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That’s absolutely right. Without knowing the specifics of your situation, I’d say for consulting resumes, there’s no need to put more than your top 3 work experiences (as long as they’re well-developed). I have a question regarding 10): I recently graduated from College with 2BS. Then read it again. While that is an extreme, proper spacing and alignment make a resume more visually appealing and are indicative of phd resume for management consulting an attention to detail that are critical to any consultant’s early success. In fact, it really sucks. Until now, I used a CV, and in my field, it is supposed to be as detailed phd resume for management consulting and holistic as possible (publications, etc. How should I handle this? Is it a good idea to say in your CV something like ” Top-20 Business school in Europe. I can’t go back to improve because of financial constraints. While you think mistakes can be overlooked, the funny thing about consultants (and this applies to other industries as well) is that once they find a mistake, it’s all they remember. And so forth. I did work prior to attending college part-time in the finance department of CE (while pursuing my Abitur). Have an “education” section with 3 bullets. Or phd resume for management consulting a presentation that’s ready for the client to see? Each one of these experiences has different types of experiences that are necessary for the positions I am applying for. You know what? If my recruiters or hiring managers nix a candidate because their CV was too long I would fire them… period. I would definitely tick the 1 page box, but I would leave applicants with this thought – the 2-3 minute rule applies only to the initial cut. Use your primary email textbook homework help address and a working phone number. Looking to advance your management consulting career? I have an MA in history and am trying to get into consulting, tough, I know. My title hasn’t changed but I’ve gone from community theatre to an internationally renowned ballet company in 4 years. We’ve condensed 8+ years of consulting know-how into 53 video lessons ranging from 5 to 15 minutes each, touching on everything from a “which firm is right for me? Simple “guiding principle”. Ranked phd resume for management consulting equivalent to Said Business School, Oxford by Financial Times 2009-10 rankings”. The dynamics of consulting is way beyond which school you went to, what you studied and what you think you know. Make sure it adds up – things like putting down an extra curricular which you were only involved with for a couple of weeks really stand out as dodgy. This is where salvador dali essay attention to detail really makes a difference, and the less dodgy stuff you have on there (and the less that you exaggerate your commitments), the better your chances. Then have a friend read it. His resume said the total volume he had sold (which seemed impressive), and one of us called a colleague who knows insurance. To be honest, you’re facing a major uphill battle. My favorite subjects are chemistry and biology. Only exception is your primary job (the one experience you would like to highlight to any resume reviewer) – you should have more than 3 bullets. When I started I was an overhire employee and now I have health insurance! ” quiz to firm-specific interview tips and case examples. I am planning to apply at Bain, BCG and McKinsey and just had my resume reviewed by a guy on fiverr. I am a senior in high school. If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears. Anyone with a multi-page resume is dismissed as too windy and not understanding what the word “resume” means. But that was 9 years ago. (Changing jobs is the only way to gain benefits and substantial raises. While the firm may eventually get in touch with you, a first impression is set and you’ll get off to a bad start. Peace. Teach Others to Succeed and Earn Your DBA in Strategic Management. We’d recommend taking the valuable real estate a picture would consume and spending it on explaining that client you worked for, your latest entrepreneurial venture or a super-interesting extracurricular. CI – that’s a great point. Consulting is really, really not that cool. I want to work in consulting. When it’s close to finalizing the number of interview slots, borderline candidates will get a thorough look from the whole “review team” (at least in my experience). But didnt graduate with a ... Personally, all of my hiring managers want to know everything we can know about the person we are about to pass our coveted duties and responsibilities to. The full committee definitely reviews a lot of resumes in detail. Such as a Certified Management Consultant ... Do your job and read the resume. 