tried to discontinue my TRIAL subscription following their instructions … HA HA HA – never happened and then they charged me again the next year and finally after geting them to cancel the new subscription a month after it started, they say “we can’t refund you subscription costs” bacause you reversed the billing through you Credit Card and now you have to deal with our accounting department. SO WHO IS MORE GUILTY THE ONE WHO FIGHTS NOT ONCE BUT TWICE AND STILL LOOSES OR THE ONE THAT SAYS I DON’T CARE I AM THE DICTATOR HERE SO YOU ARE DOING WHAT I SAY! Please feel free to take a pass, but if you’re going to talk like an expert on horizontal drilling, please state your authority, and it better be something more than “I heard it from a friend of mine,” or “I read it on the internet. Ethics - Offering a definition for 'ethics' is not easy, just as it is not easy to define 'love' or 'justice' or fairness'. Define time boundaries. Com and so on don’t even bother to look at the website it will be the longest wasted hour of your life. Nobody! REPLY I think you are wise to question the integrity of a company and read the fine print carefully. At least some food is better than none if your broke. Pretty soon an hour had passed, and his was still “at it”. No way — they have your address and can take legal action to collect — these kind of scams take place all too often — you’d be better off with the picnic a the golden arches Abundance of Natural Gas deposits in the country equal to cut in oil imports into the country and higher LNG exports to other countries can only enhance the value of the dollar. I even tried outside of business hours just out of curiosity, and received the same automated response. I don’t even accept that he is necessarily antigovernment, or that this would necessarily be a bad thing. Well in fact he does. Huh. They have chased our American jobs, our manufacturing, technology, personal data, and countless other things overseas. Like most, I’ve read the reviews and the initial stuff from sites like reviewopedia. Whether or not you think Stansbery is a scammer, his anti-government stance is quite clear. The video did have valid points which need to be heeded. STANSBERRY RESEARCH & ANY ASSOCIATED COMPANIES, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIETS, ETC ARE STRAIGHT-UP THIEVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And since this isn’t a Stansberry site, the very fact that you’re even at this site means you typed in “Stansberry Investment SCAM” into a search engine looking for the site so you could come on here to promote this garbage. Stansberry might give you ideas and a new perspective… There are several separate subscription letters, written by different personalities at Stansberry. I guess I’ll just get out the metal detector and scour the beach. Any of those people could have gotten the PR answer stansberry got from the publicist at the uranium company. One of the aspects of this act is that it added a new chapter to the Internal Revenue Code. I do want to protect my family from the doom that I know is coming. This must be done from the bottom up it seems as it sure is not going to be done from the ones at the top! Gotten many outstanding recommendations, and have followed them and enjoyed the positive results. It’s law. Don’t be nervous, they are decent people. And then there is the Banking community bailout initiated by Bush boys, and GM bail out and Chrysler bailout and the insurance giant bail out and Freddie and Fannie’s continuing bailout and obama’s stimulus plan of spending…the list goes on and on. I tried to cancel a $55 monthly charge for a service I did not order and was told they sent the report to my email. Because the government doesn’t want us to know a thing…. He, alone, accurately predicted the bankruptcy of GM years before it happened and advised his subscribers to short the stock. I do my research first though, by checking the reviews. Once you start printing money, spending more than you bringing in, the collapse is unavoidable. Don’t just take what you hear and read at face value. WHY ARE YOU SO DESPERATE? Why the media lets low-life scammers out to take advantage of the poor and easily influenced elderly is sad and disgusting. So, if my picks go well, I could pick up nice gains while limiting my downside losses. I am very interested in what he says about how we can protect our investments, our homes, our lives and all things we now enjoy which we have always had in this country. REPLY Holy cow, a globalist! Where are all those people on TV talking about how they sold everything they own to buy billboards with the end-world date on it? Had it been more like 6 months or not signed, he would have probably never acknowledged his pseudonym was him, as the SEC and court correctly noted, a lot of this was reputation. Did you know that stress is the number killer? Without fail every 3 months there’s another charge on your credit card. I am disgusted.. Ultimately though, to many red flags go up. War over, you know that war that was started because the Federal Government wouldnt let the Confederates leave(and take money with them in the form of illegal taxes also). The narrator says he worked Wall Street for years, as I recall, for Goldman Sachs. So, yeah.. ALl the other stuff wants me to input m ore money. He asks for money. “The Inconvenient Truth” is that Al Gore is certifiably insane, and