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Quantitative analysis method using path analysis, followed by determination analysis (R Square), partial hypothesis testing (t test) and simultaneous (F test) with alpha 5 percent (0,05). 73? Quick freezing in this study is alternatif method of sperm cryopreservation processes that can be used to produce frozen semen in a large number, besides not required an expensive equipment, it is not time consuming with shorter time compared than ussual method of frozen semen. 46; P=0. G. 3%, playing online games 51. Medicaid coverage led to an increase of 1. It was also observed that the percentage of mortality was 31. 66% cases, Rose Bengal staining was positive in 73. 0. 5 % (n= 134 ) children reported start complementary feeding during the first 3 month of age , 26. Larochelle, Dennis Ross-Degnan. Samochowiec, E. All 17 intracanalicular testicles and 18 intra-abdominal testicles were identified by preoperative conventional MRI and DWI. 5 and Operator? This study analyses the age and sex incidence, etiopathogenesis, modes of presentation, modalities of treatment like anatomical, mesh repair. 5%. Solubilization and ACC deaminase activity was recorded in 54. Therefore, it is suggestive that Indo gangetic soil could be an interesting source to explore bacteria having unique feature of producing antibacterial compounds and this may be utilized for commercial value. The annual reports provide evidence that the magnitude of malaria across Assam is high and varies with location. Lee, R. Speech Emotion Recognition is a vital part of efficient human interaction and has become a new challenge to speech processing. L. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 89:9, 1220-1228. Stock exchange is that place where trading of shares is done in terms of sales and purchase. S Robinson Crusoe, Saul bellow? They may be pathogens, growth promoters or biocontrol agents with specific tasks on nitrification and mineralization of solid wastes. Density, viscosity, solubility test, solid content and melting point were measured for all products. Results: Sixty patients were rated as suffering from osteoporosis. Males are not reported by the author. The genetic polymorphism of PON1 was detected by TaqMan-based allele discrimination RT- PCR Results: The means ? The heterozygote (Q192R) genotype of PON1 polymorphism is abundant among all of the studied groups (68%for PAD, 56% for CAD and 65%for control, respectively) . S E chart. Physico-chimique de l? In this article using E. The antibacterial activity of the Nickel complexes prove that metal containing Schiff bases show good inhibitory activity against various species of bacteria. 02), a relative reduction of more than 80%. Just because of the infringement of rights of transgenders, the issue is taken up before the Apex Court which pronounced a landmark judgment in this regard. 05 percentage points, which is well within our 95% confidence interval. On investigations TLC 11600 esr 31 RBS 128,HBA1C 6. 1%) had birth asphyxia and rest 299 (70. The violence and crime against women has been ever on increase, since independence. Congenital anomalies are an important cause of neonatal mortality both in developed and developing countries. Ultrasonography and abdominal CT scan sowed a voluminous multilocular lesion between IV, V, VI liver segments. The organizational atmosphere is people? Motivation has the highest load which then gives positive and very significant effect on their authority of responsibility. It is observed that GIS and RS techniques of evaluating the project performance are useful for decision making regarding the water management issues. Turnesia, 15 from Desmodium sp. Photosynthetic pigments (Chlorophyll a, Chlorophyll b) content increased with addition of 10% fly ash, while decreased with addition of fly ash, without any amendment while Carotenoids content increased with addition of 30% fly ash, without any amended. DeMoya, Matthias Eikermann, Kaushal Shah, George Velmahos, Ali S. 8%, and others 6. This new family is obtained by compounding the exponentiated moment exponential and truncated power series distributions, where the compounding procedure follows same way that was previously carried out by Adamidis and Loukas (1998). This research involves the synthesis of cross-linked sodium polyacrylate hydrogels by solution polymerization technique. 001) and improved perceived access to care, including a usual place of care (an increase of 23. The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies dengue as a disease important in public health. The women perception about divorce after abuse was very high. Also, SMEs contribute positively to the society. In this paper speech emotion recognition system has been reviewed. The frying processes were carried at 180 ᴼC for sliced potato chips. Prior informed consent for participation in the study was obtained from their parents. Background: Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are diseases that affect the heart or vessels. Be that as it may, there is probability of the lobby being reserved by at least two offices around the same time and time which will be known just when the day of the occasion has come to, past the point of no return for exchange game plan. Moderate anemia and severe anemia were more common in female patients as compared to male patients (34. This research also contributes to the body of existing literature; specifically, it will inspire the women employees to understand and manage conflict in the organisations. Its diagnosis is frequently delayed due to its indolent course and nonspecific clinical and radiological manifestations. 7% to soldiers? Eau de la zone entre Nouakchott et Boulenoir en Mauritanie qui joue un r? The elastomeric chains belonging to each sample groups were pre-stretched (? The biosurfactant produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa gave the highest zone of inhibition against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus sp. Most of subjects in both groups thought that abuse is pushing for divorce in 97. Periodontal diseases are a heterogeneous group of diseases, which are multifactorial and are characterized by inflammation and the subsequent destruction of the tooth supporting structures. Female Wister rats aged 8? It also explored the various trends in implementing the scheme in the District. The abuse was significantly associated with being educated, divorced, working or living with husband alone in addition to low education of husband. Moreover, it also seeks to examine the value-creation strategies of selected Indian Automobile companies by analysing whether EVA better represents the market-value of companies in comparison to conventional performance measures. Although different sweetpotato varieties have been released in Ethiopia, there is no variety which is resistant to the disease. 43 percentage points; 95% CI, 1. The paper also explains the process of assigning ip addresses and their configuration in routers as well as in pc? Moreover, the effect of professionalism on integrity leadership is rated for 81%. Objective: The objective of the proposed work was to investigate the method for the efficient encapsulation of highly water soluble venlafaxine hydrochloride into poly-e-caprolactone microspheres by water-in-oil-in-oil and water-in-oil-in water double emulsification technique and comparison for its controlled release properties. 7-8. ), and RAND Corporation (E. 001). J. , A. Characteristics of the respondents are shown in Table 1 Table 1 Characteristics of the 12,229 Survey Respondents. , and Proteus sp. 72 (n=10) days. However, the productivity of the crops is very low as compared to its potential. 7%), restrictive and obstructive lung diseases 18 cases for each (4. Pancreatic cystic lesions are discovered frequently on modern imaging, posing a clinical problem because they might lead to ductal adenocarcinoma. NIRS showed a specificity of 88% and a sensitivity of 79% in diagnosing BOO. 45%) and high(28. A media monitoring service searches for every mention of NEJM or New England Journal of Medicine in news stories from around the world. The average number of spider mites present per 1cm2 area of M. G ml-1. Present study aimed to identify the V. It is a natural, efficacious an antioxidant with the richest natural source of Vitamin C. The data were collected through their monthly HMIS report and use as secondary data collection. Our study population included 20,745 people: 10,405 selected in the lottery (the lottery winners) and 10,340 not selected (the control group). IBM-SPSS ver. Fourth, we examined outcomes in people who gained an average of 17 months of coverage (those insured through the lottery were not necessarily covered for the entire study period); the effects of insurance in the longer run may differ. More than half of the antenatal care (ANC) attendants made their first visit during their second and third trimester of pregnancy although WHO recommended ANC should be started at the first trimester of the pregnancy. J. Larger plans, those with more than 10,000 participants, have seemed to squeeze their providers to their limits as median fees were unchanged. Health insurance is a financial product that is aimed at providing financial security by protecting people from catastrophic health care expenses if they become injured or sick (and ensuring that the providers who see them are paid). Dairy products have been shown to be anticariogenic in animal and human in situ caries models. S alpha which signified construct validity of the factors affecting financial decision making. 76. There is an expression that leadership has been old as human history. The inferior pedicle breast reduction was the most common technique account for 67%. These results showed an implication of mitochondrial DNA compared to nuclear DNA. The mean duration of deutonymphal stage was 3. Live-in-relationships as well as gay marriages? The incidence ranges from 15 to 40 cases per 100,000, with an equal distribution between the sexes. Integrity represented by soldiers? 33% each, aging 3. It is also the responsibility of the state to ensure that fair and impartial justice is made available at the door steps of the poor and economically weaker sections irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, geographical position at free of cost. CPP can stabilize the level of ACP in saliva as it act as reservoir of calcium and stabilizes the level of calcium. 99 which signifies a good avifaunal diversity in the study area. It is influenced by various climatic and host factors. 5 mM (P1); 1 mM (P2) and 1. This leads to increase in industrial discharge and a wide range of pollutants reaching to water bodies. About 46. This article introduces a new family of lifetime distributions called the exponentiated moment exponential power series (EMEPS) which generalizes the moment exponential power series (MEPS) proposed by Sadaf (2013). People of the area especially the tribal have to rely on the traditional health care system involving use of medicinal and aromatic plants. The objective of this research investigation was to study the flexure and spilt tensile strength behavior of steel fibre reinforced concrete using Round straight fibres with aspect ratio of 75 Specimens were cast without fibres and with fibres of 0. Moreover, our results also showed that the PTG20210A polymorphism seems to not be associated with arterial thrombosis in the Georgian population. Word on paper. In particular, the focus is on a full system supplier for food processing and packaging equipment, packaging material and services. The biosurfactant produced by Staphylococcus aureus gave the highest zone of inhibition against Pseudomonas aeruginosa (39 mm), Corynebacteriumsp. This project is focused on urea-SCR system as De-NOx system the urea in the form of Adblue solution is injected into the exhaust system by using a ? As a result, the students that studied ICT, used technology better for learning and were more intelligent compared to the students that didnt studied ICT. 4%, respectively). Based on these findings, some recommendations were made that include farmers should include highly valued agricultural products in their farm activities which will boost diversification selection and therefore increase farm income. , J. N. 78, 3. The control group received only task oriented exercises. It is not only a leading cause of fetal loss, but also contributes significantly to preterm birth, childhood and adult morbidity along with considerable repercussion on the mothers and their families. This randomized, controlled study showed that Medicaid coverage generated no significant improvements in measured physical health outcomes in the first 2 years, but it did increase use of health care services, raise rates of diabetes detection and management, lower rates of depression, and reduce financial strain. 7%). Consequently, the proposed composite is a synergetic ingredient that can improve the frying oil stability, and prolong final product self-life. (2016) Receipt of Preventive Services After Oregon’s Randomized Medicaid Experiment. 6 % (n=35) were reported never breastfeed. Org); more information on specific outcome measures is provided in the Supplementary Appendix (available at NEJM. 66% cases and Schirmer? After quick freezing respectively, sperm motility were 32. But this paper highlights how intervention of British into the affairs of Kashmir not only provided sigh of relief to the poverty stricken people but also resulted into the development of those important sectors which at presently are taken as indicators of development. Right breast cancer was the most common 67%. 0. Madelung disease is a distortion of the wrist due to atrophy of the medial part of the distal radius cartilage. 944) with the population density of spider mites. In this paper we are considering the open shop scheduling problem with release dates for the objective of minimizing makespan and resource idleness of machines for the hypothetical situation when some jobs need not processed on some machines. All general physical parameters, reproductive hormonal parameters, oxidative stress parameter, 25OH Vitamin D were performed in pre and post intervention condition by standardised procedure. Dental caries is known as a major public health problem worldwide effecting individuals. 976), carotenoid (-0. The result of the research shows that organizational commitment and competency partially and simultaneously have a positive and significant influence on job satisfaction and organizational performance, as well as job satisfaction have an influence on organizational performance in Bekasi City Government. 9% of them were primary. Of these data, 9-years data are used to generate ARIMA model while 1-year data are used for calibration. The effect of temperature, relative humidity, and rain fall on the population density of this mites were discussed in this paper. Le tr? The second harmonic generation of the grown crystals was confirmed by the Kurtz and Perry technique. 4. However, adhesives produced from hydrolyzed and oxidized starch showed exceptionally good adhesive properties. The percentage of in sufficient and unsatisfactory biopsies was 8. In King Lear, the main idea is how a man of a royal position foolishly wastes. Aspiration; always giving direction to the soldiers; and delegating soldiers in proper manner. 75 ? A few cases of metacarpal osteoid osteoma have been reported, but the phalanges are the most frequent sites in the hand, followed by the carpal bones. In this systematic review, we analyzed soft tissue changes and soft-to-hard tissue ratios regarding anterior maxillary segmental osteotomy. CMs must be keenly aware of the risks and implications of these challenges. This study therefore investigated the on-farm income diversification decisions of rural farm households in Anambra State. Scabies is serious (16%) not serious (24%) did not know about the seriousness (39%). 61% of the total population. Majority of hernias have occurred within one year of previous surgery. 78%, 67. Soldiers? There is no racial predilection and advancing age may be a risk factor, although this remains controversial. Thus, there is a need for increased financial and human resources for tobacco control, sustained advocacy and capacity building for enforcement, and strengthening of monitoring and enforcement mechanisms for WHO FCTC in India. About 8% of patients report a positive family history of Bell? Methods: Breast cancer patients treated with ORM between 2010 and 2015 were included. This increase in prevalence is an important factor, enabling precocious detection and better management of VHC infection within patients with type 2 diabetes. The existing soil at a particular location may not be suitable for the construction due to poor bearing capacity and higher compressibility or due to excessive swelling in case of expansive soils. Moreover, various statistical tools like ANOVA, trend analysis and regression analysis are used for analysing the data. 1). The objective of the study was to identify the risk factors contributing to severe acute malnutrition among children 0-59 months of age. 50%) was the most common group of lesions, followed by mucous pathology(1. The (%) of oil absorption in the potato chips was also measured. In order to fulfill this purpose we have simulated the WSN model using QualNet with the help of AODV routing protocol and Time Division Multiplexing Access (TDMA) based MAC protocol, which is energy efficient as compared to other existing protocols. The case attempts to collate the group? The study used the methods of Panel Data through estimating fixed effects model. Nine patients with type 2 diabetes in 200 (4,5%) were found to be infected with HCV. Natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes are now frequently occurring in the country. According to the findings of the first question of the research; the prevalence of internet addiction of university students in Turkey is medium level. However, intakes of dissolved oxygen-deficient hot water from the south occur exceptionally from one year to the next due to the effect of global warming of the oceans and may have an impact on the ecosystem state of this area. In the flora of the Mountain there are 49 floristic elements. The combination of these primary impairments has been targeted for various rehabilitation strategies in Physical therapy. Identification of a better technique to solve the OR problem is very important. Energy demand is increasing due to the expanding population growth in Botswana and the world at large. 0. B. Among the vascular plants, there are 26 Balkan endemic species, 4 Bulgarian endemic species and 26 relic species. 86) or specific survey measures, each of which had a response rate of at least 97% among people who completed any part of the survey. (2015) Colon cancer care and survival: income and insurance are more predictive in the USA, community primary care physician supply more so in Canada. It gives faster result as compared to other. It includes socio-demographic variables, perception & preference on EHRM & Attitude by PATCH Scale. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the safety of (ORM) surgery in King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC). As a result of this study in Chepan Mountain on the territory of only 25 km2 were found 784 species of wild vascular plants from 378 genera and 84 families. , we need to apply different data obtaining algorithms to check which data mining algorithms is efficient. It may be used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the development of new drug formulation for treating bacterial and fungal infections and also for treating inflammation related diseases in a cheaper rate with fewer side effects. Serum PON1 activity is more informative than the PON1 genotype in evaluating the severity and extent of cardiovascular disease in Iraqi patients. Pin tract infection with appearance of granulation tissue in one dog was seen at the intramedullary pin exit site. Ne pas prendre toute masse extra-surrénalienne en présence d’une tumeur maligne de la surrénale pour lésion secondaire, d’où l’intérêt d’une preuve histologique. The following five autonomic functional tests were performed on the study group: heart rate response to deep breathing, heart rate response to Valsalva maneuver, heart rate response to standing up from supine position, blood pressure response to sustained Results and Conclusion: In the present study, autonomic dysfunction was found in 67% of healthy postmenopausal women. Primary glaucoma was more common than secondary glaucoma. The frequency of FVL allele polymorphism in the control group was 0. The antioxidant activity was measured by DPPH method and the result showed that few metal complexes have been more potential activity. This paper also gives emphasis on number of women in total workforce and their wage rates. It is introduced in pharmacy of Ayurveda in later part of development, which is very specific in its mode of preparation and due to virtue of this particularity; it may have all volatile active substances in effective form in its final product. The study concludes with the recommendations that there is a strong need of the hour to educate rural people with regards to Insurance as a concept and as a product for effective implementation of this new crop insurance scheme. 61. 02). In the absence of 3D structures, computational methods are used for the structure prediction of proteins. Generally, these adhesives were found have good bonding strength on wood, cardboard, paper and leather materials. Result and discussion: Female in gender, working age of people and common migraine (unilateral side) was found to most prevalent in Rajkot region. Therefore, analysis on determinants in production of domestic pork (PDP) plays a critical role as an indicator for decision making of producer and distributor of pork. Design: The study was carried out using in-depth interviews and focus group discussions to generate relevant data for the research with 75 persons as participants in the in-depth interview and 40 participants who took part in the focus group discussions in four Local Government Areas of Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Esculenta was 20. A total of 1710 cases were studied. 9 cm to 1. S Business Model with focus on customer value proposition, customer relations, target segments, key processes, activities, resources, cost structure and revenues. Conclusion: Acute pancreatitis is a rare complication of transcatheter arterial chemoembolization, and may clinically mimic a postembolization syndrome at the early stage. Kruk. 6% with higher prevalence during the first year of marriage. An overview is presented with numerous descriptive studies which provides evidences on the appearances of parenting (as a part of scaffolding) and classifications of parenting styles (scaffolding strategies). Pneumoniae is an avid producer of AI-1 quorum sensing signal molecule. Christodoulou, J. The knowledge of this complication must lead to a systematic monitoring of serum pancreatic enzymes in cases of abdominal pain after chemoembolization. 89% of toxoplasmosis patients had a cute infection. 9 All analyses were adjusted for the number of household members on the lottery list because selection was random, conditional on household size. The objective of research includes to understand the effect of transformational leadership, capability, and commitment on motivation; to examine the impact of motivation on performance of members at the Command Unit of Military District 0807 Tulungagung; and to investigate the dominant effect that influences motivation and performance of soldiers at the Command Unit of Military District 0807 Tulungagung. G. 89% and 25. Feedstock costs are far expensive to be used as fuel. Shows the effects of Medicaid coverage research paper on life insurance on health care utilization, spending on health care, preventive care, access to and quality of care, smoking status, and obesity. CATIA? Wepropose an empirical study on the BENI MELLAL - KHENIFRA area. Journal of Community Health 40:6, 1216-1223. Transgenders are the human beings and we need to respect them with full dignity. When major banks were taken over by the Government of India. 2, 45. The decreasing reservoir volume of the dam has impacted dam function, and therefore, it is necessary to formulate a better plan for reservoir operational pattern to manage properly the existing water volume. D. Correlates with vascular lesions. Shows that Medicaid coverage led to a reduction in financial strain from medical costs, according to a number of self-reported measures. Mindset that is previously unmanaged. The improvements appear to be specific to depression and mental health measures; Medicaid coverage did not appear to lead to an increase in self-reported happiness, which is arguably a more general measure of overall subjective well-being. Since the establishment of this regency in 2002 until 2017, Nagan Raya was led by regent who closely related to the Tarekat Syattariyah. Coli as a model organism the effect of mobile waves of different frequencies on the growth has been tested. Minal R. 1% and 6. This study allows the identification of student perception levels in ten high school public schools in the City of San Francisco de Campeche, Mexico. METHODS: study type ? In the present study, 50 clinical strains (Burn wound and urological isolates) along with two standard strains of K. Demographic data, Improvement in Quality of Life in the two groups were compared. 8 hours per week. Different models for learning technology are defined, especially in basic schools. 4%, purposeless web surfing 42. Temperature showed a positive correlation r = 0. Information sharing plays an important role in the implementation of supply chain management due to the availability of data in a timely manner and can be distributed along the supply chain can help companies to respond the changing needs and desires of consumers faster. The open-ended empathical questions on their own perception on FIG were inquired and the responses were recorded and classified on it? 80. It is important to understand the challenges faced in effective implementation of WHO Framework convention on tobacco control (FCTC) in India, for reducing tobacco epidemic and its future health and financial consequences. The knowledge of food safety and innocuousness is indispensable when it is referred to foods and drinks production. And 1 from M. SMEs have been proved as a resilience entity when face the global crisis. 02), representing a relative reduction of 30%. 89 which is significant. Overall mean values of egg dimensions were recorded to be egg length (3. The species is close to Cunaxa potchensis Den Heyer (1979) but differs in having setae D4 and D5 smooth and not stipulate as well as in Chaetotaxy of palp. The use of non-edible plant oils is very significant because of the tremendous demand for edible oils as food source. Medicaid coverage significantly increased the probability of a diagnosis of diabetes and the use of diabetes medication, but we observed no significant effect on average glycated hemoglobin levels or on the percentage of participants with levels of 6. Health care field also much persuaded by the evolving technology. Addiction is a family problem and is a major source of stress for family members. The form of integrity in this paper is soldiers? (Melastomataceae) reported for the first time from India. 33%, hormonal imbalance 5% and dry eyes associated with systemic disease account for 5% only. Most common presenting complaint was midline infra-umbilical swelling with cough impulse and reducibility positive. For biofuel production in semi-arid areas of Senegal, three accessions were identified due to high seed yields. Significant antenatal history like maternal illness, ingestion of drugs, exposure to radiation was recorded. Such microbes with multiple PGP properties could be developed as bioinoculants and have the potential to fetch the profit in growing biotechnology sector of India. All formulations disintegrated within 15-30min. S impact it? The present work deals with the effect of orientation on tensile, compression and impact properties on sisal fibers oriented composite. Algae are very important component of aquatic ecosystem, known for producing several biologically active compounds with antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer activities. 0 mM (P0); 0. All Parameters were found within the permissible limits given by WHO (1984) and IS (1993). This first analysis it is complemented with a calculation base which contribute to the quantitative character of the method. 56 to 1. Jones, T. 22 ? It highlights on literacy level of women, Health status of women, and women? 5% of participants had more than 3 years of internet experience. It specifically influences the liquidly and profitability of firm. 80% Vs. 2% on professionalism. Method and Material: Prevalence of oral and maxillofacial lesions in pediatric patients were evaluated through a standardized self-explanatory questionnaire distributed in saveetha Dental college & hospitals(Chennai, Tamil Nadu). On the other hand, if the stresses exceed the threshold they may fail within no time. Result of research indicates that the commitment of soldiers at the Command Unit of Military District 0807 Tulungagung has an effect of 50% to membership motivation, while the motivation of soldiers at the Command Unit of Military District 0807 Tulungagung remains influential for 75. Since the related campaign and concept of urban agriculture are quite new in Malaysia, the objective of this study is to investigate the intention of urban dwellers towards practicing urban agriculture especially among the strata households. A systematic random sampling procedure was used to select the 375 respondents who were interviewed using a semi-structured self developed questionnaire. 15 to 7. This was retrospective institutional based study which involved all neonates born at term diagnosed with and without birth asphyxia. 3 % had diarrhea, 5. About 16. The redundant constraints removal in Big M method improve its performance. 0. S knowledge on breastfeeding and starting timely complementary feeding and family income may be the main risk factors contributing on development of severe acute malnutrition among children less than 5 years of age. Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) affecting 20% of patients, vitamin A deficiency accounts for 28. 1. 50 which is significant. Bell? The remaining 12 genotypes were infected with at least one of the major virus types (sweetpotato feathery mottle virus or sweetpotato chlorotic stunt virus). 2 % (n=139) of children had birth weight less than 2500 grams which indicting low birthweight, about 84. The objective of the present study was to evaluate and compare between nine different brands of Olmesartan medoxomil 40mg which are commercially available in Bangladeshi market. The result of the research describes that personality, leadership, and organizational culture give positive and significant influence to the work motivation and job satisfaction and it also gives influence to the performance of Islamic General Hospital Nursing Staff in Surabaya. The zone of inhibition generated during this study has been noticed in the range of 0. PON1 is a HDL-associated lipolactonase is considered to be atheroprotective by preventing LDL and cell membranes oxidation. 