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Over64 percent of Americans are overweight research paper american dreams or obese while in othercountries, children die of starvation. ( more ») I see your point, and I somewhat agree. 36). Their mistakes along the way caused them write a customized philosophy paper to not only lose sight of their ideal of the American dream, but also sabotaged their families phd thesis behavioral economics phd thesis andrea gorra and lives. When it hasbecome more noble for one individual to go to an Ivy League school for ayear than to prevent a million children from becoming blind, we knowthat our “American Dream” has gone too far. We do so much to help other nations, but we're bad because we want to go to college. Both plays also research paper american dreams have affairs contained in them, this being just one of the many mistakes the main characters Troy Maxson and Willy Loman made. By donating through PlanUSA, you could sponsor five children for 20 years with theirvaccinations, immunizations, proper nutrition, clean water, schoolsupplies, money for household improvements, pre- and postnatal care fortheir mothers, and a savings credit for those children when they are oldenough. Education is a noblegoal, but our society has put it above more worthy goals. Throughout these plays, the main characters and their significant others show how they pushed to achieve their idea of the “American Dream”. His family life eventually fell to pieces after constant fighting with his son and wife, as well as an affair and his negative attitude. AMERICA!!! research paper about management He eventually drove his family apart, and becomes so depressed and manic that he takes his own life. Petersburg for more than a year- that’s housing, feeding and educating 20 children. In 2004 it cost $37,928 to attend Harvard. 'These people! One distinction between Death of a Salesman and Fences is the issue of race. She treats the elevator boy in her apartment building with disdain: "Myrtle raised her eyebrows in despair at the shiftlessness of the lower orders. '"(pg. Fitzgerald shows how this dream is full of research paper hitler materialism, how materialism influencing the lives of people makes it hard for them so see the reality objectively. Meanwhile, 81 percent of U. Though American democracy is based on the concept of equality among people, social discrimination does still exist, and the divisions between classes cannot be overcome... Even forAmericans, that is a lot of money. We dream that ourchildren will be stable enough not to have to worry about money, thatthey will have no trouble paying for their children to go to the sameIvy League school, and thus, this cycle will pass for generations as wereach for the top of the social ladder. S. Seventy percent of the world’spopulation is illiterate, and only one percent of the world’spopulation has a college education. There are an endless amount of problems in the world, and we can't just think, because of this, we can't so this. My goal after college is to serve people, and maybe some day the“American Dream” won’t be exclusive to America. ” How can we justify spendinghundreds of thousands of dollars on education for one child when anothercan be sponsored and saved for a dollar a day? This, in a nutshell is the “AmericanDream. You have to keep after them all the time. We’ll surpass the wealthand become a family with “old money,” infinitely morewealthy and influential than people who are just “rich. Within both plays the idea is that research paper american dreams when one obtains wealth, respect and happiness, they are considered successful human beings who have achieved all that is possible. Troy lived in a time period of great racial segregation, causing him to become against whites. Americans are selfish. Willy Loman is part of a white family who is struggling to survive, whereas Troy Maxson comes from an research paper american dreams African-American background, is also having trouble supporting his family. It's bad that Americans plan to attend college because other people can't read? This is commonknowledge in many countries but research paper american dreams I am just beginning to realize it. High-school graduates plan to attend a two- or four-yearcollege. Two protagonists, Willy Loman from Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman and Troy Maxson from August Wilson's Fences strive to become successful through comparable motives and ideals. That’s Harvard tuition for one year. He drove to be successful like research paper of breast cancer his brother Ben, and also pushed his children to strive for success. These tales tell research paper american dreams of two men with obscure views of achieving the American dream. Why is it bad that Americans have a good life? So we shouldn't go to college just because people in other countries can't? Oneyear of Harvard tuition could feed 100 severely undernourished childrenat the AOET Orphanage in Uganda for almost 16 months. ( more ») The two plays Fences and Death of a Salesman have one common theme, that being achieving the American dream. Where better could that money go? We support and buy products fromcompanies that use child labor. Even though the “American Dream” is not mydream, I still believe in education. The Peace Corps won’t acceptvolunteers unless they’ve had a four-year college education,believing that people with advanced education are a more valuableresource. I don’tbelieve in the “American Dream. The American dream ideal can make people crazy if their goals are not achieved. Harvard tuitionwould run the Startisa Orphanage in St. ”This invested money is security for our future and the future of ourfamily. The Idea of American Dream in “The Great Gatsby” Essay One of the most brilliant examples revealing a particular point of view on the matter is the outstanding work of Scott Fitzgerald - “The Great Gatsby”. Both protagonists are blinded by their illusions of... People like you make no sense to me. How many more while in graduateschool? Donating that money to UNICEF, you could prevent blindness for1,264,266 children by providing vitamin A; supply iodized saltto 758,560 children which would help prevent stunted physical and mentalgrowth for a year; provide lifesaving antibiotics for 126,426 childrenwith pneumonia; immunize 37,928 children against polio; send 10,114children to school for a year, or provide 253 wells which would assureentire villages access to clean water. We should'nt compromise our livlihood, but, maybe we could spend money that doesn't go toward as important things such as college, and donate it instead. That's like saying, "Who cares about animal abuse when their are children who are straving to death? Who helps out when natural disasters strike in other countries, like Haiti? ” Ironically, it is my education that has made merealize that there’s more to life than just me. How many lives couldyou touch in four? 35). This is something I have come to accept. In the plays Fences and The Death of a Salesman the idea of living the American dream is very prevalent. You are going to college... " We can't jusst disregard other problems because other seemingly mroe important causees com... Our“American Dream,” our selfishness, is wiping out the rest ofthe world. The American dream isn't selfish. Willy believed his key to success was being well-liked. My “AmericanDream” is to go to college where essay writing services toronto I can better learn how to helppeople.