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Job: Data Warehouse Developer in Higher Education. I later learned it was partially to weed out the CSI-effect candidates, most of whom self-selected out when they realized it was basically like any other high-throughput or production lab, not as sexy as it was on TV and the only soundtrack was the noise from the instruments. I like professional development and continuous education. Teaches students to apply the principles of successful professional communication to workplace writing tasks. Your job: Support business development and client retention efforts by leading teams to develop targeted, winning responses to Requests for state and local governments. I end up working about 2,050 hours in total for the year, which is equivalent to 40 hours year-round, whereas industry standard (I think, but at least standard at my firm) is 2,350 hours (40 hours outside of tax season and much more during tax season). And side note about vesting: Even very large, well-respected companies put vesting schedules on equity, it’s not just startups. There is difficulty in filling many of the roles out there already and it is likely to grow more difficult when retirements kick in. In addition to sorting out which email should go to which CSR, I’ve been automating more of how emails are color-coded, filed, and tagged. The GTAP Model and Data Base has been used by our GEMTEE(General Equilibrium Model for Taiwan Economy and Environment) team in Academia Sinica to investigate the macroeconomic and sectoral impacts of Taiwan's population dynamics and policies related to sustainable development and free trade agreements with New Zealand, Singapore and China. -I took this job for the benefits, including extremely generous vacation time (spring break! My current research is on the effect of China-Australia FTA on China-New Zealand trade. I successfully negotiated for a higher salary — our HR and financing departments wanted to offer me $5,000 less, to keep my pay in line with that of senior copywriters in other departments. We expected to bring answers on the trade integration of the Brazilian economy with other American countries. There’s the obvious Sunday sermon, which takes prep and writing. Great blog. This field used to be cyclical, based on election cycles, but given the trend for campaigns to start earlier and earlier it’s more or less flat with very busy hours (similar to BigLaw) during campaign season. The PHR I did more for myself than anything. I do everything from brand to marketing and web promotions, trade show and collateral design, swag and illustrations. I have completed the coursework and now ready to start my dissertation work. Would you be kind enough to offer me some insight? It’s not welcoming or very supportive. I wear many hats. Part of my individual role is to make sure the team is staying on track from week to week in order to meet our goals and dealines and act as a system architect. Communicate via email with your Professors and TAs. Also, learn how to test your own work – this is important! I am already pretty tired of it all but feel like I might be stuck since my job is so niche now, there are only a few places I can go from here without going back to school. No paid parental leave, but pretty generous sick and annual leave accrual. I manage our website, our email, our digital strategy, our online marketing, our PR (with the help of a firm), our print materials … everything. As far as I know there is no possibility of negotiation for pay (at least for support staff) and experience does not affect pay (same hourly rate for everybody with the same position). Your job: Senior Technical Writer, though I’m not sure we have anyone who isn’t “senior” — I think it’s based on total years of experience rather than any hierarchy. This is no where near enough to live off of, but I have roommates to make it work. Interesting, you and I do pretty much the same type of thing (I am a meeting planner for conventions and trade shows) and we make the same amount and benefits (except no overtime for me, I’m salaried – the hours we pull in this industry are insane! The usage of the GTAP Model with the GTAP 9 Data Base allows me to report the direct and indirect effects of reducing trade barriers in a post-simulation environment. It is also possible for me to find a non-GIS developer position which is relative easy to find, but I like GIS and I think it has a promising future. Currently I am working on a structural-comparative analysis of the Venezuelan economy based on the GTAP data versions 8 and 9. We are a large school (over 5000 students spread out in a region the size of Vermont). I have close to 8 industry destinations thus far, working on the 9th now, and have had a couple of job offers internally from other divisions that handle different niche products within the last year. I work with stakeholders to establish business priorities, then translate them into stories and deliverables. I am an internal subject matter expert in Government Acquisition (Federal and DoD). One last comment. In UK, one has to first complete the MSc before entering the PhD and I am presently stuck at masters stage. The Master’s helped me get my foot in the door and helped with my professional network, which is invaluable, even if it wasn’t directly necessary for my career. I work with companies and their counsel to create workflows for the review of legal documents in the discovery phase of litigation, and manage teams of contract attorneys through those workflows. Working with excellent people. I also assist with upgrades and troubleshooting errors. – I worked in public accounting for three years. So I also work as a coder, 24 hours every two weeks, at $24. Our organization has expanded a lot over the past decade, and it’s been exciting to be a part of that growth. If we are closed to due inclement weather, we get paid for the full day. I have 2 less years of experience than you, but I do have a college degree. The trick is knowing the likelihood of an event happening. I don’t supervise or interact with students (normally). I will hopefully see some of those jobs posted (many are just going away completely) and maybe something there will use my education and pay more). Our health insurance sucks and is basically catastrophe insurance, dental and vision is ok, our 401k company match is low compared to other financial institutions in our area, and you start off with a combined PTO bucket of 3 weeks. ) – who knows. Pretty flexible in terms of reduced schedules (see description of mine above) and allows occasional working from home (e. I elected to take a cut for New Job. I am using GTAP data (GTAP-E and GTAP-Power) to analyze the general equilibrium effects of unilateral environmental regulations and trade. I can work from home (days of my choosing), or if the kids get a snow day, I can bring them into the office with me. Not certain, not having kids)… even temp staff and zero-hours staff accrue holiday entitlement at the statutory minimum rate according to hours worked in that year-to-date. Most of the firms that ATL was reporting on during the associate raise hike this year raised them across the board, but that’s obviously not All firms. FEC filing, banking reconciliation, Lobbying Disclosure Act, etc. ’ and the ‘GIS Analyst’, which seem to be the most common types of jobs for those with pure GIS degrees, in one fell swoop. University based contractor for a federal lab, pure and applied research in an earth science field. Maybe the best way to prepare is to take a leadership role of some kind in a college club or organization on campus. I work at a magazine. The benefits are amazing: full health, dental, vision coverage, 401k with matching funds, tuition reimbursement, 10 federal holidays plus paid vacation and sick time, and most importantly to my current situation fully paid maternity leave for 4 months – and all of this is available to part-time personnel. I use Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, and XML. If I didn’t LOVE working for the client, I would have left a long time ago over my employer’s nickel and diming and general cheapness when it comes to compensation. As of July 1, 2013, candidates are required to successfully complete two (2) Semester Credit Hours (SCH) of Business Communication (BC), three (3) SCH of Business Ethics (BE) and two (2) SCH of Research and Analysis in Accounting (RAA) as part of the requirements in order to be approved to sit for the CPA exam. Due to the change in the federal OT laws that were supposed to take place December 1, my company reorganized our job grades and salary bands, so now I’m at the low end of my salary band. Two weeks paid! That are used. You mentioned some pessimism about employment prospects for GIS professionals. So thank goodness I got a livable base salary, because the rest of my compensation there was never worth much. My job is to analyze the modern and potential trade policies and provide policy facts and suggestions to government. So everyone is maxed out, work-wise. Everyone does it in business, academics, you name it. On the side, keep up your knowledge of GIS-related technologies and keep your eyes open for a GIS-related developer position. The real problems crop up with smaller cost or schedule overruns that compound on one another, and lead to a larger slip. But our 403b has no employer contribution and they’re talking about ending that benefit. This job is unusually piecemeal for the job title; I assist in Interlibrary Loans in the morning, Acquisitions in the evening, and Circulation on the weekends. My job is to keep the marketing materials used in the proposal process up-to-date, hound the technical guys to give me the proposal specific information the client asks for and formatting all the information so that everything looks like it is a coherent book. Burnout has been a concern in one of my roles. I am interested in trade analysis worldwide and more specifically in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, and the EU) and Central American countries. Both positions are raise-eligible when our performance-based-pay increases happen in the spring, and I think the range on that this year is 3 to 4. My job only requires a high school degree, and my degree has no bearing on my rate of pay. Mostly layout, but also photoshoot styling, web-related advertising, eBooks and one-off publications, designs to be published for our subscribers, patterns for the same, pre-press and coordination. Anything else pertinent to put that number in context: There’s no income tax in Washington state, but the sales tax is ~10%, higher on some items like liquor. I have my MPH, which isn’t relevant to my field, so it didn’t help. Besides, I am using the data in assessing the economy-wide impacts of climate change and irrigation development in the basin. Justin Holman is CEO of TerraSeer, where he leads efforts to develop cutting edge sales forecasting and inventory optimization technology for the Automotive Aftermarket. I have three years’ experience as an RN, but just started in this job and specialty in October 2015- previous experience has been in nursing homes. And I’m close enough to retirement age, I’m not sure I’m willing to go for higher pay and maybe lose some of those other benefits. Two weeks vacation and almost no tuition reimbursement. Health insurance is also excellent. There’s a lot of visitations to congregation members (the sick, new parents, etc. I manage a portfolio of agricultural products with regard to analytical chemistry methods. This particular position reports to the director of the 12 permanent staff department, has no supervisory component and is quite independent. (1) To learn how to write solid code it would be a good idea to take a core sequence in Computer Science. Prior to that I worked as a training developer for a large retailer for 15+ years. I have an MFA in Producing, which was not required, per se, but contributed to bumping my starting salary by 30% from the original budget. I pick what I cover and what I don’t. I work for a brand that is both B2B and B2C — we sell most of our product in brick and mortar stores but we want consumers to buy our product and not our competitor’s product. If possible I would urge you to find some way to apply what you’re learning as an intern, volunteer, paid employee, anything so long as it addresses a real problem. ” Most jobs I’ve seen posted ask about knowledge of certain learning systems, so this seems like a good place to learn more! Extra: The job itself required little to no experience – I started when I was an undergraduate and the only qualifications I had were a couple college computer classes and being a bit of a geek. I work full time (which is 50 – 60+ hours) during tax season, but part-time (30 – 35 hours) outside of tax season. Job: I am a junior staffer on a leadership development program. Fully trained in admissions process for undergraduate students, but most of the job is doing financial aid education and outreach to underserved inner-city schools. This course is designed to teach students how to perform accounting research using electronic databases. Context: Publishing is flux; magazines are downsizing or folding, while online content is increasing. 90. Quality Assurance is not an after-thought; it’s a critical part of software development and everyone is responsible. So sure, I had generous equity that ended up amounting to something I would have not amassed otherwise on my own, but no way were these equity grants given *instead* of an actual salary. Base of $155k and 20% bonus potential. I do risk management for a large organization. Most folks in my job start with 2-3 weeks PTO but circumstances were a little tweaked. Attend a conference and present a paper. Very little to no direct client contact. I’m not (won’t be, once fully active) an adviser — meaning I won’t actually be telling people what investments they should make, but I will be licensed to do so if I want to change jobs. This is a big decision. It’s difficult to forecast career prospects as too much depends on individual ambition, tenacity and skill set. When I got my first equity grant, my manager seemed to think I would be totally stoked about it … but honestly, a few years’ worth of vested stock from that company is worth so little that I can’t even be bothered to call the broker and figure out how to sell (how is there no SELL button on the damn website? We have some pretty good perks, extra holidays based on state government holiday schedule, great personal leave (8. I telework 100%. I should have included that I get credit for all pro bono hours toward my benchmark, but business development, administrative tasks, and professional development do not count (I log them, and they show that I’m not just sitting on my hands during slow weeks, but they don’t help me progress toward my yearly hours benchmark). Provide data and important for papers and grants. Sidenotes- This is not enough in Boston unless you like living with roommates, or have a partner who shares finances. Description: I train people in an operations department in a corporate environment. Context: I work for a public school district. I have this salary for two reasons: I walked away from the initial offer, and they came back with a huge increase. It’s much more of a project management role than engineering. PHIL203 has 1. I’m a solo librarian, except for 8 hours a week when I have a paraprofessional assistant in to do the overdues and help with odd jobs. If you are unsure if you have completed these, please verify by checking your institution’s college template at the following link: Required Documents. Geologists also tend to make crappy maps; perhaps this interferes with a proper appreciation of their spatial cognition. (Wisconsin’s is about 6%. I started at a VERY low salary and have a great boss who helped with periodic raises to get me to my current salary level. Job: Manage leases, track expenditures, make program purchases, set up new processes, manage data and supervise our data coordinator for HMIS (Homeless management information system), interface with state’s dep’t of housing who we contract with. ACCT504 may be RAA). My office is casual and flexible; I can work from home if I need to and attire is fun and casual (think nicer than startup but more chill than business casual). The schedule plus the tuition support make the lower paycheck well worth it. All jobs have been DoD contractors. I’ve not finished my undergraduate degree or any professional credentials, which isn’t too common for those working in post-secondary. As someone who loves words and reading, this depresses me and makes me angry. I handle updates to our CMS, tech support, training faculty and staff, and developing custom templates and themes for our major sites. Read Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction or something similar and The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition) . I got a wonderful education getting my BFA at a private art school, but I have to be honest, literally no one has ever cared about where I went to school when it comes to hiring! ). The Job: Office work for a frozen food manufacturer and vending company, touching a little bit of everything – scanning and sending documents and emails, taking orders from customers, invoicing, reaching out to customers regarding accounts receivable, entering bills to be paid, asset tracking, processing employee expenses to be approved, analyzing route profitability, and setting up orders to ship via third party freight carriers, and like a million other things. ) I’ll admit to being apprehensive about it when I took the job, but it’s been more than 2 years and I love it. I have always enjoyed doing this work, and sadly don’t have much of a trail or writing samples. I’m struggling with this since they have not disclosed their salary structure or range for the position, any perquisites or benefits, etc. No teaching, no tenure, minimal grant writing, partial control over the science projects (some we pick, some get handed to us), otherwise similar to an academic position with a few extra layers of bureaucracy on top. Lets just say its been a crazy year and a half. They are paying for my Master’s degree, which I consider worth the salary for the time being. Static and dynamic CGE models are used to assess the impacts of U. Our department also negotiated to be included in the list of people who can apply for a bonus that acknowledges our “highly qualified” status, something previously available only to classroom teachers. ) Company offers tuition reimbursement for business-related masters degrees only, but they don’t necessarily have to pay you more once you obtain one. I currently manage 2 part-time assistants. I also make sure I’m producing some of our editorial content every week and that I’m getting my hands dirty alongside our copyeditors, which helps me work more closely with the team and to have a better oversight of what we’re dealing with at any given moment. Job Description: I work for a small private college as a data analyst. Thank you so much for your incredible site. ” Job – Perform various experiments in an academic-like research setting including: cell culture, virus production, western blots, and real time PCR. I am considered one of the go to people in this area for information and have to educate other areas on how we handle business items. They do great training. I’m also responsible for tracking the editorial budget (content costs and general overhead for the brand on the editorial side). ). Send emails to interesting people and ask them questions about their work or for a brief phone call to discuss something that interests you. I have a Master’s and a PHR. But I’m not positive. I gained my bachelors degree in civil Engineering about 20 years ago and had somehow also