93? Lin, Michelle White, Ana Glover, Greta Peterson Wamah, Davi L. Holowaty, Nancy L. The framework will be created as an Android application, since many individuals today utilize Android, practically around 95% of the population. It is more palatable form of Ayurvedic dosage forms in comparison to Swarasa, kalka, kwath etc. The physicochemical equivalence of nine brands were determined through the evaluation of both official and non-official standards according to the USP pharmacopoeia including uniformity of weight, thickness, diameter, friability, hardness, disintegration, dissolution rate and drug content. In this paper we have shown how routing is done using an EIGRP based routing protocol. Tribals are backward and poor, living in naturally isolated regional inhabitant. (2017) Health Insurance Challenges in the Post-Affordable Care Act (ACA) Era: a Qualitative Study of the Perspective of Low-Income People of Color in Metropolitan Detroit. Methodology: This descriptive cross sectional study was carried out in Osogbo Local Government Area. N. Experimental work: 130 patients were enrolled in the study. As such, the integrative model can be used to address shortfalls and augment its combat readiness. During a forensic document examination a major question which arises in the mind of examiner is: when was a particular ink entry made on the document? Our second case diagnosed as a case of PE after taking 9months of ATT and he also prescribed Tab. Congenital anomalies can be defined as structural or functional anomalies that occur during intrauterine life and can be identified prenatally, at birth, or sometimes may only be detected later in infancy, such as hearing defects. It is regarded as one of the major epidemics in Assam. Coverage may take up to a week to appear. Warfarin (5mg) OD. To accomplish this task, the literature review was performed by using an extensive and wide ranging peer review (in four bibliographic databases) literature, policy documents and reports. For other three groups of islands, the Kalimantan Island, the islands of Nusa Tenggara and Other islands, the percentage of multiplier effects in own-region ranged from 70 to 80 per cent of total multiplier effects. Dissipation of energy of the flow by using of weirs can be accomplish in many ways, depending basically on the type of weir. Evaluation of Changes occurring in facial soft tissues after anterior maxillary segmental osteotomy without mandibular surgery is needed. According to Thang (2009) human resource capital is a basic source to achieve competitive advantage. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out on sixty healthy postmenopausal women before the age of 65 years, without any gross systemic disease. 6%). Data was analysed using SPSS-19 and AMSO-20. In our study, there is a statistically significant correlation between autonomic dysfunction and dyslipidemia in healthy postmenopausal women. 0 version and certain conclusions were made from the study after carrying out detailed scientific analysis of data using appropriate statistical tools. The study revealed that highly significant differences among provenances in all studied parameters except pod thickness. In digital signal processing techniques, the first step is the pattern recognition problem, which is essentially solved using recognition system based on speaker method. Additions, alterations, obliterations play an important role in document examination. Prior to further analysis, the requirements analysis test is performed. In this regards, EVA and the conventional measures of corporate performance are analysed. Data was analyzed by Pearson? In this study Tie-in pin configuration technique was employed in the stabilization of 5 femoral fractures and 1 bilateral humeral fracture in dogs. 73% of cancer patients had acute Toxoplasma infection. Recommendations: The paper recommends that in order to achieve enduring peace in the region, demands of the people should be taken seriously by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the International Oil Companies with an action plan immediately put in place to addressing the aspirations of the people of Niger Delta if justice and peace is to be part of the region Results: nine publications were included for quality assessment and meta-analysis. Non-edible plant oils which are known as the second generation feed-stocks can be considered as promising substitutions for traditional edible food crops for the production of bio-diesel. Precatorious, 3 from C. 50 ? For dealing with problems and heavy challenges in the future, therefore, solidity, cohesiveness and corp spirit of Indonesia National Army of Ground Force (TNI-AD) must be increased. An expression said that it was a leader who must take responsibility for the failure of certain work. Of them, four (14%) also purchased directly from the international market. S Dangling Man and Seize the Day. , E. This study was conducted in three Therapeutic Feeding Unites located in two tertiary hospital of Kabul city (Indira Gandhi Child Health and Miwand Hospitals) and one provincial hospital in Parwan province of Afghanistan. An efficient routing protocol forwards router update packets from a source node to a destination node through an optimal path and at the same time does not send many routing update packets thus maintaining the convergence of the network. Introduction: It is estimated that almost one half of hypertensive patients drop out entirely from treatment within one year for various reasons. And Corynebacteriumsp. Factor V Leiden (FVL) and prothrombin (PT) G20210A polymorphisms are the most frequent causes of inherited thrombophilia. Method: The Medicine Importation Process Assessment was jointly carried out by the General Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs. Therefore, field experiment was conducted to identify SPVD resistant sweetpotato varieties under field conditions at Hawassa, Dilla and Halaba districts in southern Ethiopia during 2014-2015 cropping seasons. And held that non-recognition of third gender for civil rights is violative of Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Part III of our Constitution of India. 3 % Pneumonia and 1 % Congenital Heart Disease. 05) in the average score on the mental component; the magnitude of improvement was approximately one fifth of the standard deviation of the mental-component score. Addition of fiber reinforcement in discrete form improves many engineering properties of concrete. Periapical radiograph revealed large dense calcified mass with impacted left maxillary first molar. It is being recommended that these strengths of the respondents be sustained by continuously conducting information, education, communication (IEC) campaign on DRRM, trainings and drills related to its programs and guidelines by collaborating with government and non-government agencies. The dissolution profiles showed inter and intra brand variability but all samples attained 75% dissolution within 45mins and complied with USP monograph. This pattern of findings with respect to clinically measured health — an improvement in mental health but not in physical health ( Table 2) — was mirrored in the self-reported health measures, with improvements concentrated in mental rather than physical health ( Table 3). Biofertilizers offer a new eco-friendly technology which would overcome short comings of the conventional chemical based farming. 09 to 22. It is argued also in this article that changes in the employment sector will lead to changing learner needs which will result into increased partnerships between universities and industrial organizations. The PAD who carry the RR genotype have a risk ratio 1. Analytical tool using SPSS version 21. It was found 0. 39 %) patients are not showing high HbF values ( < 20% HbF values are taken). Longitude, latitude and altitude. The results of study have shown that the ethyl acetate and ethanolic extracts obtained from the Tridax procumbens were active against at least one of the opportunistic fungi the results of this study have shown that the leaf and whole plant extraction of Tridax procumbens L. 4. 72%) and high(11. Swelling properties of cross-linked sodium polyacrylate hydrogels were measured in distilled water, tap water and aqueous sodium chloride solution respectively. The control ponds fed with experimental feed F1, F2 and F3 and the experimental ponds with soil, water and feed probiotics respectively. S test 81. 72. Introduction: Infection control is a major issue in medicine and dentistry because of concern over communicable diseases transmitted in health care settings. It was found that the proposed algorithm performs better than the existing algorithm with respect to both the objectives. In this sudy we presented our experience of pancreaticogastrostomy(PG) with our technique after pancreaicoduodenecomy. F. Hom, Charlene Wong, Christian Stillson, Jessica Zha, Carolyn C. Moreover, the result of all these parameters of different brands were in the pharmacopoeia limits. The physical-component and mental-component scores of the health-related quality of life measure are based on different weighted combinations of the eight-question battery; each ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to better health-related quality of life. (2017) The health and healthcare impact of providing insurance coverage to uninsured children: A prospective observational study. Unfortunately, protein structure determination using experimental methods is time consuming and not successful with all proteins, especially membrane proteins. Here we study whether HbF level has any relation to beta variants responding to Trans-Resveratrol therapy, it has been shown that even among good responders in some cases (8. 55 years, 56 ? 3% and medical charges are accounting for 24. Bronchoscopy showed normal anatomy on both sides. It provides valuable information about pathophysiological changes in various organs which may be important in the delineation of the sequence of events leading to maternal death. A face-to-face interview was carried out using structured questionnaires distributed to 400 respondents. 02). 3+_ 0. 66%. 6%, and 100% respectively. Moreover teachers confirmed the student answers. 69% to the total percentage of ST population of India. Life skill intervention can serve as a remedy for the problems as it will help the adolescents to lead a better life and handle the situation in a positive way. 62 (n=10) days. Type 2 diabetes and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection are two of the most important problems of public health in the world. Biology of the species was studied in the laboratory condition on the leaves of Terminalia arjuna. However, there is very less acceptability of the same among both patients and health care professionals, especially in the Indian subcontinent. 48 percentage points (95% CI, −8. Construction managers plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from development to completion. For this purpose, the paper depends upon two key elements: diversity and culture. Democratic? The biological types are represented mainly by perennial herbaceous plants (59. 9%. The disease involves the right and left nerves in equal proportions and is recurrent in approximately 10% of cases it occurs bilaterally less than 1% of the time. The scheme (MGNREGA) in Kishtwar region (then a tehsil of erstwhile Doda) was implemented in the first phase. It was found that the mean incubation period was 3. The students spent time as online 5. Transgender? 46 days. Results of this study revealed that 52. The different extracts showed wide spectrum of a fungal activity. (1) Leadership character at Kodam V Brawijaya is represented by directive leadership character. The effects of microbes in aquaponics need to be evaluated to optimize systems performance. Construction manager will succeed in their job if they can adequately lead their workers to complete the job correctly. As a conclusion, our result showed that studing and learning ICT, is more affective for education system, and helps students to improve their knowledge in other subjects. H. The association between tuberculosis and pulmonary embolism is rare. Medicaid coverage decreased the probability of a positive screening for depression (−9. It is suggested that activities supporting the solidity must be closely related to the integrity of leader because it is needed to avoid polemic that occurs in the information age. The program is supported by two laws Republic Act 10121 or the Philippine Risk Reduction Management Act and Presidential Decree No. The data indicated higher number of fecal coliform and aerobic nitrogen fixers (ANF) and also high heterotrophic bacterial density. The study also reveals that only the use of herbal medicine was significantly associated with adherence to medication. Samples were cultured directly on specific medium (Alkaline peptone water , TcBs) bacteria was identified according to cultural characteristics , biochemical tests (Api 20 , serotyping and antibiotic sensivity test . , a foliose lichen and Rinodina sophodes (Ach. As a result of this study, the independent variables to explain PDP were selected by 7 and 4 variables through variance inflation factor and stepwise selection method, respectively. Immense numbers of documents are written, printed and copied each year and so are the suspect documents. Tumefaciens A-136 (pDSK519) E. Large scale propagation can be standardized through Tissue culture where the yield is more and the produced plants are disease free. 24% of cancer patients and 30. Identification of suspected documents has become common subject for forensic document examination. The data will be analyzed by structural equation modeling. The Shanon-Weiner? Offers and opportunities in agriculture are limited compared to other industries, hence the need for short- and medium-term plans of actions in order to convince relevant parties of the attractiveness of the rural areas to be promoted. The sperm was evaluated for motility and membrane integrity by hypo-osmotic swelling test (HOST) before freezing (50C) and after freezing. 30% of the patients had previous history of peptic ulcer disease. Improvements include increasing the weight bearing capabilities and performance of in-situ subsoils, sands and other waste materials in order to strengthen road surfaces Origin of MGNREGA Act, 2005 is a revolutionary step to the process of policy implementation in India. Present Study was an attempt to provide intervention programme in the form of Life Skills for rural adolescents living with alcoholic parents in Shillong, Meghalaya, India. , 1 from Gliricidia sp. A cohort retrospective study all histopathological diagnosed cases of lung diseases between January 2003 and December 2012 through a computerized database search of the anatomic pathology archives. Diesel engines produce less carbon emissions when compared but it is necessary to reduce NOx emissions in the diesel engines. The paper highlighted the major issues like, social, religious, educational, health related problems and many more. Shows estimated effects of Medicaid coverage on blood-pressure, total and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and glycated hemoglobin levels and depression. Analyse physico-chimique. Dissent, peaceful or otherwise, has almost always meant persecution. Attitude toward leader may change the existing ethic and norm professed by TNI-AD soldiers. Grasping Buyer Behavior is what a Marketer has to do. The problem faced by the top management at was to keep track of the various activities at site for e. In present study that focused the coverage of minority issues by Pakistani electronic media, objectively the issue of Kot Radha Kishan Lahore and said the survey questionnaire from the audience. S palsy is defined as an idiopathic paresis or paralysis of the facial nerve. Kurland, Kimberle Vore, Barbara P. The seaweed also good source of micro & macro elements required for plant nutrition. H. Results: In total, 34 organizations were selected for the survey, and 29 (85%) responded to the questionnaire. Studied for Alkalinity, Hardness, Total suspended solid (TSS), Total dissolve Solid (TDS), Iron, Calcium, Chloride, Electrical conductivity (EC) and Dissolve oxygen (DO) during the pre and post rainy season. Despite the current emphasis on prevention in dental education, and although there have been some studies of the attitude, habits, and awareness among dental students and dentist, very few studies have focused on the orientation of the attitude, knowledge and awareness among professions other than dental like Medical, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Engineering and MBA. Research lasts for 3 months from 18 January 2017 to 21 March 2017 at Kodam V Brawijaya. The main aim of the paper is to successfully set up two unique, redundant methods of measuring both body fat and hydration and compare these measurements to a commercial device. Results: Findings show that 27 of them had very low positive attitude, 12 of them had low positive attitude, 12 of them had very low negative attitude & 19 of them had low negative attitude. But among benign and malignant group there was no significant difference. The effect of professionalism would increase integrity leadership where the increase of their self-identity and their chance to develop among TNI-AD soldiers may go along with the increase of integrity leadership. 78 was used to collect data. E. We used the random assignment in the lottery to calculate the effect of Medicaid coverage. Just over half the participants were women, about a quarter were 50 to 64 years of age (the oldest eligible age group), and about 70% were non-Hispanic white. Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition (Volume 1): Essential Surgery, 339-352. Conclusions: Low level of knowledge about the diseases (44%), public health workers should give priority to health education, media play good role in dissemination of information. 0. Introduction: Impairments in the upper extremity in CP may include muscle tone abnormality, imbalance between agonist and antagonist group of muscles, spasticity, alignment problem, decreased strength and impaired motor control. Green chemistry? The blue ballpoint ink is separated in order to find out the composition of ink and its separation within their brands, model and batches and also to find out that which technique of chromatography is best and also to find out which solvent system is best to perform ink analysis. 4%, 69. 9 %(n=60) of children started complementary feeding with the age of 6-8 months which is appropriate time. Decomposer is where the Adblue solution decomposes into ammonia and CO2. Results showed that 5 (50%) of samples were positive for isolation of Vibrio cholera after further identification for isolated found 1 isolate was positive for V. The extensive experiments are performed on two different image data bases to validate the superiority of the proposed method. The proposed instrument shows up automated for a better application. Only a small proportion of inputs from the rest of the country were required in producing goods and services in those islands. Background: Significant effect of mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) therapy has been demonstrated on depression. 57 percentage points; 95% CI, 7. 66% cases, tear meniscus height 86. 001. The paper is based on field study in Srinagar. Mortality rate due to peptic ulcer perforation was about 2% which was quite less as compared to older population due to good physiological reserves. Schiff base and its metal complexes were also investigated for its cytotoxic effect against human breast cancer (MCF7) cell lines and it was observed that homo-binuclear Cu(II) and Co(II) complexes showed a good antitumor activity. In each association there is dependably a need of meeting and gathering corridors. The antifungal activity of various solvent extracts of Termitomyces was tested against five species of fungus Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans, Penicillium notatum, Muco rracemous. To ? No recurrence was observed. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 allows states to extend Medicaid eligibility to all adults with incomes of up to 138% of the federal poverty level. 47? INK? In this paper, the better performance of Big M method on transport network with non ? Mushrooms are the macro fungi group which has many valuable properties, like antitumor, ant cancerous, antibacterial, antifungal etc. Common etiological factors were H. 4. FT-IR spectroscopic analysis was done for the synthesized hydrogel and the results showed the evidence of positive reactions. Result: 31 cases (48%) of maternal deaths were in the age group 25-29 years, and most were primigravida. SMEs in Indonesia influences national economic growth. Perinatal asphyxia has an incidence of 1 to 6 per 1,000 live full-term births, and represents the third most common cause of neonatal death (23%) after preterm birth (28%) and severe infections (26%). 6 cm on Klebsiella pneumonia, 1. Data analysis technique uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with Software WarpPLS 5. 30% (control), 52. A total of 118 respondents participated in this study. And Pseudomonas aeruginosa). As diagnosed properly with the standard Pressure Flow study and also by estimation of detrusor muscle oxygenation with the NIRS technique ? Hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and depression are only a subgroup of the set of health outcomes potentially affected by Medicaid coverage. 2 g, Corynebacterium sp. Vygotsky? In recent years, Economic Value Added (EVA) framework is gradually replacing the traditional measures of financial performance on account of its robustness and its immunity from creative accounting. The proportional representation of crimes against sexual freedom and morality in the Stip appellate region in proportion to the overall representation of this crime at the level of the Republic of Macedonia indicates that in this area the number of such crimes is very small compared to the total number of sex crimes in the Republic of Macedonia. 6% indicating a sizable prevalence especially during the first year of marriage. 06 ? BAL fluid microscopy on cytospin smear showed reactive columnar and squamous epithelial cells ,alveolar macrophages ,few neutrophils,lymphocytes and mucoid cells and no frank malignant cell. Conventional periodontal regenerative procedures involved reflection of large periodontal flaps for access to achieve improved clinical outcomes of periodontally compromised teeth. As a result a shift from ? Microwave assisted synthesis of chalcones under solvent-free conditions resulted in a ? We found no significant effect of Medicaid coverage on the probability that a person was a smoker or obese. After 7 days, lesions started resolving ,after 2 weeks cavity vanished and he was symptomatically better ,pain and cough decreased. 21%on an average of 6 days of admission in the hospital. Purpose of this study is to determine the impact of training effectiveness on employee performance in banks of Mordabad (Uttar Pradesh) district. F. People with scabies should be encouraged to seek medical help and avoid sharing cloths and blankets. This paper delineated the Nigerian national policy statements to integrate computer information technology into the school system. Many women in Mexico are every day since, I achieved important status and both private enterprise and relevant institutions. 4? Though many varieties of birds are seen in and around the dam no study has been conducted so far on the bird diversity of the area. The physico-chemical parameters were analyzed using standard methods. It is important to process the uttered signal for fast and accurate speaker recognition system. The information about invasive alien plants species in the mountain is published for the first time. Different compression techniques are compared and applied to diverse ultrasound images. This study mainly aims to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices on disaster risk reduction and management of the barangay officials of the thirteen barangays of Baler, Aurora, Philippines considering that this province is prone to natural disasters because of its geographic location. The results of the study show that respondents have positive perceptions on urban agriculture and most of them have intentions to practice urban agriculture in the future. Congenital anomalies are also known as birth defects, congenital disorders or congenital malformations. 15; P=0. This study was conducted on SMEs in Surabaya to assess the effect on dynamic capabilities when faced the external environmental changes which are frequently uncontrollable and unpredictable. Performance. In this study, multi-template homology modeling was used to predict the 3D structure of MCT8 protein. M) motion and the interactions between the constituent quarks arising out of Goldstone-Boson exchange(GBE), which are considered to play an important contributing to the energy of the Baryon core, were not taken into account in our earlier works, the baryon resonance spectra are calculated in a chiral symmetric ? Larger plans, those with more than 10,000 participants, have seemed to squeeze their providers to their limits as median fees were unchanged. 94%, 61. Our results showed a real diversity of Cytochrome b compared to Beta-fibrinogen. Though several genetic, non-genetic and pharmacological factors reported to influence the Trans-Resveratrol response in different early studies, the response to Trans-Resveratrol is significantly different among good, moderate and non-responders irrespective of the IVS I-5 (GC), the common beta mutation here and even among other β0 or β+thalassaemia mutations. We recommend the use of DWI in addition to conventional MRI to increase the preoperative sensitivity and accuracy of identifying and locating nonpalpable testes. Osbeckia walkeri Arn. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 77:2, 298-303. S biodiversity is very rich with many types of rare flora and fauna. Ocular pain and fatigue are the most common symptoms (53. Pudica) were recovered and were studied for PGP activities viz. It increased the probability of a diagnosis of diabetes and the use of medication for diabetes, but it had no significant effect on the prevalence of measured glycated hemoglobin levels of 6. The organism showed good bioremediation activity in broth as well as in soil with the crude feather. Mass(c. However, due to heavy snowfall, the area remains cut off from the surroundings making movement of the people from one place to other difficult. The production trend of sweetpotato in Ethiopia is increasing in terms of area and volume of production and the country has very suitable climatic and edaphic conditions for its production. The Male : Female ratio was found to be 1 : 1. As ? From thirty (30) Senegalese women were tested, the notice is that a mitochondrial (Cytochrome b) and a nuclear (Beta-fibrinogen) gene evaluated the level of genetic diversity, genetic differentiation and demographic evolution. Results: data regarding age and sex incidence, clinical presentation, site of incisional hernia, previous surgery, time of occurrence after previous surgery, risk factors, research paper on nuclear energy size of hernial defect, type of operation, post operative complications were studied. Mathematical creativity is the process of producing more than one response of mathematical problem. Dried algal powder after identification were cold extracted & screened for glycosides,alkaloids,saponins,flavanoids,tannins,terpenoids,phenolics,anthraquinones,cardiac glycosides, etc. Coli MG4 (λ1. 008). Conclusion: Studies that may show importance of support group to improve adherence is necessary as in other chronic illnesses such as HIV and Tuberculosis. 95 points (95% CI, 0. 60? The present article highlights the five components which can be adopted by the parents in order to enhance cognitive and social entry skills of children in a positive way. In this paper we implemented feature extraction of speech signal using Mel Frequency Cepstral analysis (MFCC) and the result of MFCC analysis are a series of vector characteristics, used to build Vector Quantization (VQ) codebook. Despite these limitations, our study provides evidence of the effects of expanding Medicaid to low-income adults on the basis of a randomized design, which is rarely available in the evaluation of social insurance programs. It was also observed that Proline accumulation was more in 20% and 30% fly ash series as well as in combination with Cynodon in comparison to control. This complication has a significant morbidity and mortality potential when it is associated with other complications. N. The complete weight bearing was ranging from 32nd - 90th postoperative day. The composite is a synergetic blend of synthetic and vitamin-based antioxidants, with effective chelators to obtain the highest oxidative stability impact during deep frying. Nous avons effectu? Effective infusion of computer technology into the education system requires capacity building and national policy that are contextualized in reflective communicative interaction. This study was methodically undertaken by the researcher by focusing on the problem how physical growth of children who are studying in kindergarten level is differ through gross motor skill. At present there is no formal platform to coordinate these activities. The fruits bought from Creek Road Market revealed the highest % incidence occurrence while those in Mile 1 Market had a lower % incidence occurrence. Implementing and assuring utilization of maternal health care services is potentially one of the most effective health interventions for preventing maternal morbidity and mortality. Methods: The study interviewed 118 selected participants of Jackson Heart Study Community Health Advisory Network (JHS CHAN) along with some other community members. Children are more at risk of child abuse, neglect, and behavioral problems. In order to develop a student? 46 days. Mass cultures of isolates were centrifuged to get the bacterial cell pellet and supernatant. Breast cancer is the commonest cancer affecting women across all age groups. 1? 5%, 80. Gliricidia sp and Mimosa pudica (M. Where stone pelting is frequent. Different treatment with hyperthermia or ZSC fruit extract or combination reduced the level of sGPT and sGOT but not significantly. Conclusion: The magnitude of the reported soft tissue changes and their ratios corresponding to the osseous movements varied among studies. After that the subjects who were randomly assigned to receiving body scan meditation underwent 45 minutes guided meditation and 15 minutes discussion for one week. Work achievement is organizational commitment. Patient had no previous history of abdominal surgery. 16 ? P05) improved. Breast conservation surgery is the standard of care in the treatment of early breast cancer. 42 (n=10). Motivation and performance must be done once in 3 months to recognize the parameters for successful effect of leadership transformation, capability, and commitment on soldiers? For achieving this, a continuous process of training interventions in banks is a must. The anitcariogenic effect of CPP-ACP has been attributed to the multiphosphoseryl-containing sequences of casein. Background-Peritonitis due to peptic ulcer perforation is one of the common causes of gastrointestinal tract perforation. A significant difference was observed in the mean AgNOR counts among the3 groups (P < 0. Elevated values of ΕΤ-1 and IL-6 were found, but they were not statistically significant. 00 ? The specimens were then stretched to 23 mm and mounted between the rows of the stainless steel pins on the acrylic jig. Background: In developing countries a large number of women are dying due to factors related to pregnancy and child birth. 64%) of total cases and the females were 127 (45. 06 varying from 1 to 5. It is argued, in this article, that global pressure will lead to continuous alignment of University of Zambia extension education curriculum to meet the international standard. Second group (Group B) consisted of three alcohol containing mouthwashes of varying alcohol content from 21. Finally, the spatial linkage analysis consistently confirms that the island of Sumatra and the island of Java were more independent with weak spatial linkages. Construction industry faces many challenges, stemming from a variety of sources. Aniline blue staining was performed in both fresh and frozen tissues of testis during which RNase protection of collapsed chromatin was observed, and collapsed chromatin was mainly due to apoptosis, that is known from the previous records. Conclusion: The overall prevalence of physical wives abuse was 21. This article reports a 23 years old man presented with a 2-week history of right upper quadrant pain with fever. Oral health is an integral part of general health and a valuable asset for any individual. A simulation study is carried out to check the consistency of the ML estimators of the parameters. 