if you still believe his gobbly-goop, you belong in the padded cell right next to his. We need smaller government, lower taxes, a balanced budget, and leadership who cares more about getting this country back on track than their own political future. I believe they will give refunds without hastle, I’ve never tried. S. Do they sell stock and we send them checks to buy stock and we can rely upon them to be trustworthy? They can pay huge salaries to their founders, and to friends and family members of their founders. If you subscribed and didn’t see that, you’ve completely missed the point. You pay for an initial subscription and all you get is more commercials to buy other things. Just got burned with IPRC Alert put by someone THEY allowed to get access to their clientels email addresses. I agree with all you said, and cannot believe that people are idiotic enough to think this administration can be trusted or depended upon. I spoke to stanberry customer service, total gangsters. John Appleseed has probably never read the Bible in his life….. Has been right. Money flows up, trickles down. REPLY I read all of these complaints after seeing the unauthorized $99 charge on my statement. 00 which included shipping. Even Steinbeck, who portrayed the intense woes and suffering of the Great Depression, captured the triumph of the human spirit, the hope, the compassion that surfaced, even as the world that people knew fell apart. It makes sense from a common sense level. Get your kids to come take a look. Only 90 days. Some renegade congressman just wanted to stick some of his stupidness into a bill. The problem is that I don’t know how to achieve “security” with the financial tools at my disposal: cash, stocks and real estate…ALL of which can and have depreciated instantly and arbitrarily over the past couple years. Thank you very much for contacting Stansberry and Associates. ”…. Not a single solitary positive comment. I’m not an employee, I wouldn’t know the man if he knocked on my door…. In fact they can’t even pay back the interest on the debt and they never will till they stop spending trillions in wars to benefit the “elite” (scum). You should because you see it every time you look into a mirror. I subscribed their advice is not bad they have many different services but have found that a $! If you study Anthropology you learn pretty early on how Cultural Anthropologists measure life and it isn’t with money, it’s with happiness. The answer is simple the time lag effect of the Dollar being the world’s currency denominator has enormous currency effects across the globe affecting currency rates, trade shifts, etc. I really can’t deal with all the bloat that comes with it though. So in this information age it’s profitable to make others think you have information they don’t so they can sell it to you. They are then smug, short and disrespectfully condescending when you call to inquire about the new and UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE. These guys are frauds. Originally, CR was founded by Doug Casey and David Galland, and it provided honest, useful newsletters. I do not play the stock market, so I am not sure what I am getting myself into. History gives us much of what we need to understand that crisis equals panic. We are all human and we all make mistakes now lets move on and do what we can to fix our monetary problems. Trump knows he will brag all the way to bankruptcy and back again. We have been in a bull market for the past 6 years now so it is unclear how the hedge fund analyst portfolio will perform in a bear market. What bothers me though is that Stansberry is promoted on a number of conservative sites. Darn that nasty profiteering meanie, he did exactly what he promised and the only people who were harmed were those who spent the money and did nothing. He is great thinker and analyst. I recently signed up for The Daily Wealth Trader and one other Stansberry newsletter, but soon found that although they made interesting reading, I don’t want to have to keep track of so much trading information, nor to be actively involved myself in trading. If you do decide to give him a try i wish you luck and let me know how it goes for you Well, at least it got our attention. REPLY As for faulting anybody for the use of “pen name” is preposterous while classics practiced it for ages … Just to name a few; Mark Twain, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in 1835 or George Orwell, was born Eric Arthur Blair in 1903 or Whoopi Goldberg, was born Caryn Johnson. I appealed the charge to Am Exp. Everyone that takes his steps will only contribute to the demise of the U. That’s the only negative thing I have against him, is his aggressive marketing that cannot be turned off. I agree the American dollar isn’t worth what it was 10 yrs ago. They never quit. The U. ” When someone has to do this there is usually something inherently wrong. If the stock price goes down, I can own it at a lower price – if I choose. The margins are small. As an aside, I believe that in a few years global warming deniers will be looked upon in the same light at “earth is flat” believers or the “the earth is the center of the universe” people. I am new in US and came from former USSR. And he is right, I do know that Russians and Chinese seriously irritated by US foreign policies and by our national debt and they are arranging some alternate ways to get read