learnt C++ and visual basic programming which I used for building some simple programs and games and small scale databse customization tasks. Your job: I’m a “client manager” at a very small law firm. If, instead, you become a well-trained geographer, are able to think spatially, analyze and visualize so called “Big Data”, and communicate your ideas effectively you will find yourself with plenty of fulfilling and potentially lucrative opportunities. Most figure the news cycle will render a post obsolete in a few hours anyway, so why bother? In year 2005, I had my first exposure to GIS during a departmental training and I immediately realized it was the ultimate profession I wanted. I work for a royal PITA boss. – I’m the assistant to an associate dean. This will give you ideas fairly quickly about who you might like to learn from and where they teach. My title isn’t descriptive at all, and as such, I work on a lot of different types of projects. I have studied the impacts of trade policy and climate change policy by using the GTAP Data Base and Model under several research projects. Possible topics covered may include XBRL, standards, and regulations. Would you mind listing what school you went to? Australia and New Zealand has rather similar endowments, so this had put the two countries in an interesting position. I teach people across the country how to use our system. Spend a good part of my time working on determining what it is the business really needs versus what they claim they want. :) OP here: Yeah, it’s been rough, especially given all of the design work I do (with my own computer, as they don’t have one capable of running Adobe programs). The main objective of my research is to evaluate the impact of reduction in trade barriers due to RCEP agreement on economies of member and non-member countries. I administer permits by reviewing self monitoring reports, performing regular inspections, and sampling wastewater from permitted users. Needless to say, it was a crazy and chaotic job. Best, Justin Thanks for great response Justin, I probably needed to be more clear. I manage proposal processes for an engineering and construction company. I supervise all my researchers (usually 130-150 at a time), develop and deliver population-specific programming related to their career development, and manage the program as a whole. – Workload can vary significantly with the industry and company. This course meets the State of Illinois CPA examination requirement for Accounting Research and Analysis. Justin holds a B. -reps in a sales office can make more with prizes and commission payouts (most reps do not get any payouts because the qualifications are high and complicated) we’re taxed on the value of the prizes which you can’t refuse, which sucks when you win a coffeemaker twice and don’t drink coffee. ). I manage 3 staff: one development associate, one communications associate and one contract graphic designer. You might read about the faculty at Clark and then trace their background to find out where they studied and who else studied with them. Meanwhile, I have developed China's agricultural partial equilibrium model and have been trying to develop China's dynamic national and regional (provincial level) CGE models. Job: Senior Business Analyst working on a major software implementation of our core business for a pseudo government agency. Before that, Justin served as Vice President of Software Development at LogicTools, now part of IBM's supply chain application software group. Without an internal succession plan filling positions typically takes months rather than weeks. Our health insurance is decent, but always a target as costs go up. Got my first job in tech writing a couple of months after getting my diploma and haven’t looked back since. They’re all smart, motivated, hard-working people, and they’re improving, but I doubt that some of them will ever be able to write a paragraph without multiple errors. I was in very similar shoes several years ago and I’m quite happy I stuck it out. We also don’t pay a lockstep bonus – we pay stepup bonuses based on hours over a certain level, but the big money comes in merit bonuses that your supervising partners have to apply for. Grab any O’Reilly book on a technology of interest. I evaluate project status and resource utilization and make recommendations to improve the team’s effectiveness by integrating agile tools and best practices. Furthermore such issues as tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade on agricultural goods and its modeling are in scope of my interest. Years Experience: Will have 1 year of direct experience in this role next week, and I have 2 years and 7 months in a related role on the legal side (worked at a foreclosure law firm where the clients are my current insureds). Interesting. I coordinate account coverage when someone’s out, and I do a lot of the CSRs’ timesucking repetitive work like closing files for billing. Best, Justin Thanks for leaving a comment. I do not get paid enough for what I’ve accomplished this past year or for the rigors of the job period. Work with stakeholders to understand the application requirements and build the database. But otherwise, yep, it’s all me. It’s a great job and I love it, but it can be a tough field to get into. Benefits: I’m still on parent’s health insurance but the company plan is comprehensive. I develop web applications for internal business stakeholders. I’m the only full-time communications staffer at a small human rights nonprofit. But, that’s not the same thing and I think you’d get more of what you’re looking for at a program like Clark or one of the other more traditional geography departments. Hopefully this post does just that. I’m an architect too! I have done a combination of both to get to where I am. I’ll leave that for someone else who’s deep in the technical trenches. I am the data lead for one of our big projects which mostly involves working with state governments, cleaning and analyzing state and local administrative data with an eye towards policy change, working with stakeholders to develop policy based on the data, and projecting impacts from those policy changes. If the courses are grouped together as “Accepted Coursework 15 Credits”, you must submit the unofficial transcripts showing the breakdown (e. From reading all of your replies I’m wondering if I have a natural propensity to this work. I also have to keep up to date on new and changed state and Federal regulations. The objectives of the GTAP PTA course are to provide students with an underpinning in the economic theory of tariffs and customs unions and regulatory policy analysis, and to help them develop their applied skills in database development, design of PTA experiments and analysis of model results. I have a Master’s degree, which was required for my Professional License in the state of Florida. I’m lumped in with our HR group, so I also field a variety of HR issues on a regular basis (think benefits, policies, uniforms, attendance, etc. I have no significant potential for upward mobility or large raises at my current job, but I don’t work nearly as many hours as I did in public accounting and have a lot more flexibility and a lot less stress. And oh so much driving to help people out who don’t have cars. You need a BS to do this work but not a MS. I’ve only been with the company I am with today for ~6 months. Org). Your job: I’m an assistant to several sales directors at a software company. I take content created by my subject-matter experts (in this case, engineers) and I correct the language, rewrite it for clarity, and format it to fit with company style. It depends on whether the worst case scenario has any likelihood of happening. Duties include payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, controlling, heading international offices, internal controls, HR, knowing what the owner requires before he knows. I also act as 3rd tier support for our users. I do not manage a physical clinic location, the departments I manage impact all providers and departments (customer service, referral optimization, and a few other smaller responsibilities). I mostly work with smaller nonprofits and have probably 100 customers I work with any given month. I inspect existing and new businesses to determine if they are subject to these regulations, and if they are, work with them to apply for permits. ). It seems to me that the faculty think ‘spatial analysis’ will be done by professionals as a secondary skill (such as resource management, planners etc), while the applications will be developed and databases maintained by software developers & dbas. ) and lead teams of Instructional Designers on more complex projects. Benefits include 10 hours of sick and 10 hours of annual leave each pay period (monthly); great health insurance, not so great dental; and state retirement. San Francisco is still only a few hours away and compared to that we are on the low end. I’m planning to start by finding a job in finance or insurance (I have worked for insurance clients in a legal capacity), then taking some pre-req classes with the intention of getting a MBA with a Finance focus of a MSF. Since it’s a fairy tale, it’s very short, but I’d like to take the basic story, put it in a modern setting, give the characters names and backstories, and fill in the gaps with certain mythologies and add characters to it. Some smaller departments might have positions that combine administrative and advising duties, if there isn’t enough advising work to justify a full time person – that can be your foot in the door to start building experience. Hi M. BC, BE and RAA courses may not have clear acronyms listed on the transcripts (e. I have two managers who also work in the marketing department and I don’t oversee anyone, so although I have “manager” in my job title, I don’t actually manage people. I translate between software developers and general users, so both side can understand each other. My research mainly focuses on Multiplier (Leontief) models, real CGE models and Balance Sheet-CGE models, all of them based on the System of National Accounts of Venezuela. Way back in the day I helped develop a map interface and GIS functionality (using VB and MapInfo’s MapX component) for a cool supply chain network design application called LogicNet. I’ve had that same feeling when making something work with code. Includes grant writing and fundraising, research and script development, and coordinating work of all technical and creative staff and contractors assigned to the project. I create training materials and lead classes, but I don’t know any names of learning systems and mostly go off of “I find x boring and like y when I’m in a class, so I’m going to do y. The curriculum is geared to advanced undergraduates, graduates and professionals. Please add a bit of information so I have a better idea as to where you’ve been and where you want to go. That being said, when college is in session I work like a fiend and by the end of each semester I tend to be very stressed. I’ve been in this role for eight years. I do administrative work (safety paperwork, hiring, etc) as needed. I design and perform experiments and then prepare manuscripts for publication and posters for conference presentations. While we work for non-profits, we are a for-profit company. Thanks for this comment, Adam! Life is too short to pretend you like them. So give them space but ask them about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Job: In-house social media strategist, creator and marketer – create and post all content for a major national brand, monitor social media for threats (physical and public relations-based), strategize and provide training on best practices with others in the organization responsible for social media posts for their subgroups. I head up a team of 25 full-time people, including writers, editors, PR and designers; and a varying number of freelancers and other contractors. I am using the GTAP 9 Data Base to evaluate the economic and water resource scarcity effects of trade liberalization and facilitation in the Nile basin. I ended up going with an evening certificate program at a big-name social work school within fairly easy commuting distance of my job. Officially, I work with SharePoint and C#, but my experience is mostly front end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular). But moving from self-employment to a large corporation has been something of an object lesson in things that do not make much business sense to me! I burnt out pretty quickly and left after about a year. I also do miscellaneous admin work, run the department intern program, assist the cover design department, and report to the managing editor. One day I’m doing a content audit on the website, the next I’m laying out a book for print. The people being nice and generally professional is a plus. In that regard, I am seeking training in Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric GIS as well as Forestry and Environmental GIS (the application and software development aspect of both are most appealing). GTAP-L is an email-based list to which many members of the GTAP Network subscribe in order to receive updates on the GTAP Data Base, model, events, jobs and technical assistance. D. Seeing a map come to life by stringing together some syntax is one of my favorite activities – simple and pure geography. Pay is great, even if the hours sometimes get crazy. E. :) Job: I am an associate curator of film and public engagement. I oversee a couple of students, and recently started managing another full-time staff position, our web application developer. I’m comfortable at this salary, but living costs in the area are obviously high so it doesn’t go as far as you’d think. We have 401K matching up to 5%. I also develop training materials, training agenda, training exercises, assessments, etc. Thank you! I would be reluctant to pull out of the PhD program at this point. I get 6 weeks vacation a year, work from home 3 days a week, very flexible hours, option to work 4 x 10s instead of 5 x 8s (several of my coworkers do this but I chose not to), and excellent health insurance that is relatively inexpensive. ) to build capacity. I’m currently at the top step of the pay scale since I’ve been at this institution (in three different departments) and am hopeful regarding upcoming contract negotiations. When in doubt, candor is the most effective style but most people have thin skin so try to be respectful and kind. Plus, I get to work from home two days a week (also, whenever my kids are sick or the sitter is unavailable). I act as the office manager in that I do all of our inventory and ordering. ), and a dev lead on a couple of projects. This can be the most challenging piece of the puzzle. Since I work for a large research university, my salary was already approved beginning last September due to the academic year schedule, so it’s already set. This also means identifying improvements where possible, and then figuring out how to get those improvements or avoid the problems in the future. I manage one lab technician. However, editing and proofreading for online content seems not to be the norm, especially on the sites that post a lot. You can do this through an internship or by joining a research project or by just doing your own project…maybe for credit via independent study (or for a capstone or thesis project) if you have good rapport with a professor in your program. I also work with other parts of our company, like our projects teams and web teams, to make sure messaging is consistent and on point. Hey, fellow magazine person! Mostly here in Europe governments mandate legal entitlements to sick pay, holiday entitlement (statutory for someone who works 5 days a week in the UK is 28 days per year), maternity leave (they can’t fire you, you get statutory pay for a certain period and… I think you can also take unpaid leave on top? They also offer paid paternity leave. I’m a general assistant in a medium church with a couple of departments – I can tell you what our pastors do! Job: Opening and closing the office, general kitchen cleaning and coffee duty, answer all phone calls, receive and sort all mail, process all payments, assist 5 lawyers with what ever needs to be prepared (document staging, copying, research, listening to them complain about other lawyers), go daily to the court house to file documents and run errands, stare into space dreaming of winning the HGTV dream home. But it hasn’t happened yet, as far as I can tell. Most jobs are either government jobs, which due to the hiring freezes in the last many years they are begging for people but aren’t allowed to hire, or academics, which is why the job market is rough. I was about to enroll in a GIS Masters but am having doubts, and am opting to do it in Computer write essays for college students Science instead. I have already put my newly learned skills to use by developing and successfully deploying server based GIS applications for my department on the local intranet. I intend to use the GTAP 9 Data Base and GDyn-E Model to investigate the economic and environmental effects of East Asian emission trading in the context of China's 2030 carbon peak out. In short, I adore the field and sincerely think GIS-oriented data representation is the coolest ‘thing’ since sliced bread. ). My background is in humanities and writing; I wasn’t even interested in tech until I got an office job at a tech company right after college. I am certified as a Mail Design Professional by the USPS. For example, last year we did not get a cost of living increase (for some unknown reason – the company is doing fine). Anything else pertinent to put that number in context: 100% tuition remission, meaning I’ll be able to get my master’s for free if I stick around long enough (many don’t – avg turnover is 2 yrs). I also perform job-related analyses (skills, gap, competency, etc. Benefits: Matching 401k contributions (up to 6%), really good healthcare (a fairly low deductible and good copayments) including cheap dental and vision options, life insurance, annual bonuses are apparently 3~5% (we don’t get them until march), and a PSP. At that bank I did compliance, IT, network administration, deposit operations, was BSA Officer and Information Security Officer, even did some loan operations (against my will) and helped with some accounting tasks. Because of my writing skills, I also am responsible for all of our grant writing. Prerequisite: Junior standing and completion of campus Composition I requirement. I’m often not sure if I want to study more out of interest, to find better work, or just to not feel so much lesser than the PhDs I work with. Delighted to hear that my comments were of some assistance. I wear many hats. Maintain mouse colony. Parts of my responsibilities are quantifying the impact of trade policy on the economy based some quantifying and empirical instruments, for example GTAP Model and other general or partial equilibrium models as well as some econometrical models. ” Benefits: 401k matching upto 4%; 4 weeks vacation (which I take without issue); decent medical, dental, vision; firm phone and plan (and free reign to use it as personal device); free lunch from firm caf; 12 weeks maternity; option to go part time at any %age down to 50% with corresponding decrease in salary and bonus eligibility (ie, 80% time earns 80% pay, not 75% pay); option to work from home one-two days a week (although ability to use this depends largely on the partner you work for); 20% of payment collected on all matters I originate (for associates and counsel). I would take a year off (if possible), then look for a topic that meets your skill development interests while pursuing a more fundamental geography topic your advisors will approve. 