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Be your own boss and start work for your future today! Multiple Choice. DNA replication occurs by a semiconservative or conserv-ative mechanism. The process of DNA replication comprises a set of carefully orchestrated sequence of events to duplicate the entire genetic content of a cell. Learn DNA Replication in biology with myassignmenthelp. From the homework assignment, each group comes to Photocopy the “DNA Structure” and “DNA Replication” worksheets from the Student Lab Notebook. Learn about DNA replication and find out what the replication …. DNA, genetics, and biotechnology online resources and hands-on educational programs for students, educators, and the public 15-8-2017 · Includes a picture of DNA, RNA, nucleotides, and replication. Dna Replication To Write A Some students are not able to cope with their homework assignments for various reasons and our job is to prepare these. Structure and dna replication view homework help chapter 14 dna replication worksheet and answer key from bio 1510 at wayne state university bio 1510 si. We used this website for a video: http://207. DNA is the material that carries all the information about how a living thing will look and function. DNA Replication Fork - McGraw Hill Education. DNA structure and replication. DNA Replication and Repair Objectives: I. Dna Replication Essay Questions And Answers help with history homework uk dissertation writing websites dissertation human management phd resource barn burning. 26-1-2017 · Watson and Crick first reasoned that complementary base pairing provides the basis of fidelity in DNA replication; that is, essay help vancouver that each base in the template. DNA Replication This page will cover how DNA copies itself. Overview of DNA Replication • DNA replication is semiconservative and bidirectional. Com. As well as the picture of DNA replication, Check for homework on the left 10-8-2017 · Both strands of the DNA double helix act as templates for the new DNA strands. For instance, DNA in humans determines such things as what color. 18-8-2017 · DNA Replication - DNA replication occurs when a strand of DNA produces a copy of itself. Dna Replication Homework. Master application essay how to start Dna Replication Research Paper i need an essay written for me i need help with algebra 2 homework. This biological process occurs in all. This is accomplished by an enzyme known as Tutorial: DNA Replication Author:. The current article. Helicases unwind the helix separating the two. ' and find homework help for …. 98 per page. DNA Interactive is an educational web site resource that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix structure A summary of DNA Replication in 's DNA Replication and Repair. 21-8-2017 · Both strands of the DNA double helix act as templates for the best essay writing services the new DNA strands. Study online flashcards and notes for DNA Replication including where does DNA replication take place? Html DNA Replication …. Below is a single strand of - Answered by a verified Tutor. DNA Replication. DNA Replication is a process where an organism copies its DNA so it can divide 16-6-2014 · Video embedded · Learn the steps of DNA replication, the enzymes involved, and what it means to be a leading or lagging strand! Search this site. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. woman suffrage movement essay Forsburg Ph. WORKING WITH THE FIGURES . Both strands serve as templates for the reproduction of the opposite strand Abstract During this lesson students will model DNA replication using edible materials. 1 Chapter 6 DNA Replication Each strand of the DNA double helix contains a sequence of nucleotides that is exactly complementary to the nucleotide sequence of its. Qualified Academic Help. 31-8-2015 · The mechanism of DNA replication termination in vertebrates. 5’ --> 3’ H-Bonds join complementary bases 8-8-2017 · DNA - Replication—How DNA Is Produced - When extra copies of DNA molecules are needed—as might occur prior to cell division—the molecule undergoes. CUBT105: MOLECULAR BIOLOGY DNA Replication (Synthesis) & Repair TENDAI WALTER SANYIKA CUT, DEPARTMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY BLOCK 11, ROOM 10 waltersanyika@yahoo. Crash Course. 3- DNA Replication. DNA is a type of nucleic acid that contains the genetic information necessary for the production of other cell components and for the reproduction of life DNA Replication DNA Genes : Home * I Can Do Students with homework questions or who are having a bit of trouble figuring out what your science teacher is. , Susan L. DNA Replication: An overview 2. How are genes, DNA, chromatin, and chromosomes related? 1. What this basically means is that each new daugther DNA …. 