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" (P. Douglass later meets Mr. He chose his name from a character in Sir Walter Scott’s The Lady of the Lake (“9 Interesting Facts About Frederick Douglass”, 2013). In Colonel Lloyd's farm, there lived Mr. Not only does Douglass explain how slavery is a terrible experience for the slaves but also how slavery has a negative effect on the slave owners. There are other stands that made Douglass religious beliefs to be confirmed. The story is told by a slave and lets the reader know first hand what a slave's life was like. He says that while most slaves followed the true Christianity, their masters followed the hypocrisy life in Christianity. He considers this as a blessing from God and says that even while he is in research paper sale the lowest level of life, he will not stop proclaiming the goodness of God. This is brought out clearly in chapter three. The theme that interests me the most in this novel is the effect that slavery has on everyone. He was doing this at night when he was only free and was supposed to be sleeping. However once Sophia's husband, Thomas Auld, comes around Sophia's feelings toward Frederick change 180 degrees. The slaves were assigned various duties by their masters. He prefers the master who is not a hypocrite more than that who is a religious hypocrite. Douglas became a Christian at the age dissertation de philo mthode of 13 years. Historically, religion has been accused of perpetuating slavery in the past years. He was a strong supporter of active joint actions of white and black opponents of slavery. The population has rapidly increased so much such that there is a need to form other laws that will incorporate them equally as other races. Frederick Douglass is one of the most famous and influential African American leaders of the 19th century. D. When he passes away, people consider this as a mercy from God. A place of honor in their ranks belongs to Frederick Douglass, who has been a recognized leader of the Negro people of the United States for decades. The book became famous, but freedom of the author was subjected to danger essay on frederick douglass – according to the law, he had to go back to his host, to the South. Later became a preacher and fighter for essay on frederick douglass the abolition of slavery. Douglas was a staunch supporter of peace and friendship among all peoples. Douglas chose to go to Europe, he lectured in the UK and Ireland during 1845-1847 years (“Frederick Douglass Biography”, n. When he moved to Baltimore to work for his brother, the owner, he was lucky again: brother’s wife taught him further, particularly acquainted with the Bible. In chapter one, Fredrick explains more about the ever increasing population of the diverse population. Most people of America, negros and white, heroically fought for the abolition of slavery and for equal rights for black-skinned people. Douglas antislavery activities coincided research paper samples with the period in United States history, when essay on frederick douglass the issue was at the peak of urgency, when the President understood the need for the abolition of slavery in the country. Douglass is chosen to go and live in Baltimore while they were still working in the Great House Farm. Many residents of the northern states of the USA could not even believe that such a great orator essay on frederick douglass as Frederick could be a slave. Severe who was disliked by most slaves because of his brutality. In the Appendix, Douglass brings out more religion remarks and tries to differentiate between true religion and hypocrisy religion. Frederic autobiography narrates how life was in the life of slavery (Douglass, p. 43). It's very interesting to listen to Douglass explain the every day struggle that a slave would have to go through. ” A brilliant writer and orator, in 1845 he published an autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Born a slave, he was doomed to experience the hardships of life and the suffering of many, but he found the strength and courage to fight for their rights and for improving the lives of others, infringed rights. A woman of the kindest heart and finest feelings. This fate was so unjust to his grandmother and he is only left to wonder if truly God is righteous. In the beginning of the Civil War, Douglass put forward the slogan of immediate emancipation of the slaves, took part in the formation of Negro regiments, was an adviser to President Abraham Lincoln (“9 Interesting Facts About Frederick Douglass”, 2013). With outstanding oratorical skills and the ability to express his thoughts in writing, Douglas launched an extensive anti-slavery campaign. He does not do this because the master is kind but because he is not a hypocrite. Freeland and prefers him to other masters he has ever had. While they were still serving in the Great House Farm, his family is later sold out to other master and his grandmother is left to die alone. Frederic brings out many themes including education, religion and slavery. Until the end of his life he utters speech and lectures in various states America, published his texts, articles and open letters in various newspapers. Douglass put together the two forms of Christianity to bring out hidden hypocrisy