2010. Summers off and a long winter break are fabulous for a working parent. After a few months of thought (and two weeks before my classes began), I decided to change – to transfer – to another program and school, entirely. I’ll be helping this position transition to agile development, version control, etc. G. I ended up towards the top of their (very wide) range after some negotiation, but not right at it. That wasn’t part of my initial job description, but they discovered that I have that skill, so…now it takes up the majority of my time. My primary duties are visiting classes to teach research skills, as faculty request it, and working one on one to help students with their research projects. The first investigates the impacts of trade policies at the regional, national and household levels for selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 50 academic research papers and reports had been published up to now by adopting standard or improved GTAP Model. For example, The Ohio State University has some accounting courses listed as business courses. I steward donors, write and edit proposals and reports, develop prospect lists, develop and implement strategy, I attend Board meetings and help lead the Board Fundraising Committee. I like to say I do a lot of technical cooking and cleaning. We sell mostly instruments used in labs and university settings for research only. They will love you for it and it will be a good way for you to learn how to describe what you’re doing to people who may not be technical. I now work for a separately-elected (so, not the governor) official. Equivalent of 7 wks vacation, although some is dictated by university schedule. I keep our cases on track by following up with clients who have not yet scheduled their next appointment. I have a year of maternity leave (god bless the UK) and will have a nanny as well; I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to work things out so I can keep being a good boss as well as the great parent I want to be, but it’s causing me quite a lot of worry at the moment. I believe (emphasis) I have some new ideas about where to take the field and where to apply it; however, I want to develop the software that does it. I’ve always been into techy stuff (software, not hardware) and I’m somewhat of a geek. Based in SE US. Also, I’ve never had to negotiate performance bonus since in my current and previous roles this was already outlined in tiers for non-executive roles. Job Description: Write HTML and JavaScript code using the AngularJS framework to create web apps for internal and external customers. I work for an NGO, but my salary is based on the amount someone in a similar position would be paid in government. I manage outward communication, including delivery forecasting and status updates, and shield my team from randomization so they can do what they do best. I also participate in the software development cycle, which means entering bugs, tracking them, responding to them, and so on. I conduct analysis on mid-sized, time-limited projects or components of larger projects and consult with business teams to develop new agile processes and policy solutions to address highly complex business needs. The objective of GTAP 101 is to engage participants in an active, team-based process of learning about the GTAP CGE model and its use in applied economic policy analysis. I’m also a Non-Executive Director at another organisation which works in a field adjacent to my particular sort of teapots, which brings in a few thousand pounds more every year. For example, look for an admin support position in an advising office. My plans to use a combination of GTAP modeling and life cycle assessment (LCA). I am on the West Coast with about the same amount of experience. Internal communications consultant and content creator for an academic medical center. Everything has been disorganized, with problems ignored for years, so I fix that. A. I work with PeopleSoft enterprise cloud-based installations pulling data into various data warehouses and data marts to meet business, federal, and state reporting requirements. I manage a team of 5 paraprofessionals, have a caseload of 12 students, and also plan curriculum for a peer tutoring program. Interesting – lockstep is uniform for all US offices at all the firms I was looking at during my last job search about 9 months ago. Small group Bible study leading or attending. Having received a Bachelor’s of Arts in East Asian Studies and Comparative Religion, I did not want to do the whole thing, again – i. It was hard to know if this is a fair salary. I cover about 45 branches and hire mechanics, delivery drivers, sales people, and management. I find in HR roles, the size of the company drives titles and salary more than anything else. Your job: official title is Client Services Director, and I’m the primary admin, receptionist, marketing person, and office manager for day to day operations (not HR, payroll, or bookkeeping) for a very small law firm. Started as a teller and worked my way up to head of Operations over 14 years, all at one bank. I also do writing for benefit communication pieces for clients, email blasts, newsletters, our website the five paragraph essay and social media, etc. So I did. Currently working for a gas utility, but have also worked for a corporate farm, a city government, a federal government contractor, a testing laboratory, and a medical device manufacturer. I apologize if I’m being a bother, but may I ask how and where you found your role? I wanted a certificate that was (a) from a reputable institution or school of social work (there are a few so-so ones here), (b) intensive and at least a year long, and (c) in-person, not online. Connect with someone in Sales so you can maybe meet a real customer and figure out why it’s important to do a good job. Job Title: I build online donation forms (including donation strategy) that connect to an organization’s CRM. Our work at CEFIR is particularly focused on the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Everything that is given to us as a reward is taxed so sales reps can end up with a large income without having a larger paycheck (unless you were planning on buying something that you won) – I have worked for a few of the “consumer goods companies who own everything” in the Midwest and Southwest, pay was comparable across companies and did not vary much geographically. Those “Facebook paid him in options and he became a millionaire” are not the rule, they are the exception – and I’m saying this as someone who was fortunate enough to be part of the early core team at 2 startups that were acquired. I negotiated that if I could save them significant money in terms of turning around their infrastructure and eliminating their downtime, I’d get a substantial raise. I work in finance at a company that owns one of the Big Four publishers, and recently had the opportunity to tour their HQ and sit in on a 3-hour presentation about some of the inner workings, including how book deals and royalty offers are structured. Even if they tried to, I’m pretty sure there are HR systems in place to prevent that from happening without cause. I do Customer Service as well as doing the actual sorting of the data for mail prep. $800, the exact amount of which was dependent on a certain, complicated equation for a particular company partner’s income. Your job: I work with the Art Director for two niche publication magazines, each published bi-monthly, offset (so we publish every month). I’m one of the more senior engineers (in terms of having worked here longest) at this company, so I have a wide base of knowledge of the our specific systems as well. I’d make more at a for-profit but the benefits probably wouldn’t be as good. The interview for my first forensics gig* took place IN the laboratory. Your best bet while still in the Master’s program is to find a real project and some way to contribute. So we’re assessing two components, severity, and likelihood, and once we figure that out we can see if it’s worth actively managing or something we don’t really care about. I do a lot of technical writing and editing. ; work with our international award winners; deal with correspondence leaving our office; and am first eyes on our tri-annual program descriptions as they come in from our constituents. This, in turn, seems to phase out the position of both the ‘GIS Tech. Your post is making me nervous about what they would potentially offer. 3. But, I think I can still provide some meaningful guidance on how to spend your time while in school in order to position yourself for a successful career campaign in the GIS software development world. We work with the state highway dept on a program testing well water for road salt contamination. Benefits are decent (3wks vacation and 7 days sick leave, not-horrible health care), although I would love to have WFH flexibility. ) I was laid off from that job in 2005 and did not go back to work until 2012, when I found a job at $51K, which is less than I made in 1988, even though the new job required the MBA and the experience I had gotten since 1988. Your job: I work for a small nonprofit that, among other things, provides English classes to immigrants. I’m responsible for sourcing and screening candidates, scheduling interviews with management and getting feedback, extending offers and basically being the go-to person for the hiring process. D. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Wow, Allan. With the caveat that I was hired to my current position at $55k about 2 years ago, then got licensed and had to push hard to get my pay raised to its current level. With the above in mind, do you feel it will be a good idea to take an exit from the university with a postgraduate diploma and leave my dissertation. Yeah, we generally always quote the gross here in the UK – my job quoted above (£18,000 per year) was gross – income tax and NI and pension contribution and student loan repayment all comes off that. $63K – I took a paycut from $67,500 when I was working as the Development Manager for an extremely dysfunctional organization. I started the job being very weak with IV starts. My department offers salaried staff the option of a supplemental role on a different team, limited to 30% of their regularly scheduled hours (so 24 hours per 2-week pay period for me) and paid at their last hourly rate before moving into a salaried position. I wonder how many geologists I just enraged? Unfortunately, I cannot afford to get a master’s degree, but I was thinking about getting an associates in computer science, if that would help. My actually job is a “manufacturing engineer,” but I work from the mechanical side of things. I’ve been working in magazines since 2010 so I’ve had a front-row seat to the dismantling of the industry. This is the path I took after finishing part of grad school and I have no regrets whatsoever. Health insurance is also excellent. Thank you ! Likely to be running PPC and programmatic ads do my databases coursework in the coming year. I plan the annual solicitations calendar, develop and work with communications to design all print and electronic fundraising materials. Not listed as Accepted The information provided below regarding the educational requirements for Illinois CPA exam candidates is intended to provide general guidance only. In addition, I set up and maintain the R&D sharepoint site, developing a managed metadata structure and a product taxonomy that makes it faster and easier to find information, I have improved access to current technical documentation (by using the managed metadata and image maps of the product taxonomy), and I do market research. Students examine International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) using the eIFRS electronic database. ). The use of GTAP in my research program has been fitting these data to endogenous saving – multi sector growth models. The master’s and work experience helped me get into a PhD program, although they aren’t necessary. For me, the GTAP 9 Data Base is an essential source of data for a number of different lines of research on trade policy and regional integration. Do you have a bachelor’s degree in geography? G. During the second boss’s tenure my company acquiring another one half the size and then a giant re-organization of the company. In past roles, I have made similar trades. If you want a PhD you should finish now if at all possible. But to be fair, we have a lot more built-in benefits. Basically, if it’s anything above general desktop tech support, I do it. This position is considered an exempt position for purposes of federal wage-hour laws. So it is a balance of what we could earn and wanting to stay here. :) – I have never worked in safety before, nor worked in a company where a safety program was really in place. Oh to pick your brains. Your background has given you a good sense as to the possibilities and opportunities that geography offers but I would urge you to study geography more comprehensively rather than focusing only on GIS technologies. Job Description: Process improvement and implementation; and kind of like a system administrator for our software without the technical knowledge, meaning I configure our software within the application. Firm pays 100% of employee health insurance (but no contribution towards dependent health insurance). But they cost way less than I do (I’m in the US in an area with a fairly high CoL). Just chiming in to agree with the Statistical Programmer — SAS is really really big in biotech and CROs. ), and create performance support tools (e. 11 years experience – in that time I performed in several roles. Dear Justin, I’m an urban planner, finished two GIS courses and I enjoyed it! Many other duties (writing and event-planning) as assigned. Other info: I started this job at $51,500 (negotiated up from an offer of $45k) and do have the opportunity for a 15% bonus each year, depending on how the company is doing. There is a story that I fell in love with when I was little and it was published in the 60’s. :p I also had a couple years’ experience at my college’s music library, so I imagine that gave me a bit of an edge. Your Job: Full-stack leaning towards backend, main programming languages are C#, jQuery, SQL, minor knowledge of AngularJS. Short version of duties: I handle the loaning-our-stuff-out-to-other-libraries part of ILLs, make purchase lists and process new items in Acquisitions, and supervise the student workers checking stuff in and out in Circulation. ), I enjoy my co-workers, I enjoy the challenges. I adjust claims filed by banks and credit unions on behalf of their customers. We are moving to the Midwest pursue other career options and live somewhere affordable! Generally working with businesses towards the lower end of “mid-market”, which are the larger businesses in this area. We have reasonably good benefits: PTO starts at 4 weeks and goes up to 5 at manager level and 6 at partner. Access to all campus facilities, including gym. In developing the knowledge, competencies and skills needed to communicate effectively in these and other contexts, this course will embrace opportunities for both critical thinking and applied problem solving. ) Do you find that having more name recognition has been worth the cost in terms of opportunity? -Great benefits. Coordinate internal review from relevant stakeholders, identify legal or procurement issues and offer solutions, generally ensure that policies and procedures are followed in applicable contracts. Developing geospatial information science is the long-term goal; however, I have realized I need some other competencies in order to be a part of that process, namely programming. Or, they may be integrated into other courses (e. Thank you! In person, via WebEx, over the phone. I began to learning the GTAP Model in 2002 and used it intensively afterward. I feel very fortunate to have been allowed to make those changes. Healthcare is fine but on the expensive side, no matching on the 401(k) but there’s an employee stock option plan that makes no sense and is not applicable until you have been there for 4-6 years or something like that. I have to understand the roles of everyone in our office (attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, management, support staff). I work as the primary point of contact for families who come to our agency for a caregiver to help a loved one at home. I do a lot of actual teaching and lesson-planning, but also deal with a lot of paperwork (such as IEPs and other legal documents). I count all my years in banking as experience for this job, because BSA starts at the teller line. And, along the way, I wouldn’t hesitate to take courses at community college or elsewhere if you can fit them in. I think many of the people discussing the dearth of opportunities may be the less creative with respect to the dissemination of their resumes (? Additionally, the entire department runs lean in order to squeeze more profit out, since we only charge ½ a percent point to clients on the funds we manage. Regarding my salary, I was hired in 2015 at $50,000, which I did not realize was an extreme low-ball at the time, and frankly I would have taken anything to get a chance to move to NYC. The area I work in is pretty economically depressed. Environmentalfootprints. You need a mentor to teach you how to write truly industrial strength code and you need to be part of a good team to learn quality software development processes. I have developed many new methods of reaching the internal audience of the company to inform them about new products, including various marketing pieces, a regular newsletter, and announcements for the company internal TV. Even though the course title contains the keyword “Accounting” in some form, it is intended to be counted as business and is reviewed as such. ) and the major has become a more generic IT education. I think it might be very cool to combine your background in East Asian Studies with GIScience. So I take the metro, even though it’s not the greatest. Do you want to become a GIS software developer or did you have something else in mind? The GTAP Africa 1 Data Base includes data for 39 regions (30 African regions and 9 other aggregated regions) and the 57 sectors of the GTAP 6 Data Base. All the time. S. Prior to joining TerraSeer, Justin managed corporate consulting for the Strategy & Analytics division at MapInfo Corporation, leading major projects for retail clients including The Home Depot, Darden Restaurants, Bridgestone-Firestone, Sainsbury’s and New York & Company. – Job: Handle all servers and computer networking in company of ~100 employees across 7 locations in 6 states; in charge of not only maintenance, patches, and upkeep on the servers and network devices, but responsible for upgrades and large projects (such as a new MPLS network linking all locations together into one network, and designing a new network wiring project for our new HQ, including working closely with the contractor to make sure the work is done). This mean identifying things that could go wrong or have gone wrong that are beyond what’s normal and accepted by the organization (So say, if this were McDonalds, we expect that the fries get cold so that’s not a risk because it’s acceptable. Thanks! Because I asked for it. I am not in the civil service and am at-will. Trust me – it will help no matter what you do or where you go. I have a BA in psychology but no educational background or license in social work; most jobs in my area in the youth work field weight experience over specific educational credentials. Up until the end of last year, I also got a bonus quarterly of approx. Since I only have a year of experience under my belt, maybe that can be more of a long term goal – if I want to stay in this industry. This is a recent promotion, and there is no one below me except for part-time interns, so I’m