5% or higher. P. González-Fraile, P. 9%) students stated they use internet daily, 89 (30. 63%) and methylxanthines(11. The purpose of this paper is to introduce semi-regular weakly continuous (briefly srw-continuous), semi-regular weakly irresolute (briefly srw-irresolute), perfectly semi-regular weakly continuous (briefly perfectly srw-continuous) and strongly semi-regular weakly continuous (briefly strongly srw-continuous) functions by using srw-closed and srw-open sets properties and also we discuss their basic properties. In the colorimetry and ? C. Before plunging into liquid nitrogen (LN2), the straw containing sperm was placed 5 cm above liquid nitrogen surface for equilibration to nitrogen vapour temperature for 5 min before direct plunged into liquid nitrogen. The main objectives of this study were: to examine whether the sample companies has been able to generate value for its shareholders; to analyze the effectiveness of EVA over the conventional measures of corporate performance, and to indicate whether the significant differences exists between the values of EVA and other profitability measures of the sampled companies. 05) except the mental health as compared to placebo group. 00 ? Both dental personnel and patients are always at risk of communicating diseases during treatment. S) recommended procedures to achieve its strategic objectives of pharmaceutical procurement. In this connection, a research study has been research paper on life insurance undertaken to study the perception of the IOB officers towards training programmes offered by their bank. Results showed that the composite has better stability against thermal oxidation when compared to TBHQ after multiple frying (P≤0. Choice of an antidepressant drug should be based on best side effect profile and lowest risk of drug-drug interaction. At last, the judiciary is looked upon as the last resort to deal with such issues. T. Persons who were randomly selected in the lottery were sent an application. Haryono Road No. Beyond issues of power, the effects of Medicaid coverage may be limited by the multiple sources of slippage in the connection between insurance coverage and observable improvements in our health metrics; these potential sources of slippage include access to care, diagnosis of underlying conditions, prescription of appropriate medications, compliance with recommendations, and effectiveness of treatment in improving health. Organization may fail or success mostly because of leadership. Solubilization), Indole acetic acid (IAA) production and ACC deaminase activity. Second, our estimates speak to the effect of Medicaid coverage on the subgroup of people who signed up for the lottery and for whom winning the lottery affected their coverage status; in the Supplementary Appendix we provide some additional details on the characteristics of this group. BMC Public Health 17:1. Deux pr? Net etc.. Motivation and performance. Antenatal ultrasonography (USG) findings were noted, there were 74 babies with congenital anomalies , overall incidence of congenital anomalies was 2. Chepan Mountain is located in Western Bulgaria. The majority of patients (87%) did not require any further breast surgery. 008) shows its significance. 44. With this perspective in mind bacterial isolates from four different sites of Indo-gangetic plain soils were tested. Among the antenatal service users, 41% had less than four antenatal visits. Integrity is a first condition in choosing leader, and then followed by intelectual and managerial capabilities of TNI-AD. Such people are not treated with respect and human dignity. 15. The active role of siddha medicine in combating diseases is being widely recognized nowadays. Socio-demographic: risk factors of birth asphyxia included mother? 36%),anti-histamines(30%)anti inflammatory(29. The level of knowledge and skills of the existing manpower and their level of commitment towards achieving corporate goals is the measure of critical distinctive competence of a firm. 07-2. Kerato conjunctivitis sicca commonly affect elderly of more than 40 years of age. 41%),radicular cyst was found to be higher, followed by glandular cyst. Majority of the samples 70% were reported good, 30% were reported excellent and no one reported poor. Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei is one the most intensively cultivated shrimp in India as well as world. 02 (n=17) at station V. Analyses were performed with the use of Stata software, version 12. 10 ? Mean age of POAG patients was 58. 76 days (n=10). Knowledge develops when nurses combine & identify the relationship between different pieces of information. We described a different technique of pancreaticogastrostomy without anterior gastroatomy. India? 5%) and diabetes (12. A thorough medical history and meticulous physical examination was done and relevant investigations ordered to find out the presence of underlying cardiovascular diseases and risk factors The first group (Group A)served as Control group (Deionised water). 27%),medium(55. Task-Sharing or Public Finance for Expanding Surgical Access in Rural Ethiopia: An Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. 95 years, mean age of PACG patients was 61. Since implementation of planning in India, several policies and approaches were made to reduce inequalities between women and men. Incisional hernia is a common complication of abdominal surgery and an important source of morbidity. The paper collects together and describes the main and most known Agile methodologies. In the absence of legislation to deal particularly on live-in relationship as well as gay relationships in India, the partners in these types of relationships often face hardships. Whereas the information quality what, when, how, and with whom the information is shared. Penicillium oxalium was only observed in Pineapple ( Ananas comosus) in all the sampled locations while Aspergillus flavus was only observed in Pawpaw (Carica papaya) and it had the least percentage incidence occurrence in all the sampled locations. The research is aimed to find out the influence of personality, leadership, and organizational culture towards the performance of Islamic General Hospital Nursing Staff in Surabaya with work motivation and job satisfaction as the mediating variable. These factors were positive attitude towards urban agriculture concept, confidence in practicing urban agriculture, societal environment and role model influences. Supreme Court was very firm in its decision as to provide equality of status and opportunity to transgenders living in society. 33%). Dudley syndrome (AHDS). The paper shows a balanced assessment of the meaning of multiculturalism. 001) and using medications for diabetes (5. The search for anti-VHC Antibodies, the assessment of liver function and glycemic balance were performed on all patients. The crystallinity nature of the grown crystals was analyzed by powder X-ray diffraction analysis. A. The photoluminescence properties of the grown crystals were investigated. Commonest risk factors were midline infra-umbilical incision (59%), post operative infection (38%) and obesity. Tribal community in India has been the most vulnerable community. They include-Rhizopus stolonifer, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium sp and Penicillium oxalicum. 6 t ha-1, respectively, with yield advantage of 262. The study samples were collected from 30 in-patients with alcohol dependence syndrome (ADS) using a self-rating scale. Value creation. We also plotted distribution maps of liquor stores and fast food stores. However, both the groups received pharmacological treatment as usual. Woman Employees and Workplace conflict? S paramount that they coordinate with other agencies who have expertise on this aspect. Our results indicate that controversial relationships regarding the PON1 rs 662 (Q192R) polymorphism and CVD. Women constitute almost half of the total population in India but they are not enjoying their freedoms, equalities, privileges, on part with their male counterparts. The clinical-trial literature indicates that the use of oral medication for diabetes reduces the glycated hemoglobin level by an average of 1 percentage point within as short a time as 6 months. 13-16 Nonetheless, our power to detect changes in health was limited by the relatively small numbers of patients with these conditions; indeed, the only condition in which we detected improvements was depression, which was by far the most prevalent of the four conditions examined. Moreover, although we did not find a significant change in glycated hemoglobin levels, the point estimate of the decrease we observed is consistent with that which would be expected on the basis of our estimated increase in the use of medication for diabetes. To study the soil physical properties of cold arid zone of different land uses in North -Western Himalayas, H. Predicting the future direction of Extension Education, offered by the University of Zambia, is neither a simple nor a straightforward topic, yet it is the focus of this article. Hence the balance decreases as age progresses. This study describe the participation of Tarekat Syatariah on the regional election in Nagan Raya along with its triumph during the period of 2002-2006, 2006-2012, an 2012-2017, and factors causing fails in the election in 2017 that was considered as the beginning of fall it in the governance. 0. World wars were an enormous loss, because it collapsed and shook the entire world upside down. The International Cancer Centre (CIRC) stated that there is an important increase of breast cancer throughout the world. 52%). 81%). Out of total 422 neonates, 123 (29. Only 2 cases of SJS showed poor response. Thus an effective and easy to understand framework is required to save the corridor previously and make the data accessible to others to check the constant status of the lobby before booking. Measures included blood-pressure, cholesterol, and glycated hemoglobin levels; screening for depression; medication inventories; and self-reported diagnoses, health status, health care utilization, and out-of-pocket spending for such services. 2 cm to 1. Recently, in planning the operational pattern of the reservoir, Perum Jasa Tirta I (PJT-I) as the manager of Selorejo Dam uses feasible debit to predict debit inflow. Solid? 0. In this study there is no significant relation between patient satisfactions with quality of nursing care by different variables. 15 This estimate from the clinical literature suggests that the 5. The reason for this examination is looking at the relationship between working capital management practices and profitability of listed pharmaceutical firms in India. This technology can be implemented in form of organic farming for sustainable agriculture which is better solution for eco friendly approach. Gorey, Sindu M. From the Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health (K. Despite the important advances in perinatal care in the past decades, asphyxia remains a severe condition leading to significant mortality and morbidity. The study primarily deals with malaria disease and the scenario of malaria in Lakhimpur district. 87 per inflorescence. 0. 8 % (n= 162) were boys and 46. The Control group (Group A) consisted of Deionized (DI) water. 7 to −1. Hypertension (22. Results indicated that there is a relationship exists between the five pillars of development and the social development of the child. We chose these conditions because they are important contributors to morbidity and mortality, feasible to measure, prevalent in the low-income population in our study, and plausibly modifiable by effective treatment within a 2-year time frame. However, the mathematical models and formulae used for the measure are focused mainly on either the tangible or the intangible elements. 8. 2. Eight (40%) of those organizations monitoring the performance of their suppliers did so at regular intervals. In Kurdistan Region and Iraq learning technology for basic school is a new subject called ICT. The location of research is at Pusdik Arhanud addressed at Karangploso Road, Malang Regency. The authors introduced semi-regular weakly closed sets and semi-regular weakly open sets in topological spaces and established their relationships with some generalized sets in topological spaces. 4. Attitude and style of leader must be set in compliance with leadership situation or precondition of a good leader. It is discovered that there is one gathering corridor in each association. 18%) medication adherence was observed. Secondly, the flow-on effects, by which the net-impact of change in final demand is measured, provides more accurate measures than that of total. The friability test was within the specified limit (except for Brand O2). Also, capital adequacy and liquidity have a significant impact on ROA at 10% significance level ,but have no significant impact on ROE. Tarekat (the order of Islamic mysticism) had significant role upon the Islamic life of the people in Indonesia. This study identified the most suitable templates for the 3D structure prediction of MCT8. In this case, the first possible etiology of acute pancreatitis was transcatheter arterial chemoembolization, because there were no other causes of acute pancreatitis, the chronology was compatible and the vascular opacification has showed a regurgitation of embolic materials during the procedure . The least 0. Therefore, the companies have to develop a network of cooperation with partner companies in the provision of goods and services for consumers efficiently by managing of supply chain management. In addition, community health workers should be trained for emergency obstetric care, basic newborn care including preliminary resuscitation measures to provide skilled birth attendance and encourage early recognition and referral for early interventions. One factor improving soldiers? Large doses of sodium penicillin were administered postoperatively as anti-infective therapy. Therefore, to overcome the occurrence of terrorism it is necessary to do some prevention to terrorism is not growing and can be eradicated or eliminated one of them is by freezing the terrorist funds so that their actions can be stopped. Data was collected through personally administered questionnaires. This is a case of a 50 year old male with multiple psychiatric admissions and medication non-adherence with past psychiatric diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. S. 8% and 67. In that way I have a taken a condition called PCOS which in Tamil commonly known as Sinaipai Neerkatti and Karbakandhi Ennai is the drug that I have taken for the study from the literature Anubhava Siddha Vaidhya Muraigal which has been indicated for infertility. It is introduced a concept of a curvature of a color discrimination space and a tensor of a ? For group C the mean bacterial colony count was 2. So it could be concluded that marketed pharmaceutical tablets of Olmesartan medoxomil of these brands are safe, effective and efficacious as well as satisfy quality control limits of pharmacopoeia.. 3. The central constructs were assessed through ABAB Design Experiment and the methods adopted for this purpose was intervention of activities and observation of the social skills in child. Then, all patients underwent a complete clinical examination. 4), P. Pneumoniae were found to produce AHLs, the quorum sensing signal molecule which was subsequently confirmed by HPLC. We report a case of an osteoid osteoma of the right first metacarpal bone in a 32-year-old woman. It contributes more than 5% of the total cases recorded in the country annually. In 2008, Oregon initiated a limited expansion of its Medicaid program for low-income adults through a lottery drawing of approximately 30,000 names from a waiting list of almost 90,000 persons. 1. Taking into account the color-electrostatic and magnetic energies due to one gluon exchange(OGE) interaction, along with that due to the residual quark-pion coupling arising out of the requirement of the chiral symmetry and due to necessary centre-of? The predicted 10-year risk of cardiovascular events was measured with the use of the Framingham risk score, which estimates risk among persons older than 30 years of age according to sex, age, levels of total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and use or nonuse of blood-pressure medication, status with respect to diabetes, and smoking status, with the predicted risk of a cardiovascular event within 10 years ranging from less than 1% to 30%. Methods: Quantitative approach with descriptive research design was used. However the minimum Proline content was recorded in a series where soil was amended with Cynodon, 10% fly ash and inoculated with VAM fungi, PSF and nitrogen fixer (Rhizobium). 3% over the local check and 43 to 56% over the standard check. 3 on Staphylococcus aureus. 90? The exploratory case details the growth of Coral Group, a progressive multi-venture Jaipur-based activity group engaged in diverse businesses including Real estate, Paper and Tyre industries. S (WHO? Fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) is a new structural material which is gaining increasing importance. 2%. 191. Women in research paper on life insurance Kerala are a valuable, healthy and educated resource; and can contribute effectively in all aspects of development of the state. Content validity of the test was determined by the teachers from different schools. The enormous majority of complex life on earth requires oxygen for its survival. By doing so the paper aims at contributing to the theme of Agile application in non-software industries. Data were analysed using mean, frequency and exploratory factor analysis. The authors report a bilateral case in a 19-year-old boy and intend to discuss it on the basis of data from the literature. The laws emphasize the role of the local government officials from governors, to mayors and barangay officials to be responsible and take the lead in their respective areas on matters related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. These challenges can have an impact on project success. The questionnaire made based on best practices in pharmaceutical importation system in Afghanistan. N. 9% got the knowledge through mass media and 37. This method will overcome the introduction of the noisy examples by the users. The 95% confidence intervals for many of the estimates of effects on individual physical health measures were wide enough to include changes that would be considered clinically significant — such as a 7. 0. Some special models in the exponentiated moment exponential power series family of distributions are provided. 11% and 56. Top management commitment towards quality management system is generally perceived as one of the key factors in determining its success. 6 years in non-abused group. These sensor nodes are embedded with limited power backup and equipped with limited computing and radio communication capabilities. Eau pour l? To overcome this problem there is a dire need to search for new antibacterial compounds from various sources. , S. It is found that OGE corrections require a value of quark gluon coupling constant α_c=0. A study on the seasonal fluctuation in the population density of vegetable spider mite, Tetranychus neocaledonicus on the cassava was carried out from April, 2016 to March,2017 in Puthuparamba , Malappuram district of Kerala. In this paper 12 research articles of various researchers have been studied and compared. 61 and 81. The research adopted a quantitative approach using post-positivism paradigm philosophy and quantitative method design. Raja. The WHO classifications for severe acute malnutrition (weight for height <-3 z-score or bilateral petting edema) were used to identify children 0-59 months of age with severe acute malnutrition. The genotypes are promising for registration as a variety after verification and can be recommended for direct production as well as donor parents for breeding program aiming at development of sweetpotato varieties resistant to SPVD. Welfare? Citizens or legal immigrants; they had to be ineligible for other public insurance and uninsured for the previous 6 months, with an income that was below 100% of the federal poverty level and assets of less than $2,000. Incidents of forgery have increased tremendously and to alter these documents pens are widely used. S scope, among other valuable skills. According to PATCH Scale 3 of them had uneasiness to use computers in health care, 30 of them got limited awareness, 35 of them got realistic view & only 2 of them had enthusiastic view. S. In equal diameter balls. Major outcomes in high-risk hypertensive patients randomized to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or calcium channel blocker vs diuretic: the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT). Methods: A cross-sectional retrospective study was conducted from July to December 2016 in North region, Afghanistan, to assess to determine the proportion visit for ANC & subsequence visits of mentioned ARCS clinics. Two real data sets are used to validate the distributions and the results demonstrate that the sub-models from the family can be considered as suitable models under several real situations. In the control group, 30% of the survey respondents had positive screening results for depression, and we detected elevated blood pressure in 16%, a high total cholesterol level in 14%, and a glycated hemoglobin level of 6. Mutations in the MCT8 gene lead to a syndrome named Allan? The sample consisted of only one child of 3 years of age. It is a hotly debated and has covered a wide range of policies. Galbraith, Marguerite E. 88. Data from a sample of 200 bank employees, working with public and private sector banks of Moradabad district, was collected. It may result from the development of ischemia caused by regurgitation of embolic materials into the vessels supplying the pancreas. In this investigation utilized secondary data collected from all the 10 listed pharmaceutical firms in India covering the period from 2011-2016. L. At the 1 year follow-up there was no evidence of recurrence. Modern greenhouse environment monitoring application require wireless sensor nodes to monitor the parameters like temperature, humidity, soil moisture etc. Scheduled tribes are indications of primitive traits, distinctive culture, geographical isolation, shyness of contact with the community at large, and backwardness. 1. 1% (n=184) of them were delivered at home. Tie-in pin configuration technique was well suited for the repair of femoral and humeral diaphyseal fractures in dogs with a few negligible minor complications This study was designed to investigate the impact of five pillars of development on social development of a preschool child in order to determine if these five pillars of development i. 11. Sand increased with increase in soil depth whereas silt and clay decreased with increasing soil depths. It also investigates the impacts of age, and Income, education toward employee motivation. The interviews took place an average of 25 months after the lottery began. We investigated whether Medicaid coverage affected the diagnosis of and use of medication for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, or diabetes. 61- 4. The fecundity in the present study was found to be 17. B. 9 % (n= 81) started between 4-5 months ,8. S of mathematical creativity i. 0. 60 and from 2. G ml-1. Kevin M. Tuberculosis, the disease can itself lead to hypercoagulability, increased venous stasis, and endothelial dysfunction, thus increasing the susceptibility to venous thromboembolism (VTE) particularlyin those with severe pulmonary or disseminated tuberculosis. Sense of authority has a positive effect on charismatic integrity leadership. Aim of the study is to find out the effect of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on wrist extensors to improve hand function in spastic cerebral palsy children. A multidisciplinary approach with regular audit, mortality conferences, promoting autopsy in maternal death will help to identify the causes and to prevent maternal deaths. Hawkins. This study uses 10-years data of 10-days debit inflow. N. The major responsibility of banks in this regard is to build up a right mix of skills, attitude and conceptual understanding amongst their employees. Though many reports are available on the effect of electromagnetic radiation of such kind on animal and plant system but its effect on microbial system is to some extent bewildering. Shows the effects of Medicaid coverage on health-related quality of life and level of happiness. PMFBY will replace the existing two schemes National Agricultural Insurance Scheme as well as Modified NAIS which have had some inherent drawbacks. The results that will restore the patients balance and mobility and also for identifying specific interventions to prevent falls in patients. The objective of this study is to highlight to what extent rural marketing can impact and develop investments in agriculture. In the present paper, literature is surveyed and critically examined regarding SCP production. Rhew, R. The effective potential representing Phenomenologically the non-perturbative gluon interactions including gluon self-couplings, is chosen with equally mixed scalar and vector parts in a linear form. Sweetpotato virus disease (SPVD) is one of the major problems which limit sweetpotato production and productivity, particularly in southern Ethiopia. Despites the various developmental initiatives put in place by the Federal Government and the oil companies, restiveness and agitations by the people in the area have continued unabated. With one of the largest research faculties and risk management and insurance doctoral programs in the world, we are dedicated to understanding, quantifying and developing strategies for managing risks faced by individuals, organizations and society. When a proper energy efficient protocol is applied to the wireless sensor network, the power consumption of these nodes can be reduced. , a crustose lichens around Panki Thermal Power Plant, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It was hypothesized that there was no relationship between the concrete preparation, cognitive challenge, social construction, meta cognition and bridging with the development of social skills of a preschool child. Through the study of multiple research perspectives, the article presented significant benefits of infusion of technology into the school system to encourage and enable students amplify their opportunities for life-long learning in the 21st century. The study revealed that studied ground water of Moradabad industrial area is suitable for drinking purpose. Parity, literacy status of women, average monthly family income, media exposure, decision where to give birth, perception of distance to health institutions (HI) and ANC attendance were found to be significantly associated with delivery care (DC) attendance. 35 days (n=10). A survey was conducted during 2014-2015 within the Karbi community on the use of natural dye yielding plants. Ink entries were prepared by writing ? The three-dimensional structure (3D) of MCT8 protein is unavailable in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). 66%) underwent punctal occlusion, 3 cases (5% underwent amniotic membrane graft (AMG), 2 cases (3. Significant keratinase activity was observed over a wide range of pH for six days, using the keratinase assay. 10 weeks were divided into three groups: healthy (control), OVX, and OVX with therapy (1 ml Fosamax drug). His BAL culture ,AFB ,nocardia negative,gene expert and BAL fungal culture were negative, USG chest showed minimal left pleural effusion (non tappable). Overall mean germination among provenances was 70. Persons who were selected won the opportunity — for themselves and any household member — to apply for Oregon Health Plan Standard. The clinical and radiographic findings along with the pathology results are presented. However, risk factors for this association remain unsolved. Each group subdivided into four groups; three groups treated with oral administration of 7 ml stirred yoghurt (A) , (B) ,(C) and compared with untreated groups for five weeks experimental period. Five brands of blue ballpoint pen which are widely used in India were taken (Two models from each brand). 05) improved at all treatment, while after quick freezing P2 (1mM) significantly (p≤0. However, the tumor antibody in serum and its relationship with other affecting factors was detected by Ca19-9 test. Advanced oxidative stress and alterations in antioxidant potential, observed in both clinical and investigational diabetes mellitus. 75 percentage points; 95% CI, 15. The study also revealed that about 3. Such ideas occupied the minds of many playwrights at that time. , J. The objective of research is to analyze the effect of solidity and integrity on professionalism and the impact of professionalism on integrity leadership of TNI-AD; and also to investigate the model with the dominant effect of solidity and integrity on professionalism, and the impact of professionalism on integrity leadership of TNI-AD. With the advancement in the field of periodontology various techniques have been evolved to minimize the post-operative discomfort and morbidity occurring after periodontal surgical procedures. The application will also provide the facility of running the converted code using a GCC compiler to check for its correctness in terms of syntax and logic. 41 cm3), egg shape index (71. The various topical fluorides which have shown maximum beneficial effect include fluoride varnishes. This article reports a unique co-existence of complex odontoma, sinusitis and sinus polyp. Oxidative stress arrived from increasing amount of ROS or as a consequence of increased levels of lipid peroxides and free-radical intermediates, as well as the reduced total antioxidant capacity that may cause the reduction of molecular oxygen or oxidation of water to leads to the formation of free radicals that could damage cellular lipids, membranes, proteins and DNA (Rains et al, 2011). In order to increase the PNC coverage, reduce pregnancy related mortalities and improve mother and child health , the policy makers and health care providers need to come up with a sustainable and long term policies and measures to improve overall maternal and child health care and develop a framework that will aid in improving postnatal care coverage in Afghanistan. Arka Kalpana is correlated with Distillation in modern pharmaceutics practices. Such amazing biodiversity can be found in Southern Europe only. Org). 0. 00 ? Birds are important bio-indicators of nature so monitoring bird population is important. In order to preserve their vast treasure of traditional knowledge, a study was undertaken where in various medicinal and aromatic plants of the Sangla Valley were inventoried and the Ethno-botanical knowledge with respect to their use was collected. The present study has been undertaken to see the effect of fly ash application on the physiological parameters of Cowpea plant like Chlorophyll content and Proline content of plant. The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between left atrium remodeling and left ventricle diastolic dysfunction in hypertensive patients with preserved systolic function and The repercussions of high blood pressure (HTA) on size and function LA Background: Obesity, physical inactivity, and altered estrogen levels play an important role in contributing to disease risk profile and autonomic dysfunction in healthy postmenopausal women. Case report: We report a case of acute pancreatitis in a 58 year-old North African male, developed within 24h after a first selective chemoembolization proposed as locoregional bridge therapy for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma before liver transplantation. Further, detailed investigation of the active compounds of the plant for the extract mechanism of action will contribute greatly to the development new pharmaceuticals. 0. Image databases are often composed of several groups of images and span very different scales in the space of low-level visual descriptors the interactive retrieval of such image classes is then very difficult. 