Diversity training essay

Publicado em Agosto 2017

There is some concern that the programs may be interesting or entertaining, but may not produce longer-term changes in people’s attitudes and behaviors toward others with characteristics different from their own. Because some officials were able to climb the corporate latter so quickly, and given the authority to make decisions regarding dissertation consists hiring, firing, promoting, etc. A related problem is that diversity training might focus too much on differences instead of similarities. When diversity training is successful, employee commitment and motivation rises, which translates into fewer resources being spent on grievances and employee turnover. , they make bad decisions. Secondly, diversity training benefits employees by increasing their motivation in regard to their work assignments. It not only educates by pointing out practices or phrases to avoid, but it also emphasizes the positive qualities that diversity contributes to the workplace. Taking the time to appreciate the diversity of each employee in an organization will help produce a confident and committed workforce. 133) ; division of labor – each employee is assigned a specific task and all the task of all the workers are coordinated to accomplish the organizations goals; written rules – rules to promote efficiency in the organization; written communication and records – designed to keep all informed of the inner phd research proposal mathematics education workings of the organizations via emails; and impersonality and replaceability – “It is the office that is important, not the individual who holds the office. By tying her paperwork up in a lot of red-tape, this official violated one of the five characteristics of bureaucracies, “impersonality and replaceability –It is the office that is important, not the individual who holds the office. The purpose of the training is to inform the management consultants of the latest changes in worldwide demographics relative to five key diversity areas of interest and provide recommendations for managers on sustaining a diverse workforce. ” In a number of firms it has produced divisive effects, and has taught the behaviors needed for employees to get along in a diverse workplace. By giving the employees an opportunity to have on the job training, they benefit as well as the organization. It can be challenging for a business to find a forum for communication and resolution of problems. 134) All in all, I think diversity training in corporations and government agencies is a good thing because it promotes growth and positivity. For diversity programs to be more successful in the future, an action plan needs to be formulated instead of just a scatter shot approach to diversity training. Some diversity training ‘includes exercises containing examples of harassment and other behaviors. The third component of diversity training-sensitivity training-As more difficult The aim here is to “sensitize” people to the differences among them and how, their words and behaviors are seen by others. You are asked to lead a training session next week. ” The most diversity training essay important accomplishment diversity training aims to achieve is to make all employees feel welcomed, appreciated, and utilized for their talents. Functionalists might say that functionalism in the corporate world is filled with bureaucracies. 134) The conflict theory of diversity training teaches how the dysfunctions of bureaucracy play a major role in how corporations and diversity training essay government agencies official bends and manipulate the system. Cultural sensitivity has become increasingly important to providing a healthy and productive work environment. Corporations and government agencies should offer diversity training in the workplace because this type of training is designed to increase cultural awareness which could promote a healthier work environment. Consequently, employees become more active in brainstorming and participating in projects, allowing for better teaching to occur. On the other hand, diversity training, if not handle properly could be the worst thing for any corporation. The purpose of training is not only to increase awareness of workplace diversity, but also to develop and enhance skills among employees to diversity training essay help them communicate more profoundly in the future. ” The training will be presented to mid-level managers in your firm. Rather than reducing conflict, in a number of situations diversity training has heightened hostility and conflicts. This last point, focusing on behaviors, seems to hold the most promise for making diversity training more effective. You work for the organization, not for the replaceable person who heads some post in the organization. Thomas puts it this way, “In a foxhole, I want someone who can shoot. You are asked to lead a training session next week. Some argue that diversity training more often than not has failed, pointing out that it does not reduce discrimination and harassment complaints. There are different levels of bureaucracies: clear cut levels – “assignments flowing downward and accountability flowing upward” (Henslin 2013, p. ” (Henslin 2013, p. Finally, diversity training can provide a middle ground diversity training essay for mediation and teaching people how to interact with those who are different. In diversity training essay addition, differences in race, sexual orientation, education and work experience can cause tremendous damage. Within the workplace, diversity training can also be used to combat ethnocentrism, racism, sexism, ageism, and overall exclusion. It has been suggested that diversity training reinforces differences between individuals instead of concentrating on their commonalities, thus helping to further racialize the workplace and creating situations where people “tiptoe” around issues such as how to relate to people of different cultures as opposed to people learning to communicate with and truly understand each other (Hans Brader 2012). Failure to keep abreast of the major diversity