still responsible for all the implementation I did as the comms associate, as well as the big picture strategic stuff. So my question is, how can I be competitive and be eligible to apply for these jobs? Others are like the awful IT support roles you see in other posts where they are called at 2AM on a regular basis and work 60+ hours frequently with no extra compensation. (Billing partners care about accuracy, defensibly, and having cost come in at or under what their client expects. At my company all of the in-house attorneys are treated as “Director level” for equipty comp and other benefit purposes (business travel upgrade, complimentary trade org fee reimbursement, etc. I love my job and I’m very proud of the work we do. You’re correct, of course, geologists must think spatially as well. – Salary: $72,500. – My role as a project manager involves determining requirements, establishing priorities and monitoring progress. Also, my bosses are very supportive of my professional development goals. I have a background in both science and humanities, but most of the technical writers I have worked with had a science or engineering background. Classified (union) employee at an academic institution. Other Pertinent Information: If I had come into my company with a JD, LLM, or MBA, I could be making $10k more than I currently make. If you leave now I would only do so if you’re okay with never finishing the PhD…because it will be really hard to start again. So if it mkaes you feel better, there are better jobs here in this field, even in the non profit world, and as a fellow everything bagel type communications person, though I’m happy with my job and my pay, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Boston wouldn’t be nearly so stressful if I had more financial freedom. I see. My advice would be to look for job that gets you closer to what you want to do. The biggest part of my job is working with Producers (the salespeople of our industry) to write proposals for prospects or renewing clients. My position would have been affected by the Dec 2016 wage rule in a big way, but that has not come to pass. Try automated mapping by writing to SVG from Python (or something comparable). Please verify the course’s classification with individual institutional departments. Supply shocks on global and regional economies. I don’t really turn off from work: I’m dealing with something from the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night, and I usually do several hours on Saturdays and Sundays as well. I am also a warranted contracting officer with unlimited authority. My impression is that, in high-tech, developer jobs are more numerous and potentially higher paying, so people with that skillset are unlikely to pursue writing as a career move. Over the years, the expanded versions of GTAP has benefited me for exploring issues such as technology transfer, skilled-unskilled wage gap, trade integration, and allied topics. I write on behalf of institutional leaders for two divisions and provide advice on best ways to reach their target audiences. I am responsible for enforcing Federal, state, and local pretreatment regulations in our sewer service area. I’m also cross-trained in every other job in the department. In my time at this company I’ve worked on front-end page reskins and major feature developments, including doing the technical design work. Well, that is indeed a big difference. I am interviewing for your employer at the end of the month (non faculty position), but in SE PA. Think of a simple project and then do it – it doesn’t have to be perfect but see it from start to finish. In general, teachers (I’m on a teacher contract) cannot individually negotiate salary, but because qualified SLPs are in short supply in our state, I was able to negotiate for both more money and a higher step and higher tier on the salary schedule, which acknowledges the level of training required for my degree. Sections of the course critically examine the thought of different religious traditions on specific business-related issues, placing a variety of religious discourses into direct conversation with secular voices regarding ethical business conduct. D. Relevant to my career is I have a BA, but not in accounting. 31 earned every pay period which is bi-weekly) and health insurance is okay – nothing to write home about for sure, but it’s better than nothing. It’s true that you can make more in a more technical role, but I know several people (including myself) who chose technical writing in part because of the more flexible working conditions that can offer. Thanks! The topic of my Ph. Accounting, legal, marketing, even IT – all can be a pain when they’re distracting you with corporate politics or asserting their authority while you’re just phd thesis cell culture trying to write code. My arts org is a mid-sized one, with a $2M annual budget — we’re a bit of an anomaly in our programming model and size, which makes us a weird fit for certain granting entities. Commiserations on the death of the industry. I think processing and production are headed for automation and, while they’re important to know, aren’t a huge growth area. It’s a big change from what I used to do, and a lot more chasing people down and seeing if they did the thing they said they’d do than I’m used to in the operations world. I have good health insurance and the premiums are paid for entirely by my employer, plus they put $1,000 a year into an HSA for me. Job: I help teams deliver great experiences. Additional Info: I was earning nearly $79,000 at ExToxicJob. New Job offers excellent benefits, including 401k, which when included with salary is commensurate with what I was earning before. Fisheries management is one of the easiest fields to get jobs in after a PhD in marine biology, but I’m the only one with a permanent job of all the people in my program that have graduated in the last 3 years. This is a law firm, and I used to be a paralegal, so most of what I do is try to make the paralegals’ lives easier (not putting anyone out of a job, just making the job less stressful). Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure they have a great deal to offer and know plenty about geospatial technology. We have a separate Environmental department right now, so I deal strictly with OSHA compliance and worker’s compensation, but eventually will be over both safety and environmental. ) We are allowed to roll over 1. Based on your post, sounds like I should try to advocate as hard as I can for a higher starting salary if raises are that hard to come by. I do social media posting to multiple channels, create and run giveaways, write blogs myself and manage the blog calendar and edit and format posts by others, and coordinate with dozens of bloggers to get them promote our products. I work 7p-7a 3 days a week. I made up my own title, I don’t call myself a manager because I don’t manage anybody directly, but as far as I can tell the job is the same, and I took a safety manager course. Great article. I spend a lot of time in meetings listening to see if what people are talking about is something that should enter our risk management process or if it’s fine. I started off at a large company that granted equity. One thing I’d like to mention is that whenever I talk to new hires, interns and other staff that come to me with advice on projects is to really think about the process more than which buttons, functions or commands to use. ”. Students will also practice editing and supervising the writing of others. I realise reading this thread, our wages look dramatically lower than US ones quoted. I started at 50k and was making 63k and had been promoted by my third year. G. For exploring multi-faceted issues related to global trade and development GTAP Data Base is excellent resource to use and the current version 9 is expanded to include more aspects. There was something appealing about a Master’s degree, particularly in my desired field: Geospatial Information Science. And microbiology technician at a public university. They frequently attend area citizen and business chambers, to see if there’s opportunities to serve that we’re missing. At the time, I saw other entry-level archivist positions in the area advertised for about $40,000 or even less, urgh. I’ve earned as high as a bit over 74k, but that was before the last layoff. I do have a sports freelancer who covers all things athletic, which helps a ton. 2 weeks vacation plus 4 sick and 2 personal days, full benefits (high deductible plans that can be customized to personal needs as well as dental & vision and other insurances), a Christmas ham and random branded merchandise throughout the year that is actually useful, and I get to work at 8am and leave at 5pm 99% of the time and I consider that a major perk. Two things: I had 6 years experience in this company before I started in this totally new role so I had institutional knowledge and experience that allowed me to step in pretty easily. These alternatives will promote responsible public and private investment, sustainable management of critical, shared natural resources, and collective action toward meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. I’ve been here a bit over 4 years, so I’m finally clawing my way up to getting more than 2 weeks vacation, and I don’t want to start over for that, either. Human Resources Recruiter: I do the initial resume screening, all phone interviews, onsite interviews, and recommend candidates to hiring manager for final interviews for a medium (approximately 250-employees) organization. The instrumentation is pretty specialized, so there are not a lot of related positions, let alone positions where the salary info is available. Benefits are excellent: health, dental, vision; employer-matched 403(b) (nonprofit version of 401k); good vacation policies; flex scheduling; tuition assistance for degree-seeking staff; an emergency assistance fund for staff who fall into dire circumstances. Hertel, Purdue University professor of agricultural economics, and his team aim to develop a multidisciplinary approach for managing the earth’s unowned natural resources such as the oceans, atmosphere, and space, also known as the global commons, in order to establish an applied research consortium which will analyze scenarios and explore policy alternatives. ” Many of the things I am interested in with respect to GIS are all programming driven, e. What obligations, if any, do businesses have to their consumers or to the general public? I have so many questions about career dev in TW! I like everything about the job except the pay. Very junior associates have lock step salary, but it is converted to merit adjustments pretty early compared to Big Law. Or would you be more interested in another path? My two main towns are only 15 miles apart, so I don’t have to cover a huge geographic area. Don’t be one of those programmers who writes quick and sloppy code and blames QA when bugs slip through the cracks. Additional info: I have a masters, a year working and then a PhD with contracting during the PhD in my field. I wear a LOT of different roles: event planner, fundraiser, student advisor, marketing & social media manager, website & database manager, administrative oversight, staff advocate, faculty-tamer, student staff supervisor. Do you think GIS belongs in a ‘Master of Information Technology’ in this way? Best of luck! I’m expecting our first child at the moment (I am in my 40s), and it’ll be…interesting to see what impact that has on my job, given the amount of time and emotional resource that currently goes into my work. The pay isn’t great, but it might be at least $10K more than your current salary. If you need an idea I’ll be glad to put you to work. Also, I published a book in 2014 which included contributions from reputed CGE scholars using GTAP and other CGE models like MONASH or USAGE. I’m not senior or a lawyer enough for salary negotiation to be much of a thing, so people in my position grow their salaries through promotions within their job’s promotion ladder and through switching jobs. Cross-departmental work means I am given a lot of flexibility and freedom to do what I want. Some roles require night shift work. Oof. There is a special emphasis on the implications of embedded carbon dioxide on trade of goods. Like social work, but for-profit. Mostly I’m a professional babysitter. I studied computer science in high school with an excellent teacher, so I had a good foundation. Context: Because of the way my organization does raises, this will be my second calendar year without a raise, so this was factored into my starting salary for this job. I’m hoping to stay here for a while, we’re getting past that startup phase into being a proper company and I find I like the balance. Unfortunately, you also will need to get along with other people who present more of a challenge, especially if you work for a large company. I get these same benefits plus transit subsidy, awards, and bonuses. Not a manager, but have a fair amount of responsibility over content we produce. Other Info: I am an on-site contractor through another company, and this has been the case for 15+ years. ) I have a degree in geology and environmental earth science. I manage all events on our non-profit’s 50 acre property (Historic Estate) including our annual gala, member appreciation events, donor cultivation events as well as manage facility rentals for private events. My thought is this: the demand for GIS analysis seems to be growing in a relatively untraceable way as the growth appears to be more universal and interdisciplinary, i. Salary: $67,696. It was amazing! My salary reflects the school year (180 days). Right now, I’m in training and loading up on my series # licenses. I’m a master’s student studying GIS. Same for a similar mentoring program for students. Oh well. In order to answer your question I need to have a better idea as to what you’d like to do with your career. Our department has put more emphasis in GIS programming (python) and I have taken a javascript, css, html class in the computer science department. Dissertation is the evaluation of proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement between 16 Asia-Pacific countries using general equilibrium framework. I’m self-motivated and disciplined enough to meet deadlines. I use Framemaker and image editing software to create user documentation (PDF and HTML) for scientific software. Go back to school for another field and only walk away with another Bachelor’s to show for it. I’ve been told that I will be up for a title change soon (which will increase my base salary, almost the only way we get “raises” any more at this institution). Troubleshoot existing software issues found in field. Fairly standard 401k and above average health benefits. In trade for that, I was willing to accept lower pay and fewer traditional benefits. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did you find the transition to running your own business? I took up the GIS developer stream in my advance year studies and the coursework involved subjects like Web GIS, advanced GIS programming with Python and Geocomputation. Job: Senior Web Developer at a public university. One thing that surprised me is no 401(k) match for associates, which is a bummer. Many of these people with a negative outlook have good reason to be worried. I’m going to graduate and currently seeking a job in GIS software development. Have you considered academic advising? I oversee 30 associates, mostly nurses. Don’t feel like you have to be everyone’s friend. Duties: Draft, review and negotiate all non-templated agreements (purchase, software license, cooperative funding, cooperative construction, solar subscription, room rentals, and more…). What do you want to be able to do after grad school? The main focus of my research is to analyze the overall welfare effects under different emissions regulatory frameworks, such as cap and trade regulation and emissions per output regulation. However, the company cut ties with that partner late last year. Other: comes with 15 days vacation, 15 days sick leave, 5 family related leave days, 1 personal day, and 1 volunteer day, possibility of compressed hours (1 day off every 2 or 3 weeks, working longer days to make up for the day off), health insurance, dental insurance, pension plan, 1-year parental leave…. Never would have gotten it if I hadn't pushed, and never would have pushed if it weren't for AMA and my badass fellow lady-architect friends whispering in my ear and telling me to ask for what I deserve! CPA Review courses Some keywords in course titles are interchangeable. I set up then clean up all the chem labs and half the micro labs at a public college (maintain bacterial cultures, make chemical solutions, etc. I’m learning a great deal from well-respected, experienced immigration attorneys and improving my Spanish. A lot of experienced nurses are leaving that hospital chain and coming to the hospital I’m working at now. I have two direct reports, one of whom manages our student callers and the other who manages reunion year fundraising. In my experience, working for difficult bosses garners an extra 5 or 10K more in salary. I’m not sure if I have any ability to grow here. Being an in-service professional, I searched for an online option and finally registered with University of Leeds for the online MSc GIS program, which they offer in collaboration with University of Southampton and PennState. I currently manage 2 part-time assistants. The manager part of my position is actually brand new to me (as of last week) so I’ll be doing the same daily functions + managing other engineers and their functions. Work recently did a salary survey and the results of which brought the programmers up quite a bit and we are now at the high end for our local area. If you are in the executive branch civil service, you are not at-will so the job security is excellent. The GTAP Data Base constitutes an invaluable and integral part of my research activities, which at the current time, have a European Union (EU) focus. Are you most interested in becoming a GIS software developer? Personal ethics and credibility are explored as important components of effective communication, both individually and as part of a team. When I’m in the office, I’m by myself, so I pick the music, decor and don’t have to deal with office politics. My salary is about what you could expect to get just out of a PhD in fisheries management if you are statistics minded. Level classes. Have 10-12 direct reports at any one time (admin team, as well as the inventory team). Flexible schedule and able to work from home as needed. -My salary info is public because I’m a fed. I have used the GTAP Data Base (along with other supplementary ones) for my research works since my PhD days. I supervise one full time event associate and one part time event assistant Luckily, there are a lot of training institutes and schools of social work in my area, so I had quite a bit of choice. Write to your parents and grandparents (more than just text messages or tweets), if you’re lucky enough to still have them in your life. Cross-listed as MGT 228. I am a licensed attorney but don’t represent my organization in that capacity. The rest was basically just Googling around and reading reviews by alumni. Thank you for the post, it is great. So will it not be wise to leave this MSc at this stage (I will still earn a postgraduate diploma) and then enter some other program in US and Canada which affords the option to transfer to PhD after one year at masters stage. All of my degrees are in a Humanities discipline. Before getting my last promotion at my last job (a CRO), I was seriously considering making the change from what I was doing into SAS programming since I had a bit of a programming experience and there is definitely a need. Your job: I support the development director (and sometimes the executive director) of a small nonprofit, which provides education services. There are true assholes in the world. Also, I have a do my databases coursework burning question I’ve been dying to ask someone who would be very familiar with copyright law: If a person wanted to expand on a short story that was published in the 1960’s in a collection of short stories – in other words take that short story and make it into a novel and maybe put it on Amazon is that considered plagiarizing? I am interested in modeling renewable energy adoption in Saudi Arabia. This is the most senior role I’ve held. Benefits are pretty solid – employer fully covers health insurance deductible, 4 weeks vacation + sick days + personal days + we’re closed Christmas to New Years. We also identify users using mailed surveys, looking at monthly lists of new and renewed business licenses, participating in the building permit process, and door to door surveys. Mentor students that rotate through lab. Average of four patients per shift, which is good staffing for med surg specialty and the geographic area. He’d come behind us and tweak it some, if we needed another article to fill a spot, or a word or two removed to make a story fit, but yes, he was it. My ad rep and I get along great. G. Thomas W. For this purpose, I am using the Static GTAP Model and the GTAP 9 Data Base is the only database which provides the latest, detailed and consistent data to estimate it. I’m more on the business side these days and only know enough technology to be dangerous. The company also pays well generally, so even their first offer was on the higher end of what you’d get paid here. ) Salary: $56K. Good luck with this – I’m not the best one to give advice here. I get almost 40 paid days off a year and unlimited sick leave. It’s a union position, which is pretty uncommon for professional archivists, I believe. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in any particular area of code, but I’m a very solid engineer who can be trusted to do quality work on a wide variety of projects. Mostly C with some C++ and assembly. GTAP PTA is a three-week, fully-online mini-course that is designed to provide professionals and students with hands-on, applied training in the analysis of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) using the GTAP computable general equilibrium model. Some benefits I’ve accepted in exchange for lower salaries: flex time, remote work, 100% coverage of (significant) public do my databases coursework transit costs, organizationally funded HSA + 100% coverage of insurance premiums, and (in combination with other, larger perks) some quality of life things like relaxed dress code and later start time. Writing internal news articles and longform pieces for various publications. I was actually recruited via LinkedIn. I am responsible for being the advisor for 2 of our classes, advising anyone who is interested in going to job training, helping any current or past students who are looking for jobs, and doing retention with graduates who are currently in college. This course will examine the nature and purpose of economic life and contemporary commerce as understood from the perspective of religious and secular communities, as well as the ethical implications that flow from the various worldviews. I’m currently paid £80k (about $97k), and I make an additional £10-15k every year through book royalties which are independent from my day job (which my work knows about and is happy with). I’m responsible for creating an innovative program consisting of experiences for a wide range of audiences in the form of social practice, political action, institutional critique, or artistic intervention. ) and a high of I think about 67 cents, but that’s how my wage has slowly climbed over the last few years. Thanks AAM for teaching me the best way to kick ass at negotiation and jobs in general! Sometimes it’s well worth it to make a stand and not sacrifice your integrity just to be seen as a team player. Although I think sometimes about moving into a higher-paid position, I do like that my job is challenging enough to be interesting, but not so overwhelming that I am pulling crazy hours. The salary is low, but the organization is great to work for. I’m pretty new to the role (started in August, before that I was an operations engineer), but once it enters our process it gets a lot more visibility and I make sure that it gets closed out. I grew up a Boy Scout and as an operations engineer, I came in already with the mindset of be prepared for the worst scenario, so I’ve kinda already lived my life that way. 1 Data Base. It also has decent benefits and I get 5 weeks of vacation a year. I’ve worked with product data information (barcodes, specifications, features, images) and retailer setups for about 8 years, for a couple of different companies. I earned my bachelor’s a few years ago and was also awarded the high honor of distinction as a geography major. Now that I’ve typed it out, it really looks like it is. I am one of the advisors for the program. Specifically, I work in the Parking department and the major component of my job is to review parking ticket appeals. I also help give creative direction to a few other junior designers we work with and assist in writing estimates and proposals. Equity compensation (stock options) are generally granted upon promotions at the director level and above. My director and supervisor both have a lot of integrity and value my work too much to renege on a raise like that. 8 hours vacation time accrued every month, maxing out at 204 hours (use it or lose it); all federal holidays off; sick time…can’t remember how it’s accrued but it’s pretty generous; lots of free snacks, food and drinks and one catered lunch every week. At the college where I got my post-grad certificate, the majority were also from a humanities background, though there were a few making career changes from more technical areas. Besides, immigrating legally to Brazil, for instance, is just as hard and annoying as trying to do the same to the US or Europe. Volunteer to be the spokesperson for your class project or offer to give a guest lecture in a class. , job aids, guides, templates, checklists, etc. Good luck to you as well! My education background is a bit murky (GED, trade school) and I’m also a bit young so I think that affects my salary a little bit. Private industry sometimes pays more, but in this case it was a big step up from the crappy pay I was getting when I worked in consulting. G. For a while I was wondering if the pendulum would swing back. A career opportunity may have GIS at its core but not be marketed as such (? In August, I will be attending NCSU’s GIS Graduate Certificate program, with the intention of transferring into the Masters of Professional Science in Geospatial Information Sciences and Technologies. Role: Assist two Executive VPs in an organization of 1,500 – manage calendars and appointments, plan meetings, book all travel (domestic and international), complete travel requests and expense reports, complile or create presentations, track mileage, reconcile credit card statements and any other administrative items that pop up now and then. – This is an aging career field that is in need of young talent. From Claremont McKenna College, a Ph. I evaluate project status and resource utilization and make recommendations to improve the team’s effectiveness by integrating agile tools and best practices. Benefits are less than stellar. Should I keep my focus laser sharp during the admissions process or is it prudent to express my varied interests? Develop strategy and manage all externally facing digital properties including social media, email automation, landing page builds, lead generation digital support, tracking implementation, interactive marketing, webinars, etc. Mind if I ask you a few questions on a open thread later or something? All corporate employees are eligible for an annual bonus based on the company’s performance and some other factors, which is a percentage of annual salary starting at 10% and negotiable up from there. I did my research on salaries in the region they want me to relocate to and found a 60k range! It involves design changes, process changes (let the glue dry for 10 hours, not 10 minutes! Your job sounds incredible and it was so cool to learn more. I’m in final stages of interviewing for a Head of Global Marketing position with a fintech firm and they are pushing me to quote my salary and performance bonus before the final meeting with the CEO. Most state government jobs in this region are with the executive branch of government and the executive branch pays much less than the judicial branch (however, attorneys in the executive will be seeing some increases over the next few years as a result of a recent deal between the state and the relevant union). (3) Write a lot. Master of none is probably okay at this stage – once you get your first job you will be in position to become a master of at least one, and probably more than one. I think learning lots of languages is probably a good way to go in grad school. These days it’s hard to get a tech writing job without a tech writing credential. While it’s not a non-profit, the partners’ philosophy is to be affordable for lower-income immigrants. In a larger company I would likely be a manager or asst director and probably earn similar. No. I’m in charge of hiring across this part of the organisation. I love my great work-life balance, nice colleagues, and generous vacation time, so for now I’m okay with the trade-off of a more modest salary. Average benefits except for the health care (they are very generous on how much they pay for insurance). After trying to to use it to help customers a few times, it dawned on me that with even a limited understanding of the software, I could make the doc much better. I work at a State University in Western Massachusetts, and my position is entirely grant funded, which has limited the raises and such over the years. He wrote the articles, and in between doing print jobs, I and another designer laid out the paper. Job: Senior Accounting Analyst at very small public accounting firm – prepare financial reports, oversee bookkeepers and manage projects, draft tax returns, consult with clients on accounting systems and processes, instruct clients on software, prepare payroll and sales tax returns, and anything else that needs doing. My work is to assist with all local operations in one branch, including front line social assistance with teens and non-english speakers, and larger program planning and implementation. I held firm because otherwise I would have been taking a small pay cut, and fortunately, my managers really wanted me and went to bat for me. This is for roughly 15 class sections. I set strategy for communications, social and digital, manage our brand, am the point of contact for press and other outside inquiries, and spend a lot of time managing the wider team (about half of whom are in-house; we have a number of remote workers, several of whom are overseas). Also portfolio monitoring duties, including annual analysis, covenants, etc. We often don’t get a focal budget, so raises aren’t an every-year thing. New and updated I-O tables have been contributed with the help of African economists who were awarded scholarships to contribute this data and pursue research on African economic issues. I’ve tried to get involved with my union but not had luck. My salary is in line with national professional recommendations in the field for my experience level and job description, but the cost of living in my area is high. Uses the GTAP framework to implement and simulate CGE models for applied energy-environmental policy analysis. 5%? And that happened in Dec of 2015. The $49K figure reflects these successful negotiations. You’ll probably learn some good stuff. Employer is a large public research university. And, learning at a community college is typically a much more economical choice. I’m not the same person who posted above, but I’m also an academic advisor. (It was interesting — I understand wanting to maintain parity, but on the other hand, losing a desirable candidate who already had five months of experience over such a low number, when a few months of interviewing hadn’t turned up anyone stronger, did not make much business sense to me. I also help with data projects involving collecting information regarding admissions, scholarships given, etc. For further information, to subscribe or to access a searchable archive of GTAP-L messages, please visit the GTAP-L Mailing List homepage Many, many folks in the GIS community find themselves in the software development universe and for good reason. In addition, using ongoing work at LEI Wageningen to split out additional sources of biomass supply and use from GTAP data sector and commodity classifications, the data provides a basis for examining the potential for sustainable biobased growth strategies in the EU. There is a cost of living adjustment for expensive cities but generally not worth enough to compensate for the increased costs, only makes sense to take those roles if you want to live in the HCOL area for other reasons. 1. Job: I teach ESL classes for students who are not yet proficient enough in English to enter the community college our program is attached to. I recommend a few standard geography classes along the way for breadth in terms of spatial perspective. I was hired pretty close to my current salary even though at the time of hiring I had 0 years professional experience. In my former job, I made $101K with 20% bonus in state where there was no state income tax. Thomas, I think the decision to study programming is a good one. The job postings that I’m currently seeing are posting for 36-50K, though I should note that I’m hoping to get back to more of a student-focused position ( alumni-relations, events, advising – that kind of thing). I love the work, it’s super independent and I get to go home at the end of the day and breathe. WRD 103 or HON 100 or HON 101 is a prerequisite for this class. In my current job, I answer directly to the head of marketing so this would be my proverbial “key to the executive washroom” step up. ), testing specifications, and sometimes just being the technical voice for those who are not technically inclined. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily advocate grad school – it’s not the best path for everyone. FWIW, the salary lockstep thing is actually not as uniform at all outside of NYC, and nor is the lockstep bonus. Alternately, I may continue my studies and complete my dissertation on one of the topics proposed by the department. Application and tool development within the field. Full health, dental, and vision benefits; 401k matching…can’t remember the formula but I get another $2K put into my retirement account; approx. As the Capstone course for the MSA program, topics covered will be changing to ensure that students receive information on current changes as they occur in the accounting world. I’m very interested in software development and have developed variety skills in GIS software development. I have been in the business 20+ years. Hm, I’m not sure what you want to know. Bonuses increase as your billables increase. A bunch of people took the early retirement option but won’t be leaving until June. As recently as 5 or 6 years ago, I worked for a director who held that line. Our IT department has 110 people, while the overall business has more than 14,000 employees. I am currently a part-time teller (my choice), but have in the past occupied the role of full time teller, teller leader, personal banker, and assistant branch manager. I make $89K a year and am not on bonus. I have held odd side-jobs here and there (usually pet sitting) to help augment my paycheck. 5% of our annual leave. In addition, you would do well to engage in some self-study to learn do my databases coursework how to write solid industrial strength code. Mingfeng, if you can find a software developer position, even if it’s not GIS, I would take it and learn as much as you can about software development for 1-2 years. I think my advice would be to self study Python to become as proficient as possible and build some cool applications on your own. Although I work and travel a lot for work. Anything else pertinent to put that number in context: I work from home 100% of the time on a somewhat flexible schedule for people I adore. My ad rep will grab a pic for me if I have to be in two places at once, so I’m not completely without backup. I approve and process vendor invoices and act as a guru of sorts for other staff who have questions ranging from deadline-related queries to “how do I get the heat turned up in my office? Job requires around 10 yrs of experience. Thanks for the feedback and this question. I am a liaison between IT and the rest of the firm, currently working primarily on automating processes. Your points 2,3 and 4 are the key challenges in my career right now. I produce a lot of documents, run a lot of errands, and patch a lot of holes. 401(k) with 4% match for first 5% contributed, plus has made generous profit sharing contributions in recent years. If hired in at an appropriate level, should have been around $98,000 (according to them). I work at a university and manage a large program funded by a federal grant which employs STEM practitioners at all levels from undergraduate to post-docs, who work in federal research laboratories. I don’t have a car but have free use of the company one during off hours. Your article is really helpful. This is why the GTAP 9 Data Base is the cornerstone of most CGE-type analysis produced by CEFIR, for example, a recent assessment of reduction of non-tariff barriers in the EAEU. I didn’t interview at any firms with offices in small or low cost of living cities, though – only major metro areas. I’ve worked here 4 years; prior to that I had 9 years assorted nonprofit experience. Assignments replicate typical business cases and situations, including a report that requires students to compile and interpret research. Job: I report to our Director of Development. Also, I am conducting studies regarding sectoral and macroeconomic effects of domestic and foreign shocks that affect the Venezuelan economy. I have a little over 6 years of post-undergrad work experience in all (graduated late 2009 and couldn’t find a job for almost a year). I work for a firm of <10 people so I do a bit of everything, but a lot of what I do is project management, although I do also get into design and drafting. Though I work in a different region than the CA attorney that commented above, it has also been my experience that executive branch jobs are the lowest paid. Learn how to deliver a presentation with PowerPoint. Job: database developer (mostly), working with Oracle SQL, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, SSIS, Excel VBA programming – lots of back-end and reporting. Since the dawn of my working life have always been the person to write process documentation for the role I’m in, from my military jobs to, web dev, retail, non-profit and arts management junk I’ve done. If we get sent home due to inclement weather, we get paid for the full day. I have 5 direct reports in the BSA department and I report to the BSA officer. I don’t know you personally of course but, generally speaking, I would say most people would regret later in life not finishing now. Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Sudan are the new I-O tables that have been contributed by African economists who were awarded scholarships to contribute this data and pursue research on African economic issues. I ve learnt c, c++ and continuing with java and python. Your job: Administrative work for the 4 person trademark team, assist the patent attorneys with filings when necessary, help to pre-screen and interview potential staff, assist the office administrator with various duties (and am the de-facto office manager when she is out of the office), backup secretary to other attys when there are absences, help with IP file intakes, help train new staff, etc. They can be very quirky and are often introverted but, in my experience, programmers are usually down-to-earth, interested in a lot of different things, easy to get along with and fun to talk to. Or, the credit breakdowns can be submitted on letterhead from the institution’s Registrar’s office. I write and edit copy promoting our products and services to the hospitals and health systems that are our clients. I’ve gotten a low of 9 cents(!!! A little more info about benefits: 18 paid holidays per year, 1 month of paid vacation, 3 paid sick days, 2 paid personal days per year. It seems to me that the field is uncertain and struggling to ‘define’ itself after the very quick developments that has been going on purely by software developers with no spatial background in web mapping, as well as the increased number of people who have ‘GIS’ as a skill and expertise on their resume but are from different backgrounds. Christmas break! I also manage the lab for the primary investigator, which includes purchasing, organizing the lab, and helping to manage and mentor the students (graduate and undergrads). When a customer service rep goes “This sucks and makes my job harder”, I figure out how to make the process better. So for example, our team shares a group inbox and receives thousands of emails a day. We do a lot of work for some of the major insurance companies as well as some smaller more specialized customers. To this end, we build scenarios such as: a) the formation of a new Free Trade Area of the Americas, namely, the elimination of import tariffs and export subsidies and production among the members; b) assessment of agreements such as the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur; and c) evaluation of NAFTA agreements - Mercosur, among others. There have still been layoffs, but Documentation could not take any more hits and still be able to document everything. I work for the largest college within the university, and I oversee our public websites (about 150 at last count). I work for a small business (<100 employees) that services all the back-office operations for a niche medical market. The course also provides an introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards. What do you think about my situation? In addition, I assist my assigned departments in increasing their use of our ERP software. If you want your brilliant ideas to be heard you have to be able to communicate. -Oversee all creative and budget aspects of original documentary programs at a mid-market public television station. Many thanks. I got an undergraduate degree in computer science, realized that I would never be a good programmer, took a year break doing other stuff, then went to college (Canadian community college, basically a step down from university) for a post-graduate diploma in technical writing. I am also responsible for analytical method development for quantification of active ingredients and impurities (these methods also go to the regulators and the manufacturing sites). Many of the original subjects have been removed (such as spatial analysis!!! We also use GTAP 9 as a source of input-output tables for assessment of trade in value-added and estimation of effective rates of protection for the EAEU countries. It’s a pretty cool job! Now comes the tricky part of the story. I have certain ideas in mobile, web and cloud based GIS applications, but the problem is I have been unable to find out any staff in the university who could supervise for these ideas. Another attorney in our office had been practicing for a little over a year when he started with our office at $48k. Make everyone’s lives easier! I particularly enjoyed this process when it involved computing some metric and creating a map of the data. Not only will this accelerate your learning, it will give you a taste of the career you’re pursuing and the ability to modify plans early in the process as you better understand the landscape. I’m in my second year at this job, and got a small merit raise based on my first year. I’ve done a lot of hiring, and we always have several candidates with academic advising experience. So my salary is reduced to 85% – while raises might have been calculated slightly differently had I been regular full time all along, I would be at least $100k if I were working regular full time at my firm. We often do the copywriting for clients. It is a fairy tale within a collection all by the same author. It’s not the exact story that was published, but it’s based on that story. Others applications include dynamic evaluations of the comparative implications of demand vs. The listing had a salary range– but it was a $40,000 difference between the low and high end, which was really not helpful (low end was less than I made 17 years ago with no experience at a nonprofit). I loved programming and developing software tools with GIS components. Dental is great. , in bad weather). The salary is low, but the organization is great to work for. No direct reports in this position, but have had up to 10 direct reports in previous positions. Salary context: federal holidays and various “gift” office closures, 18 annual leave days, 12 sick days, parking or public transit contribution, ~75% health care benefit for Gold Plan (required) on DC SHOP Exchange, Thrift Savings Plan 1% guaranteed and 4% matching on 5% contribution, Student Loan Repayment Plan Other context: I had been previously working under another grant within the same institution when I got this job, so I was able to transfer all benefits immediately without a waiting period; I have a MA degree in a relevant field; given the cost of my institution’s classes, the tax liability of taking advantage of the educational benefit is substantial For context, I work at a Big 4 firm, and I’m a second-year manager, which a person ordinarily begins at 6 years of experience. I work independently. -J. Oh, and I also act as the on-site IT person. I’m responsible for providing new and historical data to regulatory bodies (think EPA) around the world, as well as supporting laboratories in manufacturing sites. So what exactly a software company expects from a GIS fresher? The company specifically did not want a technical person (like a developer) but I think that having that type of a background could be helpful. This will allow me to further refine my GIS developer knowledge through its practical application in the field and I can afterwards join back some other graduate school which has good opportunities for research till PhD especially in web and mobile GIS domains. Ahh. My designer is in another town, so we do everything by email, which works for me. I work with some great people, I report to a really great board, the money’s good, and there isn’t really anything I’d change. G. The group can be as small as 2 people and so far as large as 20 at a time all different levels. Programmers are an eccentric bunch but they’re typically very good people. I find myself constantly reminding friends and younger folks I mentor that stock options don’t pay your rent – equity is nothing until it’s something. The therapy I work on involves medication that can run patients close to $30K a month without necessary insurance. Extra info- I was hired on at instructor level because I didn’t have much teaching experience but I will be promoted to assistant professor soon. Your job: I wear pretty much every hat possible in digital marketing at a small law firm. I also handle hiring, training, and performance management. Mostly they want to have the autonomy to work on cool problems and solve them in clever ways. Anyway, this article won’t tell you which technologies are the right ones to learn. Before the tech bubble burst way back when I’d be invited to dev and design meetings to translate between engineers and designers, read people, and provide non-partisan feedback. I’m in the lowest “lane” of our pay schedule – based on amount of education – and the 4th “step” which is years of experience. I work for a medical device company. In both cases I am applying the GTAP-W model. I managing all of the metadata for a large scale, non-profit digital library. I’m also beginning to get more involved in the eDiscovery side of the process (data collection, processing and production). I also do a lot of unofficial advising on the admissions process and a lot of misc admin tasks, but I don’t actually get paid for that. But after that we’ll have to see. Compared to that, the applicants without experience are almost never in the running. I think it will provide excellent training to position you for a robust career campaign; the rest is up to you. I have 10+ years of higher ed experience including teaching and administration, and have recently obtained a career development credential, with another to follow in 2017. They say they like my work, but … On the other hand, I enjoy the work (I love databases! We have less than 50 employees. Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of the Master’s of Information Technology and would be more likely to endorse an advanced degree in computer science, statistics or geography. I’ve always loved editing, even before I knew what it was called! Note: I believe I’m being slightly underpaid but I really like my job, company, and benefits so I don’t mind right now. Ideally you’d also take more advanced courses on data structures and algorithms. Students are shown how to develop successful communication and message packaging strategies useful in a variety of communication venues including: memos, meetings, briefings, interviews and individual and team presentations. I was making less than $50k when I left my last executive agency and when I started at that agency I was making just above $40k. I also received relocation assistance including a stipend. More than 40 is the norm but some jobs have no operations on weekends or very good support coverage so outside of hours support is minimal and only for real emergencies. Course description examples Information for Decision-Making is typically the final course in the curriculum in Accountancy. I coordinate schedules, set expectations, educate on home care and elder care resources, and act as a liaison for health care professionals to troubleshoot issues. 12 hours of vacation a month, 8 hours of sick time, paid holidays, including off between Christmas and New Year’s), plus health insurance (we pay, but about $45 a month). In previous library assistant jobs I’ve mostly done circulation. I was actually hired to do inside sales and accounts receivables, which I do as well as my safety work. I am a in-house regional recruiter for a heavy equipment rental company. I come up with all kinds of programming, write quite a bit, brainstorm, network, manage a small part time staff and several temporary staffers seasonally, balance a budget, speak at board meetings, etc. Always negotiate for a REAL, livable salary, not options in lieu of one. There is talk periodically about bringing us in to one or the other until they realize how much of a raise we’d have to receive. Legislative branch compensation pays the same base salary as executive, but has better benefits. Today, my company hires writers (to write exclusively in English) who are not native speakers; they’re in places like Eastern Europe, India, and China. But we also receive a small pension. The coordinators want me to select a topic which follows a more generalized theme and may deprive me of an opportunity to fully exploit the developer skills attained in the process. My job: I am a team lead for a team of ~20 medical coders at a large academic health organization. Plus, I know English really, really well. Anything else pertinent to put that number in context: Housing is subsidized (not free) so I can live in the area without breaking the bank, and be do my databases coursework on site quickly for property issues. Start a blog and write about what you’re learning. No contract management after signature. Your job: I am an insurance specialist at a special pharmacy. Most companies in our area do not offer that. BCM101, BUS ETHICS 100, etc. Production editor for a big 5 book publisher. Some combination of applied programming (with a popular language like C# or Java) and computer science theory would be good. I’m responsible for all purchasing maintenance in the ERP system for the products I’m assigned. I didn’t know about td. ) I thought this was pretty on-par for the industry so it’s interesting to hear there are discrepancies. My day to day job in a nutshell is to make sure product can go out the door working and working well. Good grammar is always important! I have an MA and left my PhD ABD. I also do scoping and quoting prices for bigger projects, manage processes and some billing. I spend 50% of my take-home pay for my portion of the rent, which I know is not recommended. The GTAP 9 Data Base is unique since it contains social accounting matrices for all five EAEU countries. More specifically, the course addresses the standard setting process in financial accounting as well as the role that the Securities and Exchange Commission fills in that process. Also don’t worry about which language to learn first because conceptually they are all very similar and you’ll most likely end up using multiple languages at any given point in your career or even within a single project. Technically my job title is Staff Accountant, having been changed recently from Reconciliation Analyst, but my duties are more along the lines of bookkeeping. For a complete description of Illinois CPA Educational Requirements please see the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules: Administrative Code, Title 23, Subtitle A, Chapter VI, Part 1400, Section 1400. Because we produce software rather than being directly involved in the oil business, we’ve been less affected by the slump in oil prices. I’ve been working in journalism, publishing, PR and associated fields for 20 years. (4) Get along with people. It’s also different from some of my operations engineering (where I’d draft procedures for fixing anomalies when they arise regardless of how likely some of them were, but only cared about severity) since I have to weigh the likelihood of the item occurring. Management has a tendency to request the unreasonable but no one is mean about it. As far as I can tell I’m still about $5k below where I should be, but I like my team and my role and they did fight hard for me to upper management to raise my salary when I asked, so.. I also do not receive healthcare or any retirement benefits with this job, but my old job was causing an extreme amount of mental distress and I am very passionate about this cause. Other Pertinent: The base salary is similar to private sector counterparts at an equivalent professional level except that architects are rarely paid overtime. A lot of value is in the thought process, because through that we better understand the projects and their inter-dependencies. Yep, it just doesn’t seem real for people elsewhere what little money you get paid in around here and after conversion how laughable it all becomes. This also means he isn’t saving as much as he should. I’m a paralegal with 5 years legal experience looking to transition into financial services. Also, take opportunities to give presentations. I work with federal, state and local public health agencies and ministries of health to improve their health IT and informatics systems. I haven’t found a way to do this job well in 29 hours a week–the student need is SO high, and there’s no other support available to them in the college (seriously, they’re not allowed to meet with academic advisors or Financial Aid), so I just work more, and when I let my boss know that this was really a full-time commitment, Boss begged me not to tell anyone that I worked that much, because Boss would get in trouble. Erm… 3x salary life insurance, death-in-service benefit, childcare vouchers, bike-to-work scheme, season-ticket loans for staff that have to travel to London or other offices and therefore need the train, free training (company will pay you to get accredited for roles you’re not yet in as part of a career progression plan) etc Job: Legal document review project management. My boss, and two other more senior people, facilitate the actual program. The simulations involve the reduction of both tariffs and NTBs using GTAP's precious bilateral trade information, focusing especially in Brazil's future trade agreements with trade partners such as European Union and BRICS. Review and manage files and schedules for individual titles from editorial transmittal (when the manuscript Word document is “final”) through copyediting, design, paging, proofing, and to the printer for production. I am the person who obtains benefit information from insurance companies on our patients, obtains prior authorizations, and makes sure that all the pieces are in place so we get paid and the patient doesn’t get a bill for their medication. But, I would not recommend an associates degree as, in my opinion, adding that to your resume will make you look like someone who belongs in a lower level technical position where the work will be neither interesting nor lucrative. Hi Thomas – You have a very interesting background. Job: This is technically a “specialist” position, which is more advanced than a technician, but with less responsibility than a lab manger because I work alone and don’t supervise anybody (other than the occasional student volunteer). I amend my statement about lockstep throughout the US to “many” firms rather than “most. So I book travel, plan and execute small sales events, manage several calendars, get projects paid for, execute small projects for my bosses, take lots of minutes, know everything that’s going on so I can answer all questions on the spot if possible. ) and tuition support. Essentially: Nonprofit operations manager with a focus on data & finances These comments have been so helpful! It is the course in the program that most emphasizes research using the FASB Accounting Standards Codification and documenting research results. John and his colleagues at NZIER are using the GTAP 9 Data Base primarily for evaluating the potential effects of New Zealand's current and proposed Free Trade Agreements, such as TPP and the EU-NZ FTA. * We have good benefits, including generous vacation and sick leave and a 401(k) with fairly generous match. ), and they field a lot of phone calls from people in crisis. Since this is a union position my annual pay bumps are predetermined and based on satisfactory performance reviews. There are loads of other programs out there that could also be a good fit. After gaining some work experience you might consider grad school. My supervisor pointed this out to me, so hopefully they right that insanity because if they don’t, I’ll be dusting off my resume and looking for another role internally and externally. Primarily, I am the documentation lead for several software development teams. Dang it, forgot to add to I work primarily on print projects (brochures, ads, flyers, environmental graphics) for the healthcare sector, but occasionally work on smaller WordPress sites and a smattering of email marketing. The company that I actually work for (not the client where I do my work) is cheap, and we have to fight to get any salary increases. ) Collection specialization will become more valuable as data sources continue to grow and become more disparate. I’m on the low end of our salary scale, and it hits my confidence pretty hard. The team