22% (P2), 36. Terrorism that occurred in Indonesia and some existing countries, is considered as an extraordinary crime that disturbs the public and makes the State becomes chaotic and insecure. Diversifying income among farm households is critical to this drive. A questionnaire has been prepared including different reasons of low motivation and various measures to make an increment in the motivation level which would have been practiced in the Organization of banking sector. This results in an antero-medial subluxation of the carpus, limiting joint amplitudes. This paper calculated spatial multipliers, flow-on effects and linkages in Indonesian economy that can be used for planning, evaluation and control purposes for both at national and regional development. Thus the different parts of this plant in different formulations have been used to treat diabetes. , (25 mm). Fifty percent people approved that media channels fueled conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims by reporting minority issues. Amongst PHCs of Lakhimpur district, the Boginadi PHC, which is a tribal dominated and forest fringed area, was worst affected by malaria incidence. , J. 6) with mild to severe LUTS were enrolled and gave written consent. No doubt transgenders are given full right to life and personal liberty but in actual these rights get restricted in one way or the other. This technique is simple and effective in reducing chances of post operative pancreatic fistula(POPF). A more versatile and relatively cheap method of bonding virtually all materials together is by the use of adhesives. S construction professionals face a highly competitive global engineering and construction environment that requires a fundamental understanding of management, technology, and finance, as well as business and legal principles. It is part of Balkan Mountains on the territory of Balkan Peninsula in Southern Europe. Gross motor development level appears to be on schedule. Cheney, Gary Parker, Mark G. Therefore, this research applies quantitative data through Structural Equation Model with Software WarpPLS 5. M. 45 ? The instruments used for measurement were demographic profile, Children of Alcoholics Screening Test (CAST), (Pilat & Jones, 1985), Life Skills Assessment Scale (LSAS), (Nair, Subasree & Ranjan, 2010). SEM of serum PON1 activity were highly significantly decreased in PAD and CAD as compared to control group. Variability studies in different seed sources of Dalbergiasissoowith respect to seed, pod, germination and seedling traits were under taken at Deparmentalnursery,glasshouse. There by reducing the vigor of the plant. S The Old Man and the Sea, Daniel Defoe? A positive result on screening for depression was defined as a score of 10 or more on the PHQ-8 (which ranges from 0 to 24, with higher scores indicating more symptoms of depression). 02; p-value=0. Therefore, patients can safely shift from one brand to another. 90%) are more prone to asthmatic attacks than female patients (39. Since the medical image data is increasing day by day, compression is needed to achieve efficient transmission and storage. After the intervention, subjects in both of the groups were revaluated. Psychometrically sound instruments to measure perceived stress scale developed by Cohen, Kamarck & Mermelstein (1983) and Coping strategies scale developed by Srivastava (2001). 0. As because the males are not found during the present study, parthenogenetic life cycle was studied in the laboratory condition. It is very old dam with construction completed in 1970 but now subjected to shallowing due to a high sedimentation rate. 0. Chemical composition of these complexes was determined using FT-IR and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. 419). The findings of this study elucidated that despite tutors in the UNZA extension education programme using a repertoire of different pedagogical strategies from both the teacher-centred and the student-centred approaches to teaching, instructor-centred (i. Approaches has taken place to change the position and status of women. The exact spot is at Konto River, a tributary of Brantas River. Results: Mean AgNOR counts were 1. 34? Three products were selected from different types of synthesized cross-linked sodium polyacrylate polymers to investigate the physico-mechanical properties of sodium polyacrylate hydrogels. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 266:2, 89-124. The mean postoviposition period in the present study was 8. Here pre-emption is not allowed. 15 cases ( 23%) . 60; P=0. 3%). It may help to change soldiers? American Journal of Preventive Medicine 50:2, 161-170. In Senegal, breast cancer is known as the malicious tumour more developed among women. (2014) Depressive Symptoms and Access to Mental Health Care in Women Screened for Postpartum Depression Who Lose Health Insurance Coverage After Delivery: Findings From the Translating Research Into Practice for Postpartum Depression (TRIPPD) Effectiveness Study. In this work, we aimed to evaluate the prevalence of FVL and PT G20210A polymorphisms in a Georgian cohort of patients and healthy individuals, and its association with arterial thrombosis. The general conclusion shows that both criterions are directly proportional with each other for all series of test runs, while every parameter, fixed of measured, such as length of the weir and diameter of gravel sample has an undular effect on both criterions. S value. 0. There were no mortalities or major complications other than positive margin after the surgery. 89 years. The purpose of this research is to provide an integrative model that provides a comprehensive measure of the combat readiness depicting its status of capability and operability by incorporating the tangible and intangible elements of combat power. A large proportion of multipliers or flow-on effects would occur in the own-region if the changes of final demand occurred in those islands. (2014) Mandatory health care insurance is associated with shorter hospital length of stay among critically injured trauma patients. It assumes that University of Zambia will face stiff competition from mushrooming private universities in terms of quality and accessibility. Divergent thinking having three dimensions: Fluency, Flexibility and Originality. 43 crore, constituting 8. 7%, educational information searching 51. Diseases spread through sharing cloth and blankets (44%). Coli MG4 (pKDT17), E. Aloe vera comprises of 200 and more molecule types in it which are solely responsible for the release of phytochemicals. The circumstances which lead to medico legal autopsy in maternal deaths were , cases either brought dead to casualty , referred due to obstetrical complications from distant hospitals, and allegations of medical negligence in the care and management by relatives which later turn into a medico legal case.. 9. In theory, it seems that investments in agriculture will meet and respond to a major expectation: thepromotion of a rural area is only achieved through the mobilization of an integrated marketing strategydriven mainly by actions in the agriculture sector. 14. 1. 2% , 2% showed no pathological diagnosis on histological examination. S appellate region, including all the areas that cover this issue partially or completely inevitable. ALLHAT Officers and Coordinators for the ALLHAT Collaborative Research Group. In Arka Prakash various kinds of Procedures and heating are mentioned for preparing Arka from different type of Dravya. In addition to studies on preventing the transmission of the virus, progress on vaccine development has been made. A good performance of construction manager is necessary for the growth, development and success of Construction Company. Finally, Osteoid osteoma of the metacarpal bones should be considered in the diagnosis of chronic pain in the hand of a young patient, presenting with or without a history of previous injury. The most common among them were Aspergillus sp, candida sp, Penicillium sp. 81%. International Journal for Quality in Health Care. 0. The experiment is conducted for different loads at different conditions and results are calculated. Pylori, NSAID use along with stress and alcoholism. 0. Public Health 139, 61-69. 0. A total of one hundred respondents were selected at the rate of ten members from each group using simple random sampling technique. 04%) and odontogeic cyst(0. research paper on life insurance WHO promotes the strategic approach known as Integrated Vector Management (IVM) to control mosquito vectors, including those of dengue. 34%) than in male patients(1. The aim of this experiment is to prove whether the mobile frequencies are actually harmful or risk-free to microbes using E. This specific study titled ? It is proposed to use an equation similar to Einstein? This was collected during an exploration to study riparian and streamside flora of the Chalakkudy River Basin within Anamalais. Rain fall also exerted a negative impact on population density of spider mite (r = -0. This change covers attitude, mentality, and behavior of soldiers to produce new culture that may influence their conduct of duty. Table 3 Table 3 Mean Values and Absolute Change in Health-Related Quality of Life and Happiness with Medicaid Coverage. Although MBSR are effective and highly valued, but all the patients do not shows interest due to extensive time and cost involvement. Blood specimens were taken from all studied individuals from the period 1st January 2016 to 30th December 2016. Radio and television mentions are predominantly from the United States, but print and web media are tracked worldwide in multiple languages. Scheduling has become one of the major fields within Operations Research with several hundred papers published in every year. The GC-MS analysis of the extracts revealed the presence of several antimicrobial bioactive constituents in the extracts. The present study on clutch characteristics and egg diametrics of Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii) was conducted for three consecutive years i. The area is inhabited by various ethnic groups having a rich knowledge of natural products. Due to its? Effective caries-preventive methods have been developed and refined since the introduction of community water fluoridation in the 1940s. Patel, Alison Jensen, Erminia Ramirez, Madiha Tariq, Ian Lang, Theresa Kowalski-Dobson, Joslyn Pettway, Michelle Famulare, Richard Lichtenstein. Researcher framed some items to assess the mathematical creativity of eighth grade students. 1% of the recovered isolates were positive for siderophore production with isolate DM1e showing maximum production i. The mean time of the fixator removal was 43. A correlational research design was used in the study. John McConnell, Jennifer E. Anwuri, Sherrill Jackson, Mark Sanford, Jennifer Tappenden, Melody S. While efficiency has a negative and significant impact on ROA and ROE. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study is to find the balance among the different age groups. Two private two state university in Istanbul and Gaziantep. 94%, 56. This case suggests that primary hepatic actinomycosis should be considered as one of the extensive causes for liver abscess. 46 ? Time of research begins from 18 January 2017 to 21 March 2017, or lasting for 3 months. T. 83 percentage points; 95% CI, 1. Performance. 10% (P3). The increase in PCS and MCS was significant statistically (P < 0. The task of providing justice to all the sections of the society is an essential so as to ensure that the faith of all citizens in the welfare state stays intact. The 96 hours static bioassay studies showed LC5-LC90 values ranging from 23. Here an attempt is made to look into recent developments in the attitude of the Courts in granting various rights to live-in couples as well as gay relationships in India. About 51% of abused women thought that abuse is a way for improving the wife behavior. It will be designed as a tool for learning the basics of problem-solving and leveraging those skills. The study was conducted for 4 months at Meghani Homeopathy Hospital, Rajkot. Therefore, companies need to create superior customer value and competitive advantage by providing products at the right time and place. Conclusion: DWI is easy to obtain and easy to evaluate in short time. Focusing economic activities on these islands would increase the economic growth of the country, but at the same time would make the economic distribution among regions worse. S and its fulfilment according to a checklist. Moreover, it will support in the choice of which method or framework suits better having clear the needs and characteristics of that specific context. Good adherence to medication and clinic appointments were found among 207 (55. Patient was discharged with fluconazole 200mg bd per orally and was improved. Educational programs should be adopted allover KSA as the low KAP levels would result in improper application of preventive programs. Similarly prevalence was observed in female patients (3. 5), C. Over times, leadership is a center of human being. The CAD patients carry the high risk RR genotyping (odd ratio of 2. The present study is an attempt to understand the different issues and strategies related to implementation of Pradhan mantra fasal bima yojna in Haryana state. The solidity of soldiers, therefore, describes a condition where soldiers have sturdiness and are fully-loaded with required capacities in military organization. Optimum conditions for amino acid production were determined by the quantitative ninhydrin method which confirmed significant amino acid production, under both shaker and static conditions, after 96 hours of incubation at room temperature. No wonder, the study of buyer behavior has become very vital now. As a consequence, people lost their identity, there were lack of food, they were homeless and hopeless, everything seen as barren, alienation, emptiness and absurdity, survival become a big puzzle for them. The postoperative pathological examination found multifocal actinomycetes in the hepatic parenchyma. Granger Causality Test analytical method was employed using a regression model. No fish death was recorded and none of them were infected with fungal diseases. Balaban, Fang Zhang, Catherine E. Findings revealed that drop in oil price has not significantly caused the increase in consumer spending in India and Nigeria and that drop in oil price has not significantly caused the drop in foreign cash inflow in India while it was found to have caused a drop in foreign cash inflow in Nigeria. Further, it was confirmed that the organism can also degrade feathers using table sugar as a cheap carbon source. Maximum likelihood (ML) method is applied to obtain parameter estimates of the EMEPS family. Further study on nitrogen fixation is underway. However, there are several important limits to the generalizability of our findings. Cholera O1)was resistant 100% for Chloramphenicol ,Sulfa, Trimethoprim , Clindamycin and Linezolid , while sensitive 100% for Ampicillin , Cefotaxime , Ceftriaxone , Erythromycin , Tetracyclin , Nitrofurantin and Gentamycin. It means that a leader would sit on the important position in the organization. Results revealed that there is a positive and significant relationship between perceived stress and coping strategies of secondary school students. The prevention and reduction of the number of crimes against sexual freedom and morality, and the provision of funds for the implementation of assistance and protection of sexually abused people as well as the establishment and promotion of a coordinated system of cooperation between the competent institutions and local authorities of the Shtip? In Ayurvedic classics it describes as one of the best herbs for Diabetes, bleeding disorders, strength and stamina promoter. Human frailty is concerned with the new aspirations that appeared during the Renaissance that often showed how an individual was shaped by his weakness such as uncontrolled ambition, passion and a limitless need to know, to rule, to have revenge and to love. Our results were thus consistent with at best limited improvements in these particular dimensions of physical health over this time period, in contrast with the substantial improvement in mental health. His sputum sample was not available because the patient is having persistent dry cough so CECT chest was done which showed left lower lobe cavity with paratracheal and subcarinal lymphadenopathy without necrosis and calcification,and mild thick walled cavitary lesion of 45 x 35 mm involving laterobasal segment of left lower lobe lung with associated ground glass haze and air spaces infiltrates ? Researcher carried out an extensive literature review to deliver a conceptual background of the study and to formulate hypotheses for this study. 3%, Stevens Johnsons Syndrome (SJS) 11. 95) and egg weight (17. Motivation in the environment at Kodam V Brawijaya. 16% (P3); and plasma membrane integrity were 51. 7 More information on recruitment and field-collection protocols are included in the study protocol (available with the full text of this article at NEJM. The observed variation will enable selection of provenances with desired traits for tree improvement and recommendation of specific provenances for different sites. Have great potential as antibacterial agents in the treatment of infectious organism. However, the potential of converting non-edible oil into bio-diesel must be well examined as the physical and chemical properties might differ from that of edible oils, hence the need for this research. The root of this word is ? 50 ? Moreover, a good quality 3D model of MCT8 was predicted based on multiple templates using MODELLERv9. The financial performance (Dependent variable) is measured by return on assets (ROA), and return on equity (ROE). The frequency of heterozygosity for the PT G20210A polymorphism was 4. 1 , HIV 1 & 2 negative ,mantoux test negative , chest x ray showed left lower zone consolidation with cavity . However, the style of writing may differ to one another; but their only intension of writing is to show the confused state of world after the wars. 03 to 3. There was statistically significant relation between age and satisfaction of patient (p-0. With increasing dengue threat, comes an accelerated effort to combat and control the virus. 17, 72. Bobo, Peter Wollan, Greg Lewis, Susan Bertram, Margary J. Highest variation among provenances in seed traits was observed in seed weight and seed length while seed thickness had the lowest variation. Complete preoperative evaluation was done which included usg prostate, uroflometry and IPSS scoring. Further analyses involving two prespecified subgroups — persons 50 to 64 years of age and those who reported receiving a diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, a high cholesterol level, a heart attack, or congestive heart failure before the lottery (all of which were balanced across the two study groups) — showed similar results (see the Supplementary Appendix). 9%, which corresponds to a heterozygous stage frequency of 1. However, in Afghanistan the utilization of maternal health care is low. Type of research is survey using questionnaire. The South Atlantic region of Morocco Dakhla-Oued Eddahab is characterized by a permanent upwelling favouring an abundance of fishery resources and the presence of the Bay of Cintra favourable to aquaculture development. In this paper to find the reliability of finite mixture model where strength follow finite mixture of exponential distribution and stress follows exponential distribution. 1 % of children (n= 253) were wasted (severe acute malnutrition with weight for height <-3 ZScore), while only 15. Three research questions were posed to guide the conduct of the study. S problem solving skills, the logical correctness of an algorithm is more important than the actual implementation. 71? It is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish. Reasons for non-adherence were forgetfulness 101(93. However, 33. Pneumoniae were screened for the presence of recognised quorum sensing system. Precatorious), Crotolaria retusa (C. Tude entre Avril et septembre 2015. Various studies and discussions exist with regard to its conceptualizations, appearances, and effectiveness. Shrime, Stéphane Verguet, Kjell Arne Johansson, Dawit Desalegn, Dean T. E above 65 years. The cumulative result is accumulated anger. The east direction of the thermal power plant which experiences heavy traffic activity showed complete absence of lichens while west side has the maximum number of lichen thalli. We found that insurance led to increased access to and utilization of health care, substantial improvements in mental health, and reductions in financial strain, but we did not observe reductions in measured blood-pressure, cholesterol, or glycated hemoglobin levels. Cannuscio, Rachel Cahill, David Grande. So there is need to identify the dimensions of the buyer and decode the consumer behavior. Study having research questions of whether media sensationalized that incident, and leading news channels reporting supportive to national integrity. Supported by grants from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services; the California HealthCare Foundation; the John D. , E. And the tragedy of a king who over trusted his daughters as he divides his own kingdom. Herrenkohl, I. However the lack of knowledge on floral biology and fruiting of this plant remains a problem to increase its yield and improve farmers? It significantly affects patients, families, and communities. Operation Research problems (OR) have been solved by operation research technique efficiently for a long time. 13 years and the mean age of NTG patients was 60. One time observational study, sampling method- convenient method, no of samples-30, group a age 45-55= 10 samples, group b age 56-65= 10 samples, group c age above 65= 10 samples. 02), increased the use of many preventive services, and nearly eliminated catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenditures. However, feathers when acted upon by keratinolytic microbes are degraded to smaller peptides and amino acids which can be used as dietary supplements in animal feed. 76? Conclusion and Recommendation: The study highlighted that the prevalence of the postnatal care coverage at two provincial hospitals are extremely low especially PNC 2, PNC 3 and PNC 4. Results: Overall 110 patients were enrolled in the study and its found that male patients (60. 9% of the patients has shown correct usage of inhalers during baseline,after first and second counseling. However, the variables (deposits and crisis) have no significant impact on ROA and ROE. The nine brands evaluated in this study could be considered biopharmaceutically and chemically equivalent and it had been determined calculating difference factor and similarity factors. Also, there are many organizations in India who give new face to transgender community by fighting for their rights. dna thesis statement Hence, this study was conducted to assess the level oral and dental health attitude, habits and awareness amongst different professional students in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh during the academic year 2014-15. 1. 16 cm), egg breadth (2. ) Nyl. 3. 30 ? We describe a case series of pulmonary embolism associated with severe pulmonary tuberculosis. The South zone is a retention area for mineral enriched waters allowing for high primary productivity of its marine ecosystem. The improvement of soil at a site is indispensable due to rising cost of the land. Different color systems are described by different values of ellipticity (the size of the MacAdam ellipses). Medicaid coverage also led to increases in some preventive care and screening services, including cholesterol screening (an increase of 14. Among the ATT drugs, most commonly associated with thromboembolic events is Rifampicin, an enzyme inducer, and may alter the balance of anticoagulant and coagulant proteins produced by the liver. The institution of a marriage is an oldest social institution and provides a foundation on which whole super structure of civilization and prosperity is built. Results- A total of 280 cases were studied. The government, banks must always keep an eye on this factor because this factors influence the price return of NSE NIFTY. The present study has been conducted to record the avifaunal diversity in and around the Bhaskel Dam reservoir in the Nabarangpur district of Odisha. Kshara Sutra is a chief modality in the management of Bhagandara in Ayurvedic science. Intrinsic motivation. 80 ? Long implementation period and gaining importance of group approaches, now it is opt time to perform a investigative study on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of FIG. This dam has very important functions such as for electric generation and irrigation. We then used the survey data to plot the distribution map of self-reported obesity, diabetes, and overweight of three areas. Among physicochemical parameters, significant alterations were noticed in dissolved oxygen (DO), of bottom sediment. Conclusion: Autoclave was highly effective in sterilization of drill bits followed by 5% phenol and 2% glutaraldehyde and manual scrubbing was not an effective method for sterilization of drill bits. From the results it is observed that Wavelet based compression offers better image appearance with Gamma and Log compression techniques. Quantitative analysis method using path analysis, followed by determination analysis (R Square), partial hypothesis testing (t test) and simultaneous (F test) with alpha 5 percent (0,05). The analysis of flow of exhaust gases are carried out in CFD. Unfortunately, this knowledge of the people is vanishing fast and also there is a lack of proper documentation of medicinal and aromatic plants of the area. The need for making correct financial decisions at correct time is the requirement of the time today. Nagaon District, Assam near Kaziranga National Park is rich in biodiversity and contributes a lot to the total biodiversity of the state. The sensitivity and specificity values for the MRI with addition of DWI versus laparoscopic findings were 94. The stratified random sampling method was employed using 400 nursery children in this study. Miguel Marino, Steffani R. Brian M. This study is an attempt to show the obstacles faced by the people in the first half of Twentieth Century with reference to the novels of Earnest Hemingway? 30. If these stresses do not exceed a certain threshold value the system may work for a long period. The researcher used ages and stages questionnaire (ASQ) which was recommended by the American Academy of Neurology, and the child Neurology to collect data. The plausible geometry of Schiff base and its binucleating metal complexes were examined by means of elemental and thermal analysis, molar conductance, 1HNMR, UV? The test was standardized by establishing reliability and validity of items. Qmax, IPSS scoring were compared before and after TURP. , A. Sloan Foundation; the Smith Richardson Foundation; and the Social Security Administration (5 RRC 08098400-03-00, to the National Bureau of Economic Research as part of the Retirement Research Consortium of the Social Security Administration); and by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Though single implant was found to be better in terms of MBL and number of implant failures, this result should be interpreted with cautious due to limited number of analysed studies with different loading protocols and limited follow-up period. Moreover, benefits can be obtained even if they fail to nodulate the plant (a constraint for rhizobia) but colonize the rhizosphere and compete with indigenous microbial population. Four major species were isolated from these fruits. Rapid change on business environment requires the business practitioner to prepare in order to stay exist and keep efficient. The epidemiology and ecology of dengue infections are strongly associated with human habits and activities. Hence all the health care professionals should have up-to-date knowledge with current advancement. Empowerment? 9, <0. The aim of this paper is to develop a web-based application into which a student or novice programmer can enter an algorithm and get an equivalent C language code for the same. 0. E. Turnesia), Desmodium sp. 4852) as well as between egg breadth and egg volume ( r= 0. Average annual on-farm income was N158,000. Itself. 73 (n=14) at station II, 3. Les tumeurs malignes de la surrénale sont soit des tumeurs primitives : carcinomes corticosurrénaliens et phéochromocytomes malins, soit des tumeurs secondaires : localisations métastatiques surrénaliennes. 1566, Strengthening the Philippine Disaster Control Capability and Establishing the National Program of Disaster Preparedness. 5% or more (a diagnostic criterion for diabetes) in 5%. Richter. The group is using proprietary products, services, design and technology to provide value to the stakeholders. ) — all in Boston; the National Bureau of Economic Research (K. Employee commitment has poor correlation with employee performance hence future studies can be carried out to explore this construct. The article also highlights that University of Zambia, specifically the Department of Adult Education and Extension Studies (DAEES), will shift enrollment criteria to fit the needs of the current generation. The color horizon? Systematic sampling was utilized as the researcher was interested in neonates with and without birth asphyxia. 76 (n=41) at station I, 4. 54%), followed by European-Mediterranean floristic elements (13. Klebsiella pneumoniae is one of the most frequently isolated bacterial pathogen from cases of nosocomial and community acquired infections. Carica papaya is one such highly prospective anti diabetic tropical plant has been used worldwide as a nutritive food. The external source vitamins namely A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E are predominantly available in Aloe vera itself. Therefore, scaffolding has been an important and frequently studied concept. Total six FDGs and twenty individual’ interviews with mothers (3 FDGs in 10 interview in each hospital) were conducted in two provinces. The group diversified into residential constructions in the year 2000 and is presently backed with about 40 high-end residential projects with the motto ? This study attempts to provide a view towards buyer behaviour. The oxidative degradation of the oil was evaluated by measuring the induction period. Currently the Indonesian companies face much more challenges in increasingly critical consumers in needs and desires. With the dawn of new era in banking, innovation has been a constant endeavor of the bankers as well as their central inspiration driving present day forms of banking and banking products. Drake, Shivon Tannan, Victoria V. Arka Kalpana is now days famous Kalpana among the Ayurvedic procedures. There were no significant differences between those selected in the lottery and those not selected with respect to these characteristics (F statistic, 0. For instance, the district at that time being a tehsil was covered under the scheme in the year 2006-07. 24 cases ( 36. To be eligible, persons had to be 19 to 64 years of age and Oregon residents who were U. The descriptive analysis, factor analysis, and binary logistic analysis were applied to analyze the data. S scaffolding plays a vital role in overall development of children. 4. Methodology: The study was conducted from 1st March 2012 to 31st august 2013 and included cases >20yrs of age presenting to OPD or admitted in SMHS hospital and showing some form of cardiac conduction defect on a standard 12 lead ECG. Each phase of cognitive, language and social development helps in establishing the foundation for further learning and to solve problems in their lives. The stringent emission norms lead to maximum possibility of reduction of pollutants in exhaust gas so activated charcoal or activated carbon is used to adsorb the carbon emissions from the engine. Self administered semi structured questionnaire which consists of five sections. 39 to 9. 94). 0001), education level (OR 3. To solve this issue, we arranged a questionnaire form between 120 students and 30 teachers in Slemani city, and then we highlighted two basic schools, one of them studied ICT subject and the other one, didn? 39 ? We are no one to discard them or disrespect them in any form. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between perceived stress and coping strategies of secondary school students. Unawareness regarding our oro‑dental health highly depends on one? Despite all these developments and even granting a level of legal legitimacy to the live-in relationship or gay relationships, it is still largely perceived to be an immoral relationship in our society. Sangla Valley in district Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh is known for its rich diversity of plants owing to its unique geographical position and edapho-climatic factors. 78%) and subMediterranean floristic elements (13. E. 850) and effectively designed training has the maximum impact on overall training & development activity. The criminal legal protection of sexual freedom and morality is provided by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Macedonia, in Chapter XIX (article. This paper critically reviews different self-employment programmes introduced in India. The present study deals with an analysis of inorganic pollutants, their possible sources and effect on naturally growing Pyxine cocoes (Sw. After 6 weeks of surgical therapy 8 case showed improvement in their symptoms and signs. 0. ,Fusarium sp. Creating structures, Spreading Smiles? Those who completed it and met the eligibility criteria were enrolled in the plan. Findings consistent of infective etiology. 57? The new family contains some new distributions such as exponentiated moment exponential geometric distribution, exponentiated moment exponential Poisson distribution, exponentiated moment exponential logarithmic distribution and exponentiated moment exponential binomial distribution. Adoption. Small defined contribution plans, those with fewer than 1,000 participants, decreased the median per-participant fee $13 in 2017 from 2016's median, according to NEPC's 2017 DC plan survey. The tribal population of the country is 10. 5 Depression was assessed with the use of the eight-question version of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-8), 6 and self-reported health-related quality of life was assessed with the use of the Medical Outcomes Study 8-Item Short-Form Survey. There has been a drive on the part of consumers, producers, researchers and policy makers for a transition toward a new phase of agriculture. We use these fungi for the treatment of various diseases. The utilization of ANC and DC were influenced by demographic, socio-economic and health related factors. 04), representing a relative increase of about 80%. Some literatures of leadership have explained what someone must do to be a good leader. 74%). 1. Kerosene was used as substrate to enhance the production of biosurfactant by Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus sp. ), the Harvard Kennedy School (J. 88; P=0. Z. The research are discussed here. Result: The results of the present study based on the in- vitro dissolution studies showed that formulation F5 was shown drug release upto 92. In this study, the effect of a novel antioxidants composite has been evaluated during deep frying and the shelf life of fried food. Commitment through a recognition given to the soldiers for their performance. S education level, access to health care services, mother? Development? The index proposed was validated in a study object. Lecture and dictation) teaching techniques were the most dominant. All patients underwent pressure flow study and simultaneous non-invasive recording of detrusor tissue oxygenation and hemodynamics with Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS). 37-38 Tulungagung. The majority of patients had an unbalanced type 2 diabetes, with a mean age of 6 and a half years and a mean HbA1c of 8,22%. 8 Prespecification was designed to minimize issues of data and specification mining and to provide a record of the full set of planned analyses. , 2013, 2014 and 2015 in five different stations viz. Preventive oral health education is in a transition stage in India. The result of the research provides a model that an armed force could use to predict the function of combat readiness or any of its variables by using the formula Y = β1X1 + β2X2 + β3X3 whereby the tangible and intangible elements of combat power contribute towards the measure of combat readiness with regression weights of the independent variables capability (β1), morale (β2) and quality of life (β3). The results enable an armed force to use the combat readiness measurement model in prioritizing the allocation of resources for its tangible and intangible elements of combat power during its policy-setting and decision making process. As far as position in India is concerned, India is still looked by the world as a country where marriage occupies a sacramental position both philosophically and practically. By randomised technique 65 patients were placed in placebo group and 65 patients were placed in treatment group. Most of subjects had low knowledge score (68. 64? Edentulism is a major health problem that not only affects the oral functions but also the social life, day to day activities, thereby, demeaning the overall quality of life. 5% urea) which is also known as diesel exhaust fluid. Earlier, nonrandomized studies sought to investigate the effect of Medicaid on health outcomes in adults with the use of quasi-experimental approaches. Table 2 shows diagnoses after the lottery and current medication use. Activated charcoal is grained into fine pieces they should be the size that they could not pass through the metal mesh fixed at the both the ends of the carbon container. 46% respectively. Most of the traits showed significant correlation with geographical factors viz. Routers need routing protocols so that the routers become aware of all the possible routes and add them to their routing table, so that the routing process can forward (route) routable protocols such as IP. The duration of marriage was 10. The study was conducted in three culture ponds (without probiotics) P1, P2, P3 and ponds (with probiotics) P1p, P2p and P3p of same size i. PCS (Physical Component Summary) and MCS (Mental Component Summary) both were found to increase in treatment group 48. A network model of Cisco routers has been employed in a network simulation software ? 0. Tuberculosis has a high prevalence in India but pulmonary embolism is rarely reported in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. 02. Anterior duodenal perforation was the most common finding noted in about 90% of patients. This algorithm encompasses of the central logic that will be used to solve the problem. 1% reported are informed through medical professional, family and friends. Through visual assessment and serological test, only four genotypes have showed resistant reaction to the common SPVDs. The results of a few additional post hoc analyses are also presented and are noted as such in Tables 1 through 5. 7 in abused group and 11. 26 to −0. Attitude towards pregnancy, knowledge on danger signs of pregnancy and presence of husband approval on ANC. Health personnel should adhere to standards of providing adequate information through counselling as need be. G. Bailey, Rachel Gold, Megan J. Bhagandara (fistula in ano) in modern parlance is a common ano rectal condition prevalent in the populations worldwide and its prevalence is second highest after arsha (haemorrhoids). Yawn. We can use various microbes for production of single cell protein to solve malnutrition problem. The highest concentration of Fe, Mn, Zn and Pb were found at highly polluted areas with heavy traffic and road construction. 0. This paper aims to study the dissipated amount of energy for gravel gabion weir by choosing of the difference in energy between upstream and downstream sides of the weir, and the distance of formation of the hydraulic jump as criterions to represent the energy dissipation. Eleven elite genotypes advanced from previous screening trial, two previously released varieties, one currently released variety (Mae), a susceptible variety (Guntute) and one local check were evaluated using a randomized complete block design with three replications. 45%) medium(32. In our first case pulmonary embolism (PE) occurred within 6months of pulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis. 4. S reliance due to nepotism, which had been done during the era of their governance. 97), total chlorophyll (-0. With two variables each for body fat and hydration we hope to obtain a highly precise measurement of both body fat and hydration measurements. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing 53, 004695801667180. Birds are distributed all over the world occupying various habitats. The qualitative data was collected through individual interviews of mothers and focus group discussions (FGDs). Picking the right set of templates for homology modeling is a difficult problem. First, the low-income uninsured population in Oregon differs from the overall population in the United States in some respects, such as the proportions of persons who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups. Inadequate training policy may frustrate employees from meeting job expectations and encourage them to look for alternatives that foster employee development and success. 1%) once a month. Integer edge capacities is reported. 48; P=0. Normative commitment has the highest load, and provides a positive and very significant effect on creating a responsibility for soldiers to establish a motivation. ) A. 2. From the spectral studies, a six coordinate environment around the metal dimers was confirmed. Although there was no significant increase in the use of medication for depression, Medicaid coverage led to an absolute increase in the probability of receiving a diagnosis of depression after the lottery of 3. Additionally, 30. Immediate postoperative radiographs revealed good alignment and apposition of the fracture fragments in all the dogs. 10%). Significant socio-demographic risk factors were maternal age (OR 3. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is such an almost incurable disease with enormous secondary complications. A questionnaire on the perception of aging was applied to a population of 698 study subjects. 1. 6%(n=26) between 9-12 months, and only 19. Resistance to Drug in various pathogenic and non pathogenic bacteria has been found to be increasing. E. Proper medication and regular follow up are the two important aspects of management of depression in the elderly. Cholera in Sawa lake cause there is rare study about contamination of Sawa lake . This method is based on the individual information of the utterer(speaker) stored in the form of speech waves and recognizes the speaker automatically based on the information available. 29, 2. (2016) The effect of a nurse-led telephone-based care coordination program on the follow-up and control of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with coronary artery disease. The surface area of the activated carbon also plays a major role in reducing carbon emissions by allowing better adsorption of carbon. DeVoe. The Philippine government had increased its efforts to implement the disaster risk reduction management (DRRM) program as its answer to the frequent occurrence. Soil stabilization a general term for any physical, chemical, biological, or combined method of changing a natural soil to meet an engineering purpose. The average adult longevity in female was found to be 14. Our data-collection protocol included detailed questionnaires on health care, health status, and insurance coverage; an inventory of medications; and performance of anthropometric and blood-pressure measurements. The species was collected from Terminalia arjuna. Conclusions: The utilization of ANC and DC service is inadequate in the catchment area. By possessing traits such as multitasking abilities, timeliness and good problem solving skills, the construction manager will be able to complete their daily job tasks quickly and efficiently. In the proposed technique, multiple feature distances are combined to obtain image similarity. This research was conducted by using qualitative approach as an ethnographic study that employed three data collecting technics: interview, observation, and document study. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) is the new crop insurance scheme launched by Central Government. Results: The majority of abused women were divorced, widowed, their husbands have more than one wife and living with husband only. These compounds were screened for their antibacterial activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. 3. 7% lung tumors, 98. Consequently, ripe fruits production was higher in wet season and varied between 66 and 97% of the total production. Among the sixty female healthy postmenopausal women included in the study, 68% were found to have dyslipidemia. P. Conclusion: incisional hernia was found more commonly between 3rd and 5th decade of life with female preponderance. Availability of 3D-model of MCT8 protein would significantly improve the development of new drugs for Allan? Coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia). Jarone Lee, Monisha Sudarshan, Tobias Kurth, Haytham Kaafarani, Eric Klein, D. Working capital Management is applying investment and financing decision to current assets. 83% Vs. 06 ? C. O. Medicaid coverage led to an increase in the proportion of people who reported that their health was the same or better as compared with their health 1 year previously (7. 66%) were tuberculosis, and pulmonary bullae came 3rth with 18 cases (4. The dynamic capability variable mediated the relationship between environmental dynamism, dynamic managerial capabilities and deliberate organizational learning towards firm performance. Before the first analysis is done first test the normality. Visual acuity was tested using Snellen? 5% of the control group had chronic toxoplasmosis disease. , siderophore production, phosphate solubilization (P. Although changes in health status are of great interest, they are not the only important potential benefit of expanded health insurance coverage. Graph theory techniques are competent with OR techniques in some area like transport problem. Online activities of the students were checking e-mail 75. The bovine milk phosphoprotein, casein, is considered to be largely responsible for this anticariogenic property. Adblue solution is injected into the decomposer by using a pump and an injector. This MCT followed one criterion? The extracts showing good phenolic content were tested for antibacterial activity against pure cultures of fish pathogens namely Aeromonashydrophila,. 33%) ) underwent separation of symblepharon with placement of symblepharon shell and 1 case underwent tarrsorrhaphy. Conclusions: Understanding geographic variation in cardiovascular health is an important component of any plan to facilitate capacity building in African American communities, and the collection of data in neighborhood regional context is an important step in initiating health promotion and prevention and intervention strategies as communities strive to gain a better understanding of the prevalence of risk factors and disease. 2. According to Robertson, there are five components which can help in better development of children both mentally and socially. With the nationalization, banks ceased to be funding agencies only for industrial sector and became a vivacious instrument of social change more statistical data are available in support of the preposition that there is a phenomenal growth of banking industry. 46%). Drugs used in RMMCH were compared to various EDL (Essential drug list) which complied with national EDL. 7 yrs. Unpaired ? 45 ? Researchers showed antimicrobial activity of several mushrooms. 62; 95% CI = 1. Their parenting styles differ in scaffolding means and intentions. There are numerous risk factors that can be linked to sequence of birth asphyxia and they may vary from one context to another. The research focus is cuantitative, with a descriptive scope and non-experimental transectional design. 04%, 60. The study observed the increased level of growth, production, survival and feed conversion ratio during the culture period. Onlay reinforced primary repair using prolene mesh has given good results and prolene mesh appears to be best tolerated by body tissues. The virus has been spreading its geographic reach partly due to increased urbanization and partly due to climate change. The extracted variables were tested using cronbac? Quantitative data was obtained from maternal and child registers. 22% (control), 34. There is uncertainty about stress and strength random variables at any instant of time and also about the behavior of the variables with respect to time and cycles. E. Results: The quantitative data indicated that first postnatal care coverage received within first six hours of delivery was 98 % at Laghman Provincial Hospital and 89 % at Wardak Provincial Hospital. The mean egg to adult period was 7. The inherent hazards associated with the consumption of fruits on display at these markets are discussed and suggestions on how to prevent the likelihood of fruit-borne infections, including improved sanitary conditions in the markets are discussed. We did, however, find a greater probability of receiving a diagnosis of diabetes (3. The questionnaires were handed to the dentists during their dental examination total of 110 subjects were taken in which 23 patients were positive for oral lesion. All the formulated tablets were evaluated for various physical parameters such as hardness, thickness, friability weight variation and drug content was found to be within the limit. Polymer films of the synthesized polymers were made by solution casting method and the mechanical properties were studied. Diverse divisions need to share the single meeting lobby for leading its occasion. The engine is operated for different load conditions like 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0% and the different emissions like CO, HC, CO2 and NOx. 20% (n = 3007) were found to be anemic while 37. 62%). The tool that is used is Hadoop. In other words, it is necessary that producer and distributor carry out rearing and inventory managements, respectively, to supply the summer market increasing consumption. Where increase the level of Albumin and Total protein not significantly too. Also, a sevenfold increase was found in the likelihood of BOO in patients with CAD. Workers were asked to take antioxidant multivitamin capsule (Lycopene), raw turmeric and one piece of raw garlic in the morning in empty stomach and tomatoes, spinach and onions were included in their daily food. The mean age of patients was 55 years with a sex ratio of 1,08. The essential oil and flavonoids of Tridax procumbens L. 53% at 14 hours was selected as the best formulation from Nifedipine formulations. There were decreased in blink rate 78. Osteoid osteoma is a benign bone tumor. A large amount of pork has been imported in South Korea according to conclusion of FTA with many countries. Oral health has always remained a neglected entity. All of these give positive effect on soldiers? The mechanical strength of the grown crystals was estimated by microhardness studies. A final diagnosis of complex odontoma was made. The results are supported with the analysis that has been made with the data gathered during the study. On the other hand, there was no significant difference in MBL and number of implant failures when 2 versus 4-implants ODs were compared. 7%) once a week, and 88 (30. Based on review of literature a theoretical model was framed and structured questionnaire was constructed. Catalano, J. 5% or higher. Monocarboxylate transporter-8 (MCT8) is a specific thyroid hormone transporter, necessary for the uptake of thyroid hormone into target tissues. Due to the stringent emission norms, the reduction of emissions from the engines has become necessary. 5%). Soil is the basic earths toppest layer which support the structure and also the sub base and base course in the pavements. The consumption of domestic pork and beginning stocks of domestic pork played an important role to determine PDP (P<0. S palsy, with a higher incidence in those with bilateral disease Background; Post operative pancreatic fistula (POPF) is a major concern after pancreaiticoduodenectomy(PD). In this study, the review on Aloe vera was studied along with the development of the plant through tissue culture in order to increase productivity for making use of the applications. 5 % (WHZ<-2) (4% of them are severely wasted WHZ<-3) among children under five at the national level, while the data at provincial level is fluctuating for higher and lower than national figures, which is the leading causes of mortality and morbidity among children under five years of age. People have underestimated consequences of bad oral health, which have led to bigger problems which later on become difficult to treat. Packet tracer? 50 ? Also, the fried oil samples were analyzed for their respective peroxide value, free fatty acid %, content of conjugated dienes, P-anisidine value, induction period (IP) and color. The species was belonging to Cunaxidae family. Research and quantification of viral RNA were routinely done to patients with anti-VHC antibodies. Conclusion: The force decay patterns of Control Deionsed water group and Non Alcoholic Mouth rinses group in 150% pre-stretched e-chain was comparable and prescription of Non Alcoholic mouthwashes seems optimum for hygiene maintenance as compared to Alcoholic mouth rinses in order to have the least effect on force decay of elastomeric chains. However, it was found that BMD in OVX treated with B and C yoghurt was the highest compared with A. Another reason of this study is to find out the perceptions of different employees about Organizational development . The percentage content of active ingredient of almost all brands of Olmesartan medoxomil tablets showed values within the monograph specifications (95-105%). This paper is mainly concerned with the treatment of these ideas in William Shakespeare? Nous rapportons le cas d’une patiente ayant présenté un carcinome surrénalien associé à un carcinome mammaire. Background: Migraine is chronic neurovascular disorder which affects the quality of life. Combined treatment of flupirtine and antiepileptic drugs exerted a much stronger protective effect against electroshock seizures than either drug alone or addition of their effect. Bienkowski, M. 5) Odontomes are the most common odontogenic tumors, slow growing and asymptomatic in nature. After a study of about one year a total of 3,633 birds belonging to 150 species, 115 genera, 56 families and 19 orders were recorded. Over the course of time the patient developed constipation due to clozapine, which led to him having small bowel obstruction and eventually exploratory laparotomy. Many societies are incorporated in these schools of terrorism and consider those outside their stream as enemies to be annihilated. In odontogenic tumor ameloblastomas was found to be higher. 00 and N215,000. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education is widely promoted to have a positive impact on enhancing student learning. So,In view of negative culture reports, CT guided lung biopsy was done and tissue sample was sent for HPE which showed coccidiomycosis in the lesion. 05) (P3). The aim of the research is to reveal the affecting factors that the internet addiction of university students in Turkey. Conclusion: Death following obstetric haemorrhage remains the prime direct cause of maternal death, which can be tackled by active management of third and fourth stage of labour. Methodology: The selected subjects were randomly assigned in to experimental and control groups with 15 subjects each. The sonicated sample of the isolates as well as supernatant was used for this purpose to evaluate antibacterial property. 994) in R. But patient was having persistent chest pain and left lower zone consolidation in chest x ray. 4-percentage-point increase in the use of medication for diabetes in our cohort would decrease the average glycated hemoglobin level in the study population by 0. Third Gender? The empirical analysis shows that bank size has a positive and significant impact on ROA and ROE. 48 and 6. Through this case and review of literature, we focused on the mechanisms and diagnosis difficulties of acute pancreatitis following chemoembolization. Most of the Mushrooms extracts are widely used as traditional medicinal ingredients for the treatment of various diseases and related health problem. S diversity index was found to be 4. Meaning as sturdy or been fully-loaded. E milk, milk concentrates and cheeses. 6% to 6 % alcohol. The logical steps that are followed while writing an algorithm play an integral part in the development of a coherent solution. CAD, defined as occlusion of coronary arteries, was also recorded. To try to improve statistical power, we used the Framingham risk score as a summary measure. It is obtained a matrix equation from which the coefficients of transformation into strictly equal-contrast color system are determined. 32%. 18? 05 ? The particulate matter or HC emissions are reduced at the catalytic converter so the exhaust emissions are mostly reduced and exhaust gasses are free from pollutants. Aeruginosa PAO-JP2 (pECP61. Farming was the major occupation of the respondents with majority having a household size of not more than two hectares. Oregon Health Plan Standard closed to new enrollment in 2004, but the state opened a new waiting list in early 2008 and then conducted eight random lottery drawings from the list between March and September of that year to allocate a limited number of spots. Herndon? Conventional content-based image retrieval schemes may suffer from practical applications. Mexico is living a demographic bonus, being vital the decision making that allow concrete actions to lay the foundations on the subject of the conscience of aging. And hence the social and cognitive development of children differs from each other due to different parenting styles, scaffolding means and intentions. 10 ? CONCLUSION: The results of this study on ? Findings of the study reveal that employee performance (latent construct) is highly determined by salary received by the employee (. In addition, Hanwoo beef and chicken, which is recognized as an alternative to pork, were a weak but played a role as a substitute material. 47%) female which were found to be anemic. 38? The survey method research design looked into the variables causal effect of capability, morale and quality of life on combat readiness through a non-experimental correlation design survey questionnaire. The reason of this study is to explore the procedures of organizational development and procedures of responsiveness as useful for executives of banking industry. 2 % (n= 139) were girls. The result shows that there was significant percentage of nurseries? 21 percentage points; 95% CI, −1. Despite of tremendous uses of Aloe vera, poor natural propagation by means of axillary shoots and the presence of male sterility becomes the major barriers in rapid propagation of Aloe vera. However, in 2017, this Tarekat failed winning the regional election since it had lost the people? Methods: electronic databases were used for collecting the articles that meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria and its references searched manually for additional relevant articles. In the patient group, an allelic frequency of 2% was found, which corresponds to the presence of 4% of heterozygous individuals. Small defined contribution plans, those with fewer than 1,000 participants, decreased the median per-participant fee $13 in 2017 from 2016's median, according to NEPC's 2017 DC plan survey. , The procedure after obtaining different stock market analysis based upon different factors like inflation, dollar, other economic factors etc.. This lottery presented an opportunity to study the effects of Medicaid with the use of random assignment. The frequency of its variant genotype T (combined CT and TT genotype) as noted in cases was associated with a borderline increased risk of hypothyroidism (OR = 1. We estimated that Medicaid coverage increased annual medical spending (based on measured use of prescription drugs, office visits, visits to the emergency department, and hospital admissions) by $1,172, or about 35% relative to the spending in the control group. The species with protection statute are 66 species. In particular, catastrophic expenditures, defined as out-of-pocket medical expenses exceeding 30% of income, were nearly eliminated. There are reasons why despite the establishment of a ? 06; P<0. S educational level. Children of alcoholics develop poor self-image, face disturbance in their studies resulting in low marks, become school dropouts, and are more likely to become alcoholics themselves. 2% of non-abused group. There were 1712 (56. The present study reported that Litopenaeus vannamei in the brackish water shrimp ponds in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. Age, sex, marital status, occupation, place of living, monthly income and religion were found to be significantly associated with adherence to nutritional counselling. An SVM classifier can be learned from training data of relevance images and irrelevance images marked by users. Chest x ray cavity completely resolved. Various parts of Aloe vera plant have been in the field of Therapeutics, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals. 71? For the study, the child was assessed for social skills before the start of the course, after he completed the course, and at follow-up period. Integrity is a key character of a certain soldier based on its rank level. In this pilot study 10 patients were recruited from NIS, Sool Magalir Maruthuvam OPD for the study and given the treatment for three menstrual cycles along with some food restrictions and lifestyle modifications. Objectives: To identify different health problems amongst workers working in the construction industry in West Bengal, to assess health status of these female construction workers with respect to their occupational hazards and hormonal dysfunctions and recommend some low cost easily available supplement in controlling or preventing these potentially damaging reactions of these construction female workers. 81 percentage points (95% CI, 0. Though the risk of death from complications of pregnancy has decreased during the past few decades in India, it continues to remain higher in other developing countries. ), the Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School (J. Five villages namely Old ayakudi, Vaeppanvalasu, Eramanayackanpatty, TKN pudhur and Rookvarpatty were selected deliberately due to the well-functioning of FIGs in and around. By using epoxy chemical in fabrication of sisal fibers composite we get the hardness in that particular panel Failure of a system may occur due to certain type of stresses acting on them. Design: It was single centric, parallel, randomised, single blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted on patients of migraine. In this work we will Develop the sisal fibers composite material like Box, Rod, and panels which are then used for low cost Hosing material as roof . PG was done by taking multiple interrupted sutures between pancreatic parenchyma and posterior wall of stomach after delivering pancreatic remanent through posterior wall of stomach. Reaction parameters such as time, temperature, concentration of initiators, concentration of activator, concentration of sodium acrylate solution and concentration of cross-linking agents were investigated for cross-linked sodium polyacrylate hydrogels. Antibacterial activity of the title compounds against Streptococcus pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, and Klebsiella pneumonia strains was studied. Colditz. The hypothesis is there will be no significant differences among rural adolescents on the basis of life skill intervention. 15 percentage points (95% CI, −16. There is a feeling of political and economic disempowerment. 20. 