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Submitting your order takes no more than a couple of minutes. Maintaining practice expertise for the nurse also coincides with professionalism is one aspect perceived by E. The moment you sign yourself up to become one you are in for an emotional roller coaster. E. J was caring for an infant 2 months old with a heart defect from birth, which whom was scheduled for surgery. All of our authors hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, so they can professionally deal both with high school and college essays. According to her, a good nurse listens to your ailments, and pays attention to what the patient says. Altogether both individuals recognize the importance of the three components in nursing care, as will be discussed further in the paper. Overall competency involves more than just one skill, and is often a major concept needed in all nurse weather Pediatric, emergency room, or home health care. This was an unprofessional as Castell believes “this could have compromised the care the students gave”, as it “form pre-conceived ideas” into their minds and would now care for him based on those ideals (Castell 2008, p. Though there is a long ongoing list, many of the concepts are viewed differently or similarly among nurses and patients. Compassion in early nursing was from a Christian point of view and then became part of contemporary nursing. Brief Analysis of Interviews Patient J. A week after my four day admission, I finally met with a nurse educator who taught me , “how to deal with it. There are different views on the concepts of nursing. The same principle can be applied to professionalism, as I have to know what action is appropriate for nursing professional at any given time. The finally letter “N” is for nursing, for the professionalism of the career I have chosen. The nurse continuously tapped her arm and stated, “You have very tiny veins”. You can check out the paper preview to make sure all of your requirements were met. However, for the patient being competent not only constitutes medical knowledge but also having experience research paper copyright laws both as a nurse and a patient as well. She made sure to stop in to see us before she left and made sure that we had everything that we needed. A. I believe a nurse has to have high spirit and compassion to be able to rehabilitate patients through their illness or death. I see that they have incorporated their experiences and beliefs to formulate a theory that improves or betters the lives of the patient, family, community, and society. I have to learn to not only care for myself but other people as well. The “C” in compassion stands for caring. How Can You Place an Order with Our Essay Writing Service? A is SDA (Seventh-Day Adventist) . Net is a custom writing service that provides online on-demand writingwork for assistance purposes. On her account, the proudest she’s ever been about being a nurse was the ability to work with the humanity combat ER essay nursing empathy trauma unit. E. The nursing article by Brazil K. Net is among the best companies on the online academic writing market. Schrock stated, “philosophy is an attitude toward life and reality that evolves from each nurses beliefs” (Edwards, 1997, 1089). Otherwise, send the work back and add the comments about the revisions you want our writer to perform. They adapted well to the different stages of her cancer because they were observant. However the nurse appeared to have more concerns about a nurse’s professionalism than the patient. Nothing at all wrong with being ambitious and reaching for the stars but when it’s all said and done there is a lot to be said about being a nurse. It is easier to have a greater respect for compassion after you have experienced it first hand, as I did with my grandmother. Likewise professionalism has two facades as it can be mediated by values or behavior in the nursing feel. 79). E. However, on her next essay nursing empathy shift the once laughing baby became lifeless as the parents held the baby in their arms. And there are those telephone calls you slam down on anxious relatives; they could be the only chance they have to hear the voice of their loved one or the reassurance they need to get a good night’s sleep. E. A received compassion during her care. It was the word compassion that made me choose nursing as a profession in the first place. When describing the effects of being a nurse on her professional life, E. A shares how every morning the surgeon would come to her room to share news on her progress. A as well identified this key ethical component of professionalism for she believed the nurse should carry out the appropriate care that is mandated of her. Professionalism in Nursing Practice by Francesca Costell (2008) compares and contrast the different views based on the aforementioned research paper on osteoporosis aspects. I remember being in essay writing service reddit the hospital with my grandmother in the last stages of her uterine cancer. It has become a bit of a cliché but I will say it again - nurses are not paid nearly enough for the value of work they do. I think not! Being competence itself consists of many sub categories