from the dollar. S. That’s why our vision is to integrate the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability into our core business strategy, and to ensure that throughout our business we have a deep understanding of the megatrends that will affect our company, and society at large, for the next several decades. I called and had them take me off their e-mail list. And according to Stansberry & Associates, this remarkable, radical collapse of the United States monetary system and “our normal way of life” is going into effect in a mere matter of months (just like a similar recent conspiracy scare about the federal government’s plan to eliminate 16 states from the U. Currency as payment. So again thanks, I’ll invest that forty nine dollars elsewhere. My biggest investing problem is not paying attention to trailing stop-losses. I am up in double digit percentages on several picks and also learning how to invest wisely. NOPE, Good Old Fashion American dollars, the same ones that he claims will be worthless in the near future!!! Scam? Personal obligations often intrude or lack of finances makes it difficult. The company has more than 35,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 50 countries, with innovation hubs in five key geographies – USA, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and North East Asia. ” The S &A Short Report is a bunch of BS. However, I’m not going to line the pockets of these two men trying to be “prepared” for it. Oh, Woe Is Me!!! I didn’t know it was illegal to sell information to those who wish to buy it!!! Nobody could be that stupid!! He start out by scaring you to death when he says that America is going down. This is an excellent example of the basic law of supply and demand. He has become a victim of the fear-making that has been going on for the past decade, and selling in record numbers – the avalanche of doom-and-gloom stuff that you see on TV, in theaters and in the papers. I use Stansberry for about 10% of my portfolio and I am up approximately 30% from buying and selling with their advise. I am beginning to wish I had not used my credit card, and now fear they might charge me more than the initial cost. Phones are supposed to be 9-5 ET but at 3:00 they say we are now closed. RichUncle….. To policing the grammar police: Jeff did say that “we” can’t string three grammatically correct sentences together, thus including himself in the group of people who cannot write correctly and who, according to him, the Chinese will own. Causation does not equal correlation. Tried to use other phone options to reach sales staff for new services and only got answering machines. Unfortunately, the camera person may have been glued to a particular spot because the camera never even shows the keyboard let alone the actual trade. His insights are heresay and innuendo, not based upon facts. Think how you could do that yourself. Decent half full info, nice transition to now that I scared you I will gladly take your “American Dollar” and profit from you. If a specific discipline's grad degree is coursework only, there'll be a heavier course load than for other programs. This was created by our firm as a philinthropic effort in conjuction with TX Industry cluster economic development a few years back. But I have a better questions, what will a fist full of dollars do for you? The newsletters information is well researched, informative and useful. S. That wasn’t good enough they had to take God completely out of our schools. If you have money to invest, and you wish to meet me in person, email me. However, while not groundbreaking by any strech, buying metals will be preferrbale to investing in US stocks and bonds. Like any salespeople, the Stansberry group crows about the winners but never talks about the losers. I'm open to better or extended definitions of ethics, and I thank Patrick for suggesting that this definition be included on this website. In fact, the customer service reps are all very polite, educated, and do not ask any questions. Build a sound portfolio with a good portion of strong (too big to fail) companies (like Google, Apple, Berkshire Hathtaway, Johnson & Johnson, Hallaburton, Costco, WalMart, American Tower, Amazon) and time will be on your side. It is not a dead link, it processes that you want your email taken off that emailing list. Now, I will be honest with you here. I am sorry that I did not follow all of Porter’s suggestions on selling puts because they would have made me a lot of money. I for one are against waste and fraud in government and whoever perpetuates it. You can be the house, but you make less, but a better than average chance of winning. Of course you cant find real history anymore unless you buy a book the Government doesnt deem “truthworthy”. The task was to stifle the bleeding as best as possible. REPLY Wait till they drop the value of gold and silver and everyone loses except the thieves that control the market for such things. If those laws against investing our money in risky investments where still on the books, the economy would be in much better shape NOW. S. A quick made this one a negative 11 – which is at the far end of the -12 to +12 scale. I have invested a considerable portion of my assets recently in companies covered by Stansberry and Associates research reports. Which happens to be unsafe in various manners. Who choose doom and gloom, listen to former