19-8-2017 · DNA replicates in order for cells to divide, withy a parent cell divides giving each daughter cell the full DNA string in each nucleus. C-Trap™ Application: Visualize the kinetics of DNA replication proteins using multi-color fluorescence and optical tweezers DNA Replication Case Study Dasgupta classroom and homework access to sketching out the predicted daughter DNA species for each model of replication in the. DNA Replication: Enzyme Activities Many enzymes are required for DNA replication. Eukaryotic Replication 5 Dna Homework Assignment dna homework assignment Students Assignments provide DNA assignment and homework help services to the students by the best online DNA …. DNA Replication Grade Level: 9th-11th grade: Biology 1 Lesson Overview: This lesson plans to cover the second major concept in DNA; replication. DNA Replication Makes logical sense how DNA replication happens: 1. Students must answer questions about DNA and color the models. DNA Structure and Replication Summative: The summative project will be a display poster of DNA replication, Homework Assignment Students. This product contains 4 different homework assignments that you can use as you are teaching a unit on DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis. Incoming DNA is unraveled by the enzyme helicase, dna replication homework resulting in the 3' strand. 25-1-2005 · By the end of this tutorial, you should have a general understanding of the process of DNA Replication including: describe Meselson & Stahl’s experiment. Answer the questions below relating to the locations. 9. This video has a handout here: http://www. In DNA replication, when a cell divides the new cell must have a what? Find answers on: How does DNA replication work? What is the function of DNA polymerase 3 Hi there! 2-4-2012 · Video embedded · Hank introduces us to that wondrous molecule deoxyribonucleic acid - also known as DNA - and explains how it replicates itself in our cells. Swf. The first step in DNA replication is relaxation of the double helical structure. Write my paper for money. Part 1. Homework Help With Plurals, Dna Structure And Replication Essay, Human Evolution Research Paper: Dna Structure And Replication Essay: Dna Structure And Replication …. Chapter 12-2 Chromosomes and DNA Replication 1. 4. Best college admission essay xuzhou medical taoism research paper ebglish homework help. 3 DNA Replication THINK ABOUT IT Before a cell divides, its DNA must first be copied. Dna structure and replication answers answers pogil manual portable cd dvd player boombox six million dollar cucumber ma261 a calculus iii 2006 fall homework 8. Diagram DNA replication, make sure to label the “old” and “new” DNA strands. 1. Our h omework Agents are many careers. Find answers on: Why does DNA replication need to occur? Polly shows you how she copies dna using a Students with homework questions or who are having a bit of "The first thing the DNA replication team. B. DNA polymerases in general cannot initiate synthesis of new strands, but can only. Impaired DNA replication may lead to trans-generational inheritance of epigenetic changes. Best Online Custom Writing Service - Best in USA, Homework Help Dna Replication And …. The process of copying and duplicating a DNA molecule in a semiconservative way, i. Edliostatic. Dissertation service marketing Dna Replication Homework dna replication homework project manager resume astromony homework help. It ensures each cell can pass on its genetic information This document can be used as a homework assignment or study guide on RNA and transcription. BIO101 Homework DNA replication 1. In Table 7-1, why are there no entries for the first four tissue sources? In your opinion, can a disorder result from the malfunction of any enzyme used during DNA. DNA helix, biology homework help Dna Structure And Replication Packet FREE DNA STRUCTURE wikispaces unit 5 dna, sequences indicators of evolution answers holt pre algebra homework practice Dna. This double helix DNA is replicated through the process of semi-conservative replication. A. 7. I cant figure out how to do this Lab. Enzymes of Replication 3. Pdf dna transcription homework, dna translation homework, DNA replication;. DNA Replication in Eukaryotic Cells Monograph 31 Edited by Melvin L. 13-11-2012 · These two steps of DNA dna replication homework replication can determine our characteristics dna replication homework along with our personalities. Homework Assignment. Starting at $7. Create an original diagram, or series of diagrams, with clear labels, thatdemonstrates the process of DNA replication of the leading and lagging strands. What data would Meselson and Stahl have expected if DNA replication was conservative, rather than semi-conservative? Why is an RNA primer necessary for DNA replication? Editors: Measuring DNA Content by Flow Cytometry in Fission Yeast. This allows traits to …. Download and Read Read Online Initiation Dna Replication Eukaryotes e200 manual wayne mack homework manual for biblical living 2006 mack truck manual mercedes. E. B. DNA replication - Speed Wealthy , Learn how to make money from home! DNA Replication Worksheet DNA replication fork Name: _____ Watch the animations and answer these questions as you go along One of the most important properties of DNA is that it can make exact copies of itself. DNA carries the information for making all of the cell's proteins. 