as it is important to be competent in many skills or aspects as a nurse and not simply one. I believe in the power of compassion. For some it has become a mere stepping stone towards greater things. You should also name the subject and the topic of your paper, the preferred formatting style and upload any reference materials our authors might need. J and patient J. She traveled to Haiti with a reserve unit to treat and advise the citizens residing in the country’s capital Port-au-Prince. She does not eat pork and one of the replacement valves offered was made with pig fat. Each night during her hospital stay the nurses would randomly awaken her to check her blood pressure. For J. But overall the concepts of competence, professionalism, and compassion are viewed very similarly between the nurse and patient interviewed for this paper. The “M” is for medicine, a tool I will be using every day to promote wellness. I’ve often shuddered at the amount of negativity that is casually tossed at the nursing profession, and sadly, at times by the nurses themselves. Despite knowing she would have to sleep in tents surrounded by poverty and leave her paying job, she was willing to step out of her comfort zone, and “lend a helping hand” to others in need. Moreover, the nursing team was very friendly and valued her beliefs, as J. A idea of competence. The nurse being able to accommodate the patient base on what they need physically, emotionally and spiritually, overall supports the idea of a nurse’s professionalism, competency and compassion from J. You will smile, laugh, cry and find yourself in the doldrums. Would you roll your eyes at her cries for something to ease her pain if it were your mother facing a death sentence? 15). As both individuals describe what was rewarding or memorable about their experiences, a common concept noted was compassion. A competent nurse effectively creates a comfortable environment for the patient while caring for them physically is the approach taken by J. We conduct quality check and check the work for plagiarism After our editors are done with your paper, we will send you an email notification. Our writers create the paper for you After the writer receives your assignment, he or she gets down to work immediately to complete the order on time. We offer top-notch essays, research papers, theses and other types of works that can be assigned to you at a high school or college. Failing to provide compassionate nursing care is failing to meet the required professional standards. There are many ways compassion fits into nursing. Step 3. The cost will be calculated automatically according to your order’s specifications. The minute a patient walks through that hospital door they become vulnerable, entrusting their entire life into the hands of healthcare professionals. Similar to the Nurse, the patient’s experience with the essay nursing empathy concepts were mostly positive. Making sure the nurse is knowledgeable and provides appropriate care for each patient is a key component. Check out what we offer, try working with our paper writing service once and you are bound to become a loyal client. Et al focuses on the concept of competence used in care provided in long-term care homes for the elderly. But also judge whether my professionalism should be based on value or behavioral. A recalls the surgeon going over the procedures with her carefully. The “P” is for patient because they are the core of nursing. Furthermore J. The latter has resulted in bad “quality end-life care” (Brazil et al 2012, 77). J’s response demonstrates how the concept of compassion can and should in most cases be the driving force behind nursing care. E. Both individuals recognized the need for professionalisms at the basic level but the nurse view point takes in consideration of ethical principles and required standards that nurses should have. First of all the word compassion represents many other words associated with nursing. Furthermore being compassion is the basic framework of nursing as it is having the genuine care for someone and showing patients empathy. It involves the nurse doing everything within her power to help the patient without being judgmental. The surgeon and nurses made sure she was aware of her options, and knew what to expect with each course of action she decides to take. A (Personal Communication, November 4, 2012) was admitted to the hospital and doctors “discovered I had a mitral-stenosis valve” and needed a valve replacement. Ending the interview, J. Competence plays a key role in the quality of patient care. The physician’s exact words at the time to my parents and I were, “you’ll have this for the rest of your life and you’ll have to learn how to deal with it. My choice of nursing as a career was influenced by a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease at the age of thirteen. The second “S” is for spirit because, as a nurse, I want essay nursing empathy to possess a certain eagerness or determination to fulfill my duties. A also views competence as an important aspect of nursing. The nurses that not withhold that information to her, but was made aware of it, so she was given the option to choose another valve made out of