politicians such as Ron Paul. I don’t know, perhaps he is correct about the collapse of the dollar. He is correct on the devaluation of the U. Anyway, TO GET TO THE POINT, I don’t see how anyone could be completely behind OR against this, whatever it is that stansberry has conjoured up, without a full and extensive experince of it. One of the associates named Steve Sjuggerrud has given good advice for years now in his newsletter “True Wealth”. I’m a college student and a business owner. Be careful once they sign up and have your card information. This is not a publisher or an analyst that aims at increasing your wealth through a dedicated team of experts because there is nothing consistent here. It IS an opportunity requiring tremendous commitment and a high cost on a number of levels. If you see on TV to the NewAmerica8. They are a matter of history and fact. Now even if you do not subscribe, at least get up and do something about what is about to happen. The American Civil War was not about slavery, in fact this didnt become an issue in the matter until 1863 with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. ALSO, and perhaps more importantly, you have told or at least perpetuated a lie that we see at the top of the page by whoever wrote the review. Whether we like Stansberry or not is irrelevant. Whether his recommendations on specific investments are accurate, I do not know. I ended the form and then looked up this guy on the internet. What is the end result of this encroachment on our freedom? ) Ultimately, you have to decide on the reasons why you want to pursue a graduate degree and whether it will be worthwhile financially. Unless a company is a member of the BBB, the BBB knows very little if anything about them. Just a couple of years ago he published a similar newsletter called True Income to which I was a subscriber. But alas….. Out with the OLD in withe the NEW. I also purshcased the lifetime package. He did say that, right??? The only reason I give it 3 Stars is because of the other subscriptions I don’t like or read and the amount of hype they use to sell some of their other subscriptions. If the GOP had taken the 4. I’m 50 years old and watched 25 years of very hard work, as a sub-contractor in the construction industry, disappear virtually overnight in 08. And no it is not the labor costs at all. Once they find someone that will actually pay, they “market until death” and sometimes actually bill without an order (yearly re-billing payments) But the worst thing they exposed was that they will advertise products that do not exist. We have outsourced our big businesses… which has increased unemployment and decreased our exports… we just arent promoting capitalism which is a necessity. REPLY i have not invested or bought a subscription from them but every fiber of my being senses an opportunist using actual fact to base his scam on. Thank you for calling to attention what we all need to hear. Fascism? It looks like a lot of people are reading the “reviews” on this site and most of these readers probably really want to know something about Stansberry’s investment advice … unfortunately the vast majority of the reviews here (and elsewhere) focus almost exclusively on either Porter’s entertaining rants, or on Porter’s embarrassingly shameless email solicitation machine, or both … but not on the actual investment advice put forth in Stansberry’s many (currently about 14) semi-independent newsletters. I am not bothered by the court case from years ago and think it is not particularly relevant to the Stansberry business that exists today. Haven’t got my $5 book I was charged for. The only reason we are so far, so good is because we basically print dollar as real products. Glass allows sunlight to pass through it, but blocks infrared heat energy from escaping. Its gonna be tough obviously because we are caught in the trap that we made, but we must take responsibility for ourselves, and hold our government accountable. His article is based on facts and we need to wake up to reality. Which helps a nation’s economy more. What I ‘see’ and ‘hear’ is drastically different from what is being reported. I have not read anything as of yet. If you can’t get the company who is billing you to cooperate, ask your credit card company. But most arbitrage systems require a lot of money. Why bother if the money is no longer any good .. I learned some of their scammer secrets. So upsetting. 00 Dr Efrig 5 Free Reports and 1 yr subscription. I hope this helps you out. I am life member that paid over 3k to his subscription at that time and pleasantly happy with it. You want to keep the government out of your pockets, but your the first to complain when your child dies because of a tainted food system created by your desire to get the same government to stop taxing you waaaaa Always on about the bad guys,since you never got beyond a high school education let me school you on this. ”. I do not see people trading gold when things are really bad. As soon as you get a dollar or 1000X49. Then he goes on and on about how smart he is and about how smart he has been in the past and how nobody believed him. Use Mark Ford’s investing techniques first, then use the recommendations as the investment vehicle. STAY AWAY!! Woe is the fate of the current majority as they are led down the road with misinformation, hidden agendas by Hustlers etc. Obama bashing is very much