2) Align everything and space everything equally. Indeed my verbal is 470 but quantitative 790. The rest of the tips (except for #10) are solid. It is critical that there are no mistakes of any kind – grammar and spelling both. Let FedEx Help You Print a Polished Resume So You Can Look Great on Paper. We’re happy to take a look at your resume to focus on getting the first step right (more tangible professional experience) before going for the bigger fish – drop me an email. And occasionally if I really can’t find out who is the addressee, it is okay to use ‘To Whom It May Concern’, right? He was dinged. Personally I have Management and Engineering degree from India’s top 5 schools,respectively. This rule ensures you don’t include 8 bullets for each experience, which is a sure-fire way to signal that you don’t know what you’re doing and overwhelm the reviewer with unnecessary information. Great Article! For me having worked with lots of consultants, it is one thing being able to speak confidently and eloquently and to present a very good looking resume, it is another to actually perform as a good consultant. I know that my resume would look terrifying to a traditional consultant, so how might I arrange work experience from several different companies (largely with similar responsibilities but increasingly more stable organizations) into a format that doesn’t make me look like a flake? Thanks for your help. But, I do have some ibanking, sales and trading, and other financial experiences when I thought that was the route I was going to take (I was part of investment societies, trading challenges, ect. I sincerely appreciate anyone who will take the time to give resume tips to anyone. This is a lazy complacent approach to making a decision that is paramount to the candidates and companies success. However, by adding CE and deleting other “minor” occupations, I’d create huge gabs .. If you still feel that your resume has a “transient feel” to it, you may consider briefly touching upon this in your cover letter. I am a junior in college and have worked with a company for 2. Everyone else on the team had noticed it too. Great post! I have a unique background in the arts, an industry where it is common to have several jobs over short periods of time. 0. And if yes, can you please suggest some to me. From your experience is that feasible and if yes, what do you think is the next best step. Thank you so much for your time. What’s important is that you demonstrate a track record of quality work experience, accomplishments at those jobs, big brand name companies, etc I am having trouble formatting my work experience section. 1) Read your resume for typos. Yes, absolutely mention your finance experiences – they are valuable and valid. Uk ... While the rest of the resume was good, I didn’t forget this typo – and when we were on a resume review call, the team lead brought it up, and you know what? Apply Today! Thanks for your comment! Phd resume for management consulting My name is Ann Smith. It’s the more experienced folks that have more leeway in making the decision to err on the side of a longer resume. Everyone’s seen those left-by-the-road-to-die resumes, the ones with horrible spacing issues, 3 different font sizes, looking like it came out of the printer crooked. Apply Today! Including project management and collaboration .. Once we get down to about 2x the number of interview slots, we spend a lot of time on each resume. First time reader of the site, am a junior about to get the whole recruited process started. Do you think it is a good idea to include your school’s rankings (as given by international media like Financial Times) in the CV? Do you think I should throw in the towel? One of my mentors during the recruiting process put it best when he said: “If someone’s resume doesn’t have properly aligned columns, it tells me that they either don’t care or don’t pay attention to detail. As someone who has just gone through this process (as a reviewer) with incoming undergrads, I think this post hits all the right notes. Doesn’t make sense to give GRE again. Another issue is that I worked my way through college (GWU) and grad school (University College London) as a waitress so I have a lot of hospitality work on my resume. The most detailed consideration was for a guy who use to sell insurance and was either loved or hated by people he met. These are things that are not taught at school, but which you learn in the ‘trenches’. ” 4) Make sure your contact info is updated and you check your email frequently. I know I have no opportunity with BCG&Co, but can I have with the no-name consulting firms? If I leave it off it means large gaps in my employment. Thanks for the insight and I just picked your Consulting bible few days back. Achieve Your Goals With a PhD in Management From Walden. Candidate interested in sustainability consulting; ... I had a 1 year internship with a consulting firm as a business Analyst. One day you will wake up and realize that there’s more to life than being pretentious and you’ll wonder why in the hell you put so much effort it a system that really just wanted to use you up and drop you like its hot. Also, during my semester breaks I’ve worked with various companies (however, not in the field I want to pursue). The problem I am having is I have been in education and just recently finished my graduate work. However, it’s normal to have very few consulting-specific experiences when you apply for a consulting job. They are finance related, but not really at all to consulting, so I’m worried that I’ll put them and be penalized for not showing a broader interest in the world of consulting. I understand that it is best to avoid using ‘To Whom It May Concern’ in the resume and cover letter but when I am applying to multiple offices, I believe there are multiple recruiting officers, so which one should I phd resume for management consulting address it to? Sample Resumes for Graduate Students and Postdocs. We have a computer on a projector where we bring up google, facebook, and linkedin results for folks under consideration. At what point in your career can you start taking things off your resume or clumping jobs and