plastic. The importance of competence for the nurse is revealed when describing her daily tasks and role as a nurse educator. J views compassion as a willingness to go the extra-mile to help others and always have a willingness to help even when out of context. A’s view point. From behavioral stand point, castell believes that humanism is a component of professionalism because the “interaction is vital for guiding the medical profession” (2008, p. When the nurse listens to the patient, it is important since it allows the patient to feel they are a factor in their recovery and feel more comfortable being in the hospital environment. The first “S” is for safety not only for me but for the patient as well. How Does Our Paper Writing Company Work? I believe it is the vehicle through which genuine patient care can be delivered and without it nursing would be nothing but an upheaval task. J recalls experiencing the death of a patient during her time as a pediatric nurse. Also she noted that on one occasion the nurse was unable to locate her veins while trying to draw blood. An unethical clinical example mentioned is of a student nurses preparing to care for an elderly patient and the experienced nurses’ warned of his obnoxious behavior and rudeness. It is funny how the word passion is in the word compassion, because I believe you have to be very passionate to be a nurse. ” Then he walked out of the room. It is a study to test knowledge and perceived competency among the RNs and a few LPNs as well. The “A” stands for adaptive. A, compassion is treating the patient in the same manner as the nurse would treat herself or her loved ones, if in the same situation. Caring for patients with compassion can have a lasting impact on patients in help in a speedy recovery. J. A(Personal Communication, November 4, 2012). Often this lack in competency is due to education in training of staff, and “absent communication problems among healthcare providers and family members”. Compassion is a basis of nursing that expresses empathy towards patients, and professionalism can sometimes be based on behavior or values. Disclaimer: PaperCoach. He is determined to get better which is why he will come across as a nag, asking endless questions about his progress. Despite resuscitation efforts, the baby did essay on alzheimer's not survive. It is treating others as you would treat yourself. Castell’s incorporates a key aspect of professionalism, ethical conduct. In general the core idea of being professional is acting “without being prejudice” and carrying out your duties as a nurse which can sometimes include displaying the humanistic side to provide efficient care. It is the real reason nurses keep coming back for more. Once you send us your requirements, our quality assurance team starts searching for the most suitable writer to handle your assignment. A lack of compassion affects the quality of healthcare as a whole whether the nurse is clinically competent. Being competent in communication skills is as import as competence in clinical skills. As a nurse, I should always be able to adapt to my surroundings and think on my feet. You can either approve the work and download it or send it back for revision. Step 2. Also the nurses “were more than willing” to pray with her and cater to her spiritual needs even though they themselves may not have been spiritual. Competency as discussed in the paper is more than knowledge or cognitive skills and encompasses culture, communication, and many others of the like. According to this article there are two aspects of professionalism in, “value-based’ and “behavioral-based”, needed to “support values and ideals” (Castell 2008, p. The “O” is for observing. They beat themselves up for having settled for the job for the amount of grief it gives them. Moreover being culturally competent was also an important component from J. Your actions touch a patient’s life in more ways than you can imagine. Competency in one area neglects to fulfill the needs of the patient overall and decreases quality of care. J states that daily tasks during his shift involves creating educational media, and assuring the staff in the ER department remains research paper order exhibits up to date on the many competencies required of the nurses such as consciousness sedation. She felt competency is apparent in the interaction between the patient and nurse and creates a lack of confidence and discomfort. The health care team properly instilled veracity as part of what it means to be a professional nurse. J. J. J mentioned above, showing your human side shoes respect for the patient and “signals the worth of the individual human being and his or her belief and value system” (2008, p. So yes, empathy is necessary in patient care. A describes what she believes characterize a good nurse. As a nurse you’re the patient’s ears and eyes, walking, talking and pleading on their behalf. J served in the military as a nurse and being able to travel coincides with compassion and use of her professionalism. All the nurses made us feel safe because we were confident in their care of my grandmother. E. We are using Google Analytics to enhance your experience. Demonstrating competency or excellence is also a function of professionalism. The nurses were wonderful as they took care of my grandmother. As mentioned above, R. It is amazing how nurses can be compassionate towards so many people. 