in vogue with many people who have been whipped up to a, perhaps, unreasonable frenzy. I told him that I saw no such thing ANYWHERE. Damned the torpedo, full speed ahead. I signed up around Nov. Warren buffett does not fly to people’s companies with teams, and pay people several hundred thousand dollars per year because using this guys option strategy is not fun enough. Stansberrys group is unique in many ways but not for everyone. Since early this year, I have been calling the dollar the “dreck”, a la Douglas Casey’s 1980 book entitled “Crisis Investing”. I am now a multi-millionaire. If you research them on the internet you will see all roads go back to Agora Financial, the company Stansberry originally worked for. VERY DECEPTIVE! I cross checked his facts on 10 other objective websites and he is right on, 100% truthfull. Yes, they do publish their results. Stansberry (Jay McDaniel) states that an individual does not ever have to reveal that they sent money outside the U. REPLY Sounds like Stansberry, or whatever name he chooses to use, is trying to make a lot of money on subscriptions for information that may or may not be useful. The problem is that you probably ordered their book not knowing about the $99 charge every year. W’s administration didn’t veto anything for the first six years. Writing a thesis. This is one of their business plans. S. I bought the book “ “America 2020” and they used my credit card to automatically bill me for their newsletter. Now I am not saying that people shouldn’t be a bit more careful due to the time we are living in, but everyone wants to survive. People did not go crazy and resort to some sort of Hobbesian war of nature in the 1930s – and my grandparents talked about how abysmal things were then. He fails to mention that there are more than one world reserve currencies. Then he starts promoting some free ideas after which he decides to care you and threaten you to death again. REPLY Who is this Peter Courtenay Stephens??? What most investors (wannabees) don’t think about is position size. She also states that we should buy the research report that shows how people make money with this strategy but obviously, if I believe her now, the research report doesn’t appear to actually show the strategy itself. REPLY After all the potential to double investments and the big money to be made…I laughed when I read that my credit card would be debited for the 2 year term after my subscription ran out…. Worth it … probably not but $50 isn’t going to break the bank. Good luck to you. According to this principal it has been found that the happiest people on the planet were those who survived in tribal societies like the African Bushmen, who (though they lived in severe climate and face death everyday) only worked an average work week of 8-10 hours and spent the rest in leisure. I also subscribe for their take on the economic backdrop of the markets which affects the potential direction of the markets. In the movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko says: “the most valuable commodity I know of is information. If you get taken, you get what you deserve and get no pity from me but, I STILL, with all sincerety, WISH YOU LUCK. He is what we refer to in the south as a carpet bagger. Deficits on this small scale will be dwarfed by domestic savings, so the U. It causes you to think about what’s going on, ask questions. All of the investment publications are crying wolf numerous times so they can say they called the down turn before it happened. Well, confederates can take the capitol but the 50,000 troops will still come back later. I doubt that Ron knew about Stansberry’s avaricous fearmongering. This brings us to the second key point, which is that the idea China could sell a substantial part of its dollar holdings for euros makes little sense. If you follow the stops when one doesn’t go your way, you lose a little. Not one of the “good guys. That being said there are still many international concerns that will directly reflect our economy and we have to protect these concerns. I’m not a fan of their marketing, which can be heavy-handed, but they definitely put out a quality product. He’ll recommend it. S. I have learned a tremendous amount from their newsletters and have profited greatly from the recommendations. However, safety regulation and fuel standards have forced more improvements then we have as consumers. So here it is just a couple years later and he’s resurrected True Income with another name, Credit Opportunities, and he expects me to fork over $5000 for a newsletter that I had been receiving and had previously paid for. If you have a significant other, they must help enforce these time boundaries. I bet they know good ol American hucksterism when they see it! Now we all are fixing to pay for what all the voters done by voting him in…Like your change now! I think those are more related to taking up too much valuable time or locking up one’s computer with his video that’s long on dire warnings but geniethan it is to whatever he’s blithering (Personally, I gave up after 4 restarts (none got past 5 minutes before throwing my computer into fits). 