issues in the organization will cause employees to lose faith in the overall purpose of the diversity training program. Roosevelt Thomas, founder of the American Institute for Managing Diversity, says executives should focus on the skills employees possess, not how familiar we are with them. J. , (2009). A negative consequence of diversity training is that it sometimes results in perpetuating stereotypes about groups, such as people from Latin America not placing much value on promptness for meetings (DuBrin, A. First, diversity training fails because diversity programs are viewed as the latest human resource fad or because an outside agency recommends that they implement a diversity program. Moreover, buy-in from employees will fail to take place unless an internal consultant who is familiar with the terminology master thesis organization initially implements the program. Human relations: Interpersonal, Job-oriented skills 10thed). Relatively few studies have been done on the effectiveness of diversity training expenditures, other than asking participants how they felt about the training. why veterans are important essay The topic is “The Global Demographic Trends Impacting Diversity. Sometimes, employees might be unaware that their actions diversity training essay or use of language is offensive, and diversity training implements an effective education without further increasing tensions or requiring the use of reprimand. ” The training will be presented to mid-level managers in diversity training essay your firm. Although diversity training cannot all together change individuals’ beliefs, it has the ability to increase awareness, impart knowledge and educate employees further on how to accept differences among fellow employees. On the contrary, R. The topic is “The Global Demographic Trends Impacting Diversity. First, successful diversity programs help administrators delegate job assignments to subordinates and saves time in properly dissertation crise economique 2008 evaluating employees. The purpose of the training is to inform the management consultants of the latest changes in worldwide demographics relative to five key diversity areas of interest and provide recommendations for managers on sustaining a diverse workforce. For example, even if people are raised with different cultural values they must all work harmoniously together to accomplish work. Diversity training is training for the purpose of increasing participants’ cultural awareness, knowledge, research on sula and skills, which is based on the assumption that the training will benefit an organization by protecting against civil rights violations, increasing the inclusion of different identity groups, and promoting better teamwork. The main goal of a successful diversity training program is to create a positive work environment by helping employees recognize and be tolerant of differences among co-workers. In fact, the majority of programs will eventually fail unless the impetus to create a diversity program comes from inside, rather than from external parties. This type of education can aid in the process and guide conflicting parties through reaching a compromise or mutual understanding. ” (Henslin 2013, p. Although a worker believes that relationships are more important than profits, he or she must still produce enough to be a good investment for the company. ” Teaching appropriate behaviors and skills in relationships with others is more likely to produce satisfactory results than focusing just on attitudes and beliefs among diverse employees.  Mixed reviews about the effectiveness of diversity training suggest that either the programs or how they are implemented are suspect Two common complaints are: . Multiple perspectives, problem-solving ideas, and a variety of life experiences can all strengthen the efficiency and profitability of many different types of businesses. Nevertheless, diversity training often fails for several reasons. When employees feel the material is not relevant to their job, many employees will simply see the training program as a waste of time. Diversity initiatives enacted by the organization help to optimize the money spent on employee salaries, benefits, recruitment and training. Their decisioning making is influenced by their personal opinions of others and not from a business perspective, for example, by refusing to give someone a promotion because she is an African-American, that’s against the law. In the words of Hans Brader (2007), it’s opponents consider it an oppressive ideological re-education tactic, that actually injures the ability of organizations to attain their goals. Finally, diversity programs fall short when organizations simply provide training, but fail to provide the resources needed to implement changes. They also view it as economically sound, diversity training essay because it enables organizations to draw on multiplicities of talents and strengths. In addition, Observers characterize diversity training in very different ways. The effects of diversity’ training are viewed as mixed by both organizations and participants. Its proponents consider diversity training essay it morally right, because it respects diversity, recognizing the value and contributions of every human being. Also, the employees become more knowledgeable about how the organization operates; as well as earning the respect for each other’s job. I don’t care where they’re from. With that being said, If the training program fails to stay in line with the important values of the organization, employees will lose interest and become non-responsive to changing their behavior following training. Some folks have to be reminded of that. Finally, the organization needs to research and conduct an adequate needs assessment to insure the training material coincides with current diversity issues within the organization. You work for the organization, not for the replaceable person who heads some post in the organization. For instance, irrigation cultural diversity as part of training efforts for sales representatives and managers has produced positive results.