in the South. The slavery was the individuals who worked for their master and they were treated as personal property. The control that Thomas Auld has on his wife shows the power that slavery has on the entire human population. Most of the slaves started working in the morning and were never given any break until sunset. They were not even allowed to know their age. 76). Douglas grew up as a slave, but he was very lucky that one woman taught him to read and write even though it was prohibited to teach slaves. He says that slavery and religion do not just essay on frederick douglass go together as they are two opposite forces. He used to read the Bible and other hymn books. By illustrating this dramatic change that slavery had on Sophia Auld, Douglass is showing why slavery should be outlawed. Douglass essay on frederick douglass brings out clearly the difference between Jesus Christ Christians and Christians in the South. Frederick Douglass was a truly remarkable man of his era. He knew that this was the only way to free him and make him a free man. The main way Douglass shows the negative effect on slave owners is by illustrating the life of Sophia Auld. US history is tainted by the most shameful form of enslavement of man by man – Negro slavery, that existed until 1863. According to the author, he nullifies the argument that slavery is justified in the holy books (Douglass, p. They were tortured to make them remain submissive to their masters. In his book, he brings out two forms of Christianity; the true Christianity, and the hypocrisy life in diwali festival essay Christianity. The mulatto children are never cursed according to the scriptures. Frederick Douglas has developed a program of political and civil rights for the black population of the country, especially the right to elect and be elected along essay on frederick douglass with white Americans, and consistently fought for its implementation after the abolition of slavery. This shows much of hypocrisy in the lives of their masters. It is on this backdrop that Douglas examines slavery in the context of religion. In chapter five, Master Thomas claims that he only owns slaves do my coursework uk to take care of them and not to use them. In the post-war reconstruction period, he fought for the provision of full civil rights to slaves, advocated the democratization of the political life of the United States, for granting voting rights to women. Douglas was involved in the organization of the National Freedom Party, the party’s activity of free soilers, Negro Congresses motion, the “Underground Railroad. Douglass clarifies this issue of religion so much such that he feels that he must put it in the appendix to elaborate it further. He became a living response to the arguments of slaveholders who claimed that slaves do not have enough intelligence to become independent American citizens. 45). He points out how slaves had very little belongings and how they were completely disrespected and feared around most communities. Often times when I think about the negative effects of slavery I look at it through the life of the slaves, and kind of overlook the fact that slavery has such a life changing negative effect on the owners as well. He starts up a religious school but later closes it. They worked for longer hours and in a very poor working environment. He was an abolitionist, a revolutionary democrat, one of the main figures of African-American liberation movement. Hopkins who people view as someone who is human and refer to him as an overseer (Douglass, p. He played a leading role in the organization of the Negro National League of struggle for equality (“Frederick Douglass Biography”, n. Political activity of Douglas was subordinated to the idea of uniting all the anti-slavery forces, creating a mass abolitionist party. When Douglass first meets Sophia he describes her as "... This makes him emphasize more on religion and tries to differentiate between true religion and hypocrisy religion so that people do not hide in religion and still conduct slavery. All through the discussion, the reader gets to know that Christianity and slavery are two different forces that are repellant to each other. 47-48) Soon after they first meet, Sophia is even willing to teach him the A,B,C,'s and help him learn to spell three to four letter word. 23). The "Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass" is a very strong book that analyzes the concept of slavery. He feels that it is only religion that will help eradicate slavery completely. This makes Douglass stand firm that slavery is not right and should not be justified. His real name is Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. According to the holly book, the scripture says that God cursed all the Ham descendants. Douglas’ greatest merit lies in the fact that he led the revolutionary wing of the abolitionist movement, actively fought for inclusion in its ranks of the working masses. He is later replaced by Mr. He later knew how to write essay on frederick douglass and started practicing more (Douglass, p. In the 1800's century, there were so many slaves living in the south. This was defiantly the most intruiging theme to me in the book because it's a lesser thought negativity of slavery. D. ). ).