92%) was more common than primary angle closure glaucoma (37. Latter large chlorotic patches are formed by fusion of this spots. The paper tries to understand the different aspects of Indian tribal life, like distribution of tribes in India, history of tribes, etc. Material And Method: We performed PG with this alternative technique on 36 patients of pancreatic cancers operated in Gujarat Cancer And Research Institute between January 2014 to December 2016. Thus, the traditional healers (Amchi) have in-depth knowledge about the medicinal plants required for the treatment of various ailments. A multistage sampling technique involving stratified sampling was used to select the respondents. Supplier performance is critical to the procurement process. 0. Coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral (PAD) are types of CVD. A major factor accounting for inadequate treatment of hypertension is poor adherence to both drugs treatment and nutritional diet as instructed by the physicians. Approximately 2 years after the lottery, we obtained data from 6387 adults who were randomly selected to be able to apply for Medicaid coverage and 5842 adults who were not selected. These bacterial cultures were isolated and assayed for their antibacterial compounds produced and tested their efficacy on three test system (Escherichia. 6 ? 81; CI 95% 1. Brief interventions (e. Feeding was done four times a day. An attitudinal change can be brought about by highlighting successful endeavours of women and by providing support systems for the multiple tasks they take up. Conclusion: Based on the findings of this meta-analysis, no recommendations could be made with regards of implant number for completely edentulous patients with MIODs. Speaking about leadership, it is like an attractive scenery for highlight. Chantillons d? 8. The result of the research shows that the transformational leadership style and servant leadership style of service are partially and simultaneously have positive and significant effect on organizational learning and organizational performance, as well as organizational learning has an influence on organizational performance in DKI Jakarta Government. Oxygen is an extremely reactive molecule that damages living organisms by producing reactive oxygen species leading to oxidative stress. A Farmer Interest Group (FIG) is a self-managed, independent group of farmers with a shared goal and interest, their activities shall be limited only by the needs and motivation of group members? Leadership is needed by human because human needs a strength and wants to restrain a weakness. Out of 12 cases (20%) not responded to medical therapy, 10 cases (16. Urea reacts with the exhaust gases in the exhaust line to form nitrogen gas (N2) and CO2. 981), chlorophyll b (-0. 3? (2017) Barriers to Surgical Care and Health Outcomes: A Prospective Study on the Relation Between Wealth, Sex, and Postoperative Complications in the Republic of Congo. The score of low(55. Numerous studies conducted on Amla fruit suggest that it has antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antioxidant, cardioprotective, Gastroprotective, anti-Helicobacter pylori and antistress activity. Features of the face image are extracted in the spectrum domain using contourlet Transform and this transform addresses the problem of representing the images with smooth contours in different directions by providing two additional properties which are directionality and anisotropy. The mushroom Termitomyces was selected for in-vitro studies against selected pathogenic micro organism to investigate the efficacy of their different (methanolic, ethanolic, aqueous) extracts. Goodman, Graham A. Kanjeekal, Frances C. 65%) male and 1295 (71. ); and the Center for Outcomes Research and Education, Providence Portland Medical Center, Portland, OR (B. 88 (n=38) at station III, 3. Measuring combat readiness in an armed force involves the measures of tangible and intangible elements of combat power. Leader would take account for leadership. 5%) and financial constraints 97(89. Soil pH, soil texture, bulk density, water holding capacity, The soils were found sandy loam to sandy clay loam in texture and slightly alkaline in their reaction (pH 7. The scientists are trying this problem by using various microbes such as algae, bacteria, fungi and yeast. 2 times)(100%) and (150%) in Sample-A and Sample-B respectively in Jig-B of the initial length of elastomeric chain prior to mounting on the pins in Jig-A. Items were formulated and selected by following required steps. The main purpose of our study was to estimate the prevalence of HCV in the population with type 2 diabetes. 05). Systemic endothelial integrity was assessed by measurement of inflammatory and endothelial-prothrombotic markers such as Endothelin-1 (ET-1), Interleukin-6 (IL-6), Asymmetric Dimethylarginine (ADMA) and N-terminal C-type natriuretic peptide (NT-pro CNP). Patient was admitted to the unit from out-patient department and was started on Clozapine 100mg per-oral in the morning and 300 mg per-oral at bedtime, Depakote 1000mg per-oral in the morning and 1500mg per-oral bedtime and Prolxin 5mg per-oral BID. 92 days (n=10). The results of this study suggest that woman employees get affected by conflict leading to stress, tension and further it was found that male observers are inclined to problematize conflict among women at work relative to conflict among women and leading to the tendency of thought that might be partly responsible for perception that women have difficulty working with one another. 724 and the Simpson? 3%), and congenital pulmonary airway malformation 11 (2. This species involved in the key actions of healing wounds and stimulates secretions of bile. 02) as compared to healthy subjects. Therefore it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption of these nodes and requirement of power efficient routing protocols arises. The sample size in this study using Slovin formula with α size used is 5%, thus the sample size is 137 people. He has doomed accordingly. There is no statistical significance on comparing serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol with autonomic dysfunction in healthy postmenopausal women. Violaceum CV026 as their reporters respectively. The calculated values of baryon resonance spectra are found to agree reasonably well with the experiment . 37%). The present study has established the utility of crustose and foliose growth forms of lichens in monitoring of environmental pollution in an area The aim of this study is to determine the effect of bank characteristics on the financial performance of Islamic banks in Syria for the period (2009_2015). 19cm), egg volume (15. These are substantial increases from the mean rates of diagnosis and medication use in the control group (1. 43; P = 0. The result indicated that the Tarekat Syattariyah was actively involved in the political activities in the Nagan Raya Regency and had significant influence on legislative and executive governance. William V. Economic resolution in the rural areas of our country by producing tangible social assets. 1 g. 9%),anti-tussives(23. Undoped and 0. The activated charcoal particulates should be heavy that they should not be carried away by the exhaust flow. In order to survive and succeed in the fast changing competitive environment, banks need to organize, develop and manage their human resources effectively. Quick freezing of semen performed with diluted of fresh semen in extender and suplemented with 0. S. Coli as a case study. A significant improvement in quality of life was assessed during pre and post counseling using Mann-Whitney rank sum test. S important comme source principale d? 02% (P2), 52. The rate of survival was better recorded in the probiotics treated ponds 84. Comparison of 0 and 120 days showed marked decrease in frequency, duration and intensity of attack significantly. Others found it difficult to change their habits. We found no significant effect of Medicaid coverage on the prevalence or diagnosis of hypertension or high cholesterol levels or on the use of medication for these conditions. The hemicryptophytes dominate among the life forms with 53. The results showed that sperm motility before freezing were 54. For the island of Sumatra and Java the percentage of output, income and employment multipliers that occurred in the own region were about 90 per cent indicating dissertation consultation service public that the two islands were relatively spatially independent. 4 We used an in-person data-collection protocol to assess a wide variety of outcomes. Regarding the frequency of internet use, 61 (20. Test and ANOVA test was applied to test significance. Individuals in this globalisation era are inclined to believe that women are affected by conflict negatively and have difficulty working with one another this thought makes ? 3, 46. Non-construction challenges that CMs face that are part of the business landscape include legal issues, government regulations, environmental concerns, and socio-political pressures. Sense of authority. It is an important source of carbohydrate in the world. 5. However, concerns regarding the oncological safety of this procedure have been expressed. 5ha. Staphylococcus aureus produced the highest 0. Solidity is a condition (or a character). 4 With these new data, we found that increased health care utilization observed at 1 year persisted, and we present new results on the effects of Medicaid coverage on objectively measured physical health, depression, condition-specific treatments, and other outcomes of interest. F. The tumor size range from 4 mm to 50 mm with mean 26. Agewise distribution of anemic patients was also given in this research paper. In a progressive country like India,with the economic development as it one of the important aim. Introduction: Maxillary protrusion correction is usually by anterior maxillary segmental osteotomies. Thrombosis plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of acute myocardial infarction, stroke and venous thrombosis. In the present investigation, the effect of different solvents, including methanol, acetone, petroleum ether, benzene, chloroform, hexane, diethyl ether, ethanol, ethyl acetate were done on Spirogyra sp. 45? In the patient group, a frequency of heterozygosity of 3% was found, which corresponds to an estimated allelic frequency of 1. Vector contact. Functional groups and the modes of vibrations were identified by FT-IR spectral analysis. 76 ? 0. The altered pharmacokinetics of antidepressants in the elderly should be borne in mind while selecting the drug and its dose. Then from july onwards a gradual rise was observed. 7 to 93. Dried blood spots were also obtained. 72+_0. These genotypes yielded 49. In our study, Medicaid coverage almost completely eliminated catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenditures. Results:-Flupirtine alone showed protection against electroshock seizures. We did not find significant changes in any of these subgroups. The present article is to show the role played by parents in children? However, it is still problematic because soldiers? Water sample were collected from Moradabad city from five different sites viz. 0 for windows. 93 to 5. Data are processed with statistic tool. 00, N132,000. The anthropophytes among the vascular plants are 390 species (49. Poverty reduction has remained the central concern in India. 7% of congenital anomalies. This bone dysplasia is rare and represents 1. The eggs were recorded to be oval with greenish blue coloration and without any markings. The company with good quality will be able to take an advantage when compete with other companies. Results showed that barangay officials were knowledgeable about disaster risk reduction and management, they have a positive attitude to this and almost all activities of this program have been practiced by the barangay officials. Periodic evaluation on soldiers? S role in decision making. The article assessing the attitude, habits, and awareness about oral and dental health care amongst professional students is sparse. The present study was conducted at Department of forensic medicine, Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala during 1995 January to April 2003. We thank Chris Afendulis, Josh Angrist, Jack Fowler, Guido Imbens, Larry Katz, Jeff Kling, Ken Langa, Stacy Lindau, Jens Ludwig, Thomas McDade, Ben Olken, and the team from the National Center for Health Statistics for helpful comments and advice; Brandi Coates, Sara Kwasnick, Zirui Song, Nivedhitha Subramanian, and Annetta Zhou for research assistance; our field staff for participant recruitment and data collection; and the numerous Oregon state employees who helped us acquire necessary data and answered our many questions about the administration of state programs. The study is cross sectional study which questionnaires made and data collected from stakeholders through direct interview and email. Madhya Pradesh has the largest number of ST? The case primarily focuses on the strategies adopted by the group with reference to residential real estate sector. In modern texts also related to Ayurveda or medicinal plants, detailed description regarding Amalaki can be seen. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used for the statistical treatment as it catered for the multiple regression analyses of factors to predict the combat readiness of an armed force. Working capital Management assumes a significance part in the success of business organizations, as a result of its impact on profitability of organizations. 9%) were due to indirect causes and 2 cases were fortuitous deaths. 9 % of them (n=48) with bilateral petting edema (which is more severe than the first one). Wasserman. The results showed significant effect of factors (season, accession) and interaction between them on floral and fruiting traits of J. A knowledge of predisposing and precipitating factors can help identify patients in need of treatment using tools such as the Geriatric Depression Scale. The study is the outcome of the primary data only. Gómez-Beneyto, M. Oregon Health Plan Standard is a Medicaid program for low-income, uninsured, able-bodied adults who are not eligible for other public insurance in Oregon (e. S Register Asia (LRA)). The Third group (Group C) consisted of three non alcoholic mouthwashes . 18 Third, the newly insured participants in our study constituted a small share of all uninsured Oregon residents, limiting the system-level effects that insuring them might generate, such as strains on provider capacity or investment in infrastructure. 2. S form under the labels of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOC) for the existing FIG. 4 to 283. Eau souterraine en Mauritanie, Nous avons effectu? 9 ? 05 in the the age group of above 65. In today? In 2014, we developed an algorithm for the OSSP problem with release dates to minimize makespan and now we tested weather the same algorithm performs well for the objective of resource idleness of the machines for the hypothetical case also. Aspergillus niger was observed to have had the highest percentage incidence in all the areas sampled and all the fruits used, followed by Rhizopus stolonifer and Fusarium sp. All metals studied for both the species showed positive correlation matrix between the metals. Analytical tool using SPSS version 21. Most of the children (40 %) were with the age of =<6 month, and 60. These expenditures decreased by 4. The study reveals that rather to confront the situation they avoid the situation as to protect their self-image to be judged by colleagues. Medicaid coverage did not have a significant effect on measures of blood pressure, cholesterol, or glycated hemoglobin. He was treated with iv antibiotics and other supportive measures and discharged when symptomatically better and followed regularly in OPD for 5-10 days. Split- half reliability was calculated and it was found 0. This paper investigate - whether the Women? This study was conducted to test the correlation between autonomic dysfunction and dyslipidemia in healthy postmenopausal women. Pasture lands were found to have comparatively lower WHC as compared to cultivated lands (annual crops) because of higher clay and organic matter content in cultivated lands (annual crops). The prime objective is to evaluate the cropping pattern in the command areas using satellite remote sensing techniques supplemented with field data during Rabi season of 2015 -16. The four sweetpotato genotypes that were identified as resistant to SPVD were TIS-8250-1, TIS-70357-2, CN-1754-5, and CN-1752-6. 68? But it should be in detailed investigation should be done by respiratory physicians to rule out etiology whether it is due to drug or disease itself. It focuses on the relative importance of causes of employee motivational factors and their impacts on the overall service. Sperm motility and plasma membrane integrity before quick freezing no significantly (p≥ 0. E. 57%). After explaining the objectives of our study to patients, who had to express by writing their consent, we collected information about the demographic data, socio-economic data, family antecedents of type 2 diabetes and risk factors for HCV infection. International Journal for Equity in Health 14:1. This study aims to analyze the influence of transformational leadership style and servant leadership style of service to organizational learning and organizational performance either partially or simultaneously on the government of DKI Jakarta. Retusa, 4 from C. 7%, chatting 51. The patient presented with being disorganized and psychotic, aggressive towards family members and having side effects to medication which were agranulocytosis crisis, drooling and akinesia. Also Features and classifier for recognition of speech has been discussed. Medicaid coverage led to a substantial reduction in the risk of a positive screening result for depression. Therefore, we suggest that producer and distributor are economically important to control marketing volume in response to biological characteristics of pig, and seasonal demand and supply situations of pork market. All the tested brands conformed to the official tests for weight variation, friability, disintegration and dissolution tests. The study found perceived stress to be having a significant predictor and correlate of coping strategies of secondary school students. As a cascading effect of electronic revolution and modernization of civilization use of cell phones and related other accessory gadgets emitting low frequency microwaves are increasing day by day. Living organisms have a complex network of antioxidant metabolites and enzymes that work mutually to prevent oxidative damage to cellular components Ido et al, 1997). 34years. Retusa), Crotolaria turnesia (C. Luginaah, Emma Bartfay, Guangyong Zou, Eric J. If crimes against sexual freedom and morality, as an important issue of a specific region or country, are taken into account it would enable us to seriously understand the problem which carries the crime itself. 16 ? Dom, N. A statistically significant correlation was registered between egg length and egg volume (r= 0. Political order in Jammu & Kashmir, the anger on its streets remains. In general relativity (GR). 00 ? Urban farming is becoming an important activity among the urban dwellers in most developing countries. A relationship between these two diseases has been discussed by several teams in the literature. 3%. 2015. 1%) were found in large numbers compared to other systemic condition. Although all the isolates were found to be positive for AHL production but the burn wound isolates showed higher AHL production. B. S observation and approach about the organization - whether it is good or bad place to work. 8%. A blower is inserted into the decomposer for the atomization of the urea droplets. Afghanistan has been recognized as one of the highest levels of maternal mortality in the neighboring countries. We limited data collection to the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area because of logistical constraints. S internet era. About 22. Although both techniques are destructive in nature but Thin Layer Chromatography is best and reliable technique than paper chromatography. S (PJT-I) KR is 17. 05 ? Two peaks of flowering were observed; the first one occurred in dry season and the second, with the highest number of inflorescences, arrived in wet season. G. Results- Out of the total 135 patients 50 were in the age group of 15-35 years. Aloe barbadensis from Xanthorrhoeaceae is an ancient medicinal plant containing traditional and folk medicinal properties for several diseases. There were no significant differences between those selected in the lottery and those not selected with respect to the response rates to either the full survey (0. 2% varying from 32. Decomposer? 0 CI 95% 1. ) — all in Cambridge, MA; Columbia University School of Social Work, New York (H. This would provoke the start of an appropriate treatment for prevention of this type of crime with the aim of helping the victims overcome the survived traumatic events much easier. , Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus sp. As the death rate of diabetic patient is increasing the demand of substitute therapies are also increasing hence the use of medicinal plants. Urea is injected into the decomposer in the form of Adblue (aqueous solution of 32. S field equations for the transformation of ellipses in a two-dimensional color pattern into circles and ellipsoids of rotation in three-dimensional model ? 47; p=0. And Catherine T. The best ARIMA model in predicting debit inflow is ARIMA (1,1,1)(2,1,1)36. Table 5 Table 5 Mean Values and Absolute Change in Health Care Utilization and Spending, Preventive Care, Access to and Quality of Care, and Smoking and Obesity with Medicaid Coverage. However, Pork in South Korea to clearly maintain four seasons exhibited seasonally contradictory characteristics due to supply quantity depending on biological characteristics and specific consumption culture. Cholera O1 Ogawa serotypes in November . The paper concludes how the current self-employment programme is better in comparison to previous programmes. 6%) underwent different surgical procedures of which 4 cases (6. 2. 100% of the strains of K. For group B the mean bacterial colony count was 4. A total of 10 water samples were collected from Sawa lake in different period , one sample every month from March to December 2016 . (2016) New Medicaid Enrollees See Health and Social Benefits in Pennsylvania’s Expansion. 35 at 24, 48 and 72 hours respectively. Fruiting patterns had highest concentration between September 15th and October 3rd. Vialle-Valentin, Alison A. M. 49? To address this challenge, we propose the support vector machine (SVM) algorithm with contourlet transform coefficients distribution. 01). The most common factors for physical abuse is jealous, followed by taking his mother opinion. To determine the factors, the technique of factor analysis was applied. Data for analysis was captured via SPSS version 19 and summaries such as means, percentages and standard deviations were generate. The trend of introduction of self-employment programmes as a policy tool to fight against poverty is found in India. More than 80% reported good adherence to various dietary counselling such as reduction in salty, starchy and fatty food as well as alcohol. Conclusion: Reduction of PON1 activity is one of the risk factor of development of CVD . Jatropha curcas is the priority species for biofuel promotion in Senegal. Standard errors were clustered according to household to account for intrahousehold correlation. Methods:100 patients were included in our study who underwent TURP at our centre. It has become apparent that biodiesel is destined to make a substantial contribution to the future energy demands of the domestic and industrial economies. phd research thesis The mean age of sample was 44. This paper deals with the preparation of nickel complexes of Schiff bases derived from m-nitro aniline or p-nitro aniline and aromatic aldehydes. The present work was carried out to understand aquaponics, with special reference to aquatic microfungi and find out the principles as beneficial micro-organisms, regarding plant growth and to test fungal infections in aquaponic environments. Direct maternal death were the leading cause in 39 cases( 60%) , among them haemorrhage was the prime cause of death, i. The paper shows the contemporary debate surrounding multiculturalism. 70 to −1. One new species of genus Cunexa was reported by the author from Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve, within Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, 24-Paraganas (South). (2015) A Community-Based Partnership to Successfully Implement and Maintain a Breast Health Navigation Program. Conclusion: according to the finding of study, mother? Recognizing certain community characteristics may help public health advocates better focus their preventative efforts. P. Small defined contribution plans, those with fewer than 1,000 participants, decreased the median per-participant fee $13 in 2017 from 2016's median, according to NEPC's 2017 DC plan survey. The practice score was good in only 31. 20; P=0. It gives importance on the position of women in various fields like family life, social life and work situation. While, fortified stirred yoghurt (B) and (C) enhanced the results with the best result in treatment (B). 76). By building research paper on life insurance resilience, agricultural insurance can help farmers improve their productivity and provide food security. 17 Anticipating limitations in statistical power, we prespecified analyses of subgroups in which effects might be stronger, including the near-elderly and persons who reported having received a diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, a high cholesterol level, a heart attack, or congestive heart failure before the lottery. The clinical isolates showed variable type of signal production therefore bioassay guided expression of quorum sensing signal molecules (AI-1) was employed for qualitative estimation of C12-HSL, C8-HSL, C6-HSL and C4-HSL production by employing A. The mean pre-oviposition period was 3. RESULTS: The statistical results shows that there is a significant difference of p<0. Dos Santos, D. Seroma formation was the most common post operative complication seen. The paper proposes a new approach to the creation of strictly equal-contrast color systems based on similar concepts of ? Conclusion: A substantial level of poor knowledge and practice was found among included subjects however good knowledge was associated with female gender and young age. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana implemented in every state of India, with association with the respective State Governments. Dans le but de suivre la qualit? In material and method, four groups A, B, C, and D were made and sterilization of drill bits was done by mechanical scrubbing in group A, 2% glutaraldehyde in group B, 5 % phenol in group C and autoclaving in group D. Variety Guntute was used as inoculum source and disease spreader during the study. Burns, Marc R. The sample of research includes 150 persons, and data analysis is using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with Software WarpPLS 5. Sampling method is done by census technique. Experiments were conducted during the period from November 2015 to December 2016 from three different water sources with five various sites. This observation suggests a possible role of this polymorphism in the etiology of hypothyroidism in Kashmir. It is known that in the CIE 1931 (x, y) thresholds for color discrimination are represented by ellipses, which are used to characterize the equal-contrast of a color system. S King Lear, chosen because this play represents the emergence of human weakness during that conflicting period leading man to his downfall, the embodiment of tyrannical power, King Lear, is a tragedy of a protagonist who falls because of his weakness. 9%) though 291(78. 5% of subjects with a high association between good knowledge and suffering from osteoporosis. Study design, materials and methods: Thirty men age 50 years and older (mean=62. Microorganisms are present ubiquitously, that play an important role in all the stages of aquaponic production. 69; P=0. Results: Out of total 4834 patients, 62. He is supposed to discharge basic functions like organizing, staffing, directing, planning and controlling. Sophodes. The articles also presupposes that technology will impact on extension education in the future by creating, on one hand, easy access to literature and information by extension education stakeholders, and on the other hand, eroding extension curricular that are based on the cultural values of a specific locality. After which microbiological evaluation of the drill bits are done in Blood Agar media and the microbial colony were counted in each group. 8%. Out of 218 cases (52%) of pulmonary infections, 139 (33. , body scans) may be used by individuals, at a lower cost and with little training to reduce the depression. P. 39 Financial environment has become more susceptible because of financial revolution and the increasing intricacy of financial markets. In this study, our focus is to evaluate the role of bioactive molecule present in the essential oil of Tridax procumbens L fresh leaves against bacterial and fungal species. This study attempts to evaluate Motivation level of bank employees in Gorakhpur UP. 8 and 87% isolates respectively. 031) and no relation between other variables. 00 ? All human beings are the creature of God and therefore all should be treated equally irrespective of their caste, color, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. 16-percentage-point reduction in the prevalence of hypertension. Preventing or reducing dengue virus transmission depends entirely in controlling the mosquito vectors or interruption of human? Talented managers know how to avoid costly delays, how to maximize existing budgets, and how to control a project? Our study also observed a positive association of the TPO gene polymorphism with certain environmental exposures, lifestyle changes, smoking habits and in subjects with high basal metabolic Index (BMI). Results:- Logistic regression model was applied to examine whether BOO ? 5 g, Bacillus sp. He is the most critical resource in implementation phase of the do my algebra 2 homework project. Descriptive-correlational research design was employed. The term routing is used for selecting a path for traffic in a network, or between or across multiple networks. During this season, the number of male and female flowers ranged, respectively from 107. Trotti, Kirstie Randall, Blake C. Human capital is neither duplicated nor bought in the market. The overall mean clutch size was recorded to be 3. These results confirm that K. This study was based on more than 12,000 in-person interviews conducted approximately 2 years after a lottery that randomly assigned access to Medicaid for low-income, able-bodied, uninsured adults — a group that comprises the majority of persons who are newly eligible for Medicaid under the 2014 expansion. Au total 120 ? The majority of them had college degree and were employed. L? 5. The statistical analysis of the data of the two groups (baseline and discharge) for FVC(P=<0. The Indian government has therefore implemented a new agricultural insurance scheme, the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY). E concrete preparation, cognitive challenge, meta cognitive orientation, social construction and bridging promote the development of social skills in preschool children. Introduction and Objective: To evaluate the role of immediate uroflowmetry in patients of benign prostatic hyperplasia following transurethral resection of prostate. The carbon emissions from the diesel engines is not so high but after the reduction of NOX emissions the pollutants present in the exhaust gas is carbon and particulate matter. And so has been the perpetuation of structural and cultural inequality practiced in various forms despite the consti-tutional and legal guarantees aimed at equality and against discrimination in any form. Jeffrey K. For its management, it is required a previous guarantee of hygienic requirements fulfilment. It was also established that both learner-centred and teacher-centred teaching techniques were preferred by some students but most students preferred active teaching techniques more than the passive ones. Non- Probability convenient sampling technique was used to select 70 staff nurses working in Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital, Silvassa. The study found that environmental dynamism, dynamic managerial capabilities, and deliberate organizational learning gave a considerable effect on dynamic capability, however these variables did not prove a significant effect on firm performance. 