is fully remote, including all management staff, so I also take point on team communications and team building activities (always optional ;) ). They are also linking the GTAP Model with their more detailed single-country CGE model of the New Zealand economy - ORANI-G-NZ - to assess the impacts of trade liberalisation at a more detailed industry and sectoral level. Includes: leading and managing an outdoor exhibition series of temporary art installations, conceiving and executing experimental community engagement programming (art-making, performances, conversations and residencies); curating a film program that includes approximately 100 screenings annually; developing community strategies for large exhibitions, working with curators and community focus groups to conceive messaging and interpretive programming. I am in charge of running the print close, which means overseeing every step from the issue’s lineup being set, to text and images being turned in, layouts being designed, and stories being edited, fact-checked and printed in various stages of proof before being shipped off to the actual printers. GTAP 9 Data Base is the most comprehensive database including enough economies and sectors, being the strong backing for lots of our analysis. Those who are trained in all aspects of ArcGIS but not much else are in big trouble and they will need to retool for the future. Most of my reports, coworkers, and networking contacts are within 15 years of retiring. I also live in Boston and do what sounds like very similar work to worst phd thesis ever you, but am making half of your base pay with no bonus. Still not amazing pay, but that’s $6k higher than when I started at an executive agency with more experience. I am internal consultant which means I partner with senior leadership to solve organizational problems getting in the way of our sucess. Job: Work for a non-profit government consulting organization focused on a specific policy area. Firm pays for life insurance and disability insurance. Infact, I have not yet entered the PhD program. This information is NOT intended as a means for evaluating your own coursework. No doubt, GTAP 9 and other databases are useful research materials for state-of-the art areas. There is a lot more potential for upward mobility there. Senior copywriter in the marketing communications department of a large healthcare marketing-technology company. Yes, I know; I’m already job-hunting. I am delighted to see my alma mater UCSB ranked so highly here! There is also a focus on written and oral communication as well as teamwork. I basically act as the main point of contact for all clients; I do all of the scheduling for our primary attorney, and also sometimes act like her PA (I book things for her kids, and run the very occasional errand) . My area of research is related to globalization, trade, and economic development. I have been in my current position for just over 6 months. I also help staff with their expenses and vet and approve their expense reports. What rights and obligations do employees and employers have with respect to one another? The product lives on and is now sold (for way too much money) by IBM’s supply chain application group. But if our supplier is slipping yams into our fry shipments that would be a risk because that’s outside of the normal, acceptable risk from McDonalds). Credit is not given for both BTW 250 and either BTW 261 or BTW 263. I also work with the owner in a lot of firm development and growth initiatives and projects. Good luck! 4 weeks PTO, 7 sick days per year. Not a mail room, we produce and process bulk mailing for the post office. Students learn how to research United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) using the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Accounting Standards Codification (ASC). These course hours may be stand-alone using an unrelated keyword in the title (e. With the data enhancements to the EU domestic agricultural support component, I use it to conduct impact assessments relating to Common Agricultural Policy reform scenarios, or different trading arrangements (in concert with other researchers, I am currently looking at different trading futures between the Commonwealth of Independant States and the EU). Was a risk manager at the next place (hated it! A couple more things: Bachelor’s not required for my role, but definitely preferred. This sounds exactly like the last job I had as an HR Coordinator for an 80+ person company, except I had no prior HR experience upon taking the position and the HR consultant was only on board for my first couple months. I see the production of the magazine through, essentially as a project manager, minus charts and graphs. This is a shame for me because I wanted to get involved in the ‘science’ aspect of it, understanding the real meaning of the data, as you stated in your defense that ‘spatial is special’. Two simulations will be performed: one will be a group simulation and the second will be an individual simulation. The GTAP Africa 2 Data Base includes data for 42 regions (32 African regions plus 10 other aggregated regions) and the 57 sectors of the GTAP 8. But working thankless tasks for faculty is just not where my heart is at. Support the application once completed. What worries me is that my University’s Geospatial program has been eaten and been reduced from ‘Master of Geospatial Information Science’ to a sequence one can take within the ‘Master of Information Technology’, placed along subjects such as business information systems, interaction design & project management. Biofuel policy on land use change, greenhouse gases emission, and the economy. Taking a "consumption based" approach, Richard looks at the interconnection between development, trade and the environment, in order to determine underlying drivers of our impacts. 40 per hour straight time in addition to my regular salary. ) I did but they didn’t even interview me. The natural question is, “Why? Also responsible for pricing and lower level negotiations on a regional level (national negotiations are handled on a higher level by a separate group) Office Manager at a small, fast-paced, high-tech engineering firm (60+ employees). Job: Manager of a Community Centre. I’m doing masters in Remote sensing and GIS and my keen interest is only in programming. Comp & Benefits Director for $900m revenue, nationwide company with a staff of 7. I already hold a Dual Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies and Comparative Religious Studies (and speak Chinese). -Notes: I’m hourly, not salaried, but my yearly salary comes out to about $30,000. I’m in a really rural area, with a coverage area that’s essentially one school district, two towns of about 2,000 people, a county government and a couple of towns with less than 500 people. It’s difficult to provide guidance without additional context. I’ve worked on payroll, GIS, front and back-end, maintenance, documentation, teaching, billing, technical support, anything and everything for small to large companies, but always gravitating towards the databases. A 55 y-o designer? Remember, there’s a lot more to becoming a geographer than learning GIS skills. We collaborate with city anti-drug and teen health measures. Identifying users (required by Federal law) can involve what we call “windshield surveys”; literally driving around commercial and industrial area looking at what’s going on and smelling the air – I can find chrome platers by smell alone. Job duties involve processing and generation of documents and explaining rules and policies through a variety of communication media. Like many companies, the Gov’t offers flex scheduling and matching 401(k) contributions (4% total). But the reality is that there are very few job positions for GIS developers (at least here in Finald where I’m studying). 3M last year. Like Business Intelligence Specialist, I build data reports and dashboards to meet specific needs. I work with engineers (both mechanical and software) in R&D to define the customer benefits of new products. I also train a small group of student workers who provide reference help when we’re not available, and I coordinate everything to do with our reference service including keeping our calendars up to date, collecting stats (and compiling them in creative ways on request), etc. Bonus eligibility is 1900 hours and I didn’t hit that so I don’t expect a bonus… I’m ok with that. Because of my writing skills, I also am responsible for all of our grant writing. – My role as a project manager in the health insurance industry involves determining requirements, establishing priorities and monitoring progress. I can work from home (days of my choosing), or if the kids get a snow day, I can bring them into the office with me. Oversee all the Subject matter experts as well as other Business Analysts. (I have no idea how national healthcare works elsewhere so won’t speculate). This salary is not bad considering the area, I suppose, but if it were in a for-profit setting, I imagine it would be higher. There are so many crappy content mill websites out there producing the same junk, we have to eventually reach the tipping point where readers will reject them and look for high quality articles, right? I have a BS in Business Administration. Notes: Salaries in my district are lower than neighboring districts. I can also choose to teach extra classes to get “overload” bonuses. Comparing Boston to the places I’m looking at in the Midwest, I would have to make $31K to maintain my current standard of living “out there”. We don’t get raises here really, unless you’re promoted; however, we do get cost of living increases every year. Just do your best. And actually, we’re already below that level, so work has to be prioritized. The second line of enquiry is the analysis of land-based carbon mitigation options to address climate change. I’m responsible, on paper, for recruitment, communications, and alumni support. (Caveat: this was in the ’80s. For industry-specific certifications, technology-assisted review is the way of the future, so I would focus attention there. I purposely hired in at a grade lower than I warrant, with the understanding that they will adjust within the next year. G. More internal communications than marketing. Learn to play the game. ExToxicJob was a very small company; salary was pretty much the only benefit. My firm (AmLaw 50) pays in lockstep within the market, but not across the firm (so all LA fifth years make the same salary, but LA fifth years and Charlotte fifth years do not; we do pay partners at the same level based on where they sit on the salary ladder, regardless of geography). ) and now I’m a BSA manager. Lots of fortran and serious number crunching. Furthermore, as a professional you will not only be expected to be a confident speaker, but also to organize and prepare clear, concise and interesting presentations. Locally, in government jobs, federal, city, and county all pay better than executive branch of state government. While we are public employees we aren’t employees of the city or county, so we are paid at about 60% of city employees. I am a woman, I’m not sure if it’s been a factor or not – my firm is a bit notorious for low salaries. Further, I have taught for three (3) years. Job: Sole Senior Associate in midsize political compliance firm. Logic and critical thinking, wrighting as a way of clearing my thoughts, multidisciplinary approach and connecting people is what I am trying to practice in this hard period I am going through right now. We have a chain of hospitals in our city that’s pretty infamous for lousy management and poor patient care. Richard is involved in database development of multi-regional input-output (MRIO) models, and in this context uses the GTAP Data Base alongside other MRIO databases to understand robustness and variability across the databases (see www. Embedded software on small devices with no commercial OS or low footprint OS. Good job opportunities and safe care environments are hard to find in this city, so this job is kind of an oasis. MATH312 3 SCH) for each course. Job: Research librarian working at a small academic library. Other Info: I receive 20 vacation days, 12 sick days and 10 holidays per year. I also supervise two Associates and provide a fair amount of project management, training, and supervision within my organization. 5 SCH of BE integrated into essay writing services yahoo answers the course of study). From the mundane field work of various kinds to preparing and analyzing water samples with fancy machines I work for an insurance brokerage firm, and my job involves doing writing and editing for both internal and external materials produced by the marketing department. Oral presentations and written communication techniques are explored including use of visuals, computer dissertation cover graphics, and layout techniques. I was born in Brazil and it took me a long time to be able to afford the plane ticket to visit anywhere outside South America. The LCA's analysis will be extended to include changes in economy and technology through using the Computable general equilibrium (CGE) in GTAP framework in order to include the indirect environmental consequences caused by the RE adoption. I’m not particularly sure I’m “qualified” for the job, or at least I wasn’t at the start (after 8 years at this company, I feel better). – Job: Serve as a digital consultant for the company, performing digital marketing audits, competitive analysis, data visualizations, analytics implementation, and creating unified metrics so the company is speaking the same language when it comes to marketing and measurement. Or maybe take a leave of absence for a year and work on your technical developer skill set. I’m in DC, also class of 2013 (so 3. I also manage the physical science equipment budget, ensure lab safety and compliance, and police the chemical waste. Lastly, tax-subsidy policies and its modeling in GTAP frame (as an example EU Common Agricultural Policy). Job: Manage Safety department for an automotive parts manufacturer. My recent research using GTAP deals with the effects of regional integration in both members and non-members countries, with emphasis on international trade and welfare. Perhaps in the Friday open thread. Everyone at my level is hired at the same rate and there’s an automatic bump after a year. I have lived through one boss quitting a few months into my starting work, leaving me as the only marketer for my division with very little training, and then the next boss being fired about a year later. But I had a detour of 3 years at a small firm between two Big 4 jobs. (Depending on salaries where you are… I’m familiar with some midwest and DC area advisor salaries… but not PA. I create the marketing message, write marketing materials to send to marketing communications for use in customer brochures, write the internal release notes for the software, write copy for the company website, and produce videos highlighting new products and their benefits. Again, my company is very happy with this situation. 🙂 Hi Anvesh, I think a CS grad with tech industry experience would be a welcome applicant. 2 weeks parental leave. I’m the lead (read: only) designer with a tech company. You will also need to communicate effectively while working as the member of a team or in other group contexts. I’m biased but, in my limited experience, the spatial thinking done by geologists tends to lack an appreciation for variation in spatial scale. I do this so that the instructors don’t have to. (New employees begin with 10 days vacation. I’m luck that my fiance makes 20k more than I do and is willing to front most of our rent and all our utilities. (For the record I’m a female in a male-dominated field and I highly suspect there’s some gender-based discrepancies between my pay and that of male coworkers at my level with my experience. I studied something completely unrelated in university, but my first jobs were in editing and online writing. But, be on the lookout for a good job. I do what appears to be an extremely similar job to you also in Toronto, and unfortunately that’s extremely common for marketing communications jobs. I now see that to make more money I need to go in-house at a large scale Fortune 500 type company. At this point though, those features don’t necessarily compensate for the low pay and frequent 60 hour work weeks. I chose to work here knowing I won’t make lots of money because I wanted to help immigrants afford legal services. That and, in the UK, we have national-insurance as a small additional deduction from wages just like tax, rather than needing to pay out for private healthcare… although some larger employers do also offer private healthcare as a free perk. Software development makes for an interesting career, blending problem solving and creativity, and most software development jobs pay fairly well with opportunities for entrepreneurial adventures. Right now, I will use GTAP 9 for studying issues related to firm heterogeneity, mega trade deals which is my current research interests. Long story short: after a few discussions with my friends in programming-oriented fields and family with long-term programming experience (twenty-five years), I decided to pursue my Associates of Applied Science in Computer Programming through a local community college. Occasionally it gets hectic, but it’s not bad. I think your feeling about the general lack of interest in copy editing for online articles is correct. I think it (reasonably) hurt me that I had no post doc, that I had not run a facility on my own before, and that there weren’t other similar open positions elsewhere to make me competing offers. Fundraising with advisory board coordination to help our social services office. Yes, if your objective is to pursue a PhD then you need to be in a traditional (not online) program. My work is only remotely content related. I ended up getting it partially funded by my union, which cut it down to about half the original sticker price. ) Somebody in this threadlet says you need impeccable English grammar chops to be a tech writer. I don’t think it’s terribly uncommon in tiny little shops like that. Thanks, Justin I have a variety of ideas for the application of my education; however, I am most interested in international development-oriented work, more specifically the geographic representation of patterns in human behavior either historically or ‘now'(with a mind toward growth-based demand forecasting – not to give away my ideas) – the “Human Geography” bit. Operations Manager (union position) for an academic center at a public research institution. That’s actually my highest paying job to date – excluding temporary admin and call-centre stuff with some quite good rates, my last permanent, full-time job before this I earned £13,000 gross per year. 200 physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. I think it makes good sense. My firm hasn’t switched over to the “new market” yet, they’ll announce those raises next month, so I’m still on my 2016 pay of $175k, but should get backpay whenever I find out what my raise is. Recently, policy debates upon whether Taiwan should join TPP and RCEP are mostly based on GTAP simulations. It’s kind of depressing. We raised about $1. Anything else pertinent to put that number in context: Pension contributions are mandatory. To put this in context: This technically my third job in state government and far and away the best paid. I’m still learning a lot and picking up new skills as I need them. Take information in meetings, write requirements, write software or lead team to write software, test my own software, review software, review test plans and test results from others. Secondly, since it is an online masters degree, I am not sure if I can do any meaningful research at my own, considering limitations