2) a “I’ve got a secret” investment presentation and for a risk-free $50 I’ll let you know also. Writing an original thesis is not easy compared to course work, and it is often the reason grad students take a lot longer than program duration. Each day I receive something like 4-7 emails from S&A, with about 2-3 of those being relevant, useful information. Currency problem is going to happen. , then the choice is simple but I have a feeling you wont be happy either way you choose. Seeing how ignorant you were in your first paragraph, I feel that I wasted my time reading the rest of them. That’s what I really need help with and I think most of us are looking for the same thing. Till censorship ceases, this country will continue to be a disaster. All decisions in life should be made with good common sense and critical thinking. We just see the back of the screen with the Apple logo. (think of the anti-Muslim film, Obsession), but not Stansberry (other than cartoon drawings and graphs). Our dollars are printed and inflated every day. That is what happened during the Great Depression. This is the stage where you are warming up but thinking, “Gee I can’t afford 5 grand a year, who knows if I can even make so much in a year” Then the master trick kicks in, they start calling you about the opportunity of a life time, what they call “The Alliance membership”. I know he is correct about silver being cheap and in short supply. You are exactly right about the Euro having just as many problems as the U. My absolute favorite most manipulative part of the whole video was the part where he talked about how people tend to hold onto what they know, and used it to literally force you to listen to him and try and believe it or else be deemed “the statistic”, something no one ever wants to be. M. As well as around the world. They must do it in house with additional idiots besides Stansberry, because no legitimate firm would produce this drivel. If the stock is lower than theput price on expiration day? There truly is nothing you( at least from a financial standpoint)can do when the shit hits the fan. I have also never had trouble getting a representative on the phone. Prod the stupid beasts, they give you their credit card- which you charge forever. REPLY Steve, I am beginning to become very anxious and wondering what I got into today when I used my credit card to pay for what I thought was a year of guidance and service in advice and investments. This will reduce it’s economic might and it’s world dominance. If half of our citizens were more financially competent and just did some of the basics (i. I might have been interested in Stansberry’s products until I watched one of their videos. Dave is refunding my $99 BUT you have to discover that charge within 30 DAYS OR NO REFUND. I disputed the charge and thought it was reversed but then I get a letter from B of A saying Stansberry has sent them “something” showing I had agreed to this and gave me 2 days to put in their hands documentation to refute whatever had been sent to them by Stansberry (it was never provided to me) which was impossible, particularly during a snow storm when even mail service is stopped. Stansberry has several subscription letters by different personalities. Get a better source and just google the company in question. I don’t know if he is pitching foreign stocks or US stocks. The “Corruption of America” is based on a lot of hard facts that people need to be aware of. This reminds me of the other scams where they ask you to put money in an overseas account…. 1) it is not illegal nor unknown to utilize a pseudonym, especially in the writing field. People get sued all the time. They won’t try to talk you out of it, and they’re nice. No such currency or economic system in the history of the world has ever lasted very long on such a system. Secondly, b) This concept of ethics, advanced notably by Kant, puts duty central to ethical behaviour, so that people from their knowledge of their duty as being rational human beings, obey a categorical imperative to respect other rational human beings. Anyone can make money whichever way the market goes if armed with good information. REPLY Oh my. Finally, it is easy to forget that the U. Peter Courtenay Stephens attacks. If times are going to get as bad as this guy suggests then we need to find ways to access these four basic necessities. If you cant tell within the first seven second of these Stansberry videos that they are a joke, then you shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. Spend the money on that and non-taxable investments rather than a get rich quick idea. I have been billed 599. S. It should succeed no matter which direction the market moves, or even if it just moves sideways. S. To cancel a paid subscription, please call (888) 261-2693 or for international subscribers (410) 895-7964. Each one had a come-on at the end that required throwing money at them. Horse feathers. Food for thought. Why can’t I give a zero rating. Tried to call the next day after reading their 3 free reports, which were as bogus and evasive as their web advertizing messages. And this is truly impossible, since we have to wait for the future to see the truth. Porter Stansberry was convinced the stock market would crash in 2014 and, instead, the stock market rallied. I’m still skeptical. The Pareto principle states that for many phenomena 80% of consequences stem from 20% of the causes, will ultimately trump the theory of black swan events once you have seen a black swan. REPLY Stansberry generly uses researched info and many of his subwriters have good reasoning behind their ideas. Out of 20,000+ climatologists, less