periods of time into a single entry? I dont want to give GRE again now, because I have finished my PhD in Engineering and working for 1-2 years. We calculated his earnings and found he probably wasn’t doing so well pre-MBA. Thanks! You sure do make it sounds like consulting is a sweet deal. However, recommending keeping a CV on ONE PAGE is one of the reasons people are making BAD decisions during the hiring process. I’d like to keep CE on my resume seeing that it phd resume for management consulting is the longest (4yrs) corporate experience I’ve had so far. For ex: I study at a fast growing European Business school, which is not yet well known amongst recruiters, but it is being consistently ranked amongst top-20 in Europe by FT, Economist etc for the past couple of years. Now I am sincerely thinking about moving into the Management Consulting space. You need some impressive recent work experience (non-admin) to overcome your academic battles. Co. Now, I am switching careers a bit and need to tidy it down to a resume. Thanks In general, pictures – while sometimes accepted in European markets – are going out of style. Good way to lure in the college kids who will work like dogs for 1-3 years before getting a clue. Instead of saying “Edited Human Resource interview questions to correct grammar, typos, and to tailor them for summer interns”, say this: “Optimized HR interview process by eliminating grammar and typos in questions; created the first-set of questions tailored at internship applicants resulting in 3 internship hires 10) Focus on the rule of 3 – 3 major work experiences, 3 bullets on each one. I am going to enter the university because my goal is to study these subjects in future and to become a respected professional in one of the fields. My question, you said that we should limit ourselves to the past 3 employers. I have had so many work experiences over the past 10 years because part of my training included multiple year-long practicums, internships, externships, etc. I’ve heard horror stories of applicants for financial service jobs submitting resumes with emails that research paper on service delivery bounce, phone numbers that are disconnected, and so forth. ) So, should I mention these on my consulting resume? The company works with many students so some high-achieving students are able to run branch offices during summer and then go back to their more part-time assistant manager positions during the school year. Get free sample and example CVs and resumes, find CV writing tips and advice at ConsultancyRoleFinder. Im an undergraduate with a very poor GPA below a 3. After that, I had a 1 year Administrative assistant, and a 2 years customer service personnel position in retail. ). Everyone can agree that I am a good student and that I like to study. Apparently, there is a sentence in the BCG interview invitation that reads something along the lines of “you raised our curiosity” – i found it helpful and it covers quite a few of the comments above It’s a no-brainer: $95 value – FREE! We went line-by-line through the resume looking for evidence of team and quant skills. ). I’ve timed myself, and my average is 1 min per resume. Phd Resume For Management Consulting phd resume for management consultingbocconi master thesis dissertation student achievement literary criticism essay rubricAchieve Your Goals With a PhD in Management From Walden. It’s important that you are ready to answer the question, should you get the interview, of why you want to make the transition. I am a consultant with over do my algebra homework 10 years experience. I’d also recommend utilizing different position titles even if responsibilities were largely the same. Then read it again. It’s a $95 value – and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! 5 years now and I have been promoted through the ranks from a sales rep to assistant manager and even to branch manager. Hence I have that dilemma whether I should include my GRE quantitative data or not. I have been working in the IT Strategy consulting space the last 9 years. My question is this: I recently became very interested in consulting, so I don’t have many consulting-related experiences. This plus the one-page restriction for the majority of applicants should serve as an effective guideline. I research paper gambling problem have done this for 2 summers now and am not sure the best way to organize it. To touch on everyone’s comments in objection to the one page resume rule, I’d argue that it’s safe to say that in the case of recent college graduates, there is absolutely no reason you can’t craft an effective one page resume. Having read the whole thing about consultant hire, I think it is all exaggerated. And if they don’t pay attention to detail, then how are they going to build a model that has the right numbers? I’m looking for office preference, interest rti research papers in my firm, work experience (for MBAs), stats, and something extra like cool leadership posts. Most comprehensive resource on the web for PhD students or graduates interested in the transition from academia to management consultingThrough Walden’s PhD in Management program, you can: Learn to think critically abou…Browse thousands of Consultant Resume Samples to see what it takes to stand out. In OD which is my specialization, its about your processes, your people skills and your adaptability. Last year, I was doing a resume review and noticed someone had mispelled “consulting” into “consluting”.