at the faculty end. The mechanisms of Speech Apprehension (stage fright) are presented as well as techniques for management and reduction of this common, debilitating phenomenon. I oversee and manage all annual fund fundraising for a mid-size private university in Northern New England (not in the Boston area). Our best review providers use it not only for first-pass review but also for quality assuring human reviewer work. I’m a registered architect and have my 5-yr Bachelor of Architecture. I have six direct reports who are responsible for different areas of my company’s online, print and other media outreach. From the University of Oregon and an Executive Management certificate from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. Best of luck! I’m looking to move up and would appreciate any advice. The data were also used in the book: Multisector Growth Models: Theory and Application, do my databases coursework Springer pub. I think the average one bedroom in the city is going for $2,000 per month these days; I pay way less because I split expenses for a cheap (and not totally legal) one bedroom with my partner. Responsible for providing vision and strategic management, providing professional leadership to library staff in the achievement of library goals and objectives. I work for a mid-sized IT organziation. Currently working on my ESL endorsement as well to build up some credit for a future master’s degree. Our organization has expanded a lot over the past decade, and it’s been exciting to be a part of that growth. Learn how to convince people to listen to your ideas with your writing. Not in my job description, but nevertheless expected of me, is alumni fundraising and most of our grant writing and reporting. To add context: I work in immigration. (Well, we do have some of those old-fashioned community correspondents, who type up the happenings of towns of less than 200 people. Since then, I worked my ass of to get licensed and in 2016 I realized my worth and asked for $60k, boss gave me $56k, and then 6 months later bumped it up to $60k. Do you have any advice for me? I am interested in getting into the GIS software development, but I am not really sure I can get into this field. Other: Full benefits, generous PTO (120 hours vacation that can rollover up to 240 hours max and sick time saves up to 30 days max), typically 50 hour work week, moderate travel, 10%-20% merit bonus annually, 401k with 3%-6% profit sharing (when economy is good), $5250 education reimbursement, generous professional development allowances (2-3 conferences, workshops per year, books, etc) My job: I oversee fundraising and communications efforts for a Canadian non-profit. I spend a lot of time analyzing data to identify trends in sewer loading, maintaining a database that tracks our permitted users’ compliance, writing new and renewal permits, writing new and modified City ordinances, and writing policies and procedures. I do training and education, quality checks, work assignments and general team direction, for both our internal team and also any vendor coders we have, but have no direct HR responsibilities (our manager does those). A more appropriate job title is probably “Product manager. Also, tuition reimbursement for courses needed to maintain my Federal Acquisition Certification, which is required for everyone in the GS 1102 series. I worked for a little print shop that also had a couple of weekly papers and yes, we also only had one editor. Who should be held responsible when corporations act immorally or break the law? Order lab supplies and keep track of lab budget Context: Even though my position is considered close to entry-level for my company, the salary is well under market rate for what I do. I have the “behavior” unit in my area which means I have several students with aggressive or otherwise difficult behaviors, but we also do things like assist with changing students and administering meds. Going on my own sounds like it would have a lot of perks, but also be pretty scary. I am a regular subscriber of the GTAP Data Base and satellite programs as well. What do you think? Job: client services for self-directed investment accounts. At some universities you just need a Master’s degree and experience working at a university. In particular, I am interested in the structural change caused by the policy and analyzing it by combining a CGE approach with an input-output approach. Think of each email as an important business memo. My teammate, same level as me, does less management tasks and is not cross-trained, has been in this job for 10 years with no prior experience and no degree at all, makes $45,000. I help with strategy development, talent management, organizational and individual learning and development, team coaching, and change management. And the bonuses and raises were of the “You should be grateful you’re still employed” sort. My organisation also has a small publishing arm which I oversee. Additionally, the data is also used in my MS and Ph. I have a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field. To my knowledge I’m being paid comparable to my other second-year managers in Chicago for my particular firm. Any work experience? E. The centre provides advocacy and information services to residents in our catchment area, along with training courses (parenting, computers etc. My code stood the test of time for a few years after I left but it’s long since been rewritten and dramatically improved upon. No direct reports but responsible for managing the work flow and output of the assigned team for the life of the project. We accrue unlimited sick-time, but limited to 500 hours to be paid into retirement when retiring. This job requires CPR, ACLS, and PALS certification but they have free certification courses for nurses and doctors who work there. ◾your job – Analyze business and personal financial information to determine an applicants qualification for a loan. Most recent applications deal with: economic growth and ground water dynamics in the Punjab of India, strengthening ecosystem and development linkages in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the conjunctive use of irrigation water over time in Morocco, land market integration and structural change in Zambia, a journal paper on international trade, exhaustible resource abundance and economic growth, and a thesis on the effect of transnational farmland investments over time on the Ghanaian economy. Right now I’m the only staff member of my niche title (my salary is $40k). I am a full stack programmer for a K-12 charter school. I organize meetings, handle scholarship competitions, college wide elections, answer questions regarding policy, and act as a back-up for most of my office. I’m at the bottom of the level 3 salary band (level 1 being no experience, entry-level). I work in faith based social services. I also work on some internal and external marketing communications pieces for my division within the larger organization. This number is highly unusual for where I live, where salaries for similar jobs at other companies are generally 40% less. I’m a bit over-qualified for the role but am going to school to retrain for another field entirely. Job Description: I take the catch of various species of fish in the oceans and using modeling and statistics determine if the stocks are being overfished. Essentially we are consultants. What are your perceptions of this titling which seems to be uncommon? I think there’s a few reasons for this: I moved up into this role much quicker than is typical in the field, I am a terrible negotiator, and I’m female (there’s a noticable gender wage gap in architecture, unfortunately). Lots of emails and landing pages, web copy, print materials, social media posts, and ads for trade media publications. Technical writer here! That being said, I have more experience with the proposal process than my direct supervisor and the other co-worker in this office. I worry that NCSU may not offer sufficient resources in this regard since they don’t appear to have any trained geographers in their program and, instead, have cobbled together a faculty from a wide variety of tangentially related departments. 5 ish years exp now). I have a BS in elementary education and special education (dual-major) and am additionally endorsed to do my databases coursework teach mathematics. It is interesting to see the various effects of expanding from a bi-lateral free trade zone of China and New Zealand Expanding to a Tri-lateral free trade zone of China, New Zealand and Australia. It helps that I’m a fast writer and that people here are super enthusiastic about reading a local paper, so they actually smile when show up. So for example, I don’t like the DC metro and it’s been making the news a lot lately, but really it’s safer than driving and the likelihood of me being in a news-making disaster story on the DC metro everyday is much smaller than getting into an accident on the road system around here. Job: I’m responsible for all aspects of public relations and marketing at a small religious non-profit organization, including writing and graphic design of print newsletters and brochures, website content, social media, radio spots, press releases…you name it. There are probably a few others I should mention but you can’t take everything. I’ve been wondering if the solution is to move to a bigger market, like NYC, so it’s useful if depressing to see that things are just as unstable there. I take all calls and determine if a potential client is a good fit, and if not I refer them to someone who could be. I don’t know much about UK programs but Leeds is well known because of the pioneering geocomputation work of Stan Openshaw – could you move there and pursue the PhD without having to start all over at a new University? I’m not a systems architect or software developer – my role is to help public health agencies improve and streamline their use of IT solutions to meet their public health goals. I get paid slightly above average for the area and experience. So I spend more of my time trying to avoid those thousand cuts that can destroy a project, than the big coup de grace, because usually that sort of big item is very, very unlikely to happen. Cheers, Justin I manage several departments within a mixed (primary care and specialty) medical group – approx. I should add – I work for a non-profit. In addition, current financial accounting topics are covered including revenue recognition, fair value measurement and disclosures, and earnings quality. Ditto, except that my firm pays below market on a complicated merit-based system, but the scale is still more or less ‘out there’. It’s basically a retention + prospective performance bonus; if you stay for several years and the company performs well during that time, it can (but is not guaranteed to) add up to a lot of extra money. Most of what I do is thinking, and technical writing. It’s in a mode of therapy specific to a certain type of client because I hope to work with this population in the future, and I don’t have any post-master’s experience with this population. Job: I’m responsible for all aspects of public relations and marketing at a small religious non-profit organization, including writing and graphic design of print newsletters and brochures, website content, social media, radio spots, press releases…you name it. Less time and more to learn and so many other things are going on in mind like u mentioned.. Raises are small step increases according to years of experience, but we have recently been able to negotiate some increases that have gotten us up closer to the market rate for similar programs. I collaborate directly with clients and other subject matter experts, and perform some project management duties as part of my role as a Lead Instructional Designer. Public health project director with a large nonprofit. Also do all offer letters, background checks and other assorted new hire items. 5% 401(k) match, profit sharing if I bring in any clients and expenses covered for pretty much any networking event I want to go to for that, a lot of flexibility over my schedule, two weeks paid vacation, lots of training, tuition assistance, a turkey on Thanksgiving and a ham on Christmas. Additional info: Giant company, flexible work environment, decent benefits (including dental and drug coverage, RRSP matching, 4 weeks vacation). Naturally my current salary is a substantial pay cut from most of my other roles, but the benefits and schedule make it worthwhile. The job is decently technical, the data is exported out in xml format on a JAVA based platform. I ve to know arcGIS thoroughly etc… i know i will end up with basic knowledge of all these languages…but master of none….. It’s also a low-stress environment, so that’s also a factor. We also do Ground water and surface water runoff monitoring. I am a GIS major (graduating next year) at the University of Maryland and I am loving my choice of career. Now I’m still pretty weak with IV starts, but I was able to get an IV started on an 83 year-old lady (took 2 tries, but I’m still kind of proud). Oversees daily operations, delegates appropriate responsibilities to department heads, fulfills general duties expected of the professional librarian. In order to compete effectively in the job market, students need to acquire and practice the written and oral communication skills needed to interview successfully. – Note: I was hired in at $65k. Investigation of moral and ethical issues that arise in the context of business practices, addressing questions such as: To what extent should considerations other than profits determine business decisions? Review bid specifications, develop project plans, manage deadlines, and collaborate effectively with subject matter experts and the sales team in a high-volume environment. Adoption benefits, and some random personal development subsidies are available as well. Much of my job is wrangling the expectations of clients and contractors alike. Now (after an honest to God epiphany) I am considering returning for graduate work. Now that I’ve been working for about 10~ years, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my future looks like. I supervise a team that can vary between 3-20, depending on if we are working on a big project. Employers demand strong communication and presentation skills. The purpose of the simulations is to provide students with the ability to make decisions, and to deal with the outcomes of those decisions when the results are not what was expected. Their documentation was terrible. I am using the GTAP 9 Data Base (and associated packages) in two main areas of research. Unofficially, I’m also involved in project planning (architecture, requirements, etc. – Salary: $85,000 with 10% bonus. I mainly work on hardware products, rather than software, but my previous job leaned more toward software and specialty content. We are a non-profit with a religious affiliation, so our salaries tend to be on the low end. Job: Working with junior high students that have moderate-severe disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. I manage everything related to the centre (finances, staffing, operations etc. The only way to definitively determine which Illinois CPA Requirements you have met is to submit a Credentials Evaluation Application, appropriate fee and required documents through the ILBOE Online System. I maintain databases; deal with onsite meetings (when our board or others come in) – hotel accommodations, catering, etc. I am deeply interested in economic geography but I genuinely love all elements of geography including physical geography, digital visualisation, remote sensing, migration, biogeography, ancient civilizations and climate change. (My college has a great reputation in the region, but it’s not well known nationwide, so it’s definitely not prestigious. Going solo is great but very difficult if you lack experience. You could even offer your services on a freelance basis via elance or equivalent. I purchase stock and non-stock inventory for a large wholesale distributor. Job: Senior Claim Rep working for a commercial property-casualty insurer, currently on the property side of the house, but desperately looking to get back into casualty claims and then risk management for one of our big named insureds. I work in the mailing department of a printing company. In the next four years, I undertook various introductory courses in GIS and remote sensing and finally decided to pursue higher studies in GIS. On a project-by-project basis, supervise proposal writers, editors, and production specialists in a matrixed team structure. I process and track donations and acknowledgements, light social media strategy and implementation, grant writing and research, event and fundraiser planning, eventually will include website maintenance. The GTAP Africa 2 Data Base is packaged with the GTAPAgg aggregation software which is freely available for download after placing an order on the GTAP website. Senior Instructional Designer – I create training programs (web-based, instructor-led, distance-learning, blended, video, multimedia, etc. ) and report to a board of management who just let me get on with things. Write backend code using JavaScript and Node to support routing, sending data to a PostgreSQL database, and retrieving data from same. Slightly above entry-level communications position, including internal newsletter production, employee recognition programs, yellow pages advertising, managing the charitable giving program, social media channels, meeting planning and execution and other communications-related tasks. I have expanded the duties of my job beyond what my predecessor did (such as traveling with the boss to manage logistics and the editing jobs) so what I do has grown beyond the official job description. This course is designed to expand the participant's communication skills through the application of the principles of communication science and the psychology of persuasion in a contemporary business setting. Can you give some suggestions? I’m sticking it out to get more time under my belt and the benefits are pretty good (for the area anyway). Post your apps on a blog to demonstrate your skills and market yourself. Org and it seems like a super useful site! Since stock assessments are required by law, congress would have to repeal a 40 year old law in order to stop funding us, so job security is pretty good. With that information we run analyses to determine how much fish the fishermen can catch each year in order to ensure that they are not being overfished and if they are overfished, to ensure that their population rebuilds. Where do I want to be as a 45 y-o designer? In a smaller company I could be a VP but earn less. We develop and maintain systems for ordering of supplies, communications, integration with other systems, and other projects to support the business and instructional activites for the school. (Have a BA in journalism. I am using the GTAP framework to assess the systemic effects of increased economic relations between Brazil and the countries of the America Continent. I work in the oil industry in an oil town, which is why the salary is so high. Richard Wood works with the GTAP Data Base in analysing environmental impacts associated with trade and final demand. In addition, I directly supervise a team of three full-time admin staffers who work to keep my program running. Following the course, participants will be entry-level modelers and more informed consumers of CGE-based analyses. It’s also worth keeping in mind that most startups will put you on a vesting cliff schedule (makes sense from employer’s POV to keep you there and engaged, as well as prevent issues later on if you leave) and will eventually dillute whatever you’d been given when additional rounds of funding happen. Any thoughts? ).