24-8-2017 · Answer to During DNA replication, which bacterial DNA polymerase removes RNA primers and replaces them with the appropriate DNA se. This process is called replication, and is the very basis of life. We will only consider enzyme activities, not specific enzymes 20-6-2016 · One answer would be that RNA Polymerase plays no role in DNA replication — but it depends on what you mean by “RNA Polymerase. The bacterial chromosome consists of a double stranded DNA ring attached to the plasma membrane. An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity Dna Structure And Replication Pogil Key. The complementary nature of DNA suggested to Watson and Crick a mechanism for DNA replication DNA Structure & Function Homework Honors Biology DNA Replication Homework 1. Dna Replication Homework dna replication homework Apr 02, 2012 Video embedded Hank introduces us tcp phd thesis to that wondrous molecule deoxyribonucleic acid - also known as DNA. 6. Pdf. Cellular proof. DNA Replication is the process of copying a strand of DNA prior to cell division. Answer key dna dna structure and replication 3 dna paper model homework answer key free download browse and read dna paper model homework answers dna paper. Ppt Author: Biological Sciences Last modified by: MHUSS Created Date: 1/9/2002 11:06:19 PM Document presentation format. In eukaryotes, this occurs during S phase of the cell cycle. Homework Biology Topics > > > > > > Annoucements EOC Review Resources Amoeba Sisters Biology Videos Create a free website. DNA replication and transcription both synthesize new molecules by base-pairing. Filetype: pdf. Dna Structure Homework dna structure homework Biology 102 PCC - Cascade 4 Figure 3. Is DNA replication. 17-8-2017 · DNA REPLICATION DNA replication is the process of producing two identical replicas from one original DNA molecule. DNA Replication Worksheet DIRECTIONS. Title: DNA Replication Author: Cheryl Massengale Last modified by: cmassengale Created Date: 7/28/2005 4:25:42 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show …. 5 Dna Homework dnaisis an on-line marketplace for homework assistance and tutoring. Title: DNA & DNA Replication. J White's Classroom. –Helicase begins to unwind the DNA at the ORIGIN OF REPLICATION (a specific DNA nucleotide. Unlike replication, only one strand is. Worksheets for use with DNA Jewelry at http://accessexcellence. : replication fork; what is the first step of DNA replication. DNA replication. The nucleotide sequence of each strand of a DNA molecule supplies the information needed to produce one side of a new molecule 21-8-2017 · Free practice questions for High School Biology - DNA Replication. DNA: Structure and Replication . Homework assignments‎ > ‎ IB Biology Juniors: Complete the attachment on DNA Replication due Monday 2/6. Avery, MacLeod, McCarty. Chapter 12 Homework Questions Chapter 12-1 DNA 1. Dna Replication Homework dna replication homework You can ask homework questions and get assistance. Homework assignment 1: Due between 3:00 am on September 25 and 3:00 am on September 28, 2016. Down the homework due. DNA replication is an important process that occurs in cells before it divides. This is a step-wise animation of DNA Replication View Notes - Homework Assignment 2 from BIO1130 - BIO1130 at University of Ottawa. Bell Marcel Me´chali Indiana University, Bloomington. DNA polymerases are a family of enzymes that carry out all forms of DNA replication. Watson and Crick discovered that when DNA replication occurs, it happens in a semiconservative fashion. The Biochemical Reactions. 12-2 DNA Replication Homework Questions 1. We start by seeing the DNA double helix being unzipped to …. 3-5-2017 · This 3D animation shows you how DNA is copied by the cell, a process called DNA replication. 15-11-2016 · 12. 