than 10 claim global warming is not taking place. There is some truth in their “End of America” video, but one only has to look at the way Washington continues to spend and the “Bernanke” or however you spell his name,my suggestion,”MUD”, his write good anthro papers willingness to continue to print monopoly money further weakening our “on life support” economy. Most of the time, they don’t have anything to do with the main subject of the bill. It’s ignorant Americans that are too involved in themselves, don’t watch current events (except for reality TV), don’t know who their congressmen or representative is, pretty much don’t know shit about how government works(dumb masses), and then they wonder why everything bad is happening. It is funny you mentioned the book of Revelation because as soon as I got done watching Stansberrys presentation, regardless of the stance that I took on it, I immediately thought about Revelation and how man is only limited in his predictions and answers to what is best. I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, and have subscribed to a couple of the newsletters. Com and listen to their free podcasts. REPLY I do think that guy is right in prognosis, I am not sure if he really offers working solution. It should make money whether the VIX is high or low. No other nation could do that. I was told that the subscription would be cancelled next month. REPLY To Passed 6th grade math, Dyenomom, and baldrad, THANK YOU! True props. And the constitution no longer seems to matter. S. They did this only because the federal Executive branch(who had been doing it in the past, under previous admins) was not doing it. Moreover, he has assembled an excellent team of other analysts. That sounds like a “come on” that made promises that now would not be fulfilled unless you pay more. If anything I hope it will get more people to do their homework about how much economical trouble the whole world could be in. So they do all they can do to protect them and their families. I am here trying to do my due diligence to decide if I want to sign on with Stansberry, but I still left with the problem. So why would I expect this to be any different? By #11 you are turning Social Security into yet another take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor welfare scheme. A complete phony. Is porter perfect, bible says none of us are. WE HAVE TO GIVE HIM $ TO EVEN GET THIS “VALUABLE INFORMATION,”) that all these terrible things are going to happen to our families and our entire nation as a whole! The eurozone remains unstable, despite better recent short-term data, and it is not certain that the euro will exist in its current form in five or ten years’ time. Clue, Greg: add another cost to my total cost of production, and I’m going to charge you more for my good or service. The Department of Labor (DOL) uses its own sampling techniques to determine the unemployment rate for the country. Fish are becoming smaller, because small fish are able to swim through the nets of trawlers who fish with nets that are miles long. They will cancel it! Per Stansberry every America could (quite probably) wake up tomorrow and find their bank locked, their credit cards deeveed and a civil war that would rival the one to end slavery. The few positive post on here are complete BS! He may be able to come up with his interpretation of an economic prediction by stringing together all kinds of evidence, sounding extremely persuasive, but his reliance on quantitative evidence here causes him to distort the qualitative aspect of human beings when facing odds or dire circumstances. Forrests remove CO2 from the air. If they need my $50. I have lost so much out of my 401K over the last two stock market debacles and I cannot afford for it to happen again. Wall street and the economy is being manipulated anyway. REPLY Stay away from this company and do not give them any financial information. Or perhaps you meant he’s using multiple website addresses. A $73,000 pool of investable money has risen to $128,663 in fifteen months. Ever wonder how few new rich family’s are developing in America? REPLY I listened to his one hour end of America video and found it very interesting and agree that most of what he says about the dollar and our national debt to be very true. Get a clue, Paul. These people are all scam artists and should be run out of business. You can label me a “plant” if you like; you’d be wrong. We, as a nation are in trouble, and our debt that is declared on the books is only the beginning. 2. I lost money when I invested on my own, but so far they’re picks are making me money and I’ve recouped all the cash I paid from the subscripion, so its been worth the subscription fee. “Most married women adopt their husband’s name…”–uh, what does this have to do with the fact that Porter Stansberry invented a name to hide behind as he writes his screed? Now, especially after reading some of the other complaints posted here, I have no doubt in my mind that “Dreadful” isn’t low enough of a rating. His entire “pitch” of selling puts versus buying stock – I think – was worth the $50. Bad business I would say. If you do, may history be kind to you, for those who realize that this is a very possible consequence, they will need to re-exam their deep concerns and speak up, thing need to be put in check and a revaluation of what our Democracy and Freedom stands for. Your