26%) and (9. Electroconvulsive therapy is recommended in severe, psychotic, or refractory depression in the elderly. The analysis of writing ink (Blue ball point pen ink) by planar chromatography was done using paper chromatography and thin layer chromatography. Split tensile tests and Flexural Strength were conducted on cylinder and beam specimens respectively Selorejo Dam is located in Pandansari Village, Ngantang District, Malang Regency. Statistical analysis used: Based on the normality of data, unpaired t test or Mann Whitney U test was used for comparison of changes in SF-36 scores for Quality of Life. The pathological stage ypT1N0Mx was the most common 46 % and the pathological Grade 3 was the most common grade overall 67%. Later on odontoma was enucleated, sinus polyp was surgically removed. Motivation, to examine the effect of soldiers? Six factors were identified which affect financial decision making of an individual. Routing Protocols play a major role in today? Our estimates of the effect of Medicaid coverage on health, health care utilization, and financial strain apply to able-bodied, uninsured adults with incomes below 100% of the federal poverty level who express interest in insurance coverage — a population of considerable interest for health care policy, given the planned expansion of Medicaid. 80 ? Background: For largely historical reasons of development in a post- or ongoing conflict situation, the current essential medicines importation mechanisms in Afghanistan are characterized by multiple funding sources and a large number of active players, giving rise to fragmented and, currently, largely uncoordinated service from multiple, vertical importation streams of varying efficiency. The methodological quality of each study was assessed. Data were analyzed with the association of SPSS 21. The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect usage quick freezing method and suplementation alpha tocopherol to egg yolk tris-aminomethan extender on sperm motility and plasma membrane integrity. Beyond as a food source, cassava root can be used in various industries like production of plywood, bioethanol, paper, liquid glucose, sago flour etc. Tribals in remote areas are still devoid of common infrastructure facilities of road and communication, health and education and safe drinking water and sanitation, which do not allow them to absorb technological and financial help provided by government. We found that incisional hernia was more common in middle-aged patients (31-50 yrs) and in females. Materials And Methods:- A subset of 60 patients (120 eyes ) of dry eye symptoms attending the Ophthalmology Department of VSS Medical College, Burla, Sambalpur over a period of two years were included. A series of homo-binuclear Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Mn(II) metal complexes of Schiff base which was derived from 2,6-diaminopyridine and glyoxal have been synthesized. Medicaid coverage may have different effects for persons who seek insurance through the lottery than for the general population affected by coverage mandates. 5%, 1%, 1. The plot was then compared with the map from the Jackson Heart Study. Rational: The ultimate goal of health sector is to provide quality services and reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. The name was ascribed to Sir Charles Bell, who in 1821, demonstrated the separation of the motor and sensory innervation of the face. A binary logistic analysis model was used to determine the socio demographic characteristics, and the extracted factors from factor analysis influenced the urban dwellers to practice urban agriculture. (2016) Mechanisms linking high school graduation to health disparities in young adulthood: a longitudinal analysis of the role of health behaviours, psychosocial stressors, and health insurance. Also, data showed that no significant change in Ca and P concentration of OVX rats, while very highly significant decreasing in serum ALP and BMD compared with healthy group. RNB such as rhizobia are known to promote plant growth by fixing nitrogen within root nodules and provide it to the plant for nutrition. Recently a trend has been observed towards a shift from older to younger population. Materials and Methods: The study was a double-blind study with intervention conducted in different construction sites of Howrah, Hooghly, and 24 parganas of West Bengal amongst 123 female construction workers. G. 25 ml straw and referigerated for 30 min. We should shift our ways of caries prevention to include products such as CPP-ACP in our prevention schemes for patients through remineralization of enamel and application of minimal invasive approaches in dentistry. Introduction: Acute pancreatitis is one of the rare complications of transcatheter arterial chemoembolization with an incidence ranging from 2% (clinical pancreatitis) to 40% (biological pancreatitis). As sensitivity checks, we showed that our results were robust when the average marginal effects from logistic regressions for binary outcomes were estimated and when demographic characteristics were included as covariates (see the Supplementary Appendix). Knowledge of protein three-dimensional structure (3D) is essential for understanding the mechanism of protein function, and it is crucial for the development of target-specific drugs. Among the food groups, dairy products have been recognized as exhibiting anticaries activity i. 60-67. Foundation of payments bank is a creative stride towards accomplishing the much sought after goal of financial inclusion in the Indian economy. 16% (P>0. Mark G. 12 The results confirm that Medicaid coverage increased overall health care utilization, improved self-reported health, and reduced financial strain; these findings are consistent with previously published results based on mail surveys conducted approximately 1 year after the lottery. Inland water bodies are subjected to heavy stress due to enormous addition of domestic waste water. Training can provide abilities, knowledge and skills that enhance individual performance and it ultimately leads towards organisational performance. 1-Thiocarbamoyl-3,5-diphenyl-2-pyrazoline was synthesized by the MWI of a mixture of corresponding chalcone, thiosemicarbazide and NaOH in ethanol in modified domestic microwave oven and characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, molecular weight determination and spectral data like 1H-NMR, IR. The floristic analysis indicates that the most of the families and the genera are represented by a small number of inferior taxa. It is universally accepted that the goal of financial management is to maximize the shareholder? 71gm). S age, education level and parity. Martin-Carrasco, S. MacArthur Foundation; the National Institute on Aging (P30AG012810, RC2AGO36631, and R01AG0345151); the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the Alfred P. The mean duration of Protonymphal stage was 2. Document examination has always been an important part of forensic examination. 05) for Control, P1, P2 and P3 groups, respectively. Method: The present study was conducted on patients with alcohol dependence in Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi. This research studied the influence of Tarekat Syattariyah (the order of Islamic mysticism of Syattariyah) toward political and social aspects in Nagan Raya. 86 in benign, malignant and normal salivary gland tissue respectively . Kashmiri youth, faced with a strong state and its security apparatus, also nurse feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. The dry eye disease should be diagnosed early and managed with lot of care and skill. S in Kerala are having same status and rights as we are claiming regarding Equality , Education , Health , Labour , Employment , Marriage and Family life. But with the change in the modern setup the traditional concept of marriage has changed and now-a- days a change is visible in our society from arranged marriages to love marriages and now to ? Pudica) were collected from different areas of Bhopal. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay ELIZA was used to investigate the anti- Toxoplasma gondii antibodies, type IgM and IgG. There were three objectives set to be achieved by this study, which include a key objective namely to determine the physical development level of children in Gampaha GN Division. 15. The requisite primary data namely, opinions on the determinants of motivational level, their importance and impact were collected through the help of a structured questionnaire using direct interview and also observation methods In a way, banking continued to be a traditional industry till 1969. Exploration of the new plants for the preparation of Kshara as a better substitute of Apamarga Kshara is the need of the hour. Alteration in oxidative stress biomarkers, including Catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione, glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidase, antioxidant vitamins, lipid peroxidation, non enzymatic glycosylated proteins, are helpful in identifying the risk of developing vascular complications in diabetics. Both of the Schiff base and its metal complexes were tested for their in vitro antimicrobial activities against some bacterial and fungal strains. The researcher has selected a descriptive research design in phase 1 and in phase 2 pre experimental research design was used and Purposive sampling was applied. S contributing 14. 78? Warfarin and low molecular weight heparin. N. 001) and FEV(p=<0. Proper communication on scabies prevention through Radio (available in school and villages). 8%). Therefore, all preventive measures possible should be taken to preserve any remaining tooth and efforts should be directed to return an individual to an idealized state of oral being. The herbarium specimens were prepared and deposited at Calicut University Herbarium (CALI). 4. Cassava, Manihot esculenta is primarily grown for its storage roots, which is edible. Aloe is laxative. I. The surface, sub surface were analysed for physical properties viz. , and Trichoderma. Massal. Results: The study included fifteen patients the mean age was 47 years with SD 9. S fast paced life style DM is the overriding origin of a switch back from life. The paper discusses on the development research paper on life insurance of strictly equal-contrast color scale. Results: In our study, we had 38 non-palpable undescended testicles detected in 29 patients. C. 3. Result: Out of 110 cases, 23 affected pediatric patients with a higher incidence in those with 8-16years old. Curcas. Patient took ATT for 6 months and after being diagnosed as a case of PE, low-molecular-weight heparin was prescribed for 3 days and after that he was given Tab. Seaweed extract is effective for improves the quality of produce and soil conditioner. Biofertilizers are not only the alternative to chemical fertilizers but also tend to increase the soil fertility and plant productivity which discuss in present review study. The main results obtained are: 42% of the students live with their grandmothers every day; 83% say that when they are old, they would look like their grandmothers; 62% affirm that when they are old they will enjoy life; 51% perceive that in their old age their health will be healthy, however when asked their opinion about old age, 80% express a negative perception. Statistical tests employed were frequencies, percentages and Chi-square test. The purpose of given study was to analyze ground water quality of Moradabad industrial city. 8. In conclusion, semen quick freezing with suplemntation α-tocopherol to egg yolk tris aminomethan extender resulted beneficial effect on sperm motility and plasma membrane in Madurans bull cattle. 05)on fecundity, survivality and GSI of the fish as compared to control. Thus, this study critically examined the indigenous opinions for achieving justice and enduring peace in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. (30 mm), Bacillus sp. , Corynebacteriumsp. Actually, multiculturalism transfers from national identity to social cohesion and leads to political correctness instead of cultural friction. It concluded that fortified stirred yoghurt (A, B, C) may be contribute in preventing osteoporosis disease. Seaweed can be regarded as a potential source of bio-fertilizer in of dried or fresh form; it helps to enhance biochemical constituents like carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, fibers, ash, phenol, dietary fiber etc in plant. J. Our results suggests that FVL could be associated with arterial thrombosis as a double prevalence was found in the patient group when compared with the control group, although no significant differences were found. H. Monitoring suppliers? Bacterial infection was the most common pulmonary disease identified histopathological in every age group, while lung cancer came 2nd in patients of 40 years and above. We explored a comparative analysis of the causal relationship between drop in oil price, FDI and inflation using India and Nigeria as case net importer of oil and net exporter of oil respectively. For example, persons who signed up for the lottery may have expected a greater health benefit from insurance coverage than those who did not sign up. Furthermore, sensory evaluation of the fried potatoes indicated that improving the frying oil oxidative stability has a positive impact on the sensory acceptance of final product. The qualitative data showed that low community awareness, lower level of education among pregnant mothers, unavailability of transport facilities, socio- economic disparities, fragile insecurity situation, poor hospital staff behavior, wrong traditional practices, lack of empowerment and limited autonomy of women in decision making and poor medical records and record keeping standards were major factors behind low utilization of PNC services. The species was considered endemic to Sri Lanka and this report from Parambikulam, Anamalai part of Southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India extents its distribution to the Southern Western Ghats. 57 at confidence interval of 0. Medical Imaging is an important keystone of modern healthcare and will continue to play a role of ever increasing importance at all levels of the healthcare system due to advances in imaging technology (US,CT, MR and Molecular Imaging). 1). Kosterman, T. DWI yields information that complements conventional MRI findings, improving identification and location of nonpalpable undescended testes. Youths should be encouraged to participate in on-farm income diversification since they are better positioned to diversify farming activities. 5. Hoopes, Jean P. 28 percentage points higher in the group selected in the lottery, P=0. Water absorbencies results indicate that this polymer was water-swellable but not water-soluble like super absorbent polymers. Selected adults won the opportunity to apply for Medicaid and to enroll if they met eligibility requirements. In the present study, feather degrading microorganisms isolated from poultry farm soil were initially screened for proteolytic activity of the organism on skim milk agar plates. 0. , station I (Haripur), station II (Mansar), station III (Gharana), station IV (Kalyana) and station V (Gho Manhasa) during the breeding season which commenced from May up to September. The event horizon? Out of the 22 amino acids required for the human body, 8 essential amino acids are found in Aloe vera. 0. 67 ? Results:- Out of 60 patients Female:Male ratio is 1. Table 2 Table 2 Mean Values and Absolute Change in Clinical Measures and Health Outcomes with Medicaid Coverage. 4% and 79. Has a number of properties that are beneficial to human health and well being. 67? Finally, the paper provides also a suggestion about how to approach this kind of choices. In the present study, root nodule bacteria (RNB) were studied for their plant growth promoting (PGP) properties. The article declared that capacity building and critical national policy are essential for infusion of technology into the education system, and affirmed that the current Nigerian technology policy is weak and insufficient to positively influence technology integration outcomes. This study is aimed to determine the separation of ink within brands of blue ballpoint pen and results were compared with the acquired reference sample. Serum calcium (Ca), phosphorous (P), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and bone mineral density (BMD) were measured. It is not only to ensure full utilization of the available space for agriculture, but also for sustaining the need of food among the urban dwellers. In odontogenic cyst (0. To ? Depression is one of the common health problem in elderly population. In this research work, various adhesives were produced from cassava which is a locally available natural raw material. S. 68 and 46. 7 years ? Detailed description, illustration and relevant note on the species are provided. The speech emotion recognition technology has a potential to provide considerable benefits to the national, international industry and society in general. Evans-Lacko, G. The major strength, weakness, opportunity and challenge are found as good rapport building among members of FIG (55%), lack of record maintenance and skill regarding organizing meetings (52%), vast scope of implementation of value addition units like pulp industry and guava powder plants (48%) and organizing producers at the operational time of FIG activities (33%) and raising seed money among FIG members (25%) respectively. S. The present study is an observational descriptive transversal study conducted between June 2012 and December 2012 in the department of Endocrinology- Diabetology and Metabolic Diseases in the Military Hospital Avicenna of Marrakesh. We conducted interviews between September 2009 and December 2010. For recovery of RNB wild leguminous plants viz. The user will be able to focus on the logic of the solution without having to worry about the syntax. The purpose of our project is to create a software that analyze the previous stock data of certain companies with the help of certain software like java, visual basics . Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) was the commonest type 80%. Dudley syndrome (AHDS), also known as MCT8 deficiency. Over the past several decades, major outbreaks of DF have occurred in many countries including India, causing significant morbidity and mortality. This allowed us to reject a decrease of more than 20% in the predicted 10-year cardiovascular risk or a decrease of more than 10% in predicted risk among the participants with high-risk diagnoses before the lottery. Research location is the Command Unit of Military District 0807 Tulungagung addressed at MT. These are well known works that depicts the effects caused by the world wars. Tensile, Compression and impact tests are conducted for the composite and the results exhibit an enhancement in the structural property. 16% (P1), 42. 95mm) was recorded with the extract of methanolic extract of Termitomyces against Penicillium notatum. The result indicated that correlation analysis revealed that chlorophyll a, b, total chlorophyll, carotenoid, chlorophyll degradation was significantly correlated with each other whereas protein content showed negative correlation with chlorophyll a (-0. 17 testes were intracanalicular and 21 testes were intra-abdominal. The current study evaluated the effectiveness of different techniques for Pre-sterilization of burs used in a Hospital-based Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department. Motivation in the environment at Kodam V Brawijaya on commitment, and to recognize factor with the most dominant effect on soldiers? The study found that there are impacts of antecedent factors (environmental uncertainty, intra-organizational factors, and factors of inter-organizational) on information sharing and information quality in supply chain management. The marine waters of the Atlantic coast are located at the entrance to the Bay of Cintra and can approach the coast at the heart of the bay and to the south by the tidal currents favouring the entry of mineral-rich waters producing an important planktonic richness of the bay. To ? 0226). β-agonists (Salbutamol,) was the most commonly used bronchodialator followed by corticosteroids(82. 20 ? At present, no treatment is available for Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome (AHDS). The ability of organization and management that have been shown to be equal or better able than men in positions of significant responsibility, both rectories of universities, in the chamber of deputies and senators in the state governments and other institutions or companies. He was again admitted for iv liposomal amphotericin B. Strong motivation from leader is indeed influential to soldiers by intrinsic or extrinsic ways. Random sample of 198 government secondary school students were selected for the study. In this study, debit inflow is predicted using ARIMA method from also which new operational pattern of the reservoir can be established. 80% of the young patients were males with male: female ratio being 4:1. SVM is used to find out the optimal result and to evaluate the generalization ability under the limited training samples. Conclusion:- Dry eye syndrome are of multifactorial in its aetiology affecting all age groups. 5 mol% of L-aspartic acid (LA-C4H7NO4) and L-threonine (LT-C4H9NO3) doped sodium acid phthalate (NaAP) single crystals were successfully grown from aqueous solution by slow evaporation solution growth technique. Reliability of time dependent stress- strength system is carried out by considering stress is random independent and strength is random- fixed . 08-3. 80 ? 9%) were normal. 8274). Procedure for the preparation of 2-pyrazoline derivatives in very good yields. 52, 5. ). Normative integrity has the highest load, meaning that it has positive and significant effect. We fitted linear probability models for binary outcomes. 8% were malignant and 95. ), and the Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (J. Results showed that forty-two percent of the household heads were within the productive age range of 41-50 years. We aim to assess the quality of life in patients who underwent surgery for carcinoma breast and see the difference in quality of life, if any, between breast conservation surgery(BCS) and modified radical mastectomy (MRM) and the feasibility of the same. The Darke fish (Esomus danricus) is a freshwater fish. Whereas relative humidity showed a negative correlation (r = -0. 685 as compared to placebo group 30. In certain area, tarekat became an interesting phenomenon since the mursyid (guiding teacher) and several of its followers possessed certain authorities as the member on official governance or even the leader of a region. Among primary glaucoma, primary open angle glaucoma (38. An accurate and precise hydration in particular could prove to be very valuable for athletes such as marathon runners, and patients who are suffering from hydration or otherwise need this vital to be closely monitored. The evaluation of cystic fluid carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) concentration and cytology have low sensitivity in distinguishing mucinous from non-mucinous cysts. This review is concerned with the role of C. A total of 12,229 persons in the study phd thesis dissertation governance sample responded to the survey, for an effective response rate of 73%. Subjects assigned to control group, did not receive body scan meditation. 5 cm on Escherichia coli and 0. A positive correlation was observed between the prevalence of HCV infection and type 2 diabetes in our study population. P. 44% reported that they are informed about scabies, 56% do not know about scabies. Performance is affected by leadership character. 0. In the other hand, out of 26. Soldiers? Is used to identify the area of impairment and the effects of the impairment on function of the individual. Postoperative radiographs showed restitution of cortico-medullary continuity by 45th to 55th postoperative day in all the dogs. The fit between the Agile methodologies and the company is performed considering the innovation and development processes in place into the Research and Development department of the company itself. The paper further explains how the approaches of the Government have changed across the time (explaining merits and demerits of each programme) to fight against poverty. Primary hepatic actinomycosis is one of the chronic abscess-forming infections of the liver. 17. Malaria is one of the common diseases in Upper Assam, particularly in the Lakhimpur district. Some former works derived by Sadaf 2014 such as moment exponential geometric and moment exponential Poisson distributions are special cases of the new EMEPS family. All 29 organizations (100%) purchased pharmaceuticals from the local market; in particular, from importers. 76 (n=10). The regent even led Nagan Raya for three periods respectively. Medicaid coverage resulted in an increase in the number of prescription drugs received and office visits made in the previous year; we did not find significant changes in visits to the emergency department or hospital admissions. 5% of the isolates produced IAA with isolate DM1f showing the maximum production of 10 ? Statistical Package for Social Sciences 22 was used for analysis Result: Mean age of respondents was 56. There have been no cases of the control group showed results of the study; also there were no significant differences at the level of probability of P <0. 75, and 1. 5% only. Type of research is quantitative with field survey. Malnutrition is a big problem in India and other parts of the world. Comparison on berg balance scale in different age groups? Factor analysis generated four latent factors that prescribe respondents intention to practice urban agriculture. Regular use of Amla improves immunity, fight against chronic diseases like hypertension, Diabetes, influenza, high Cholesterol, Chronic cough and cold, chronic infections, chronic fatigue and chronic inflammatory conditions. Of course, most estimates suggest imperfect (and selective) Medicaid take-up rates even under mandates. Bhagwati. It was found that Fosamax drug decreased significant ALP activity and increased BMD in OVX group. S Chi Square test using SPSS software. Due to more favorable climatic conditions, the performance of flowering is better in wet season. Virtually all the analyses reported here were prespecified and publicly archived (see the protocol). Transgenders achieved victory in 2014, when Supreme Court of India declared the ? The minimum for the model is achieved in reaching a convergent solution by yielding a Chi-square goodness-of-fit indices of good-fit values. The clutch size was found to vary among different stations viz. This research provides empirical evidence to support this notion and for this purpose the review of literature was made on workplace conflict among women and suggestions are made to address the problems faced by women employees in the context of conflict study. While the PNC 2 visit recorded at two hospitals were between 2 % to 11 % and PNC coverage 3 and PNC 4 were between 0 % to 1 %. Salivary gland disease (2. 85 (n= 32) at station IV and 3. This paper tried to identify the factors which impacted financial decision making of an individual. S world. Multifaceted beneficial effects can be obtained on plant growth and health by such RNB if they possess additional PGP properties as worked out in this study. 35%) of the study. Results: out of 301 children under five years with severe acute malnutrition 53. Performance is one of the World Health Organization? 4% in the control group, which corresponds to an estimated allelic frequency of 2. It also differs from Cunaxa setirostris (Hermann) in lacking long seta on palptarsus and lacking strong spine like seta on palp genu. 54 eggs. The concept of through and overflow for porous weirs can be use purposively to explain many phenomena such as, dissipating the energy of incoming flow which the flowing of water through the body of the weir contributes in considerable percentage of it, and using of another concepts to represent the dissipated energy in the downstream side of the weir as criterions for energy dissipation. For group D mean bacterial colony count was zero at all three intervals. Zeroing the secondary complications of chemical treatment is the key factor of using medicinal plants. G. The population of this research is all the Regional Device Work Unit in Bekasi City Government, Head of Department, Head of Agency and Head of Division who occupy essay II and III in Bekasi City Government which amounted to 208 people consist of 36 echelon II and 172 persons Echelon III officials. Biofertilizers showed positive influence on both soil sustainability and plant growth. Vis, IR, ESR and mass spectra. 8 and 46. Chromatin condensation involves folding to highly ordered structures which can be assembled and disassembled during gene expression. 05). The sample of research is 120 soldiers. It accounts for 8-15% of perinatal deaths and 13-16% of neonatal deaths in India. 99%) respectively while mild anemia were more common in male patients (60. The highest antifungal inhibitory activity (4. The use of effective infection control procedures in the dental office will prevent cross contamination that may extend to dentist, dental staff, dental technician and patients. We did not detect a significant difference in the quality of life related to physical health or in self-reported levels of pain or happiness. Agriculture is undoubtedly risky, and the risk of a bad year discourages farmers from investing in high-yielding activities. Patients who carry the RR genotyping were at high risk to develop CVD. , M. Sweetpotato is commonly grown in the south, south western and eastern parts of Ethiopia. Surgery for breast cancer has evolved from radical intent and extent to wide local excision and breast conservation. 5mM (P3) alpha tocopherol, respectively, then loaded into 0. Mechanical properties (ultimate tensile strength, tensile modulus and elongation at break) were measured for all synthesized cross-linked sodium polyacrylate polymers. P, Global positioning system (GPS) 71 representative surface (0-15cm) and subsurface (15-30 cm) soil samples were collected randomly from cultivated and pasture lands using stainless steel spatula, shovel and spade. The activated carbon is linked with the catalytic converter to further reduce the emissions from the engine. Probability proportionate stratified random sampling technique was used dnepropetrovsk resume ua for data collection. The results are verified using ping command. 07? The biosurfactant demonstrated antibacterial activity against the test bacteria (Staphylococcus sp. 4% (n=266) of children were breastfed during the first 6 months of age (any time) and 11. 5%) 2 or 3 days per week, 80 (27. Similar results were observed with administration of stirred yoghurt (A), (B) and (C). Aims:- The aim of this study is to find out the clinical profile and management of all patients presenting with dry eye disease attending the Ophthalmology Department in a tertiary health care centre in western Odisha. It was recommended that Nigeria as a mono-product economy should start adjusting to exploit other natural resources in the nation to cushion the economic hassle overdependence on oil have forced it into Peeled fruits each of Watermelon (Citrulus lunatus), Pawpaw (Carica papaya), and Pineapple ( Ananas comosus) were bought from street vendors in Creek Road Market, Mile 1 Market, Mile 3 Market, Borokiri and Lagos Bus Stop all in Port Harcourt Town, Rivers State to investigate the fungi associated with these fruits and the possible implications associated with their consumption using the Standard Blotter Method and the Acidified Potato Dextrose Agar Method. It has been estimated that 40% to 50% of women’s deaths during the childbearing years are related to complications during pregnancy and childbirth . 