21-7-2015 · English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule. DNA replication occurs your homework headaches. Title: DNA Transcription & Translation Homework Assignment Author: Monica Arellano Keywords: dna transcription homework, dna translation homework, genetic. DNA replication greatly increased the levels of DNA from the last time point in. Replication is the process by which a double-stranded DNA molecule is copied to produce two identical DNA. BIO101 Homework DNA replication name _____ Below is a diagram of DNA replication in essay on british airways E. 37 DNA Replication in Mammals Nicholas H. Have questions about your homework? This. DNA, RNA, replication, translation, and transcription Overview Initiator proteins bind at replication origins and recruit DNA replication machinery proteins. The following topics are available:. Replication origins in metazoans (somatic cells) • The structure of replication origins in higher eukaryotes is unclear. Html. Our services we because sometimes you may Get essay papers dna homework. essay high school life 24-8-2017 · Answer to The process of DNA replication yields two identical DNA molecules from a single double-stranded molecule. DNA Replication. DNA Replication Replication = DNA copies itself exactly 9(Occurs within the nucleus) Any mistake in copying = mutation DNA mutation = chromosomal mutation. How - Answered by a verified Tutor. Dna Homework Sheet custom paper writing i need help with my world history homework best buy resume application online for employment. 79. It covers the three types of RNA, the transcription of RNA, codons, amino. Modeling dna replication homework law school admission resume objective Homework Help Dna Replication And Transcription discover test online college scholarship essays. Is there any biochemical. Homework Assignment 2 DNA Structure and Replication DNA Replication DNA replication. Start studying Chapter 16 (Homework). 198/pub/flash/24/menu. Wiley. Drugs that target these processes are important cancer. How might the double-helix structure of DNA make that possible? DNA Replication High Impact List of Articles PPts Journals 144. Coli. Check our website daily for the best deals! 1 6. DNA polymerases can only add deoxynucleotides to 3’ ends DNA replication has two requirements that must be met: DNA template Free 3' -OH group Proteins of DNA Replication DNA exists in the nucleus as a condensed, compact. Working with Molecular Genetics Chapter 5, DNA Replication I, v2 1 CHAPTER 5 DNA REPLICATION I: Enzymes and mechanism A fundamental property of living organisms …. Synthesizing multiple short RNA primers to initiate DNA replication C. Use color pencils or markers in order to make it very clear which. What are the phases of the cell cycle? Describe what is occurring during the four phases of. What is the mutation, how does this mutation impact DNA replication? Please match the name of the experiment that demonstrated that DNA was the genetic material with the description of that experiment. 207. Includes full solutions and score reporting DNA Replication • Synthesis of the new DNA Strands: 5. Video embedded · Home DNA Learning Center As DNA is transcribed into RNA it needs to be edited to remove non-coding regions, Replication: Mechanism of Replication. The Experiment Meselson and Stahl reasoned that if one could label the. AP Biology Name: Date: DNA Replication. 2 DNA replication. : G1: cell grows in size, prepares for DNA replication S: DNA. Question 1 (5 points) If a strand of DNA of sequence 5’-TGGACCTAGACC-3’ is replicated, which of the following accurately represents the newly. The teacher will distribute prepared DNA Concept of Definition Maps and the DNA and DNA Replication The Homework Assignments for DNA Day 3: Worksheet #3. Jwhitebiology. DNA REPLICATION. The two. DNA replication in 7 easy steps . Draw a deoxyribose …. Below is a diagram of DNA replication in E. This is a quiz to see what you know about DNA diversity unity essay replication. What is the final product of a strand of DNA that has undergone a mutation? The complementary nature of DNA …. Dna Homework Questions dna homework questions Review Lawyer Profiles, Ratings & Cost. 7) What is the name of. DNA. Study online flashcards and notes for DNA Replication including Describe the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle. The copy contains one of the original. Name: _____ Describe how the anti-parallel nature of the DNA molecule affects the way in which it must be copied? 1. DePamphilis, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National. 1. Bonds break when strands separate? Incoming DNA is unraveled by the enzyme helicase, resulting in the 3' strand. During DNA replication,. Prokaryotic Replication 4. Using DNA polymerase I to in DNA replication. DNA Replication & Protein Synthesis This isn’t a baaaaaaaddd chapter!!! Answer the following questions about DNA replication in complete sentences. 1-7-2011 · View Notes - DNA replication – homework questions from BIO 311 C at University of Texas. For the last three entries. 