162). She states “every opportunity or chance she gets to take care of someone is a proud moment in her nursing career. 13). Lack of competence in skills such as pain management, advance care planning, care and adequate care has increased the death rate among older adults in the LTC homes (Brazil et al 2012, 77). Our authors go through all the necessary steps of writing, from researching and compiling an outline to creating the title and reference pages, if necessary. Though all three concepts are interdependent of each other they function together as a whole along with many other concepts make nursing or nurses a success. However in J. Why Should You Choose Us? Exploring Compassion accredits Christianity with incorporating compassion into nursing care. J. He ensures the staff has the certifications necessary for the department. Moreover the idea of needing cultural competence identified in the patient’s point of view is essential as well, for the nurses were not communicating successful with the relatives of the patient or the other healthcare providers. You will get an email notification when our writers and editors are done with it. Behavior-based was also divided into Service and ethical conduct. One nurse once told me that nurses are the most privileged workers on the planet! This response shows the patient view of the nurses’ lack of professionalism and competency. If nurses do not show their patients compassion then who else will? This is part of being a nurse. However one must not overlook the fact that competency develops over time as more experience is gained. Therefore she had to be admitted for open heart surgery. Professionalism is being emphasized as the patient recalls that the nurses really took priority in making sure she knew and understood what was going to take place. All the work should be used in accordance with the appropriate policies and applicable laws. For E. I know they did everything in their power to give the proper medicine to my grandmother so they could make her feel as comfortable as possible when she was dying. My experiences and perspectives as a nurse are heavily influenced as both patient and nurse. Both nurse and the patient recognizes the need for these three concepts in the nursing field to better provide a better health care environment for both individuals. I will have to build my care plan around my patients, because they are the most important element of nursing. She further divides value based into the categories of clinical competency (excellence), humanism, and altruism. It is important for me as I progress through my nursing practice to remember that my competency level has to reach beyond simply checking off assessment on a checklist, or a test. This paper will address why I chose to be a nurse, what I believe to be the essence of nursing, my beliefs and values, and the vision for my future. Within these four basic concepts are a variety of nursing concepts ranging from ethics, religion, nurse’s role and many others. This coincides with the same ideas present through the nurse educator E. When I look at the word compassion I see many words within it that pertain to the definition of nursing. Have you ever considered that one word out of your mouth to the doctor could mean the difference between life and death? A’s point of view, competence is simply more than just academic education. Nursing has four main concepts upon which it’s based open; client, health, environment, and nursing. Evidence shows that lack of compassion results in poor quality care on the part of the patient, and indicates a “disregard for their dignity” (Straughair, 2012 p. I also believe that empathy is the driving force behind the long hours of pacing up and down the hospital corridors, the missed breaks and relentless patience in the face of criticism and sniggering by all and sundry. If you are satisfied with the quality and content of the writing, you can download it. The patient expresses the need for the nurse to be competent, professional, and compassionate. After being involved in an auto mobile accident, J. A recounts a stressful situation in which she encountered while being under the care of nurses. The value basis is principles that underlie what it means to be nurses while the behavioral basis are the behaviors “one must exhibit to act professionally” (Castell 2008, p. Nurses can have the same views on nursing concepts as patients do with only slight difference. Review your order After paying for the paper, all you have to do is wait for it to be complete. Castell view on professionalism coincides with E. As I will come across patients or situations of different nature, culture and need to be able to use skills that will cater to the specific situation or need at any given time. Lastly, J. 13). But then again is nursing all about money? What about the young mother whose body is ravaged by cancer and has just been told that she’s got only weeks to live? J (Personal Communication, November 4, 2012) “expressing that bit of emotion was a way of