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Divorce Italian Style is a comedy milestone--a brilliant, biting satire that was originally conceived as a drama; directed with nonstop inventiveness by a filmmaker who had never done comedy; and featuring an actor who, though not even among the first dozen players considered, cemented his international divorce italian style essay stardom with this performance. I look forward to the day when another company issues this worthy title in a manner that takes advantage of divorce italian style essay the DVD format and is appreciative of its customers. So Ferdinando starts desperately searching for essay on friendship"" a potential lover for Rosalia, but she remains faithful. In true midlife-crisis fashion, he falls for his angelic-looking cousin Angela (Stefania Sandrelli), but he can't get a divorce. But in such a funny way that it really doesn't offend. Mastroianni's Fefè is write college level book review an indelible masterpiece, visually and behaviorally: a portrait divorce italian style essay the best friend essay in painterly chiaroscuro, with brilliantined hair, eternally drooping eyelids, a cigarette holder angled in perpetual salute, and a manic, conspiratorial slouch, like Groucho Marx on painkillers. But he's married--to Rosalia (Daniela Rocca), she of the unfortunate mustache--and the Italian Penal Code gives him no way out... Divorce, Italian Style is a superb movie from the 1960's genre. Not to mention a spoof on traditional views on "family honor," where it is more shocking to NOT divorce italian style essay kill your adulterous spouse than it is to do so. But in 1962, the phd thesis carbon nanotubes only way you could get a divorce was by... Daniela Rocca sits on the fence between being devoted and annoying, while Sandrelli plays a girl who acts like an angel, but definitely isn't. Yes, it's a bit sick. At a certain point it becomes less about Ferdinando trying to murder his wife, as it is an increasingly overwrought attempt to get her to commit adultery. Divorce Italian Style divorce italian style essay (Criterion Collection): Amazon. dissertation corrig Com find submissions from "example. Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. The excessive scratches do take away from some stunning black and white cinematography, but the film itself more than makes up for it. Com" url: text search for "text" in divorce italian style essay url selftext: text search for "text" in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts nsfw:yes (or nsfw:no) include (or exclude) results marked as NSFW A middle-aged baron bored with his wife begins directing his amorous attentions to a phd thesis book teenage cousin. Pietro Germi at first seems to be making an offensive movie, but viewing it with a sense of humor shows that he's poking fun, and making wry social observations. But then he hears about an odd law: if an adulterous spouse is caught in flagrante, then the wronged spouse can kill the adulterer and get off with a light prison sentence. Ca site. Well, "Divorce Italian Style," a ka bumping off your adulterous spouse. Available in Italian with English subtitles or dubbed in English. Jameson Just so you know, divorce is now permitted in Italy. This is a hilarious movie, but the DVD transfer reminds me of a bad print at a second-run theater. Divorce isn't allowed in Italy at this time, so Ferdinando is left research paper about osteoporosis stewing over his problems, fantasizing about murdering Rosalia. A hilarious comedy with a twist ending. " The immortal Mastroianni injects just enough humanity into Ferdinando to keep us from loathing him -- in the middle of a midlife crisis, he seems increasingly confused as the movie goes on. On the sun-blasted island of Sicily, Baron Ferdinand "Fefè" Cefalù (Mastroianni) breaks out of his heat- and boredom-induced stupor long enough to safety thesis papers masters program be smitten with mad passion for his 16-year-old cousin Angela (Stefania Sandrelli). " So Fefè searches for a way to fling Rosalia into the arms of another man. What a waste. Ferdinando's future brother-in-law ogles the beautiful Anita Eckberg, then hastily tells his fiancee that Eckberg is pretty, but "she has no soul. The film is definitely worthy a spot in the Italian film diy thesis training aficionados' collection, but wait for a new DVD version. The movie also marked a breakthrough for foreign film in America, winning popular as well art-house success, Academy Award nominations for director Pietro Germi and star Marcello Mastroianni, and--the first of only a few foreign-language films to do so--the Oscar itself for Original Screenplay. Since divorce in Italy is impossible, the only way out of his marriage is murder--and the baron finds a little-known law that excuses a man from murdering his wife if she is having an affair (since he would merely be defending his honor). The story is highly entertaining and the characters are witty, especially Marcello Mastroianni, whose dry, cynical humour is an absolute pleasure. Except, of do essay in time course, for catching his wife in adultery and availing himself of the patriarchal license to commit a "crime of honor. Germi's direction hustles the divorce italian style essay film along with bold, mobile camerawork, stream-of-consciousness lurches into fantasy and flashback, Fefè's feverish voiceover commentary, and a wonderfully propulsive music score by the late Carlo Rustichelli. --Richard T. Offer valid on August 24, applies only to purchases of products sold by Amazon. Learn more. The scratches on the print are very distracting and there are no special features to make up for it. This delightfully warped black comedy focuses on that very idea -- a disgruntled husband who goes to absurd lengths to get a "divorce. Ca: Marcello Mastroianni, Daniela Rocca, Stefania Sandrelli, Leopoldo Trieste, Odoardo Spadaro, Margherita Girelli, Angela Cardile, Lando divorce italian style essay Buzzanca, Pietro Tordi, Ugo Torrente, Antonio Acqua, Bianca Castagnetta, Carlo Di Palma, Leonida Barboni, Pietro Germi, Franco Cristaldi, Agenore Incrocci, Alfredo Giannetti, Ennio De Concini: DVD Deal of the Day: Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Series and 4 Movie Collection are at a one day special price. The transfer has not been augmented in any way for DVD. However, the DVD from Hen's Tooth could certainly be better. Ca, and does not apply to products sold by third-party merchants and other sellers through the Amazon. He was also not above plugging Mastroianni's other movies -- one scene has a priest denouncing "La Dolce Vita," followed by crowds rushing to see it. But nothing goes quite according to plan... This is the second DVD I have purchased from Hen's Tooth Video (the other being Peckinpah's Cross of Iron) and it will be the last. " Ferdinando Cefalú (Marcello Mastroianni) is a middle-aged Sicialian noble who is displeased with his life, and his adoring wife Rosalia (Daniela Rocca). Then he locates an ex-boyfriend of hers, hoping to rekindle the old flame.