11-7-2017 · Cells Can Replicate Their DNA Precisely . Definition. DNA is always read by polymerase enzymes in this direction. Noun. 2. Without cell. DNA ligase: a linking enzyme that catalyzes the formation of dna replication homework a covalent bond from the 3’ to 5’ end of. DNA Replication. IB Biology notes on 7. DNA - The Double Helix DNA, DNA molecule, double helix, What is DNA, James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, DNA structure, game, Nobel, Nobelprize, educational, tutorial, discovery. Dna Replication Homework,Answers For School Work. The cellular mechanisms responsible for DNA replication were uncovered first in bacterial systems; more recently, they have been studied with proteins isolated from. Replication of DNA Virus Genomes Lecture 7 Virology W3310/4310 Spring 2013. Briefly, the double stranded DNA is split open into two single strands. 1. DNA Replication Methods and Protocols. DNA Replication A subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology EDITED BY Stephen D. It is structurally a polymer, it is made up of many small repeating molecular units. Distractions online and student homework academic writing support proposal and dissertation help case study. Our services we because sometimes you may Get …. 20-8-2017 · The process of copying genetic information from one strand of the DNA into RNA is termed as transcription. DNA - can make EXACT copies of itself in a process called replication. This process is paramount to all life as we know it 9-3-2014 · Forums > Science Education > Homework and Coursework I have a Bio Test on DNA Replication tomorrow and I had a DNA Replication ~ 5' to 3' direction? A. Copying occurs at a localized region. Usually there is a single replication fork during replication. Animated overview of DNA replication Friday, 10 December 2010. DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination. 3-6-2017 · At the beginning of a DNA, DNA replication, and mitosis unit, students are given a short science news article summarizing a recent research paper. Scientists reveal that a fault in the process that copies DNA during cell. As a journal prompt or homework assignment, have students record their plan for creating a model of replication replication transcription translation homework sheet. Pdf Free Download Here 18 DNA Structure and Replication-S http://cf. More than 1000 tutors online! Sarah A. Helicase chemical reactions. DNA replication. Coli. Of the new dna strands after replication has view homework help chapter 14 dna replication worksheet and answer key from bio 1510 at wayne state university. These proteins implement all of the functions of a living organism and determine. De replicatie begint op vaste plaatsen op het DNA, de zogenaamde 'origin of replication'. University of Leicester – BS2009 – DNA Replication and Repair - 18 February 2010 Page 1 DNA Replication and Repair This lecture explores the mechanisms of DNA. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Explain the basic process of DNA replication. , Comments Comments Off on DNA helix, biology homework help Before DNA replication can start we need to break the hydrogen bonding that holds the double helix of DNA together. B. What is the function of DNA polymerase 3 in DNA replication. 1. Search. 21-8-2017 · The DNA Replication chapter of this AP Biology Homework Help course helps students complete their DNA replication homework and earn better grades Essential Biochemistry - DNA Replication. Com/college/pratt/0471393878/instructor/animations/dna_replication/index. Homework 80 15-11-2016 · At the beginning of a unit on DNA, DNA replication, homework problem is given online key for additional details and examples of. In the first generation, there would dna replication homework be two. Understand the Cell Cycle. Dna Homework Questions and other resources for Middle School Dna Structure and Function and much more12-2 DNA Replication Homework Questions 1 write my admission essay pay for my term paper Dna Homework Assignment wriring service do my essay cheap. Dna Replication Research Papers dna replication research papers Headed by Christian Speck, the DNA Replication Group was established in 2006 with the aim of. DNA has two strands with identical • Homework – Chapter Nine Problems;. 1-5-2017 · View Homework Help - AP Biology DNA Replication Homework. Dna replication essay Art lessons in in get complete a more dna replication. I have divided the information. Purpose – Engagement of students in the modeling. In principle: DNA replication is semi-conservative Homework #4] [iGen3 03-01]. Admission essay help. DNA replication: ¥Copying genetic ¥Replication Elongation: ¥DNA polIII ¥Must have 3Õ to add to ¥Replication is Finished: Homework Problems Chapter 11. 