11 The 10-year predicted risk did not change significantly with Medicaid coverage (−0. We chose nine popular brands, coded them from O1 to O9 and purchased them from local private pharmacies . The selected organism was subsequently grown on feather meal medium and biochemically, genotypically characterized and identified to be a Bacillus species. The details and outcome data from each study were collected for comparison with each other using spreadsheets. The lottery process and Oregon Health Plan Standard are described in more detail elsewhere. S KR is 5. Out of 419 case studies, the most common histopathological diagnosed pulmonary diseases were pulmonary infections 218 (52%), followed by lung tumors 112 (26. 23; P=0. Improving the status of women by expanding educational opportunities, strengthening promotion of antenatal and delivery care by enhancing community awareness about the importance of ANC and DC are recommended. It covers Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP), Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) and National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM). Currie, Rick Allgeyer, Alberto Portillo, Monica Henry, Marco Fierro, Kenneth Massey. This article also predicts a possible change in the original ideals to which extension education at the University of Zambia was founded. The study involved 148 are cancer patients, while 59 are apparently healthy individuals (control group) and 59 are infected with Toxoplasma gondii. Uroflometry was done immediately at the time of catheter removal and after one and three month of surgery. The first step in problem solving is to develop a foolproof algorithm for the same. They frequently interfere with the eruption of teeth. Like main results were obtained an Index proposal of hygienic prerequisites fulfilment (IGHSm), a manual drives for the application of the IGHSm and the proposal of 11 improving actions for the innocuousness management in the study object. Results: More than 80% participants aged 10-20 years. Also, being jealous was the most common factor for being abused. More Data insights Small defined contribution plans, those with fewer than 1,000 participants, decreased the median per-participant fee $13 in 2017 from 2016's median, according to NEPC's 2017 DC plan survey. Genotype 1 was the most frequent (77,8%). This paper aims at reflecting the fundamentals of payments banks, objectives of their establishment and challenges faced by them. The most of the species are European-Asiatic floristic elements (14. Working capital of a firm includes on current assets. Objective: The Niger Delta area of Nigeria for decades after oil exploration still remained one of the least developed regions in the country. To predict the soft tissue changes in response to anterior maxillary segmental osteotomies, more prospective studies with sound methodology, larger samples and three dimensional evaluation are required with considering confounding factors such as age, sex, race and osteotomy technique. Multiple institutional review boards approved the study, and written informed consent was obtained from all participants. Optical transmittance shows that L-threonine doped NaAP crystal possesses higher transparency compared to undoped NaAP and L- aspartic acid doped NaAP and the band gap energy values of the grown crystals were calculated. The research sample is 114 SMEs in Surabaya area. N. Those methodologies are then compared in order to assess their fit in the context of highly innovative non-software companies. The results indicate that age, gender, educational level, and household size with the four latent factors mentioned previously were the likely factors that will influence urban dwellers to have intention to practice urban agriculture. With these laws, it is believed that the impact of disaster is minimal and the Filipinos are more safe and resilient. The least zone (25 mm). 1-3 Although these approaches can be an improvement over observational designs and often involve larger samples than are feasible with a randomized design, they cannot eliminate confounding factors as effectively as random assignment. Five provenances namely Bilaspur, Bastar, Korba, Raigarh and Sarguja of Chhattisgarh,India were used in the study. 4. 26 (n=10) days. The Objectives of the study were, to provide intervention programme for the rural adolescents who are living with alcoholic parents, to study the impact of life skills programme among rural adolescents before and after the intervention. 80% (n = 1827) patients had normal haemoglobin levels. A sample of 82 female cosmetic users was selected. 33% cases. Result: The result showed that for Group A the mean bacterial colony count is 62. 87%, 60. It is a character in which commanders are willing to understand soldiers? It is concluded from the study that in order to improve the index value of books, it is necessary to manage macroeconomics factors effectively. Method: This cross-sectional hospital based study was conducted on 301 children with severe acute malnutrition hospitalized in three mentioned therapeutic feeding unites during 4 month (March-June 2017) period. The fundamental reason is political. It has immensely affected the socio-economic security of rural citizens as it provides 100 days of guaranteed employment to every household whose adult members is willing to do unskilled manual work at fixed minimum wages. Meanwhile, time of research starts from 22 January 2017 to 02 March 2017, in which this research will last for 3 months. 27 days (n=10). Shrime. Method:- This study was conducted between OCTOBER 2016 to JANUARY 2017 , among 3088 mothers attending AN op were screened for congenital anomalies Relevant information regarding maternal age, gestational age, sex, birth order and consanguinity was documented. The goal is to take prevention measures and sensibilise the general public about these negative phenomena. Majority of hernias have occurred within one year (75%) of previous surgery. Clinicians who are using ultrasound transducer or probe for diagnosis needs a better quality image for better observation so that they can analyze the disorder of structure and steer medication. Exposure to three different dilutions (5%, 50%, 90%) of domestic sewage effluents for 100 days resulted in significant changes (P<0. Background: Technology is strongly influencing the today? , 3. Potential Model of independent quarks? The proximity of these two systems allows them to be permanently influenced by the spatial variability of their marine hydrodynamics. 45 to 14. The results of the present study suggest that higher the level of perceived stress, the better the level of coping strategies. Single X-ray diffraction revealed that the grown crystals possess orthorhombic crystal structure and revealed lattice distortion due to impurities. More studies are required with a bigger sample in order to draw definitive conclusions. 65 years & above 65 years and the end of the study we observe that the balance declines as age progresses & more balance difference in last age group i. All analyses were weighted for the sampling and field-collection design; construction of the weights is detailed in the Supplementary Appendix. 95 to 1. In this study the total number of inflorescences, flowers and fruits were evaluated during six months on four years old plants, installed in the Agricultural Engineering School of Thies. A common polymorphism due to an amino acid substitution (Glutamine  Arginine) at codon 192 is considered to be a major determinant of variation in serum PON1 activity. The present paper is an attempt to highlight the contribution of Justice Bhagwati in the promotion of Legal Aid in India. Environmental pollution is an issue of global concern and feather waste which is a byproduct of the growing poultry processing industry is an example of a pollutant not easily degraded by common proteolytic enzymes. The recent experience in the development of large scale aquaculture venture has given rise to the opinion that the key to success in not the availability of adequate technology, but also efficient management. Ningyan Wong, Siang Jin Terrance Chua, Fei Gao, Sok Tiang Rosalind Sim, David Matchar, Sung Lung Aaron Wong, Khung Keong Yeo, Wei Chieh Jack Tan, Chee Tang Chin. The objective of this study was to determine the risk factors associated with Birth asphyxia in order to develop preventive interventions to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality. 52 and 3. 75%) than female patients (55. Different personal laws have given different meanings to the concept of marriage ranging from sacramental to contractual union. So, this study helps to understand the role of construction manager and the challenges faced by him in the construction industry. Wright, Caroline Hamm, Isaac N. The objectives of this study were to assess seasonal changes on flowering and fruiting of six accessions of J curcas in semi-arid area in Senegal. 01% (P1), 60. In this study recent incidence of peptic perforation was carried out with below mentioned statistics. It is evident that when they speak of their old age they perceive it in a positive way and when asking their opinion of how they perceive old age, they express negative comments. Plasma membrane integrity (PMI) were 58. 12-6. The problem is we do not know how effective this subject could be to improve the education system. Many of these challenges are a direct result of construction operations, while others are a result of indirect, peripheral activities. 22 was used for the statistical analysis. A 23-item structured questionnaire which had a reliability co-efficient of 0. 7%. This subject constituted the objective of this research, whose purpose was the proposal of an instrument to evaluate the hygienic prerequisites in gastronomic services. Both in short-run as well as well as in long-run British intervention not only benefited the state but the common man was blessed by their arrival and it was by dint of their intervention that Kashmir was taken on the path of modernization. Alkire, Mack L. EAC load had increased the activities of serum GOT and GPT but decreased the concentration of albumin and total protein. Among all the means of fastening, adhesive is the most suitable method because no damage is done to the adherends (as in nailing) and stress is more uniformly distributed. Background: Severe Acute Malnutrition among children 0-59 months of age is a serious public health problem in Afghanistan, the 2013 National Nutrition Survey data reviled high wasting rates of 9. Recent studies have suggested that the PON1192 polymorphism is an independent risk factor for CVD Subject and Methods: This case control study consisted of 180 subjects were divided into 100 patients with CVD (50 patients with PAD and 50 patients with CAD), and 80 healthy controls. It is observed that, due to the influence of urban development in some distributaries and conversion of wet crops and fallow land to ID crops there is decrease of wet crops and increase of ID crops. 00 ? So with this background the present study was an attempt to study the implementation of MGNREGA-performance and its role in developing the rural infrastructure (Assets) in district Kishtwar. FIGs have the power to create a socio ? In selected formulation, the calculated regression coefficients for drug release kinetics follows the Korsemayer-peppas and drug transport mechanism follow anomalous transport and non- fickian diffusion mechanism release. Homozygosity for FVL and PT G20210A polymorphisms was not found in either group. Both Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax occur in abundance, but Plasmodium vivax was the major parasite in the district. 0%) claimed they were aware of the complications. The Amla berry is a traditional food and medicine having many known nutritional and medicinal benefits and uses. Jamison, Margaret E. The main challenges to effective implementation of WHO FCTC are: (a) Ineffective tobacco control enforcement, weak capacity and limited resources for implementation in states, (b) Pattern of tobacco consumption with high prevalence and availability of smokeless forms of tobacco and, (c) Opposition by industry to tobacco control legislation resulting in delay and dilution of the provisions under WHO FCTC in India. Out of ten selected bacterial isolates, nine exhibited inhibitory activity against the test organisms. Hospitalization charges are accounting for 39. 50 which is consistent with the idea of treating OGE effects in low order perturbation. Oregon Health Plan Standard provides comprehensive medical benefits, including prescription drugs, with no patient cost-sharing and low monthly premiums ($0 to $20, based on income), mostly through managed-care organizations. 8259; CI 95% p-value <. In that case the properties of soil can be improved by soil stabilization. Serum levels for lipid profile and PON1 enzyme were measured by spectrophotometer using paraoxon as a substrate. This article reviews various minimally invasive procedures and highlights the advantages of minimally invasive surgical and non-surgical therapy. Our isolates (V. 69, with the confidence interval of (1. World Journal of Surgery 41:1, 14-23. Most people agreed that media objectively covered that incident, and channels gave importance to minority issues with an ethnic tilt. 91 at 24, 48 and 72 hours respectively. Processing semen needs appropriate technology to produce high quality of sperm for successful artificial insemination (AI) program. The construction manager will plan, direct and budget a construction project as well as handle any issues which arise during the job. The Quality Management System provides the environment within which related tools, techniques and procedures can be deployed effectively leading to operational success for a construction project. 62 ? S diversity index was found to be 0. Human development? 45 ? Skill acquisition enhances healthy development of children. It involves authentication of a speaker from a large ensemble of possible speakers. Herndon? Patients? The objective of the present study is to detect of toxoplasmosis infected patients compared with cancer patients attending the Unit of Tumors in the Medical City, in compared with together healthy individuals as a control group. These scales differences were statistical significant (P <0. The overall prediction accuracy was 94. 0. Following this global trend, several companies in India are focusing on shareholders? 5. Using retinoscopy and subjective refraction, refractive error was categorized as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism A standardized questionnaire prepared in their local language was used to collect data on their age, sex and duration of watching television. Statistical analysis suggested a single nucleotide polymorphism that is a C-to-T substitution at codon 2229 of the TPO gene. 00 for crop farming, livestock farming and mixed farming respectively. Using hybrid procedure, inter-island input-output model for Indonesia has been constructed. 186 to 194). 8% than that of the non-probiotic ponds it is 73. We used the random assignment embedded in the Oregon Medicaid lottery to examine the scholarships without essays effects of insurance coverage on health care use and health outcomes after approximately 2 years. Seaweed plays an important and vital role in the marine ecosystem and growing in large amount in the sea. Various Natural Language Processing (NLP) constructs will be used for the same. A total of 25 plants were enumerated during the study, along with their botanical names, families, plant parts used and the colours produced. However, minimally invasive surgical techniques utilizes magnification devices to advanced surgical instruments and modified procedures, to make the surgical procedures effortless and causing minimal soft tissue trauma thus, proving to be advantageous over the conventional therapy. Biosurfactant are produced by some micro organisms. We obtain research paper on life insurance several properties of EMEPS family, among them; quantile function, order statistics, moments and entropy. JAMA 2002;288:2981-2997 Glenn Flores, Hua Lin, Candice Walker, Michael Lee, Janet M. The outcomes showed impact of working capital on profitability and supported the suggestions. 5% and 2 %. 41 mm and SD 17. 60; P=0. Experimental group received task oriented exercises along with neuromuscular electrical stimulation on wrist extensors for 6 weeks. Rediscovering of natural therapeutics to treat the ruinous diseases became a major concern of the researchers for its outrageous need. Product moment co-relation was used to determine Concurrent validity. Demographics and clinical outcomes including, the location and histological characteristic of breast cancer, types of breast reduction techniques, tumor margin positivity and history characteristics were queried. 935) and chlorophyll degradation (-0. 0. This research is attempting to analyze the effect of leadership character on soldiers? 81%)medication adherence patients was found on pre-counseling and on post-counseling low(17. The magnitude of the DF issue remains alarming. Medicaid coverage resulted in an absolute decrease in the rate of depression of 9. The purpose of this research paper was to understand role of top management in connection with implementation of ISO 9001:2015. 72%), antibiotics(56. A significant difference has been found between normal tissues and cancerous ones within Cytochrome b. An emerging issues in Women empowerment. Result of research gives several indications. Medicaid coverage had no significant effect on the prevalence or diagnosis of hypertension or high cholesterol levels or on the use of medication for these conditions. The descriptive survey involved 235 farm households randomly selected from three agricultural zones in Enugu State, Nigeria. Extra high quality assurance has been followed for construction of bridge which enabled to set up third party quality assurance consultancy (Lloyd? 22? 00 ? M. 33% cases, tear film break up time 76. Rational: The public-sector pharmaceutical supply system in Afghanistan has been a collective effort of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and international and national partners to ensure an uninterrupted supply of good-quality, essential medicines to health facilities providing the Basic Package for Health Services (BPHS) and Essential Package for Hospital Services (EPHS). Their fundamental human rights are violated in every step of life. Leadership character can influence soldiers? 62. A survey of 60 employees of NTPC, Patna (ER-HQ1) a Public Sector Company was made to test the hypothesis. The greater part of the researchers discovered positive effect of working capital management choices on profitability of organizations. Background: Autopsy is an important tool in the investigation of maternal death. On the lists of the ten largest ranking spatial sectors, the same sectors as those in output multipliers also emerged in output flow-on rank order. Dengue fever (DF) is known as one of the most important arthropod-borne viral diseases affecting humans. The constraints in raising income from the various sources of farm income were institutional, financial and infrastructural constraints. Over all 44. Since birth, children learn different skills which help them to participate in and explore their environment. 00 ? Because there is currently no effective vaccine against dengue and no specific treatment for the disease, controlling and preventing dengue fever outbreaks are essential steps for keeping people healthy. , Medicare for persons 65 years of age or older and for disabled persons; the Children's Health Insurance Program for poor children; or Medicaid for poor children, pregnant women, or other specific, categorically eligible populations). Routine follow-up was done for 6 months. Leadership issue is always interesting topic. Research also measured the response of public regarding that issue. Pooled data revealed that there is significant difference in the MBL and on number of implant failures when single and 2-implants ODs were compared. C. The instrument was based on the importance of selected criteria? The results show that, firstly, all measures of spatial-specific multipliers (output, income and output) indicated that the percentage of multipliers that occurred in the own-region is significantly high. Bettina F. Out of these males constituted 153 (54. 80 ? 70 ? Time dependent stress- strength models are considered with repeated application of stress and also the change of the strength with time. 44 to 32. W. The mean time of sufficient callus formation was 43. 9. Sensory evaluation of the fried potato has been conducted under accelerated storage conditions to determine the effect of oil oxidative stability on the shelf life of fried food. Color power? 14. Amplification of the gross motor skill amelioration of toddlers in Gampaha Divisional Secretariat, Colombo District, Sri Lanka? O’Malley, Nathalie Huguet, John Heintzman, Charles Gallia, K. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. However, two patients (13%) of all cases required further breast surgery after the ORM. 0 for windows. 15 percentage points; 95% confidence interval, −16. The system of Legal Aid at present we are having in our society is contributed majorly by Late Justice P. SF-36 scale showed significant increase in treatment group after 120th day treatment from placebo group. 4. The researcher also recommended some suggestions regarding the issues or challenges of tribes. 3:1. (2016) EPA guidance on mental health and economic crises in Europe. Conclusion: Arnica- 30c a homeopathic formulation at the end of 120 days was found to improve Quality of Life in patients of migraine. This was highly significant for a combination of flupirtine with diazepam, sodium valproate, phenobarbitone, and phenytoin. It may be repaired using anatomical, mesh or laparoscopic methods. There is a common perception among different scholars and historians that the arrival of British resulted into drain of wealth, de-industrialization, backwardness, poverty and other negative impact wherever they went. When normal outlets of human expression remain choked, catharsis finds its likely way - either through slogans or rocks or violent other means. 73; P<0. 00 ? In these healthy postmenopausal women with increased serum cholesterol, serum low-density lipoprotein, and serum triglycerides, there was autonomic dysfunction which is statistically significant. Table 4 Table 4 Mean Values and Absolute Change in Financial Hardship with Medicaid Coverage. 45. Gantt charts were used to depict the data collected by performing the given set of procedure to check the quality like Bolt tightness and perform various other quality checks related to bolt that helped in successful implementation of ISO 9001:2015. , A. Twenty organizations (69%) monitored the performance of their suppliers. All other series showed a significant decrease in the Proline content. The fourth generation of Kashmiris is today doing what the first generation did some 60-70 years ago; they are venting their anger and frustration with the political system through street resistance. Soldiers? 84 percentage points; 95% CI, 1. 69(120 days). Aquatic fungi were identified from the biofilm and water of aquaponic systems. The cassava starch was chemically modified to obtain oxidized, hydrolyzed and dexrinized from which the various adhesives were produced by incorporating other chemicals such as plasticizers and tackifiers. The production of biosurfactantand antibacterial efficacy can thus be promising for use in medical, therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetcs, food and beverages for treatment and control of diseases caused by micro organisms. Richard B. 001). The author worked with the QA company and the state department (DTTDC) to perform various quality assurance checks and helped in implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2015 (clause 5. 5. The sample of the research consists of 1203 students and 677 of them are female and 518 are male students and 8 of them missing. The decomposer and the injector is designed in ? Result:-The total number of sample was 50. A total of 31 isolates (7 from A. , Abrus precatorious (A. Methods: A cross sectional school based study with 600 students of age 10-14 years. Therefore, production of bio-diesel from non-edible oils is an effective way to overcome all the associated problems with edible oils. Solidity is represented by feeling as having similar fate and profession. , Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus sp. The balance where assessed using the berg balance scale. Current Assets are cash and equivalents, accounts receivable, and inventory items of a firm. Result of the study indicated that feeding injury of the spider mite to the cassava leaf was marked by appearance of chlorotic spots. Vements mensuels au niveau de dix sites (forages) dans la zone d?? We found no effect of Medicaid coverage on diagnoses after the lottery or on the use of medication for blood-pressure and high cholesterol levels. 1% of abused group and 91. Having no platform for expressing their political opinion, they resort to hurling stones. The percentage of hatching was 94. Dante Yeh, Marc A. The study in three different age groups (i. 07% of the women had given birth in the health institutions. On matters wherein they have less information and training like the psychological care of people who have been traumatized by the disaster? Introduction It has been established that the volume of left atrium (LA) is a marker of alteration of the diastolic function of the left ventricle. This is an unusual case report of a complex odontoma in a 17 year old boy, which resulted in pain and failure of eruption of permanent left maxillary molars. The result of the present study revealed that the intervention was very effective among the adolescents in enhancing their level of awareness and positive improvement seen in life skills such as self-awareness skills, effective communication and critical thinking skills. S lives for cognitive and social development. (2017) Impact of a Patient Navigator Program on Hospital-Based and Outpatient Utilization Over 180 Days in a Safety-Net Health System. Compared to other methods recently used, ARIMA has been proved as able to predict debit inflow in better way with smaller Relative Error (KR) than realized debit (Model? There were no recurrences found in our study. Total duration of treatment is 30 minutes per day given 5 days in a week for 6 weeks. Several attempts have been made by the Federal Government of the nation to bring about peace in the region. The results of the present study also revealed that the total haemocyte count and the total haemolymph protein were higher in probiotic fed Litopenaeus vannamei compared to without probiotic fed shrimp. 76+_0. The fixator was found rigid and stable till the completion of bone healing in all the dogs. Bolt testing which also includes documentation of joints of steel girder that are QA passed. E) 45 ? Background: Oncoplastic reduction mammoplasty (ORM) had expanding the role of breast conserving surgery (BCS). 0. Today? This study was conducted in Dindigul district. 48 cases (80%) responded well to 6 weeks medical therapy with significant improvement of their symptoms and signs. Patients should take responsibility of their health and adhere to health instructions. Allergic conjunctivitis, Blepharitis and computer users 13. 99) or to the wide variety of prerandomization and interview characteristics examined (see the Supplementary Appendix). Construction issues include workforce considerations, safety, time constraints, and the changing nature of the work itself. Method: A cross sectional qualitative and quantitative study design was chosen in order to give a detailed description of factors that influence women to attend or not attend postnatal care services. Separated from the exhaust tail pipe. T? 04; P<0. The FVC and FEV were assessed among the patients during their admission and discharge time. 0001) and parity (OR 1. The study provides an empirical support for the theoretical link between the five pillars of development and the social development of children. The article reveals existing literature and draws such projections main from literature that focused on University of Zambia Extension Programmes. This study aims to analyze the influence of organizational commitment and competence on job satisfaction and organizational performance either partially or simultaneously on the City Government of Bekasi. The status of women in India is a matter of serious concern. The population density of these mites was showing a rapid decline from April to June. Extrinsic motivation, related to creating conducive organizational environment, will improve soldiers? Moreover, edible oils? 02 and 42. (2) The dominant factors influencing organizational commitment at Kodam V Brawijaya environment is directive leadership character, strong motivation to lead, and extrinsic motivation with conducive work environment. 47? Papaya as an antidiabetic agent and the individual investigation of potentiality for different parts of the plant and to highlight the major gaps of the researches. Larger plans, those with more than 10,000 participants, have seemed to squeeze their providers to their limits as median fees were unchanged. The improvements of BMD in OVX groups treated with A, B and C were significantly high compared with OVX treated with Fosamax alone. 28% for the respective groups (P>0. 2%) were bacterial infections, and 36 cases (8. Constitution of India guarantees the rights and freedom to all persons including transgenders but the reality is different. The study recommendations that more care to be given to younger mothers at the time of delivery because they are thrice at risk of birth asphyxia compared to older mothers. Writing a correct algorithm ensures an efficient code which results in optimum utilization of resources. Population in this research is Head of Department and Head of Agency along with all Head of Division on all Work Unit of Regional Area of Jakarta Provincial Government amounting to163 people. Journal of General Internal Medicine 160. Perusal of history reveals the earliest description regarding Amla is found in Vedic literature. We owe our success to an outstanding student body, high-achieving graduates, innovative faculty who are leaders in their respective fields and the generosity of our financial supporters and friends. The results revealed that no significant difference in serum Ca, P and ALP of healthy group with administration of stirred yoghurt treatments. Data were collected from a sample of 10 clinics Results: The study revealed that 82% of the women had at least one antenatal visit during their last pregnancy. The overall prevalence of physical abuse was 21. Health workers to develop good network for support with the madrasa and communities in similar situations. This research aims to understand the behaviour of women employees when they are in a conflict situation. The results confirm with what has been largely theoretical ideas of linkages between the buyer characteristics and the importance that they place on different criteria during the decision-making process. On the other hand, the independent variables are capital adequacy, liquidity, deposits, efficiency, bank size and Syrian crisis. 63 at 24, 48 and 72 hours respectively. In this article, two such case reports are discussed where special technique sensitive denture fabrication is done to conserve the remaining teeth and surrounding alveolar bone, thereby increasing patient satisfaction. Blue ink was not separated by paper chromatography but it was separated and differentiated by thin layer chromatography. Result of research explains that solidity and integrity have an effect of 71. Spatial multipliers, flow-on effects and spatial linkages were then calculated.