biggest fear should be that the foreign policy and monetary policy is not controlled by Washington, but by a cabal of bankers both foreign and domestic, whose interests are not always aligned with US interests. No problem, they said. The careful and thoughtful prophets, such as Edgar Cayce, would not have claimed absolute authority in their predictions – even if they believed that they were going to occur. Which planet are these people and those who believe this crap from? Most of his advice is easily applied. Not everyone is suited to teaching, but for those who are, getting a PhD can lead to a tenured position at a university or college, with a nice salary, a teaching or research assistant to help with workload, consulting opportunities (partly shared with your department), and a nice pension upon retirement. When the poor and middle class have money they spend it on consumer goods and services that create jobs and wealth for everyone. REPLY I have currently subscribed to the “Retirement Trader” after watching their lengthy video. What I hate from this video is Stansberry’s terribly long introduction in the hope to create real fear in order to make money for him-self and attract people into some “investments” to multiply their savings and stay or become rich, to encourage people to hide their money abroad and so on, and oh yes, also try to make money for him-self. Also, this is not a get rich quick service. Stay away! Regardless of what side of the aisle you are on, the issue is where do we go from here. However, the ad on my home page of comcast about “Obama and his biggest problem looming” interested me. Out of 10 recommendations he didn’t nail more than 1-2. It is a great advertisement that still pulls in the suckers. He also seems to be taking advantage of our bankrupt situation. Bancor has been discussed since the 1940’s but they came up with a slicker way to keep you from getting money. This Administration certainly has!! Where he is a fraudster is pretty simple. I then tried to cancel my 2 year subscription and was told they would cancel it if I like but I would receive no refund. Ellis. So the plantation owners that became wealthy on the backs of slaves wanted to succeed from the Union You are an idiot and expose the same crap (oh its all about the constitution blaa blaa}, yet not use any concrete details. They also encourage their readers to take responsibility for their own investing and their own actions – their research is only a starting point. There will be greater demand for these natural resources and they will likely go up in value. But the thing that really gets my attention is that I would seek out a govt agency to get the TRUTH. The lone exception to the rule doesn’t apply here, as President Obama did not succeed to the presidency two years into his predecessor’s term due to the death or disability of said predecessor. LOL REPLY Yes the videos are very long winded and im sure most people will stand on one side or the other of their opinions. SOMEBODY SMACK SOME SENSE INTO EVERYONE! You know the Titanic was indestructible too when it set sail? So if you have knowledge or a plan and you know that it will effect many lives and you are selling this, you are no different than those you accuse. He may be a scammer, but he IS speaking truths to scam you. I have to say that I’m a twenty one-year-old, reasonably intelligent, international business major, and I got hooked in right away. 00 for the 39. Fake!! People who need help most reject it first. I am heavily involved in “Non-Taxable” investments and recommend it to every American. 00 for a subscription. We don’t want to admit that the economy is not going to get better, but we don’t have to because its happening. I’m grateful to those who posted warnings here, while at the same time encouraging others to do some homework and come to your own conclusions. I noticed the dates when these reviews started, and when this video was posted–almost a year ago. I also grew up in a blue collar and low income family. REPLY The “unsubscribe” link is only at the bottom of free e-letters. That’s right. He was very nice. Pathetic. Tell kids that its ok to play outside and you will save thousands per year. Does this make any sense ? Give the president a chance???? He claimed he had some “inside” information about how great and under valued the company was. And Karen and Klaire, if you were millionares how come when I search you up, there’s 0 info about you? I understand that companies need to make money and get returns on their investments, but this is nothing but a drawn out commercial. REPLY I have been a subscriber for almost 2 years. These ‘people’ and I definitely use that term very loosely, are NOTHING BUT THEIVES and SCAM artists. He uses the german mark and the euro as examples of currencies that would would require exchange. Actual money became a huge deficit. Have I lost money on some of their recommendations? He advised that the average subscription to one of their newsletters was 90 days. I may need some minor counseling after this. How many times can you sugar coat a mountain? These newsletters literally teach methods to get rich slowly, exactly as the millionaires and billionaires did it. Additionally, I have learned much about investing from them, including unique ways to use options safely and wisely. Do people have any clue how much of her shit we buy and we are happy with it?