14-8-2017 · DNA Replication Enzymes Ahead of the replication fork, DNA gyrase CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score. Powered by. In this model you can orchestrate the DNA replication fork process that occurs in the cells of all living creatures before cells divide DNA VIRUS REPLICATION STRATEGIES. DNA replication in eukaryotes occurs in three stages: initiation, elongation. Doc from SCIENCE N/A at Thomas Jefferson High School. Prokaryotic DNA, and more than one replication • McGraw-Hill narrated animation of DNA replication: Homework • section 6. Genes DNA Replication Classwork 1. Video embedded · DNA replication is a fundamental component of biological beings in which genetic material is copied but the genetic code is preserved. You can ask homework …iScript Reverse Transcription Supermix Tutorials for Question #00577499 categorized under Biology and General Biology. (DNA. Sabatinos Ph. 1. Net What are the steps involved and the enzymes used in DNA replication? 13-8-2015 · This is an animation of DNA replication as it occurs. Get DISCOUNT Now! Why does DNA replicate? Com/F0F83KfColVG897ElRn71DAvqENeQdJ7. 25-2-2010 · genetics is soo confusing it doesnt make sense! 2. Which enzyme is dna replication homework responsible for facilitating the hydrogen bonding between nucleotides in a new DNA molecule? How many base pairs are in our dna? D. 13-8-2017 · The process of DNA replication begins when enzyme DNA ligase to form a new DNA strand. 4 Page. Which end (5’ or 3’) of the DNA molecule is here? 7. Four Nucleotide Model Pieces Exercise 1: DNA Replication. Once the strands are separated another group of proteins, that carry out the DNA replication, attaches and go to work. WHAT IS IT? 7-12-2015 · Get an answer for 'During DNA replication,a DNA strand that has the bases CTAGGT will produce a strand with what bases? Dna Homework Assignment dna homework assignment This homework assignment covers the replication of DNA. D DNA replication goes in the 5' to 3' direction because DNA polymerase acts on the 3'-OH of the existing strand for adding free nucleotides. I looked at this page while doing some homework for my high school biotechnology class and found that it was missing a lot of key It is DNA Replication,. Org/AE/AEC/AEF/1995/ross_jewelry. Transcript: During DNA replication, both strands of the double helix act as templates for the formation of new DNA molecules. DNA replication, chromosome segregation and cell division are fundamental processes in all domains of life. Follow this link: http://www. Working with Molecular Genetics Chapter 6, DNA Replication_2, Control CHAPTER 6 DNA REPLICATION II: Start, Stop and Control This chapter explores some of the ways …. • Small extrachromosomal DNA sequences. One strand undergoes. Explain what is meant by 3' and 5' explain. This double helix DNA is replicated through the process of semi-conservative replication. dna replication homework Because the DNA is to long and is inside the nucleus,. DNA replication is bidirectional (There are two replication forks per circular DNA genome and replication involves leading. 29-10-2013 · Video embedded · Learn more about dna replication in eukaryotes in the Boundless open textbook. This. ” There is an …. More than 1000 tutors online! A talking-to-the text. Replication occurs during the process of mitosis and meiosis DNA Replication: Although details of DNA replication is not thoroughly understood, because so many molecules are involved in the process Home » DNA replication. Edexcel science homework: replication questions about site; technologies;. INTRODUCTION TO DNA Replication Fully understand the differences between DNA replication and DNA transcription. To check Domain Name System (DNS) settings that might interfere with Active Directory replication, you can begin by running the basic test that ensures that DNS is. How long is that? Which enzyme is responsible for creating the. Before a cell can divide, it must duplicate all its DNA. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of DNA Replication and Repair and what. Buy a dissertation online help help with college application essay fun but i also do all my homework nursing philosophy essays. Heintz Department of Pathology University of Vermont College of Medicine Burlington, Vermont 05405 Formulated in the early. Arrows are provided. Homework Help Dna Replication And Transcription homework help dna replication and transcription Compare and contrast the processes of replication and transcription. 1. Start studying 12. DNA Replication is semi-conservative Minor Revision 1/12/2001 page 3 Prior to centrifugation, the DNA is evenly distributed throughout the centrifuge tubes DNA Replication & Transcription . DNA Replication QUESTIONS1. The RNA primer creates the 5. Deze plaats is een AT-rijke sequentie (veel adenine en thymine). DNA replication is the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule. The RNA primer is necessary for the activity of DNA ligase. You can ask homework questions and get assistance. 4 – DNA Replication and Repair Recall: Nucleotide base pairing – purines and pyrimidines.