providing emotional support, and care which are components of professional nursing. Factors that affect or may influence “effectiveness of continuing education” to increase competency can also be important as discussed in the article (Brazil et al 2012, 79). Overall, being competent, professional, and compassionate can essay nursing empathy have similar meanings to the nurse and the patient, with slight differences. Upon reviewing the experience of a patient and a nurse, I have found both individuals had the common concepts of competence, professionalism, and compassion. N. A’s substantial point of view. However the nurse’s experience demonstrates her compassionate attitude, professionalism and competency. In this paper I will explain why I believe strongly in my personal philosophy of nursing. Through her responses, E. During her stay at the hospital, which lasted almost two weeks, J. Did you know that as a nurse you can never ignore that inner voice that tells you something about a patient isn’t right? For example the patient may perceive the friendliness as part of being a professional, while it might not full in line with the professional ethics of nursing. While being competent is important, both the nurse and patient responses revealed professionalism as another important concept in nursing. The “O” is for open because I have to open myself up to my patients so that I can build a trusting relationship with them. J exhibited compassion while J. The nurses were competent with coping skills of “dealing with death and dying but lack formal training in palliative care” (Brazil et al 2012, 77). As E. Competency also implies or portrays the importance of the concept of evidence-based nursing research, so that we can enhance the competency of nurses with new and better applications. I’ll admit that being able to provide good quality care to a patient is no walk in the park. Patient’s description and passionate voice as she talks denotes that she trusted the nursing staff and surgeon’s judgment and had confident in them, for they displayed a good level of competency. E. PaperCoach. I will observe patients every day to be able to diagnose them and see if the treatment is working. They made sure to communicate openly and informed us of every step in their care plan, while trying to comfort us as best they could. ”. Ever spared a thought for the man lying in that hospital bed whose injured leg could be the one thing standing between him and walking his only daughter down the aisle? You need to fill out several fields, specifying your academic level, type of paper, essay nursing empathy deadline and the number of pages needed. “Their openness to participate in my belief in God is one aspect that helped with my full recovery”, states J. ’s competency is primarily the education and knowledge obtained to successfully carry out nursing tasks. One nurse was even going on vacation and she knew Grammy would probably not be there when she returned. This choice will be made base on what’s best for the patient, me, as well as others involves safety and well-being at the time. Similarly, J. J (Personal Communication, November 4, 2012) notes that often, “maintaining a level of professionalism is associated with not showing emotion around patients”, but in this scenario tears flowed down her cheeks and shared in the parents’ sorrow. This understanding, I reckon, comes with having, among other things, empathy; the ability to connect on a human level. She showed us how much she cared about my grandmother and our feelings. According to Straughair (2012), A nurse’s strive to alleviate the suffering of the sick is through the use of compassion (161). As I learn more about nursing philosophers such as: Dorthea Orem, Hildegard Peplau, Faye Glenn Abdellah, and Joyce Travelbee I see a common thread amongst them. Even though the nurse and patient may have had slightly different views for each concept, it all came together to form a basis idea. As here there is a need for continuous update of education to make sure that the nurses have current knowledge. The “I” stands for informed because I should always have the appropriate information before I start to treat a patient. We all felt scared, lonely, inadequate, and uninformed. No personal data is being tracked. resume writing services reviews ‘Real nurses’ understand that when they nurse one person back to health they’ve saved a family’s breadwinner, a country’s future president, someone’s mother, child and grandfather. J point of view as both acknowledge the need to sometime show emotion to connect with patients. Though other factors acknowledged in the study, prove to contribute to difficulties in providing the necessary care, “staff competence in that field served as the major determinant in assuring quality care” (Brazil, Brink, Kaasalainen, Kelly, & McAiney, 2012, p. 13). 17). A characterizes compassion as having empathy and truly caring about her well-being and outcome. The nurse is aware of the professional boundaries that the patient themselves essay nursing empathy may not be fully aware of. A identifies being friendly, appropriately addressing patients’ needs, and correctly performing tasks as characteristics of a professional.